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Abbott is Murdoch’s dream come true

Abbott and Murdoch (image courtesy of

Abbott and Murdoch (image courtesy of

The Australian’s Christian Kerr was the one called up to last bucket the Labor Party’s leader.

There is nothing unusual about this but I was struck by the column inches wasted on what can be only labelled as an infantile array of unnecessary and completely un-newsworthy cheap shots at the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

He bases his commentary on Bill’s initial response to the closure of Toyota in Australia.

He derides his passionate press stop with Labor colleagues, saying Shorten’s ‘jumble of thought and emotion served neither his cause nor his constituency’.

He then gives a backhanded compliment to him:

‘But it was a different Shorten who appeared in question time. He looked smart; well-groomed, well-dressed – even well-pressed’.

Well I’m glad he met your standards, Christian.

To top off this childish spray he says:

 “The schoolboy hair and rumpled suit were gone, but the Opposition Leader may have spent summer in class in elocution lessons.”

What a puerile effort!

The only opinion writers you will find in The Australian that present the other side of the debate are either former or present Labor Party MPs.

The list of Liberal acolytes and staunch conservatives at “The Heart of the Nation” is extensive. Judith Sloan, Henry Ergas, Chris Kenny, Grace Collier, Janet Albrechtsen, Nikki Savva, Peter van Onselen and Dennis Shanahan all speaking in one voice.

To be fair, Peter van Onselen does occasionally stray into the territory of supporting Labor occasionally but it is always uncomfortably done and in a backhanded manner.

He becomes indignant, his glass jaw on display, when it is suggested he is a Liberal.

He’s a former Liberal staffer, who writes for The Australian and has his own show on Sky News, along with the TV host-cum-shock jock wannabe Paul Murray.

Do I really need to say anymore? He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

All this isn’t an accident. They are paid to push the IPA Fox News conservatism Rupert Murdoch is so in love with.

A quick look at Murdoch’s Twitter stream is enough to make me ill. A pulpit from which this self important man lectures governments and guides his minions.

This is done both for self-interest, to keep the Abbott Government in his pocket, but also to drive the resurgence of Murdoch’s ideology in Australian society.

Abbott is Murdoch’s dream come true. A willing accomplice in dragging Australia back to the bad old “Golden Age” of Howard or, better still, back to the visionary Menzies era. An era where Australia stagnated as a conservative bastion and complete backwater.

A lot of his opinion writers seem to enjoy trying to immaturely bait and annoy progressives and are making a habit of constantly defending the bungling Abbott Government at all costs.

Can you imagine the commentary if Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd started their terms in office how Abbott has? The cabal of Murdoch facilitators would be feverishly speculating about leadership challenges from the front pages of the entire News Corp Australia stable of publications.

All this is completely fine in a free press but who does The Australian serve?

Would it not be best to try and present news in an unbiased manner, without riddling it with opinion?

Would it not be best to have a balanced stable of opinion writers from across the spectrum to present the diverse array of views in our nation?

For somebody as experienced as Rupert Murdoch you would think he would respect the values of “fairness and balance”.

Given the tagline for his joke of a “news network” Fox News is “fair and balanced” it would seem Murdoch has no concept of the most basic of journalistic principles. Or maybe he simply doesn’t care?

Can I make a suggest Rupert? Don’t call The Australian “The Heart of Australia”.

“The Voice of Rupert Murdoch” has a ring to it I think.

Matthew Donovan (pictured) is a former Labor candidate for the seat of Surfers Paradise in Queensland as well as a political commentator and freelance journalist. He’s an active Labor campaigner from Burleigh Branch on the Gold Coast. His interests are progressive politics, policy development and media/social media strategy. Matthew’s studied Journalism, International Relations and History at the University of Southern Queensland. He plans to study Political Science in the near future.


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  1. David

    Now Matthew… please tell the whole truth… or have you forgotten how much the Murdoch press supported Whitlam in ’72 (Murdoch actually took great pride in being “the man who got Whitlam elected”), Murdoch also supported Hawke in ’83 and Rudd in ’07).

    And if you want to becry the support you believe the press is giving Abbott, then you should look harder at the ABC and Fairfax….. they have a distinct left slant in all of their reporting.

    Matthew…. your beloved Labor party started to unravel during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years…. who can forget Gillard’s speech in her utter confidence of Craig Thompson… and today he has been found guilty.

    I await the outcome of the police investigation into the Gillard/AWU scandal (either in its current format or under the Royal Commission if Labor and the Union continue to practice their scullduggery).

    I note the opinion poll released yesterday, and while one poll means nothing…. it is a significant shift, as more and more union corruption is exposed during the Royal Commission, Labor will come under the spotlight. Perhaps Labor should be concentrating on assistance to current policies, and whole heartedly supporting the Royal Commission, instead of doing what they can to thwart it…. it makes them look as guilty as Craig Thompson now is.

  2. Andy

    Really; you have understated the bias that is so extreme that it is obvious and malignant propaganda. If Labor lost 3 jobs per minute under their watch and broke over TWO DOZEN major election promises per month I hardly think Rupert “neo-Goebbels” Murdoch would be happy with his suck-arsing minion’s silence.

  3. David Linehan

    Oh David without another name. unlike a Tory to be bashful unless you have something to hide. Didn’t take you long to leap from your bigoted box and spray.
    To even attempt to compare any other Politicians support from Murdoch and his rubbish scandal mongering outlets toward Abbott, is to defy reality.
    Just one point I will mention. Where is the News Corp outrage at the treatment of legal Asylum Seekers, even New Zealand media were rubbishing the outrage on Asylum Seekers at MANUS and they are as conservative leaning as you can get

  4. Matthew Donovan


    I’m fully aware of the fact Murdoch has a history of butting into politics.

    My point is, he shouldn’t.

    He only ever does it out of self interest. That’s his religion: himself.

    As for your political points, all issues within the union movement are able to be dealt with under existing laws and powers.

    Let’s be clear. They hate unions because they stand up to big business and greed.

    Abetz and Brandis are pathological haters of unions and therefore workers rights.

  5. randalstella

    Yes, the Murdoch crawlers are biassed; and ferociously anti-Labor; and they sensationalise lies as if reporting facts; etc.
    But why the hell go on about it? What purpose does it serve? Are you meaning to reform them? Why read the crap? Can’t you just imagine what they could write by now?
    Reform what you can where you can. For example at IA right now a poster is being attacked with the usual gratuitous jibes about being a paid troll – for making logical and moral sense about the Craig Thomson matter. Go and read it. Is that place more amenable to sense? If that’s the quality of defence for Labor and progressive politics, then this country is stuffed for good.

  6. whatismore

    Thanks for another excellent article that exposes the supercilious Christian Kerr who has also been associated with the IPA and acted as a staffer to many Liberal MPs. It is also interesting to note that as a fortnightly guest on Phillip Adams’ “Light Night Live” (LNL), Kerr summed up the political scene in “Canberra Babylon”. During this segment, he and Adams would enjoy themselves ridiculing JG’s government. It begs the question of the ABC’s political balance considering that “Counterpoint” was conceived to offset LNL hosted by the resident “leftie”, Phillip Adams.

  7. randalstella

    Certainly true, whatismore.
    But does whingeing about it get us anywhere – if whingeing is all we do? I mean this with the greatest respect. I bellow at the cheap sophists myself. What’s to be done about this country?

  8. unbiased

    Well this “article” achieved nothing, not even trying to hide the bias here.

    Does the word hypocrite ring a bell? I’m not advocating what the Murdoch press does, but the way you wrote this is not doing your case any favours.

  9. Degan

    It’s a fact that the first thing any newly elected Prime Minister does is to contact Rupert. Rupert will suppress anyone who he thinks he can not control. Keating brought in cross media ownership laws to prevent exactly that happening. Howard promptly removed them. If you didn’t know, Rupert wants the NBN delivered via his Foxtel network. Optus was brought into Australia to sub-contract to Telecom to lay the fibre under Keating. Rupert didn’t like that. He was spending millions to put satellites up. So along comes Howard and once he finally got control of the upper and lower house, with the help of Rupert, he slams us with work choices. Yeah, right. Bye, bye Howard. Rudd and Gillard were not suppose to win the last 2 elections and Rupert’s polls reflect that and if you look at the last “Landslide” election they probably should of won the last one too. Only 40,000 votes was the difference with Labour having a larger total number of votes nationwide. Don’t forget this is a “Coalition”, where to be honest, the Nationals are being screwed. Anyone remember The Democrats? Now he’s back, NBN is off the table, but the damage has already be done to Rupert’s Foxtel network, so we give him a refund. So David, this article isn’t about Royal Commissions, its about who controls the media and essentially our politicians.

  10. David

    Andy…. please…. Ford closed under Labor’s watch, barely a ripple….. Holden received a bailout from Gillard of $275million and a GUARANTEE from Gillard that they would continue until 2022 with that bailout….. and then announced that they would close…. the Liberal Govt has been in power for 5 mths, are you so ignorant that you would blame Liberal policies of 5 months (after 6 years of Labor) in the closure of Holden? The number of jobs lost in the last 5 mths have come about after a period of Labor in power…. as someone said, if Schappelle Corby’s parole had been revoked, according to to the Left, it would have been Abbott’s fault over the boats issue…. the left are quick to forget, quick to blame, and quick to play victim!!!

    And Matthew…. I grew up in a unionised environment… my dad was a tradie, working on the docks, and TRULY BELIEVED in Labor’s position. I also studied politics at Uni, and in particular “THE DISMISSAL”. After studying that, I vowed I WOULD NEVER VOTE LIBERAL…. EVER!!!!! but have voted Liberal, and am now a member of the party for the past 20 odd years!!! Why?????

    After studying, I joined the workforce, and diligently became a union member of the old ABEU, and then the PSA…. I paid my dues, NEVER saw the union rep…… and then one day (after the Union rep visited my workplace AFTER 3 years of paying my dues) I decided that the $6 a week I was paying to the union was far better off in my pocket than in some official’s pocket (to pay for prostitutes, porn and cigarettes)…. I understand my rights at work, and also understand that employers spend a lot of money recruiting, training and getting the right staff….. and I am now a HR MANAGER. Unions and Labor would have people believe that employers are the devil incarnate, and are out to make em bleed….. but I have the understanding of business and know that employees are the biggest expense to a business… and if (as a business) I have undertaken the recruitment/selection and offered and paid for training to the employee to bring them up to speed, and make them a productive intregal part of the organisation and the team, the last thing I am going to do is treat em like a sack of sh*t….. mores the pity more workers dont understand that!

    I have NOT belonged to a Union for 22 years…. and I have balls of steel, and know my rights…. because I took a decision to know them….

    So Matthew….. excuse, justify and defend unions and the Labor Party…

    IT doesnt make you, the Labor Party or Unions right, as we are going to see after the Royal Commission into the Unions!!! Unionists are more corrupt, more diabolical, while “pretending” to support workers than any so called employer trying to rort and rip off a worker…. 😉

  11. CMMC

    Murdoch got Whitlam elected? Dream on.

    The nation was thoroughly sick to death of the back-stabbing old farts McMahon, Gorton and Snedden.

    I find it hard to identify a “conservative agenda” being pursued by Abbott, as I have said before, its more like the initial Green Zone in Baghdad with lobbyists and urgers scrambling for a piece of the action.

  12. David

    CMMC…… you need to educate yourself… Wikipedia is a good place to start…. here is an extract from Wikipedia!!!

    “…After McEwen and Menzies retired, Murdoch threw his growing power behind the Australian Labor Party under the leadership of Gough Whitlam and duly saw it elected on a social platform that included universal free health care, free education for all Australians to tertiary level, recognition of the People’s Republic of China, and public ownership of Australia’s oil, gas and mineral resources…”

  13. David Linehan

    Adams amour for Rudd was verging on the indecent, I stopped listening to the old fool when after Julia became PM Adams progressed to spend months lambasting the Labor left as if Rudd was a friggin wronged virgin altar boy. it was pathetic and of course he invited the misogynist Kerr to share his outbursts many times.
    Should have been deposited on a big cane chair with blanket and hot milk years ago, stupid man.

  14. David Linehan

    David who? February 18, 2014 • 8:10 pm … A whinger, a pathetic come to me whinger. If you had a complaint with the Union, why not take the mature grownup intelligent step and pick up a phone and request a discussion with your rep? No that would mean getting off the ole chuff and helping yourself.
    Take you childish whinging away, foolish person.

  15. Matthew Donovan


    My points stand.

    You believe in everything and nothing as your little life story you just told me exemplifies.

  16. john921fraser


    This comment is interesting.

    I have no idea if it has merit.

    "Even if Tony Abbott has taken out Australian citizenship he is still not eligible to sit in the Australian Parliament unless he has renounced his British citizenship. There was a High Court case where Heather Hill was prevented from taking up a senate seat.

    "Sue v Hill was an Australian court case decided in the High Court of Australia on 23 June 1999. It concerned a dispute over the apparent return of a candidate, Heather Hill, to the Australian Senate in the 1998 federal election. The result was challenged on the basis that Hill was a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and Australia, and that section 44(i) of the Constitution of Australia prevents any person who is the citizen of a "foreign power" from being elected to the Parliament of Australia. The High Court found that, at least for the purposes of section 44(i), the United Kingdom is a foreign power to Australia." ..

  17. David Linehan

    So unbiased, start telling me why with some facts, instead of being as broad as the Simpson Desert and as barren with your comment

  18. CMMC

    I don’t need no stinkin’ Wikipedia, dude, I was there.

  19. passum2013

    My comment is Dear Ruppy baby Has been Given back into his greedy poor’s for helping Tony Abbott To win The Last election a massive tax refund Which amounts to $882 million Enough to run care for those disabled and unable to work in a normal inviourement. I wonder what the year previous tax refund was .

  20. unbiased

    I Bring up a point that doesn’t 100% agree with some of the utter shit posted on here.
    I must be the enemy because the world is that black and white.

    I’m going to be very blunt with this next statement.

    Is this website just a left-wing, narrow minded circle jerk or can people actually take part in a discussion without instantly assuming that people who disagree with you are ‘out to get you’. You guys aren’t far off becoming conspiracy theorists.

  21. Rob

    Murdoch owns PM Abbort his dream boy and also the Australia Government by being unfair and unbalanced in reporting his bias news. Murdoch’s Editors should be called the “FoxTel News Nazis” or “The Australian Newspaper Mafia” infiltrating newsrooms around Australia planning the next big headlines to undermine the Oz government, who of course should have never won according the sources quoted in posts here.
    Matthew you sound more like the wizard Gandalf everyday, “Murdoch! You Ancient Demon you shall not pass!”

  22. john921fraser



    Perhaps this is what you are looking for :

    I love their motto.

  23. Matthew Donovan


    The art of proper online debate is dead or never existed.

  24. Stephen Tardrew

    I don’t care who how, where or why stop using the term Nazi. It is totally inappropriate and suggests complete ignorance of Naziism and the murder of millions. Just stop it it is totally uncalled for. Thatcher, Regan, Howard, George Bush there are plenty of demonstrably nasty conservatives but suggesting that anyone is aligned to Naziism is appalling. Show some decency and restraint please.

  25. whatismore

    Why? None of these bastards ever did.

  26. Stephen Tardrew

    So lets go down to their level? We need dignity and civility not mendacity.

  27. Zathras

    There’s even more to “the whole truth”. It’s true that Murdoch supported Whitlam but they fell out when Murdoch insisted on being made High Commissioner to London – apparently to enhance his business prospects in the UK.

    Whitlam refused and called Murdoch a “shonky slob” and then it became a personal vendetta for Murdoch to remove Whitlam.

    That campaign led to the first ever strike by journalists because of editorial interference plus countless accusations of media bias and deliberate lying.

    Murdoch is far from being a disinterested spectator – he’s always been a player and, as far as US critics of FOX news are concerned – a disgrace.

  28. patsy

    unbiased and all who do not agree with these blogs…..why read them if you do not like the content…..this is what it is about opinions….everyone has a right to them…….it was alright to use terms such as nazi on the labor….ok maybe we should not come down in the gutter to their level….sometimes it is hard in life to take such abuse as labor took without a reply/////////that is MY OPINION…

  29. Dan Rowden

    John Fraser,

    The comment you posted about citizenship and membership of Parliament is an interesting one. Looking into it further. Interesting to note, in the meantime:

    As of AUGUST 29, 2011

    Here are the names of the federal politicians listed as being born overseas:

    In the House of Representatives:

    Tony Abbott, Liberal Party (born in London, England)
    Bob Baldwin, Liberal Party (born in Gloucester, England)
    Darren Cheeseman, Labor Party (born in Christchurch, New Zealand)
    Paul Fletcher, Liberal Party (born in Devizes, Wiltshire, England)
    Joanna Gash, Liberal Party (born in Groningen, Netherlands)
    Julia Gillard, Labor Party (born in Barry, Wales)
    Gary Gray, Labor Party (born in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England)
    Dennis Jensen, Liberal Party (born in Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Sussan Ley, Liberal Party (born in Kano, Nigeria)
    Brendan O’Connor, Labor Party (born in London, England)
    Bernie Ripoll, Labor Party (born in Pézenas, France)
    Laura Smyth, Labor Party (born in Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    Alex Somlyay, Liberal Party (born in Budapest, Hungary)
    Craig Thomson, Labor Party (born in Wellington, New Zealand)
    Maria Vamvakinou, Labor Party (born in Lefkada, Greece)
    Tony Zappia, Labor Party (born in Platì, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy)

    In the Senate:

    Eric Abetz, Liberal Party (born in Stuttgart, West Germany)
    Judith Adams, Liberal Party (born in Picton, New Zealand)
    Doug Cameron, Labor Party (born in Bellshill, Scotland)
    Stephen Conroy, Labor Party (born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England)
    Mathias Cormann, Liberal Party (born in Eupen, Belgium)
    Chris Evans, Labor Party (born in Cuckfield, England)
    Alex Gallacher, Labor Party (born in New Cumnock, Scotland)
    Scott Ludlam, Greens Party (born in Palmerston North, New Zealand)
    Nigel Scullion, Country Liberal Party (born in London, England)
    Nick Sherry, Labor Party (born in Kingston-on-Thames, England)
    Ursula Stephens, Labor Party (born in Wicklow, Republic of Ireland)
    Larissa Waters, Greens Party (born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
    Penny Ying-yen Wong, Labor Party (born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia)


    You’d imagine there must be something in the contemporary legislation that allows dual citizens to stand (unless they all renounced), but it’s interesting …

  30. Dan Rowden

    Malaysia seems to be a country where you have to give up citizenship before you take another, so Penny Wong’s ok 😉

  31. john921fraser


    @Dan Rowden

    Yes it is an interesting comment.

    When one remembers that if Gary Grey had done what (common thinking is Brandis) the so called conservatives did then Abbott could be sitting beside Peter Slipper in the dock.

    Pollie ride and book signing with clams to the taxpayer totalling almost $10k.

    Sadly Grey sat on his butt and is still being rewarded for it.

  32. meself

    The american citizen has employed plenty of forelock tuggers to perpetuyate his views. A daily analysis of the tripe disgorged by team rupert can be found at:

  33. Pam

    The only reason Murdoch likes Abbott is because Abbott is so stupid and will follow Murdoch blindly regardless of our country. He ended up not liking Whitlam because he had brains and would not do his bidding. Make no mistake Abbott has sold his arse to Murdoch, he is owned lock stock and barrell by Murdoch and will do everthing Murdoch wants.
    The only reason Murdoch did not like Julia is because she had brains and would not bow down to his wishes. Hence the relentless victimisation against Julia. He needed to get his puppet in and Australia swallowed all his garbage and put him in.
    Abbott is not the PM of this country, Murdoch is. Abbott will never go against him because he is spineless and running scared that if he upsets Murdoch he will no longer be PM.

  34. Dan Rowden


    For example at IA right now a poster is being attacked with the usual gratuitous jibes about being a paid troll – for making logical and moral sense about the Craig Thomson matter. Go and read it. Is that place more amenable to sense? If that’s the quality of defence for Labor and progressive politics, then this country is stuffed for good.

    One would hope, with the utmost sincerity and force, that the commentary culture at IA is an aberration. I could only stand to witness it for a few minutes. What they toss aside over there in the terms of reason, morality, humanity and civility for the sake of political tribalism is beyond astounding; it’s simply contemptible. The place has really become a hive of activity for mentally unhinged conspiracy theorists and sundry anti-trolls (the troll who trolls by calling everyone else a troll).

    I’d like to think it’s an aberration. Or maybe I hope that’s what it is.

  35. Richard Ure

    The Australian’s bias is so relenting it has ceased to be entertaining and therefore effective. Let the columnists rant on, it is the price they pay for still having a job in a heavily subsidised paper.

    The test is: what do the advertisers think and there aren’t many of them any more.

  36. David Linehan

    You Dan Rowden and Randalstella ever visited Bolt or Akerman blogs? how about Sheehan, or take your pick of any of the Murdoch rags blogs. You have the cheek to criticise a left leaning online social media, when the MSM is saturated in vile, anti labor abuse and lies. has been since the emergence of Abbott and his fascist head kickers. Don’t come the raw prawn here with your phony indignation. You want to make use of this or any other social media outlet, get used to what is being said. If you don’t like it, don’t like the responses you get, pack your keyboard and head for somewhere that will satisfy your inflated pomp.

  37. Stephen Tardrew

    Inflated pomp? Dan and Randlestella and I are entitled to our opinions and I do feel that being civil will lead to better dialogue. I don’t want to talk to crazies and yes they can blog here. There is a lot of violence and anger in the air and they are not likely to help solve our problems. I think a more science based engineering approach to politics and economics could be very helpful and it is important to attract the type of people who are serious intellectual debaters who may be turned off by personal attacks.

    I see Kaye Lee trying her damnedest to get a coherent and civil debate off the ground to really try to delve into solutions. Many bloggers on this site are making valuable contributions to the narrative without resorting to unwarranted abuse. Even though I have jousted with Revo he has given me food for thought. Don’t necessarily agree but I need to know what others are thinking. Just because abuse is happening on the left and right does not mean it is appropriate or useful. Talk to me of rational solutions please because I desperately want to get rid of Abbot and Co.

    I have not been politically involved for some time because I became disillusioned with politics however those on this site who provide important and relevant information are helping me to get around my ignorance. I want to learn and share with a group of like minded colleagues who feel they have mutual respect and consideration. We are going to need it.

    We have deep structural problems that need to be discussed in depth because I am concerned at the many who are going to suffer because of the policies of the LNP that in some respect labor contributed too. I would love to see an alternative radio station that is assertive and direct yet avoids the rightist cynicism. Give us ideas please but lets not be abusive and reactive.

    Only my opinion I know but there you go.

  38. randalstella

    David Linehan,
    Thanks for the bloodyminded insular hostility. It demonstrates what I was posting about.
    So, the crazy Right are ample excuse for the crazy “Left”? And no one should dare to question this?
    It is exactly the approach used on IA over the Thomson matter: you see Thomson has done nothing (much) wrong because he has done no worse than LCP rorters. Then, why all the spittle wasted on attacking the LCP – if they are on par with the championed Craig Thomson? What is all the fuss about with Bolt and co. if their approach is good enough for “Us” to use when it suits?
    You make no reference to what I complained about; because the facts might get in the way.

    Interestingly you proceed to confound this site, AIMN, with the one I was referring to. I would not make that mistake. But it certainly suits your indiscriminate reaction. I support this site. I don’t support the other one. If you cannot see the difference, that’s your problem.

    I would warn this site about it being taken over by the insular reaction which your post expresses; but I think there is enough fair-mindedness here to prevent that.

  39. Matt James

    I noticed a comment about NAZIs been overused by the left. That is fair enough although I have suggested that the curtains down on the boats, the threats to the ABC (not part of Team Australia? sounds a bit National Socialist to me) and the perhaps not to far off panic? obsessiveness with controlling the media, along with a climate skeptic taking on the Alternative Energy (or whatever its called, I’m sure you know what I am referring to) portfolio, Environment Minister who is a clueless climate change denier, etc, is a taste of what Germany would have been like during the rise of the NAZIs, but certainly not as extreme.

  40. Matt James

    I do sense a bit of wild panic in the air and despite the moronic surge to the LNP in the polls, I am holding faith in that panic spilling over as the anger towards the banks and the magic money tree (stock exchange) spreads, hopefully, world wide.

  41. David Linehan

    Dan Rowden, randalstella..I rest my case completely satisfied at the response, as expected.

  42. Dave King

    Dan Rowden:
    I have read much of your mangled mantra on other sites.
    Seems you might lack just a tad humility.
    Or are you like David “Made of balls”
    Smugness isn’t a becoming trait or a substitute for your “Little Man syndrome”
    Admittedly some hear are fervent regarding their politics, but if you truly want to communicate your political beliefs it would help by not telling people, as a matter of fact. but opine and reason. Then I’m sure you will get the respect you seem to crave. Besides it’s just a nice way for humans to behave!
    See how I gave a semi-reasoned response but,at the same time being rude. This is for your enlightenment as an example of a much method of reply that is not helpful.
    My true apology if anything I have written offends, but was just an example of when a battle of ideas become a way of venting frustration !
    We all want to be heard but before that can happen, we must learn to reciprocate and listen!

  43. Dan Rowden

    David Linehan,

    You Dan Rowden and Randalstella ever visited Bolt or Akerman blogs? how about Sheehan, or take your pick of any of the Murdoch rags blogs.

    Yes, thank you, David, I’ve seen them all. Pretty awful, aren’t they? You’d have noticed too, that it gets written about endlessly. It’s kind of hard to miss.

    You have the cheek to criticise a left leaning online social media,

    Yes, I have the cheek. Would you like me to turn the other one so you can have a whack at that too?

    when the MSM is saturated in vile, anti labor abuse and lies.

    I’m getting a little weary, I have to say , with the term “MSM” being used as a synonym for the Murdoch Press.

    has been since the emergence of Abbott and his fascist head kickers. Don’t come the raw prawn here with your phony indignation.

    There’s nothing remotely phony about my indignation. I can assure you it’s entirely real. And it’s much more than simple indignation, it’s also fear and concern.

    You want to make use of this or any other social media outlet, get used to what is being said. If you don’t like it, don’t like the responses you get, pack your keyboard and head for somewhere that will satisfy your inflated pomp.

    Thank you for this paragraph, it is exhibit A for what is wrong with so many current social media sites on either sides of politics. If you wish to be an advocate for and defender of mindless tribalism, irrationality and plain ol’ fheadedness on our side of politics, then that is fine. I will not. If you wish to condone and support group attacks on a person because they differ in their view to an established “party line”, then that is fine. I will not. If you wish to ignore failings of reason, moral sense and temperance on our side of politics, that is fine. I will not.

    Are you even aware of the sort of mentality the view you just expressed implies? Ok, I’ll tell you: agree with us and never criticise, or else, piss off.


  44. Kaye Lee

    This is exactly why I wrote the story factional fighting. We are all guilty of it to a degree. Murdoch and Abbott stirred up fear, the election result stirred anger and disbelief, the actions of the Coalition since taking power are causing a growing tide of desperation.

    I go back to what my husband said to me once when I was yelling at him. With a bemused look on his face he said “Hey, remember we are on the same team”. In this case, by team I do not mean party affiliation, I mean people who want Australia to be a better place.

    If we can’t respect each other and be able to listen to ideas or take criticism of our own then what hope have we. Just hand it to Murdoch and Abbott while we tear each other apart.

  45. guest

    Many accusations here of ‘bias’. Lots of pointing and personal rudeness.

    What is lacking is a clear-minded discussion of the policies which are being promoted or destroyed in the actions of government. Let us put aside the fringe issues and the attitudes of the media. Let us discuss what we know and why we support or reject what we know.

    I, for one, would want to make it clear that I am opposed to pretty well everything that the Abbott government has done and what we know it intends to do – and I wait fearfully for what will come which I as yet do not know about.

    The ‘Stop the Boats’ war campaign, as I see it, is possibly illegal and demonises and traumatises people seeking asylum. Whether it ‘works’ or not is irrelevant. The war is against a couple of dozen people smugglers – at the expense of thousands of displaced people. It involves the use of third party nations as if Oz is passing the buck. There is talk of ‘colonialism’.

    We have the new NBN group saying the Labor NBN would have cost $50bn, whereas Turnbull said it would have cost $90bn-100bn. Meanwhile we are promised a third rate plastic and tin substitute from the LNP.

    We are losing industry rapidly, and not only the car industry. Holden and Toyota declared they would go soon after the free trade agreement with Korea was signed. Some connection there. Subsidising the car industry would have cost us all just a couple of coffees. So where do the new jobs come from?

    The Direct Action plan to reduce emissions by 5% will cost billions of dollars more than we are told. So the Carbon Tax is to go, saving us all $550 pa, but in its place we will have pay $1300 pa per household if the Direct Action plan is to work.

    The Renewable Energies Target was aiming for 20% by 2020, but looks like exceeding that by some 7%, so the Abbott govnt will reduce renewables in order to protect the coal industry. This despite the scientific advice that the coal be left in the ground. But of course science is hardly heard anymore, banished into silence.Meanwhile other parts of the world are seeking higher percentages of renewables, and sooner.

    Then we have the failure to proceed with Gonski because it all seems to be too hard. Apparently a watered down version will suffice. And the National Curriculum, worked on by many people across the nation, will be ‘sanitised’ by a couple of confessed opponents.

    Everywhere we look, policies once passed, are now being dismantled. And the people who are most vulnerable are being bled dry.

    For me, the LNP is evil and destructive, with no regard for the bulk of the populace, but working hard for the entitlement of the privileged. Tell me if I am wrong, but speak specifically about policies, please.

  46. Dan Rowden

    Dave King,

    Dan Rowden: I have read much of your mangled mantra on other sites.

    Please name them.

  47. randalstella

    Dave King,
    A “semi-reasoned response” you claim to provide? You are claiming too much for yourself; by about 1/2.

  48. Dave King

    Are you saying I am wrong?
    Is there is another Dan Rowden
    Don’t you have your own website?
    The conversation maybe.

    If I have you mistaken for someone else plz accept my apology

  49. Dave King

    Thanks for being my star witness!

  50. paul walter

    whatismore nails it, as to UnChristian Cur…”supercilious”

  51. paul walter

    Shanahan is bumptious, Albrechtsen corners the market on obnoxiousness, Van Onselen; fatuousness.

    But Kerr is standout out for “supercilious”

  52. Dan Rowden

    Dave King,

    Dan, Are you saying I am wrong?

    I believe so.

    Is there is another Dan Rowden,

    Given the size of the planet, I’d say so.

    Don’t you have your own website?

    No, unless a co-produced and recently opened (but as yet almost devoid of content blog counts).

    The conversation maybe.



    I have a Twitter account that I opened ostensibly for the purpose of advertising AIMN articles – @danrowden61 I wouldn’t do Facebook even if I was paid to. Too many primacy and security issues among other things.

    If I have you mistaken for someone else plz accept my apology

    I can only assume that you have because AIMN is really the only place I’ve posted to, politically, for months now. Apology accepted.

  53. Dan Rowden

    John Fraser,

    An answer to the “Comment” I posted earlier about Abbott’s renouncing ties to Briton was supplied to me over on IA

    Yeah, that appears to clear it up. Cheers for that. Now I can stop Googling.

  54. john921fraser


    @Dan Rowden

    I had no idea of how to find out.

    Grateful to Noel over at IA.

  55. Dave King

    Seems I jumped the gum. I should have done a little checking, I had you mixed with a Ron Bowden.
    J Fraser just brought it to my attention after reading his post that you are the Dan Rowden who has written articles at this very site. Articles I have found to be well reasoned, not that I agreed with all the points being made. This is part of the body politik I guess. I Haven’t seen an article of yours lately are you still writing? Sincere apologies.
    Dave King.

  56. rangermike1

    Poor old Mr.Skimpy Murdock, Your old frail bones are turning against You, Not long to go now Old fellow. Soon to be in your rightful place, Away from the Public.No one can say one good word about You. You bought it on Yourself you old Sucker, Live and try to breath in the conditions you pushed for, You Arsehole.

  57. Dan Rowden

    Dave King,

    I Haven’t seen an article of yours lately are you still writing?

    For a couple of reasons I won’t be authoring for AIMN into the future. As time and energy permits I’ll be posting for my own blog. No need for further apologies. As our beloved and lovely in every way Pm himself once noted, “shit happens” 😉

  58. Kaye Lee

    Andrew’s media watch. That’ll learn ya not to give me the job!

  59. Michael Taylor

    Dan, the sub-heading reads:

    News Corp columnist returns next month with longer show and segment that will ‘put the media under genuine scrutiny’

    In other words he’s going to relentlessly bag the ABC.

  60. Rod Bakes

    Why remove the MRRT now ! Infrastructure phase is ending , Mining profit will increase from here on in .It will begin to work as it was designed too .Mining has created as much bad as it has good ,Our $ is up because of mining & that in turn has hurt manufacturing .It is only fair ,mining compensates us for the ills it has created ! Shortsighted politics on Liberals behalf .Rinehart ,Forrest & Palmer are set to gain far more than they are entitled too !!

  61. guest

    And so the idle chatter continues…on …and on…

  62. john921fraser



    Try this :

    "Stop the guns" & "Stop the missiles" the Australian Navy can't find their own dicks.

    And the Minister for Racism and Slavery is to blame.

  63. john921fraser



    How about :

    "Stop the AFP raids".

    Brandis, the Minister for Gross Injustices and Destruction of Democracy (GIADD) has his own Stormtroopers. ( Sturmabteilung ).

  64. Rob

    @ Stephen T. I apologise for my remark on Nazis. In the post’s context it seemed to me to speak more of an organised gang of thugs. I have been to Dachau and I have been a witness to extermination leftovers in different countries. So again sorry…I will use another term.

  65. guest


    So, you have made a start. But can we go beyond the mantras, name calling and coarse language?

    There is good reason to be outraged and indignant about what we see happening before our eyes, but opponents of the present government need to go beyond imitation of LNP tactics.

    We need to be articulate and specific in our comments on LNP policy.. .

  66. john921fraser



    I thought I was speaking in the language made popular by Abbott and the Murdoch media.

    Three word slogans and "Bill" passing.

    Should I start saying I am "Medicares best friend"

    Along with :

    "Japan is our best friend".

    "Indonesia is our best friend".

    "Taiwan is our best friend".

    O ! jesus the list of Abbott's "best friends" goes on and on.

    Take the piss and attack, attack and attack.

    Its what the Abbott gang know and respect.

  67. john921fraser


    Hands up anyone who thinks they can talk to Abbott and his gang about "Stop the boats".

    Everything Abbott (Putin) stands for is wrapped up in that 3 word slogan.

    They are not going to back down until Aussies are in the streets mass protesting.

  68. guest


    You make strong points about Abbott’s “best friends”. We can add some detail. Abbott is having big problems diplomatically with “best friend” Indonesia because of his “Stop the Boats” policy.

    It is interesting that both Holden and Toyota ( associated with “best friends” USA and Japan) announced imminent closurein Oz soon after the Free Trade Agreement with “best friend” Korea.

    As for talking with “Abbott and his gang”, you are right: they believe they have a “mandate” and will not budge from it – unless they perceive a change in the wind. We need to talk clearly and precisely about how Abbott’s policies are damaging to Oz and , in particular, to large numbers of Oz citizens, especially in policies which deliberately take away what they call “entitlements” while at the same time giving “entitlements” to the un-entitled. It is to those most affected that we need to speak and to those who have not even thought about what is happening. Then perhaps we get the mass protest.

    One policy which needs attention is the Direct Action policy. It is capped at $4bn over a short period. It will not achieve the 5% cut in emissions – so what is the point of a policy which will not work and will cost $4bn? For Direct Action to work, it would cost billions of dollars more and would cost each household $1300 pa (way above the $550 pa Abbott claims he would save taxpayers by repealing the Carbon “Tax”). Meanwhile the Coal-ition does not even believe in Climate Change.

    Abbott says he wants Oz to be an “affordable energy super-power”. By that he means less renewable energy and the sale of more coal to be burnt. The muddle and spin of Coal-ition policies is staggering.

    We need to spread the word.

  69. Pingback: Who Owns the Media? | #ADAM

  70. Wayne Turner

    The Australian = The fart of Australia.

    Abbott’s just Murdoch’s little puppet.

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