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Abbott is losing touch with Warringah

Media Release

A recent poll of 756 voters in Warringah shows that the current member, Tony Abbott, has lost support in the electorate. The poll estimates that just under 47% of voters in Warringah would vote for the Liberal party if an election were held today. Compared to first preference votes at the 2016 election, that would represent a swing of 5% against Mr Abbott.

“We commissioned the poll to get a baseline reading on the mind and mood of the people of Warringah. The result confirms what I’ve been hearing from people in the electorate,” said Mr Harris. “Many people have said to me that they usually vote Liberal, but won’t be doing so this time around.”

Only 40% of voters agree or strongly agree with the statement that The Federal member, Tony Abbott, represents my views and what’s important to me. Even among Liberal voters, only 62% agreed that Mr Abbott represented their views.


Mr Harris explained, “One of the most significant issues Mr Abbott is out of touch with is energy policy, and doing more to counter the impact of climate change. Our polling showed that 2 in 3 people in Warringah want more effective policies to address climate change. And so Mr Abbott’s argument for nationalising or building new coal-fired power stations is completely at odds what the people in this community want.”

The poll showed that 66% of voters in Warringah agreed or strongly agreed that More needs to be done to tackle climate change, and 70% agreed or strongly agreed that There should be more support put behind renewable energy. Once again, many Liberal voters held an opposing view to Mr Abbott, with more than half (56%) wanting more support put behind renewable energy.



While the poll made it clear that Mr Abbott’s position on climate and energy policy is at odds with the majority of his constituents, there were several other issues that show a growing gap between Mr Abbott and his electorate. In a resounding rejection of the Liberal party’s position on privatising the ABC, 77% of all voters in Warringah and 70% of Liberal voters agreed or strongly agreed that The ABC should not be privatised.


“I was shocked when the Liberal Party’s Federal council voted 2 to 1 in support of a motion to privatise the ABC,” said Mr Harris. “It’s hard to believe that any fair-minded person would think it’s in the public interest to privatise our national broadcaster. I am firmly against it – and it’s clear that so are the vast majority of people in Warringah. If Mr Abbott intends to represent our community, he should go on the public record and reject any future move to privatise the ABC.”

The NBN is a further point of concern for voters in Warringah, with 78% agreeing or strongly agreeing with the statement We need a better NBN than what is currently being rolled out. Even among Liberal voters, 67% agreed with the statement, further underlining just how much of a disappointment the NBN solution championed by Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull has been.


“Mr Turnbull may well have been the architect of the NBN solution that our community and nation are now being saddled with, but it was Mr Abbott who presided over this mess during his time as Prime Minister,” said Mr Harris. “The largest infrastructure project Australia has ever undertaken is failing to deliver the speed and reliability we were promised. It’s a scandalous waste of public money, with over $40 billion dollars being spent on a broadband network that’s not fit for purpose today, let alone tomorrow. I’ve been speaking with business owners in our community whose companies depend on reliable, fast internet, and they believe the NBN simply isn’t good enough.”

Despite the loss of support for Mr Abbott among the electorate, the poll does show that he would be returned on a two-party preferred basis if the election were held today.

In response, Mr Harris said, “I’m not disheartened by that at all. We’ve not even begun our campaign for Warringah yet. What I see is that people are recognising the disconnect between their views and those of Mr Abbott on so many issues of national importance, and I’m looking forward to presenting them with an option to do better.”

The poll, conducted by ReachTEL on the 16th of July was commissioned by Dean Harris, the Labor candidate for Warringah.

Dean Harris is a Director of The Navigators Pty Ltd, a market research and strategy consultancy with offices in Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand. He has owned and run market research businesses for over 20 years and has expertise in research, data analysis, marketing and business strategy.

Dean is a father of two and has lived in Cremorne and Mosman since 2007.

He joined the Labor party in 2014 but has always been a person who’s passionate about, and involved in, promoting strong, sustainable and healthy communities.

He is an enthusiastic kayaker and enjoys the beauty of being on the water in the inner harbour and beaches around Mosman. Despite turning 50 this year, Dean still plays cricket for the Warringah Cricket Club every summer.

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  1. New England Cocky

    Bring on the 2018 Federal Election so that we may dispose of this LNP misgovernment in the WPB of political history!!

  2. longwhitekid

    What do you mean ‘losing’? It’s been past tense for a long time, way before the ‘postal vote’ on marriage equality, in which 75% of his electorate voted in favour of, the highest rated electorate in the country. He must have been completely gobsmacked but Abbott is completely delusional. So he then he refused to vote and walked out like the gutless wonder he is who digs his heels in when it comes to serving the wishes of the people who pay his generous salary and perks. Anyone else would have been sacked for refusing to perform their duty. He is ‘the turd that won’t flush’ of politics and it’s been time to clear the line for years. He is a useless shit.

  3. Cara Clark

    That ANYONE would have a bar of Abbott is astonishing!

  4. John O'Callaghan

    Abbott is a smart arse who thinks people love him any when he finds out they dont then he hates them for life!

  5. Alpo

    If the Liberals lose Warringah, it’s going to be a massacre across the country….
    But somehow I doubt that the solid Liberal seat of Warringah will change hands because of Abbott…. chances are that Abbott will survive and will lead the attack against the Liberal “moderates”, after the Liberal representation in Parliament has been pruned of many current detractors of Tony Abbott and the Hard Conservatives.
    There is much at stake for the Liberal party here….

  6. Graeme Henchel

    If the people of Warringah would still return Abbott after all that this thug has done I guess they would never return a Labor member. Maybe labor should not bother to contest it and allow a high profile independent to contest the seat.

  7. Pete Petrass

    Seems to be a growing trend these days, particularly for those of the LNP persuasion, to represent yourself rather than your constituents. Abbott, Kelly, Dutton, Abetz, Joyce, Canavan, Frydenberg, etc are all there to push their own agendas and are at complete odds with their electorates, and they do not seem to care at all. The most obvious issues are climate change and the Adani mine.
    Tied together with the pushing their own agendas thing is increasing levels of corruption with post political jobs for the boys, political donations, etc.
    Perhaps the voters need to remind them at the next election that they are elected to represent the views of their constituents.

  8. Kampbell

    What has changed with Abbott?. He has been consistantly been voted in for years. These are rusted on conservatives you are polling. Unless there is a dramaitic change in the makeup of the seat, Libs will win. Polls are given way to much importance.

  9. Dave G.

    I seem to remember Nicci Savva saying on Insiders a high profile candidate was going to challenge Abbot for preselection when the time came,I wonder what happened to that.

  10. Jaquix

    Dean Harris is doing a great job of giving Warringah a red hot go at the next election! His marketing and research skills very obvious in the way hes presented all this info. I wish him the best of British Luck – lets see if the voters of Warringah wake up to what their vote is worth. Abbott returned could well mean he will be the Opposition Leader.

  11. johno

    Make Warringah great again, dump the Abbott !!

  12. johno

    I thought Aimn was a hot bed of labor die hards. Where is the support for Dean.

  13. Cool Pete

    Well, let’s not forget that Warringah also had one of the highest rates of support for Same-Sex Marriage, but Botty cowered outside the chamber rather than voting Yes. Gestapotato, loathe him though I do, at least said that he personally would vote no, but if most of his electorate voted yes, he would, too, and he did.

  14. paul walter

    Abbott would say Warringah is losing touch with him.

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