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Abbott has Many Good Qualities… Just Ask Him. Or Megan Saker

“This is a watershed moment, when a bold new government does what has to be done to set the nation on a better course.” Tony Abbott.

Say what you like about Tony Abbott, he doesn’t lack confidence. But then, neither do problem gamblers who lose the rent betting on “certainties”. For the past few years, he’s been telling us how much better his government was going to be. How much more honest. How much more competent. He told us that he could lower taxes without cutting spending and still reduce the deficit. And, when those nasty scaremongers suggested things like the Liberals would want to raise the GST, he insisted that it wasn’t necessary, because, once he was PM, everything would fine and we’d have a strong economy once more. (Of course, there is no way the GST could ever be raised. I remember being assured of this by John Howard and Peter Costello. You’d need the agreement of ALL the states and the Federal Government and that’d never happen. Never ever.)

Still it is good to know that Tony considers that his government has “set the nation on a better course”, because some were worried that his “bold” actions were creating more of a water closet than a watershed moment. I guess, it depends on how you define “a better course”. If it means, that people will have fewer options and that people will be willing to work for whatever they can get or that poor people won’t be clogging up doctors’ waiting rooms, then clearly we have a better future ahead. If it means that people are rewarded on merit – and after all, being connected to the Liberal Party makes one worthy of merit – and we stop those silly programs or quotas that support disadvantaged groups, you’ll be in agreement that Mr Abbott was right to stick with the one promise that really mattered. After all, what’s the good of being healthy, if the economy isn’t?

I mean, paying off our debt as quickly as possible is a good thing, isn’t it? Aren’t we sorry for all those people negative gearing property because they haven’t realised that debt by it’s very nature is bad. As that young Liberal, Megan Saker, said in yesterday’s column: “A country that continually runs deficits is a country that no one lends to.” Mm, I guess that’s why the USA hasn’t been able to borrow any money lately. I suspect she is being given a column by Fairfax in an attempt to completely sink Tony Abbott. Her insights beautifully demonstrate -not just a lack of empathy – but a complete lack of awareness of anything beyond what Daddy told her. With statements like “Everyone who can work, should work” she goes beyond the usual three word slogan of the Liberals, but offers no reason for this pronouncement. Does it include pensioners over 70, Tattslotto winners, and those on Temporary Protection Visas? Or is it restricted to those who are just enjoying themselves on welfare. As she says: “It would be nice to get paid to sit at home and watch TV, read the newspaper, take up painting, but it doesn’t help the economy.” See, none of you artists are helping the economy.

But I particularly loved how she went on to tell us: “With this thought in mind, raising the retirement age and paying for doctors – who contribute a huge amount to the community – also appear reasonable concessions. We have to stop looking out for only ourselves and think about Australia at large.”

Strangely, the Party of Individual Achievement seem to be embracing a form of collectivism. What’s next? Socialism? But I’m pleased that doctors will be paid for at last. It’s been great the way they’ve been contributing to the community all these years without anyone paying for them.

But I digress, we were talking about Abbott’s good points. So we had confidence, what else?

Um, he’s a good family man. Or should I leave family out this?

Ah, that’s right. He was a Rhodes Scholar. That must mean he had once had a good brain, doesn’t it? I mean they don’t give those out to just anyone. And he wrote a book called “Battlelines”. So we have to give his brain a tick.

Yep, Abbott has a mind like a steel trap. And like a steel trap, when’s it’s open it’s designed to catch something and if it’s closed, someone else will be feeling the pain.


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  1. Rob Alan

    5% unemployment is mandatory capitalist/democracy. Is said to keep business wage costs down. Hence the ponzi population pump to keep feeding in fresh unemployed bodies to keep the scheme going, to prevent that 5% from falling any lower.

    If we really wanted 0% unemployment then halt immigration. Too easy.

  2. Wayne Turner

    Australia knows how to pick them – Abbott’s delusional,a hypocrite,a liar and a person of no substance.From the party of “No Excuses” = All we get is excuses,and “No surprises” = I’m NOT surprised.Him and this lot have always been loonies.

  3. Stephen Tardrew

    So has arsenic if you want to die.

  4. Stephen Tardrew

    Ross: a steel trap short of a spring.

  5. mars08

    oh jeez. Hey! In case you haven’t noticed …. the hospitals of western Sydney are no longer clogged with crowds of boat people!!! Gotta give Tony some credit…

  6. Stephen Tardrew


    The financial sector is run by a bunch of high IQ emotional cripples and morally challenged prats who went to the same schools and keep the same company.

    If brains do not connect with hearts you end up with this lot driven by cruel and discriminatory greed willingly supporting gross inequality.

    Its just market making they tell us while they fleece ordinary citizens by manipulating the markets.

    Conservative politicians are merely a front for rapacious neo-conservatism

    Playing hypocritical pretendies doesn’t count.

  7. lulu2617

    This is what a Rhodes scholar was supposed to be – I think Mr Rhodes would turn in his grave at what ‘Rhodes Scholar’ Abbott has got up to:

    Mr. Rhodes’ Will contains four criteria by which prospective Rhodes Scholars are to be selected:

    -literary and scholastic attainments;
    -energy to use one’s talents to the full, as exemplified by fondness for and success in sports;
    -truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship;
    -moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings.

  8. lulu2617

    My comment about the qualities of a Rhodes Scholar below this excellent blog.

  9. Winifred Jeavons

    Lend me a microscope

  10. edward eastwood

    You need to check your facts Rob Alan.

    Firstly, its only Neo-classical economics ( some times referred to as ‘supply side’ economics or Friedmanomics after Milton Friedman and the Chicago School theories) that requires between 5.1 – 5.7% of the available work force to be permanently unemployed.

    Keynesian economics and its present day evolution; Modern Monetary Theory/Neo-Chartalism, advocates for full employment, (between 2-2.2% of the workforce unemployed).

    As for halting migration, sounds like xenophobia to me.

    As for Megan Saker; proof that life really can exist in a permanent vacuum – perhaps she should have been cast in the Sandra Bullock role in ‘Gravity’.

  11. Stephen Tardrew


    Oh my heavens!

    A piece of brilliance shining the light on truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for the protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship.

    Time Brear Rabbit returned his prestigious scholarship for accepting it under false pretenses.

  12. Ian Joyner

    mars08 – I thought it was the roads of western Sydney that were clogged with boat people?

    I guess they’ll be clogged with airport traffic from now on, since Abbott has not put any money towards the infrastructure of public transport to it.

  13. Fed up

    The latest. Gee, it is hard job keeping up with the comings and goings of this mob.

    It is lucky, I am a lazy old aged pension sitting on my bum, not just watching TV, but in front of my computer.

    Never work so hard in my life. Will not be giving up, until this PM is force to take responsibility for his actions. No hate involved, just disgust and disbelief, he could be so bad.

    ………Speaker Bronwyn Bishop under fire for hosting Liberal fundraisers in her Parliament House office

    DateMay 24, 2014 – 4:55PM

    Read more:

  14. Fed up

    With Abbott, it wants, he does not believe in options or choice, All my way or nothing,

    We need to make it nothing,

    …………….All Tony Abbott wants is everything Tony Abbott wants

    The Coalition has struggled to convince Australia that their budget is the only way to reform the nation. What does the prime minister want now? Mostly for his critics to leave him alone.

  15. bobrafto

    I now have my conspiracy hat on.

    How did Tone get to be a Rhodes scholar? Was their connections involved to get him the gig? Did Tone get a distinction as well?

    It’s incongruous after watching Tone that Rhodes Scholar could ever be associated with his name.

  16. mars08

    “…to take an interest in one’s fellow beings.”

    Ah… it’s that whole “wording” thing again. Clearly a typo!

    It should say “to take an interest in ALL one’s fellow beings”. Tony didn’t think it would apply to everyone…

  17. Social Constructs

    Great article. The Doctors getting paid sentence was definitely a laugh out loud moment. You have a new fan.

  18. Fed up

    Seems the doctors will receive two dollars of the seven, Should about cover the cost of collecting it,.

  19. whatismore

    Great finishing line on the steel trap mind of Tony Abbott,” when it’s open it’s designed to catch something and if it’s closed, someone else will be feeling the pain.” Abbott is paying back with pain just about everyone who he caught during his time in politics.
    With regards to Abbott’s Rhodes scholarship, bobrafto should read Sue Mitchell’s Abbott A Man’s Man to understand some of what went on behind the scenes. Seems like getting scholarships are in the family’s DNA.

  20. Royce Arriso

    You have to feel sorry–but only a bit–for these dewy-eyed Young Liberal acolytes. Have they ever hosed out a wheelie-bin or changed a tyre? Probably they relied on 457 labour. The IPA have their fair share. One of them was in The Age a few weeks ago. Arguing for the imperishable ‘dignity’ of working for less than the basic wage, he displayed modern conservative ‘thought’ at its best– puddle-deep insights, entirely without basis in reality. What if they bring the same intellectual rigour to other aspects of life? Next article; Human Reproduction, or How Dad Swam Over Mum.

  21. dafid1

    He was a Rhodes Scholar, so he must have had a brain…
    For my money the brain belonged to a certain Jesuit Priest Fr Costello, no relation I believe to the former treasurer, The Rev Fr has I see had all reference to him expunged from Abbotts Wikipedia page. Strange that because he previously was proudly mentioned therein as his Abbotts, mentor at Seminary and after. Of course I wouldn’t for a moment suggest anything untoward in the awarding of the Rhodes. That just doesn’t happen!!! Mr Abbott is such an economic genius, we see the proof of it every day.

  22. rossleighbrisbane

    Forgot to mention the end of young Megan’s article: “On a more human level, they were about taking responsibility for our previous decisions. I took out a loan to pay for my degree, and I want to be the one to pay it back, because it was my decision. All of Australia took out a loan to get through the GFC, and now we all have to do our part to pay it back.”

    One wonders why she was so irresponsible as to get herself into debt.
    Still, Fairfax are helping out…

  23. rossleighbrisbane

    Not to mention the fact that she’s not working, she’s doing an Arts Degree, ffs!

  24. corvus boreus

    Royce, you may feel sorry for these prodigy political staffers and thinktank “research fellows”, but the old school side of my values wants to slap their presumptuous, pimply, smug mugs. These overpriveliged, underqualified idealogues without real career resumes issue dictates of policy advice in terms of spurious reasoning and absurd hyperbole, without any basis in real life experience. They do this at the bidding of a narrow rapacious sector of business and politics, and are subsequently rewarded with cushy appointments in specially created beaurocracies, or favored with soft preselections. They are arrogant hypocrites who receive ill deserved rewards for spreading misinformation to enact harmful agendas.
    They are a special class of benthic parasite and I begrudge them the oxygen they steal.

  25. Fed up

    Rob, immigration does not caused unemployment. It is the post war immigration, consisting of a large number of refugees that has made this country what it is. Even people who come by boat contribute much.

  26. Fed up

    To be a Rhodes scholar, a reasonable brain is required. Also one needs to be good an t sport. One had to contribute to the community.

    All these things seem necessary, but from where I am sitting, the essential thing one needs is the ability to gain good references. Yes, that is what counts. Abbott, I believe had the Jesuits.

    Yes, at the end of the day, it is who one knows.

  27. dafid1

    @Fedup…very astute observation

  28. vilasini

    governments have created unemployment and at the same time hate the unemployed. This nonsense about having a lovely time at home, that is not a lot of people experience who are struggling to meet bills and work out if they can afford to buy their medication or eat… Very good read.

  29. Ro Bailey

    FIGJAM – F* I’m good, just ask me.

  30. -DD abbott

    Rhodes Scholar my arse…he was placed there, (with the help of Howard I think) conveniently paid for by mummy and daddy…

  31. Sir ScotchMistery

    Mummy and daddy probably wouldn’t have paid. It would have been a payback. Perhaps the Jesuits gave him something for being quiet about something.

    Wonder how his good friend Nestor is going these days?

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