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A Tinpot Dictator?

When Scott John Morrison takes his Sunday fly-drive to leafy Yarralumla to visit His Excellency, David Hurley, AO, a former NSW Governor and his “captain’s pick” for GG, the jig is up; now everyone knows a federal election will be held 21 May and, sadly, the guess-the date-games must end, despite Morrison’s addiction to secrecy, quibbling and game playing. Things that help him lord it over other people.

Morrison loves evading or concealing truth as much as lying. “I just don’t care,” he tells ABC’s Annabel Crabb. It shows. Politics is mostly just a game to him. At the hint of a threat to his power, however, his game morphs instantly into Mortal Kombat.

ADF crew salute him, a Morrison idea, as our malignant narcissist-in-Chief alights Shark One, the QANTAS A330 VIP executive jet, his favourite boy’s toy, a Big Dick clubhouse with wings, done up to look like a business executive’s office suite with $250 million of public money. It’s more than PR. He loves to pretend he’s not just a sad, gutless, gas industry puppet. He’d take his jet to fetch the girls from school if he could.

Following protocol, Morrison knocks up his vice-regal manservant, low profile Governor-General, Dave Hurley to kick-start the election. It won’t be about policy, or even playing the game, it will be a rabid hyper partisan attack on Labor, especially its leader, Anthony Albanese. And pork-barrelling. While Shark One may soar, Morrison’s politicking plumbs the depths of the lowest gutter.

In a damaging flashback, former rival for Cook, Michael Towke, pops up to accuse Morrison of racism. Towke accuses the PM of resorting to “racial vilification” to overturn the initial ballot which Towke won convincingly. Morrison allegedly insinuated that Cook’s voters wouldn’t accept a Lebanese Australian candidate.

“At the time [in 2007] he was desperate, and it suited him to play the race card,” Towke tells The Project’s Waleed Aly,

By remarkable coincidence, during the 2004 federal campaign, when Morrison was state director of the Liberal Party, racist tactics were used against Labor candidate for Greenway, Ed Husic, not a practising Muslim.

A day before the election, a fake ALP brochure was distributed in Greenaway. “Ed Husic is a devout Muslim. Ed is working hard to get a better deal for Islam.”

Morrison wins no friends by leaving his GG call to the last possible moment – but that’s his trademark. He’d be late to his own (political) funeral. As events may prove, given the way he’s alienated women across the nation and more than a few in the Liberal branch of NSW, once a powerhouse the Coalition hoped might counter losses in other states.

Then there’s the pandemic failure. Going AWOL during the bushfires. The submarine fiasco which cost us at least $5.5 billion. The trade war with China that’s helping ruin our export trade and a fair bit of tertiary education. Morrison’s list of failures is huge.

Loyal Deputy Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce keeps the faith, however, if only with his followers who count on him to pick a winner. In a sensational leaked text from the Nationals’ leader composed in March 2021, Joyce confides that he does not “get along” with Morrison.

“He is a hypocrite and a liar from my observations and that is over a long time. have never trusted him, and I dislike how earnestly [he] rearranges the truth to a lie.”

A High Court challenge mounted by Matthew Camenzuli, from Parramatta, an IT mogul from the NSW Liberal conservative faction, aligned with former Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells slows things up but, here, Morrison’s only himself to blame. Getting his envoy, Alex Hawke to stall and delay local pre-selection meetings until the Federal executive would have to step in has not endeared him to everyone in the NSW branch nor nationally. Hawke is widely reviled.

Many Liberals resent his high-handed intervention in branch pre-selection. Retiring senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, stiffed for a winnable place on the ticket, calls Morrison a tyrant and a fraud who hides behind the façade of his church-going.

Others accuse him of remaking the party in his own image. Departing NSW Liberal, Catherine Cusack, joins a swelling chorus of women in Liberal politics who call Morrison a bully. He’s “ruined” the Liberal party, she says. She will not vote for him or the party at the federal election.

If you can’t run a Liberal branch, how can you run the country?

But there’s a ray of hope for ScoMo. Camenzuli’s lawyers fail to overrule Morrison’s intervention to save Environment Minister Sussan Ley, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke and North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman from a local preselection battle that could threaten their political futures. Camenzuli sought an injunction to block the preselection of nine Liberal candidates which would bar the party from printing their names on the ballot paper.

Keeping everyone else waiting while he gets his act together gives Morrison time to win his high-stakes game. Pick his favourites. Remake the party in his own image. Above all it gets him attention. Forget the daggy dad act. This PM is a ruthless Machievallian.

Will he pull the fat out of the fire? Critics of our PM’s self-abrogating demeanour still decry the way Morrison hogged the show at last January’s Australia Day awards ceremony. Worse, Grace Tame was threatened by someone from the Office. Women vote. They won’t forgive or forget the Morrison government’s record of sexism and misogyny. Nor will they overlook the spate of Liberal women who have recently spoken out against him.

Former commercial rose-grower, Minister for Family Service and manager of government business in the senate, Anne Ruston, Minister for Women’s Safety, fails her first real test. Who threatened Grace Tame? The former Australian of the year used a Press Club Address to explain that someone from “a government-funded organisation” rang to tell Tame she must not say anything “damning” about Morrison so close to an election.

Mystified. Jane Hume adds a bit of hand-wringing. We don’t even know if it were a man or a woman, she wails. Clearly, no-one’s tried very hard to find out. Tame says that she’d prefer that the person who felt they needed to make the call should out themselves. An investigation into the call is “the very same embedded structural silencing culture that drove the call in the first place and misses the point entirely. It’s not about the person who made the call, it’s the fact that they felt like they had to do it,” Tame explains.

It’s sexism; the age-old gendered response of doubting and discrediting the victim’s story when the victim is a woman. But it’s no vote winner for over half the population.

Yet the PM seems happy. Morrison promotes Ruston to Liberal Campaign Spokeswoman. Her Labor counterpart, Katy Gallagher will not give up on women so readily.

But look over there – how good is our invisible Governor General? A big gig every three years, if only to help a PM call a fresh election or witness signatures whenever Ministers are appointed. Morrison loves pomp and ceremony. It adds a legitimacy he craves and a distraction he badly needs. Dave Hurley’s happy. He’s hoping to win a trifecta.

The Governor General’s hazy job profile makes Morrison appear almost industrious by contrast. Being GG, on the other hand, keeps you busier than “the arts” or in tertiary education, both spurned by Frydenberg in JobKeeper, despite his forty billion dollar (Joe Aston calculates) windfall, for businesses in profit despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Fan-boy Greg Jennett, a Tarzan of adulation, if not fatal attraction to the PM, and Jane Norman, the John and Betty of ABC afternoon political television, become a hot mess of running commentary on the twenty minute meeting, breathlessly spilling the beans on such essentials as Morrison’s coffee with the Governor General.

Greg and Jane kindly remind us that Yarralumla sits in 58 hectares of Canberra prime real estate, in case we miss how the trappings of office are lavished on our ruling class, while others die of malnourishment, neglect and the latest mutant strain of coronavirus in “aged care facilities” a gulag of misery where our poor, wretched, vulnerable elders pass their final days in a fog of antipsychotics in state subsidised granny farms staffed by some of the lowest paid, most highly casualised workers in Australia.

The Coalition’s Aged Care Act 1997, ushered in a flood of private investment in the exploitation and commodification of the elderly. Private equity firms, new foreign investors, superannuation and property real estate investment trusts “entered the residential aged care market.” Data on residents’ safety and wellbeing must be kept top secret.

Our current aged care crisis stems from Howard’s Aged Care Act, writes Dr Sarah Russell. His government subsidised private health insurance is still helping scupper Medicare.

Amazingly, Dave, a spry 68 year-old corporate state welfare beneficiary with all his own teeth, is at Yarralumla this weekend and not entertaining Prince Andrew, who’s been known to slip in, sans fanfare, for a quick visit, as he did in 2018, to promote Pitch@Palace, his matchmaking of investors and corporate partners with startup companies. Now it’s wound up after Andy’s misadventures with underage women abroad, stories which his mother, Queen Elizabeth II refuses to believe, preferring the much more plausible “I was at Beatrice’s Birthday at Woking Pizza Express” alibi.

Pitch generated £1.345 million in economic activity, 6,323 jobs and 39% of its winners were women. Andy did quite well, too. Pitch@Palace Global Ltd, the private company set up to run the events, had a clause in its terms and conditions about its entitlement to a 2% equity share for three years for any company that went through its program.

Other royals also are put up at Admiralty House, the GG’s other historic pad on Sydney harbour with ten bedrooms enjoying views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Hosting VIPs keeps the Hurleys busy. Then there’s Linda’s staff singalongs.

And her serenades. The Guardian Australia reports Hurley wandering betwixt tables of war widows (average age 81, according to Dave), microphone in hand, leading them in song over cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches. Bit of dill with that, dearie?

“You are my sunshine” is the unofficial vice-regal national anthem – but only the chorus. The verses are a bit downbeat if you Google them. Don’t try this at home.

A staff of seventy-six don’t just run themselves and there’s travel involved in GG. All adds up. Representing HM at home and Australia overseas costs a million a year.

But the nation has to look after its investment. Hurley’s annual salary is around half a million. Of course, a governor general does get a generous pension scheme with that.

As Morrison arrives, his white BMW 7 Series Prime Ministerial limousine with AFP escort ghosting up the long drive, Dave’s lurking purposefully near the entrance to Yarralumla, a “colonial revival” pile set in what remains of an historic sheep station.

The property retains the original shearing shed atop a tumulus of a century and a half of merino droppings. A heritage overlay of decaying sheep shit is a fitting tribute to the types who led the colonial frontier wars waged by European imperial invaders on indigenous Australians in the name of the same British Crown that Governor-General Hurley represents.

The GG has his Mont Blanc Meisterstück Gold-Coated Fountain Pen uncapped, ready to sign a chit to let Morrison dissolve parliament and call a federal general election, a minefield of lies, furphies, turpitude and gratuitous character assassination which our GG can avoid entirely by express permission of the electoral commission. But he does get to look on.

A federal election campaign is a made for TV event just like Master Chef or Hard Quiz or The Melbourne Cup and corporate media regale us with the day’s political stunts.

There’s a scorecard on performance in The Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph and The Australian as in any horse race commentary. Tallying up the pratfalls displaces any more insightful commentary on commercial TV – Buckminster Fuller’s “bubblegum for the eyes.”

Analysis of issues and policies is supplanted by spectacle and mindless Vox Pops. In a rare departure, this year, however, the Sydney Morning Herald takes Morrison to task for his broken promise over a federal ICAC. Attempting to blame Labor doesn’t pass the pub test.

Imagine if Dave Hurley were to put his mouth where his money is. Our GG, would refuse Morrison permission to hold an election. Nope, ScoMo you’ve abused the trust of the Australian people. Piss off back to Bronte and stop wasting my time.

If only. A relic of colonial rule, a GG hasn’t colluded with the judiciary and The Palace to remove a PM since Whitlam, but it pays to keep him on side and avoid bagging Pine Gap, 16 km south west of Alice Springs, the eyes and ears of the US military, since it went on line in 1969. One of its uses is to provide information to aim drones.

If there’s a moral problem with hosting an outfit which is staffed largely by employees of Boeing Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics – along with niche companies that work exclusively for the CIA and NRO, such as Leidos, Scitor and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) our government doesn’t see it. Put simply, we host companies who profit from war and enable them to collect the data they need to make war.

In fascinating technological updates the satellites have multiplied to at least thirty-eight, which have the capacity to monitor everything from your text message to Dominos to thermal evidence of Chinese hypersonic missile launches. All of this vastly increases our value as a nuclear target. It could give us leverage in a more equal relationship with the US but given our lickspittle foreign policy don’t hold your breath.

Above all, Pine Gap makes Australia complicit in war crimes. Last December, the New York Times lists over 1300 reports of civilian casualties since 2014. Many are children, in wars that the US portrays as being waged by all-seeing drones and precision bombs.

Yet, “American air wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan have been plagued by deeply flawed intelligence, rushed and often imprecise targeting, thousands of civilian deaths – with scant accountability.”

But does our GG task our PM with this problem? Nope. Dave’s famous for his saying “the standard we walk by is the standard we accept.” He’s a big fan of ethical leadership, a political oxymoron “borrowed” by David Morrison in a sermon on another unicorn, gender equality in the army. Dave M later confesses on Q&A he’s “pinched” the line.

The PM just loves Dave H and the whole vibe of the ethical leader thing, which like cleanliness, is next to godliness and getting professionally photographed at a Hillsong service, eyes wide shut. Photographed? At least one former member of the parliament has read her King James Bible,

“And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites. are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and. in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men.”

“His actions conflict with his portrayal as a man of faith; he has used his so-called faith as a marketing advantage,” says senator Concetta Fieravanti-Wells.

Federal Election 2022 is to be a forty-one day endurance event, not simply in order to dazzles us with hi-viz photo-opportunities, vapid talking points, or disgruntled punters in pubs, but to buy time, a gamble given incumbents generally decline in popularity over a long campaign. Opinion polls predict a Coalition defeat, Liberal/National 34%, ALP 36%. -7% swing against the Coalition but just a 2.6% swing in favour of the ALP

Perhaps, like Mr Micawber, Morrison is hoping something will turn up. As it does. Albo doesn’t know what the cash rate is and he can’t recite the official unemployment rate.

Of course there’s outcry from the usual suspects, “Unfit to be PM,” decrees Murdoch’s top toadie, Terry McCrann in the expatriate billionaire’s Australian, while AFR, shocker, Phil Coorey gasps “A horror,” leaving Professor Judith Sloan, alone, to hype the Labor leader’s howler into his “Party’s complete misunderstanding of the jobs figures.”

Seriously? Even John Howard who failed the same gotcha in ‘07 is underwhelmed. Babies Overboard Howard bobs up in WA to spare Morrison getting the bum’s rush. Again. Abbott has Covid. Or he’d be there with (bicycle) bells on. Don’t discount a late showing.

True, the Man of Steel’s got other things on his mind like minding Ken Wyatt in Hasluck – it’s not so long ago that Joe Aston had word Kenneth might defect to Labor.

And Swan’s Kristy McSweeney is busted misquoting herself on how if you can’t tell a bloke from a sheila just walking down the street, you probably shouldn’t be aiming for Canberra.

Is that a serious question? Okay, well Anthony Albanese didn’t know the unemployment rate. So what?”

Morrison’s first gaffe is a big one. He fudges when asked whether Alan Tudge, guardian of the curriculum from the left-wing, is currently education minister – (a Tudge of class?)

His reply that Al is “technically” still in cabinet is at odds with earlier assurances that he’d resigned. Of course, this could be merely another Morrison lie, but it does seem to be a clumsy attempt to divert press from a half million payout to former staffer Rachelle Miller which fails to keep the (unconsummated) affair off the front page.

First up, Tudge claims, “we never had sex.” They were “intimate” four times; sleeping naked together but there was no funny business. Sounds very plausible.

The minister without portfolio may be inspired by Gandhi’s tales of sleeping naked with young women who also took their clothes off just to test his chastity.

With Tudge mounting such an impregnable defence, it is little wonder that Morrison has had to pivot on his earlier version of events in which the Education Minister had surrendered his portfolio for his own sake.

No point asking why Miller was paid “well over $500,000”, if nothing untoward transpired between minister and media adviser. $500,000 is the sum whispered to have been his payout when Morrison himself was sacked as head of Tourism Australia citing irreconcilable differences with boss, Fran Bailey amidst claims tendering processes were not adhered to.

As for any ministerial code violation, the non-bonking occurred before the advent of Morrison’s code. Yet Miller was promoted while in an intimate relationship with her boss. The PM is OK with that. Yet Miller wants the details released. Samantha Maiden reports that legal costs in six figures are also to be paid by the Morrison government.

“He has chosen for the sake of his health and his family for a period of time to stand aside from the ministry,” Morrison claims.

“But here’s been no other education minister sworn in, no-one went out to the Governor-General, we’re very transparent about all of that.”

Morrison is creating an issue for himself in refusing Miller’s request that he release details. Unwisely.

Moonlighting as Education Minister, albeit unsworn, is Stuart “Rolex” Robert, the PM’s prayer partner, a tricky phrase now, given recent whistle-blower revelations that senior Liberal Party figures abuse the parliamentary prayer room for congress of a baser nature.

None of the parties implicated: MP Tim Wilson, former defence minister Christopher Pyne and others, or the investigating law firm Sparke Helmore, even try to rebut the story, notes Michael West. Give it time.

More of a problem to his own side than any scandal involving rent boys plying their trade in consecrated space within the House is Mendacity Morrison’s contempt for democracy and his addiction to micromanagement.

Notorious for his pledges that never eventuate, the PM is now hated by NSW Liberals for being too “hands on”.

Former Cook MP, Stephen Mutch, a self-styled moderate who credits himself with inventing the term if not founding the group, calls Scotty a “tinpot dictator” for riding rough-shod over democratic local branch pre-selection processes, to choose his own candidates for key NSW seats. Mutch is shocked at the way the moderate minority now runs the branch.

“Over decades … I saw how the faction changed from a relatively informal group of friends with a fair degree of collective decision-making into a more formalised operation run by politicians, staffers and some party activists,” Mutch tells The Saturday Paper.

As the former moderate explains, the moderates became more high-handed, serving the personalised agendas of a few at the top. Later, the faction morphed into “a professionalised, essentially privatised operation, run by a small coterie of business lobbyists.”

Which is where we are today.

All is not lost, however. Scotty is still a useful tool to the fossil fuel lobby, an old mate of Big Mining and our media oligopoly, Rupert, Kerry and tagalong Peter along with other shonks, shills and big-shots in Australia’s oligarchy.

But just to nip it in the bud, a few of his man-servants in the PMO, big up Morrison with Bushmasters and coal, while Rio shows it hasn’t blown up all its moral high ground along with the 46,000-year-old rock shelters at Juukan Gorge, by taking over RUSAL’s twenty per cent share in QAL’s aluminium smelter, in response to Russia’s attempt to obliterate Ukraine. That’s fixed Putin’s wagon.

How good is a Morrison government which struts the world like a colossus, punching above its weight? Shirt-fronting Putin. “Keeping Australia Safe” is not just hairy-chested electioneering or the Crosby-Textor textbook stunt of creating an external threat tactic.

Nor is this self-interested opportunism by Morrison’s omnishambles of a government plumbing record lows in all the opinion polls. Throw another dead cat on the table. We are the hawks of AUKUS keepers of the sacred flame of the temple of the rules-based order to which Australia, as US deputy Marshall, is so solemnly and selflessly pledged.

Not only does ScoMo continue to wow the international community with his statesmanship, he buys seventy thousand tonnes of Whitehaven coal which the big Liberal donor can’t sell, it’s still sitting in Newcastle until a hapless crew is press ganged into taking it to Odessa, currently in range of Russian rocketry, and on to Ukraine.

True, he’s copped a few shockers recently, including that’s just the price of decisive leadership. OK he may be “a complete psycho”, a “hypocrite and a liar “a fraud” to his own team, but a clutch of Liberal women, his “crumb maidens” as Amy Remeikis calls the women who support Morrison’s patriarchy for scant reward, step forward to back up his latest claim that his high-handed intervention in NSW politics stems from his unbridled feminism and his need to step in to protect a few good women.

It’s farcical, writes The Monthly’s Rachel Withers that Morrison can claim that he stood up for women in an intervention intended to save the seats of two men and woman.

Is he all fake religion and no moral compass? Morrison simply cannot be trusted, warns Fierravanti-Wells who is dropped to an unelectable spot on the Liberal senate ticket in favour of party apparatchik, Marise Payne, in number one spot for time-serving, with another former army officer, Jim Molan, butcher of Fallujah, in at number three.

It’s already turning nasty: in second spot is Nationals’ top NSW Senate candidate, Ross Cadell, another Nat in a hat, who threatens to “drop shit” on the party’s Hunter candidate James Thomson in a public row at Warners Bay Hippo Espresso cafe 20km south of Newcastle, if Thommo does not redistribute $120,000 in donations.

You can see why Cadell has beaten the venerable, born-again John Anderson, Joyce’s mentor, a man with a Big Mining background as well as a former Nationals leader.

“While professing to be a man of faith,” the retiring senator says, sporting a huge crucifix in her bitter Goodbye To All That speech, he is “adept at running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, lacking a moral compass and having no conscience.”

Don’t hold yourself back, Connie. (As Morrison and his team insist on belittling the former Liberal senator, much as the PM does with “Grace” and “Brittany”.)

Team Morrison rushes to point out that hell hath no fury like a NSW senator relegated on the ballot paper. Connie’s just disappointed. A pile-on of other furious colleagues ensues, including much of the NSW Liberal Party. But ScoMo, a work of performance art in progress, won’t let a few dud reviews put him off his game.

Good Friday, Morrison tells national media how Jen and the girls go to church at Easter. Albo, Tony Abbott and 5000 others also attend Sydney’s Maronite Christian Mass. Easter is a time of hope he says, while claiming on national TV, religion is such a personal thing for him.

But there’s revived interest in how the PM deposed Lebanese-Australian and Maronite Christian Michael Towke in a dirty bid for pre-selection in Cook in 2007. So Morrison chooses a service in Victoria at Syndal Baptist Church with Gladys Liu MP, who failed to disclose her links with the Chinese government before preselection in Chisholm, a marginal Liberal seat.

There were also issues with an undisclosed donation to the Liberals of $37,000, together with questions as to how exactly the MP raised a million dollars for the party.

But Easter is a time of hope. No doubt Dave gives Scott a few pointers on the PM’s integrity commission model. Its architect, former Attorney-General, Christian Porter resigned over an anonymous donation or blind trust he’d accepted to pay his legal fees in a defamation case against ABC investigative journalist, Louise Milligan, a case he abandoned.

Ethical leadership is costly. The PM spends big money to get his own way in a high stakes poker game which goes right to the High Court over whether he can override local branches’ preferences in Liberal preselection in NSW. Chief Justice, Susan Kiefel says he can.

Not that Morrison gives a toss. It’s our money he’s spending. Has there ever been a bigger spending, higher taxing government? But the political cost of alienating so many NSW Liberals is huge. It’s already undone him in Warringah where his transphobic captain’s pick, Katharine Deves, proves a dud, with her social media post about “surgical mutilation”.

Having the arrogance to believe you know best and bypassing the local democratic process (with a bit of help from Premier Perrottet) leads to a poor choice?

Who’d have known?

Anti-trans activism could derail the Coalition’s election campaign. It triggers a pivot. Morrison backflips on his plan to dog whistle prejudice, intolerance and ignorance. He withdraws his support from Tassie Senator Claire Chandler’s bill banning transgender women from playing women’s sports, after he cops flak from Liberal “moderates” and independents.

Incredibly, the PM lies about why he pulls rank on NSW pre-selectors. The “menacing controlling wall-paper”, as former Liberal MP Julia Banks calls him, pretends to ABC 7:30 he’s a knight in shining armour rescuing women from “factions” whom he leaves unnamed, as if he’s just being protective; one of his most outrageous lies to date.

“Sussan Ley, one of my finest cabinet ministers and one of our most successful women members of parliament, was under threat. She was under threat from factions within the Liberal Party and I decided to stand up to it,” Morrison says.

“I’m very serious about having great women in my ranks…Fiona Martin was another.”

But Julia Banks tells a different story. “It was the three months of Morrison’s leadership that … was definitely the most gut-wrenching, distressing period of my entire career.”

Morrison an advocate for women? It’s risible and – as The Monthly’s Rachel Withers notes, it’s insulting to women.

“The claim is laughable. If there’s anyone Morrison was trying to save it was factional consigliore Alex Hawke in the seat of Mitchell, and his overarching aim was to maintain control of the numbers in the party. At the end of the day, the only person Scott Morrison truly stands up for is Scott Morrison.”


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  1. Phil Pryor

    A title for Morrison to add to the other stinkers, is that of World’s Worst Sausage, being a skinful of reeking shit. Sick souled liars are never trustworthy, always suspicious, usually treacherous, often grossly evil, never honest, below the level of a worm’s willy. A posing political pervert…

  2. GL

    After seeing that throat gagging visit to the show I’ve decided to give him a new (maybe) nickname: And lo, Scommoses did come from The Lodge to be among the little people to show that he is a mortal like them. With his retinue of watchdogs and tax payer funded photographer and quisling from The Rupert did he walk them for 40 minutes to bask in the glory of being Scommoses. Then the stench of the ordinaries bcame too much for him and so he left.

  3. wam

    wow, David, it would take the morning shows a week to display your post in bites small enough for their audience to digest. But there is plenty of controversy for Albo to release slowly in press releases, interviews and at conferences.
    Did Howard’s gaffs get the treatment as Albo’s.

  4. Harry Lime

    Another wonderful riff on the most outrageous,egregious piece of shit to have ever hacked his way to the top.And let’s be clear here.Politics abounds with rotten arseholes,losers, shitkickers and self serving slugs.It has become a sewer under the lying fake.The so called’ election campaign’ is a circus of gob smacking bullshit,a media blood sport,the general punter the dudded victim.It’ll be far too late when enough people wake up,we’re going down the same,wide smooth road as ‘the Great Satan.

  5. New England Cocky

    An excellent PhD of the sordid history of the Scummo & Co crooks, conmen and corporate corruption. This article seems unlikely to make it into the Murdoch mainstream media-ocrity.

    Thank you for making the effort to remind thinking Australian voters that It’s time!! ….. Again!!

    Regardless, revenge is approaching as concerned Australian voters prepare to remove this incompetent, corrupt gang of thieves from political office. Simply at pre-poll and on voting day:


    In this way we may just save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  6. Jack Cade

    Scott Morrison is dog shit on the nation’s soul (deliberate misspelling).
    Albert Einstein: ‘there two infinites, the universe and the stupidity of people. I am not sure about the universe.’
    Here’s looking at you, Queensland, the home of Bejelke-Petersen, Russel Hinze, Pauline Hanson, and the worst of them all, Peter Dutton.

  7. New England Cocky

    1) ”Loyal Deputy Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce keeps the faith, however, if only with his followers who count on him to pick a winner. In a sensational leaked text from the Nationals’ leader composed in March 2021, Joyce confides that he does not “get along” with Morrison.

    “He is a hypocrite and a liar from my observations and that is over a long time. have never trusted him, and I dislike how earnestly [he] rearranges the truth to a lie.”

    Beetrooter is getting along nicely with ripping off the Parliamentary Allowances Fund and promoting dams and river re-directions for the benefit of the foreign owned multinational mining corporations. Finance is just numbers, as his accountancy training explained and as all Nazional$ rural socialists know from extensive experience, there are more profits made when other people’s money is used to generate the privatised profits.

    2) ”It’s already turning nasty: in second spot is Nationals’ top NSW Senate candidate, Ross Cadell, another Nat in a hat, who threatens to “drop shit” on the party’s Hunter candidate James Thomson in a public row at Warners Bay Hippo Espresso cafe 20km south of Newcastle, if Thommo does not redistribute $120,000 in donations.

    You can see why Cadell has beaten the venerable, born-again John Anderson, Joyce’s mentor, a man with a Big Mining background as well as a former Nationals leader.

    “While professing to be a man of faith,” the retiring senator says, sporting a huge crucifix in her bitter Goodbye To All That speech, he is “adept at running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, lacking a moral compass and having no conscience”.

    The unChristian Anderson must have been put out by failing to gain pre-selection in the Number One Senate spot. His ”sterling efforts” while Member for Gwydir during the 2004 drought swept about 35 Moree businesses into oblivion while his contemporary efforts at political blackmail as Roads Minister misusing the about $2.4 BILLION Rural Road Funding only for electorates returning a Nazional$ MP naturally came to nought.

    The Gwydir electorate was abolished upon Anderson’s retirement to follow his interests in Eastern Star Gas wanting to extract CSG over the headwaters of the great Artesian Basin that would ruin groundwater across inland Australia and the Nazional$ White Elephant at least $14 BILLION Northern Inland Railway (NIR) of taxpayer funding because private banks recognised that the return of capital investment in a mere 50 years was unprofitable.

    Anderson was Campaign Manager for Beetrooter during the 2019 Kiwi bye-election when Beetrooter endorsed political advertising that was knowingly defamatory and completely wrong asserting that the very popular Tony Windsor was a lothario ….. when Beetrooter was desperately covering up his adulterous extra-marital affair with his Press Officer bit of fluff.

    Sadly too many women in New England accept that adultery, alcoholism, sexual harassment & misogyny are acceptable behaviour for males in their communities.

  8. Keith

    The 4% unemployment figure is somewhat a meaningless number when a person working for one hour a week is considered employed. There are other factors that display how the 4% is somewhat dubious. In 1982, how the employment statistics were gathered to fit in with International requirements changed. While the actual unemployment might be higher than the figures provided, it is interesting that funds have had to increase to support employed The Economy is subject to a number of factors.

    Should the lousy LNP be re-elected, on climate change we can expect European countries to impose taxes on Australian exports due to the LNP’s lack of a coherent policy. Australian exports of fossil fuels add to the break down of Earth’s air conditioners,Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayas, coral reefs generally are being hit, and we can expect more cascading extreme events created through those events being amplified by climate change.

    A vote for the LNP is a vote supporting the destruction of people’s lives and further breaking down the biosphere.

  9. New England Cocky

    Postscript: Jim Molan is the only unelected Senator presently in the Feral Parliament.

  10. GL

    He really believes that he going to rule here forever and ever because dog barked through a eagle photo and told him that was his destiny. Silly me for not remembering that part of his delusion.

    If the LNP gets rightfully shafted in May he’ll run away blaming everybody else, except himself of course, for turning on him.


    “…Ross Cadell, another Nat in a hat, who…” are you sure you don’t mean Nut in a hat?

  11. Terence Mills

    Lot of noise about Katherine Deves, the Liberal candidate for the NSW seat of Warringah.

    Whether you agree with her views on transgender people competing in sport or not, just consider how she came to get the nomination

    Liberal party rules require that to nominate as a candidate you have to be a Liberal party member for minimum twelve months ; she had been a member for around six months and was a single issue candidate so the branch knocked her back as a suitable prospective candidate to take on Zali Steggall.

    Step in Morrison, makes a captain’s pick and supports her candidature.

    Who now owns the Liberal party ?

  12. Kathryn

    If the smug, smirking, totally corrupt, stratospherically arrogant, bone-idle Sloth Morrison, manages to crawl across the electoral line AGAIN (thanks to the abject stupidity and short-sightedness of Murdoch-manipulated fools who have to be the most misinformed, misguided and gullible idiots ever inflicted upon this nation!), then Morrison will go on and on destroying, annihilating, vandalising and defunding EVERYTHING this incompetent, unspeakably depraved, non-achieving political parasite didn’t have time to destroy, annihilate, vandalise and defund up until the time of the federal election!

    There can be no doubt that Morrison is a conniving, shallow, vacuous and totally disingenuous political psychopath who is reviled and despised by everyone with an IQ >20 . Even his OWN colleagues loathe and detest him with Gladys Berejiklian describing him as a “horrible horrible person”, Barnaby Joyce describing him as being “a goose that is loose with the truth” and other colleagues – both past and present – not being able to find one good thing to say about him! Morrison is a conniving sociopath who is widely known as a deluded, self-promoting megalomaniacal narcissist, an appalling and recidivist pathological liar and someone who can NEVER be trusted. Morrison’s sad history will be forever marred by his treacherous backstabbing betrayal of his own colleagues (Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull) in order to crawl to the top of the LNP like faecal matter in a polluted pond!

    If Morrison can deceive and betray his OWN colleagues in such a disreputable, traitorous manner, what chance do you think ordinary Australians have in being able to trust Morrison who has revealed himself to be a stone-cold, self-promoting sociopath who is willing to stomp on the carcasses of his OWN colleagues in order to satisfy his malignant thirst for autocratic power! Morrison has a long, notorious history of being mysteriously “let go” or sacked from just about EVERY job he failed to keep before his ignominious rise to be one of the most despised, corrupt, self-serving political psychopaths ever seen in this country. Morrison managed this through his despicable betrayal and character assassination of his fellow colleague, Michael Towke, in order to “steal” the seat of Cook (see the link below revealing this appalling betrayal)! What is worse, is that Morrison tries – and fails – to hide his appalling depravity, pathological lies and inhumanity behind a thin, transparent cloak of nauseating bible-thumping hypocrisy!

    The fact that the bone-idle Sloth Morrison is a signed-up lunatic member of the notorious, paedophile-protecting CULT of Hillsong is yet ANOTHER reason to kick his arrogant a*se to the kerb at the next federal election! Politics when combined with a sick, twisted allegiance to a notorious cult, makes for a VERY BAD mix! The fact is that there are currently more than 22 members of his cabinet who are Hillsong advocates which proves that Morrison is stacking his cabinet with like-minded, corrupt and deluded Hillsong cultists! This is a very worrying indication of just how mad, bad and dangerous Morrison is becoming! The fact that Morrison used taxpayer funds to provide this appalling CULT with a tax-free donation of more than $42 MILLION in taxpayer-funded grants is an indication of the level of his corruption and self-serving entitlement!

    Whilst handing over $42 MILLION to the notorious cult of Hillsong, Morrison and the LNP have gone on and on defunding countless MILLIONS from Medicare, our children’s State education and have grossly defunded our highly valued taxpayer-funded ABC to the tune of nearly $1 BILLION since 2014!

    What is worse, is that the fascists in the LNP have now completely infiltrated OUR taxpayer-funded ABC with repugnant LNP sycophants like Ita Buttrose (chairing the Board), the blatantly right-wing biased David Speers and the appalling, outspoken right-wing harridans: Fauziah Ibrahim, Patricia Karvelas and Lisa Millar (who’s father is a signed-up member of the National Party)! This infiltration of OUR national TV station by the LNP is an undemocratic act enabling the fascists in the appalling LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance to CONTROL THE NARRATIVE, enabling them to manipulate and unduly influence EVERYTHING Australians hear and see on our OWN taxpayer-funded TV station! The LNP have stooped to new lows in their undemocratic abuse of power and rising level of corrupt depravity which goes on and on without consequence. No wonder it is the LNP who are the ones so vehemently and vigorously opposed to an independent ICAC that will enforce and inhibit their political malfeasance and corruption – the criminally depraved LNP have SO MUCH TO LOSE!

    Morrison’s Hillsong mate given $42m in grants

  13. Harry Lime

    As we on this site strain to find novel ways to denigrate the deceiver,he’s out and about in Sydney spreading his contemptible bullshit far and wide.He’s not only ruthless, but also relentless,no doubt being faithfully recorded by the garbage media.One wonders how many lies he can tell before he busts.And the same garbage media frames his act around lying his arse off as ‘great campaigning’What the fuck have we become?
    This hoax of a human is wigged out on his own self perceived brilliance and has become a lethal liability.

  14. David Tyler

    Harry Lime, well said. I believe Morrison’s just said “Mr Speaker” three times to a gathering of our intrepid press gallery, reports Josh Butler. That’s how great his campaigning is at present. He doesn’t know where he is. Nor what day it is. All he knows is he’s up shit creek with his captain’s pick in NSW – and the serious questions it raises about his style and his judgement.

  15. GL


    That’s what you get for being a tinhead dictator; no brain.

  16. Harry Lime

    David Tyler,I thought he’d implode well before now.
    With an ounce of luck his lifetime of scrabbling,ladder climbing,backgrounding and undermining is going to come down on him like the proverbial ton of bricks,only in his case,more likely an entire high rise building.Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

  17. Canguro

    Every time I read a post by Kathryn I am moved by her passionate invocation for us (the peeps at large) to wake up to the utter malfeasance of the Morrison phenomenon, to drop the scales from our eyes and to see the rot and disease for what it actually is, and how degrading it is to the very bases of our society.

    Her commitment to the cause is both poignant and brave; the fight worthy and of an order existential, that this level of corruption is unparalleled in Australian social & political history; an evil, as it were, that threatens us in ways we don’t fully comprehend, gulled as we are by the superficiality of the MSM and both poor and biased journalism.

    A fight to the death is not overstating the danger we are facing. I wish that the ALP are on the same page, and gird their loins with the same degree of determination.

    If not, and if they don’t succeed, we are all the poorer for our loss, and indeed, as per the title of Xavier Herbert’s epic tome, Poor Fellow, My Country.

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