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A tale of two cries for help


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  1. PeterF

    In reply to this email you refer to the Coalition’s aim of increasing the Debt level to $500 Billion. We should note that this massive increase is needed in part to allow the Coalition to repeal the Carbon tax while maintaining the compensation packages already being received by the community.

    In this deceitful sleight of hand, they hope to gain popularity by ‘saving’ on electricity bills, while not losing popularity by removing the other side of the balance sheet: result must be a hit to the budget surplus, resulting in more borrowing.

  2. Wayne Breese

    Smoke and mirrors, blow out the budget, to sustain, their warped view of the world! To those who live in the region, Australia’s retrograde action on the climate, makes us all look like troglodytes! A case of Nero, fiddling!

  3. Richard Leggatt

    And I noted that as part of our response we sent a fully equipped field hospital capable of handling 3000 people in a two week period (I think that’s right?) As a wealthy country we have been able to have this level of equipment on standby for these sorts of emergencies. And we should! And we didn’t hesitate! We have it, they need it, the response was immediate! Can you imagine how it would look if we insisted on seeing what other counties were doing first, because to spend all that money and not have anyone else do anything would have been wasteful, wouldn’t it? But that’s Abbotts response to man made climate change, a far greater danger to ALL the world.

  4. Anomander

    On the same day the federal government announced they were offering $10 million aid for the Philippines, the NSW government announced they were giving Racing NSW $10 million to for a spring racing carnival at Randwick.

    Perfectly illustrates the lack of depth and empathy of these evil bastards running the place now. Scum – every last one of ’em!

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