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A Strange Coincidence

“It is a strange coincidence that in the same years, in which Labor was creating beyond the Canberra Bubble, a work to last for decades, there was enacted in LNP headquarters one of the most extravagant political farces that were ever produced upon the stage of Australia’s history. The usurper “regents of the commonwealth” did not rule, but shut themselves up in the House and sulked in silence.

The former half-deposed government did not rule, but sighed, sometimes in private amidst the confidential circles of the political offices, sometimes in chorus in the senate-house. The portion of the moderate middle-class LNP which had still at heart freedom and order was disgusted with the reign of confusion, but utterly without leaders and counsel, it maintained a passive attitude – not merely avoiding all political activity, but keeping aloof, as far as possible, from the political Sodom itself.

The Right-wing Anarchists On the other hand…the rabble of every sort never had better days, never found a merrier arena. The number of little great men was legion. Demagogism became quite a trade, which accordingly did not lack its professional insignia — the threadbare mantle of “Pauline’s People”, the shaggy beard, the long streaming hair of the media queens, the deep bass voice of the Queensland con-man; and not seldom it was a trade with golden soil. For the standing declamations, the tried gargles of the theatrical staff of the MSM were an article in much request; Speculators and Businessmen, aspirant working-class and intern-slaves, were the most regular attendees and the loudest criers in the public assemblies; frequently, even when it came to a vote in the House, only a minority of those voting consisted of citizens constitutionally entitled to do so.

“Next time,” it is said in a letter of this period,” we may expect our lackeys to outvote the Retirees-tax.”

The real powers of the day were the compact and cashed-up bands, the battalions of anarchy raised by adventurers of rank out of negative geared lackeys and blackguards. Their possessors had from the outset been in some cases numbered among the Labor party; but since the departure of the honesty and courage of the fourth estate, “who alone knew how to impress democracy, and alone knew how to manage it”, all discipline had departed from them and every partisan practised politics at their own hand.

Even now, no doubt, these people fought with most pleasure under the banner of freedom; but, strictly speaking, they were neither of democratic nor of anti-democratic views; they inscribed on the — in itself indispensable — banner, as it happened, now the name of “by, with and for the people”, and then hence that of the party or that of a party-chief; Palmer, for instance, fought or professed to fight in succession for democracy, for the Senate, and for Morrison.

The leaders of these bands kept to their colours only so far as they inexorably persecuted their personal enemies–as in the case of Morrison against Shorten and Pauline against Muslims — while their partisan position served them merely as a handle in these personal feuds. We might as well seek to set a charivari ( charivari – a noisy mock serenade performed by a group of people to celebrate a marriage or mock an unpopular person.) to music as to write the history of this political witches’ revel; nor is it of any moment to enumerate all the deeds of character murder, besiegings of political offices, acts of incendiarism and other scenes of violence within the realm of various cities, and to reckon up how often the gamut was traversed from hissing and shouting to spitting on and trampling down opponents, and thence to throwing eggs and the drawing of metaphorical swords.”

The above piece is a direct quote from Theodore Mommsen’s chapter 8 fifth book on his “History of Rome” published in 1866, with just some name changes and localising of events…Yet the accuracy and pertinacity of his words ring down through the ages, as does his direct recording of those events that led to civil war and the collapse of the Roman Republic.

What we are witnessing in these times is a turning point similar to that of the end of the Republic of Rome where an accumulation of top-end wealth and power had condensed into the hands of only a few people and corporations and they were using their power and wealth to corrupt the machinery of State.

Australia has reached an age where, like the ages of a young person growing toward maturity, the country must choose a direction knowing in its heart of hearts that it cannot continue down a path of endless partying, boozing and avoiding responsibility toward community, work and family and the needs of a social state. If the realisation of confronting those same corporations and peoples that would steal the wealth of our commonwealth seems too frightening, then we must bend our necks to the yoke and accept the role of slaves to their greed and desire. We must watch helplessly as our children become play-things to their material voluptuousness, trapped in a fantasy world of narcissistic glitter and bling with no self-respect and even less for their fellow citizens.

It is a treasured maxim that those things most struggled for are the most valued, the same maxim exists for relationships, likewise for communities…I believe it is high time we as a nation grew from the naive carousing youth to a more mature adult and gave greater consideration to who we are, what we are and where we stand in relation to the rest of our world.

That…or we are valueless as a people and nation.

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  1. New England Cocky

    Thoughtful article Joseph, thank you.

  2. Neil

    Amen (ps. always loved the word ‘charivari’)

  3. Joseph Carli

    You’re welcome, NEC.

  4. ajogrady

    The L/NP and its supporters have used and abused the fundamental fabric of Australia, “the fair go” and by doing so has diminished Australia as a nation. The L/NP have also used and abused the patriotism of the ANZAC tradition in so doing have trashed the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice who believed in our freedom and democracy for the benefit of all. The inglorious L/NP bastards have wiped their dirty boots over the graves of those who believed in an open and free Australia. A Australia with a vision for the future that all could share in the common wealth of the country. It is a shameful and ugly place Australia has become and a place that those who made the ultimate sacrifice would not recognise today. The attitude of “I’m alright Jack” is now the norm rather then a “fair go” for all. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance this is particularly relevant to the diminishing of our democracy by the Main Stream Media who have stealthily stolen our freedoms and democracy through a powerful propaganda machine that leaves no stone upturned to protect their owners privileged position.

  5. Joseph Carli

    aj’……I have looked here and there for historical precedence for how to revive a nation or society from such depths of corruption and chicanery as what we are now seeing under these years of LNP governance…I have to confess that what Mommsen recorded above is similar to what Machiavelli observes as logically proceding from such events..and a search through the civil wars of western societies deviates little from their analysis….I cannot see where else these people will take us…I warned before the election that the LNP and their backers cannot afford to lose this election and will use every dirty trick in the book to win it..and now that they have secured it…not necessarily won it…there are too many question on the procedure of voting to be they will implement worse and more severe policy so that even more criminal intent will be enacted and then next election will be even MORE vital that they “win”…..if there is a next election!…don’t mock…after all, every country builds toward such cataclysmic internel wars before it matures as a nation…we are no different.

  6. ajogrady

    Joseph…. I fear for my children and my country. These inglorious L/NP bastards know no bounds to their corruption and deception whilst they are protected in their rape and pillaging of the once great nation of Australia by their corrupt and criminal partners in crime the Main Stream Media. The Media have learnt their lessons well from the father of propaganda Edward Bernays and Paul Joseph Goebbels.

  7. Ill fares the land

    A very clever and frightening article. If, as we know, events two thousand years apart bear such resemblance, then what has happened last weekend is explicable only in terms of the barren souls and vacuous intellect of voters and the evil of those seeking election.

    If that is true, we are then beyond hope. The LNP have already been stacking key positions with its mates and lackies and will do that wantonly for another 3 years.

    That sounds extraordinarily pessimistic, but I believe the seeds for Labor’s demise in the next election have already been sown. I came to that position well before the finger-pointing and pompous Alan Jones spouted it publicly – I am bound to say that so I can claim I did my own thinking and didn’t take an idea from the jumped up and emotionally stunted Jones.

    The LNP lie machine will be able to regurgitate the line that Labor will revisit the retiree tax, negative gearing changes, death taxes upon Australia. In a country already stupid enough that it elected a bare-faced liar, re-elected a ruddy-faced nitwit who shafted his electrorate and remains popular; fell for the outrageous and baseless claims of a corpulent shyster and where roughly one in 10 now votes for the election of what are virtually fruitcake extremists, this has a very good chance of being successful.

    It is worse, because whilst I think and always thought that Albanese would be a better candidate than Shorten, the sheer weight of resources marshalled against Labor would have strill been overwhelming – especially in Queensland where Murdoch controls all of the print media. I also fear that the LNP hack who was appointed Treasury Secretary may well have influenced the RBA to keep interest rates on hold at its May meeting, solely to avoid the political damage that a rate cut would have done to the myth that the LNP is a better economic manager (another baseless, but widely accepted claim).

    Perhaps Australia was close to voting out the LNP at some point, but the combination of self interest, greed, fear and the electorate’s concerns over Bill Shorten were all too much. A more popular Labor leader might at least taken the pressure off Labor and allowed them to tone down the policies they took to the electorate. Nonetheless, what Labor proposed is essential – this country can’t afford to maintain a 50% CGT discount and the obsession with residential property that fuels. We can’t afford a super system that allows a couple to hold some $3.2 million in assets in a super fund in pension phase, where the income in the super fund is tax free and the pension they take out of super is also tax free.

  8. Joseph Carli

    IFTL….Momsen has also taken note that; to paraphrase: “While one cannot just turn the pages of history and point to examples, one can see the habits and organic nature of human predictability in the repeated circumstances and actions of humanity down through history”….and is a worry.

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