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A small intermission

Every time The AIMN grows bigger we have to move to larger premises. Not physically, of course, but in our case to a larger server.

Last year our traffic grew by 8% over the previous year, and 2020 is poised to exceed last year’s gain. And with thousands of articles and hundreds of thousands of comments – all growing by the day – we are quite a large site. Our current server is thus a bit overworked, with occasional dropouts and slow loading being the consequence.

Tomorrow, Monday (16/11/2020) we pack up all our belongings and move them to a larger, quicker server. It’ll be a win/win for everyone.

We’ve done this before, so we are aware that during the migration period to a new server it is important to put a ‘freeze’ on activity at The AIMN until the move is complete, which will be no later than 12:00pm Monday.

What does this mean to you?

If you are a commenter:

Please refrain from commenting on a post until 12:00pm. If you make a comment and it happens to be during the migration process then your comment may remain on the old server without being migrated. It is rare for this to happen, but, in accordance with Murphy’s Law … it does!

If you are an author:

Please wait until 12:00pm before placing your post in drafts, otherwise it might suffer the same fate as some comments, as per above.

Also, photos in our Media Gallery, whilst remaining on the old server they will be visible in a new post (and all published posts) but will come up as a blank when the post is shared on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, you will need to select a new image for all future posts, and not from our Media Gallery.

For everyone:

If you access The AIMN from a desktop shortcut or an icon, the link will take you to the old server. If you comment on any posts then they will be ‘invisible’ on the updated site. After 12:00pm you will need to create a new shortcut, which you can do by typing in the URL https://theaimn.com/ in the address bar then create your shortcut from there. We also recommend clearing your cache, as the web address cached will be attached to the old server. We apologise for these inconveniences.

Last but not least, if you run into any problems or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at theaimn@internode.on.net.

We also take this opportunity to thank you, as without you this site would not have continued to grow.


Like what we do at The AIMN?

You’ll like it even more knowing that your donation will help us to keep up the good fight.

Chuck in a few bucks and see just how far it goes!

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  1. New England Cocky

    Good luck tomorrow handling this task. It may be best to send Murphy to the beach for the duration …..

  2. RosemaryJ36

    When it comes to fundamental housekeeping on the internet, I lack knowledge. How do I clear cookies for theaimn.com without clearing others I might want to keep?

  3. RosemaryJ36

    Does this mean that none of the photos are available for future posts?

  4. Michael Taylor

    Rosemary, you might not have trouble with the cookies – or the cache – clearing them is only a last resort if you run into problems. Once you’ve established your link or shortcut to the new server (via the instructions above) you should be fine.

    As for the photos, they can be used but just won’t show up on Facebook. However, I will be able to fix that. 😀

  5. Michael Taylor

    Moving to a new server is very frustrating (and expensive ☹️) for us but it cannot be avoided. It’s a bit like a family of ten living in a house with two bedrooms. Eventually you have to move to a bigger house.

    The problems we encountered when we moved two years ago are not guaranteed to repeat themselves this time. But …

  6. RosemaryJ36

    Best wishes for the move!
    I have a post lined up to go tomorrow afternoon

  7. leefe

    12pm, technically, is midnight. Is that what you mean, or do you mean noon?

    (asking for an OCD pedantic friend aka me)

  8. The AIM Network

    leefe, 12am is midnight. But for you, it will be 12 noon.

    I don’t think our tech guys will feel like working until midnight. Working to 12 noon is more to their liking.

  9. leefe

    “pm” stands for post meridiem which, in English, is “after midday”. 12 hours after midday is midnight.
    I know that is not necessarily how it is always used, which is why I said “technically” and added the OCD pedantry line.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

  10. DrakeN

    00:00 is midnight; 12:00 noon and 24:00 is not used.

    all other references are redundant and anachronistic. 😉

  11. Michael Taylor

    Well, after all that the migration didn’t go ahead. The site is very large and there was no guarantee that it would have been completed by midday. It will be rescheduled, perhaps for late on a Sunday night. We will keep you posted.

  12. RosemaryJ36

    Can we still post?

  13. The AIM Network

    Yes, we can, Rosemary.

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