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A process of recovery

Having been in the building trade for most of my working life, I have had several experiences of being called in by a agitated home owner to redeem or recover a job gone bad after the sacking of the original building contractor. I’m not talking multi-storey here, just your average housing extension or renovation. There is a process to this recovery that is much the same as the approach to many like scenarios of, say, failed health, failed business model, even or perhaps in this analogy most especially; failed politics.

The first thing to do is to make an assessment on the customer who called you in … you have to ascertain if the failure is perhaps a fault of the client interfering too much in the structure or the materials quality … this can sometimes happen where a client tries to get the builder to stretch spans between structural supports to gain more open space, thereby weakening the support loads of trusses or beams. Sometimes a customer will “have a mate in the game” when it comes to getting materials … and that could be structural timber with no or lower grade structural quality … things like that, where a good builder or trades-person will pull the client up and refuse to do such things … but in the case of the dodgy builder, sometimes anything goes and the job becomes a nightmare of dodgy work, chaotic coordination of trades and a general trash-site of rubbish and bits and pieces. I’m sure many of you have seen such in your travels … in short; managerial failure.

Once you have satisfied yourself with the clients credibility, you close the site while you do a thorough stock-take of: status of work completed, structural quality of work done, in hand materials stock-take and site tidiness and access for bobcats and any trenching work first needed … you then get hold of your own reliable subbies and set to work drawing up schedules and timelines … and you are then on the road to recovery … some of these measures can involve sacrificing off-cut materials left around and while useful, only congest the site and make it dangerous for clear procedure and they have to go into the big, blue-bin. A small loss for the greater gain.

Australian politics is now at the “failed dodgy builder” stage. We have the LNP in government which has to be the equivalent of the “Dodgy Bros’ Constructions” in every sense of word and deed. If they were in charge of building (which they are!), if they were in charge of contracting out (which they are!), if they were in charge of organising, timetabling, costing and supplying for basic infrastructure (which they have been!), the nation would be the equivalent of your average basket-case building site chaos (which it is!), where not only has the owner been trying to cut corners with materials, cut costs with dodgy contractors, but also giving the builders carte-blanch with the credit card which has been used to fleece the account to purchase holidays in the Cayman Islands, apartments on the Gold Coast and buy bling jewellery in Harrods Department Store! (Which they have!)

The road to recovery would demand the above standard response: first, sack the builder!, second, remove costing and quality and structural control from the builder’s jurisdiction, and third, set the building inspectors onto the builder and financier and seek legal redress!

This mob of LNP ministers and government would have to be the most corrupt and incompetent collection of useless good-for-nothings ever brought in to run any sort of project. There is not one area of expertise where you could point to and say that there is a competent minister doing a good job. Not one! Not from the Prime Minister or his department, neither Foreign Affairs, Treasury, Defence, Communications, Health, Education, Employment, Environment … and the list goes on and on … not one competent minister, nor one moral or ethical standout in the entire government. And don’t give me those who pushed for the SSM vote … that was just a one-off and they read the public mood … or else they would have buckled as they have done so many times before.

No … we now have a “rubbish builder” Government, who has made a hash of the job and needs to be sacked, removed and audited for charges to be brought against it. We have the equivalent of the builder who is unlicensed, unqualified and incompetent to do the job. Just like we had Attorney General Brandis who hid his incompetence behind reams of legal jargon, Minister Hunt who sheltered under his deceit of environmental sympathy and Senator Cash who has charge of job skilling, but who has not done a honest days work in her life and then we come to the Foreign Minister who just isn’t and we must conclude with Minister Pyne who always works best playing the “straight man” to his leader; Turnbull’s buffoonery!

Writing as a tradesman witnessing such mind-numbing political stupidity when it comes to doing the job right, I have come to both disrespect and resent that class of person who, coming from tertiary education into politics as a lawyer, accountant, business manager or as some other vague qualification not in the least useful to the everyday world of the common citizenry, yet are seemingly chosen from their peers, holding high that slip of paper stating manner of tertiary degree, PhD or Managerial Certificate that appears to be enough to give them almost ecclesiastical status in the public eye … while we of the working classes had to stitch and slave and study our way to education via the late-night glow of the desk lamp after both a day’s hard physical work and getting the children to bed. And even then, when we do obtain at least enough proficiency of language to make our tumbling thoughts plain and concise, we get picked up mockingly on our grammatical mistakes that are made to seem equal to a crime of capital proportions … when in reality … in real reality … those members of the Government (and, sadly, some even of our own representative side of politics) most praised by a sycophantic media and positioned cheerfully on our screens to lie and deceive at every opportunity, in truth they really wouldn’t know shit from clay … S-H-I-T from clay.

Time for the educated working class to take command and start the process of recovery of this nation … truly … sincerely!

I’ll give the last word (not that he deserves it, but because he says it best) to that old bluffer, Malcolm Muggeridge:

“So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense. Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down … Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over – aweary, battered old brontosaurus – and became extinct.”


  1. Jack Russell

    The best governments this country has ever had have been those that were mainly comprised of (or led by) politicians who were firstly, intelligent, hard-working men and women who’d had long hands-on personal experiences of getting the job done, and to a high standard, with no airs and graces, and never forgot where they came from, or how they got where they were. Practical people, ethical people, endowed with large amounts of common decency … society’s concluders and producers … the blue-collar workers.

    No wonder they are so vociferously denigrated … they are a threat to the over-priviledged, educated to the point of stupidity ponces in the fancy suits.

  2. John O'Callaghan

    As a now retired tradesman i know exactly where you’re coming from,and the analogy you draw is spot on with this bloody awful bunch of buffoons who dare to call themselves a Government.

  3. MikeW

    Joseph, like yourself I have worked in the building trade all my life, mainly commercial and industrial, for employers and self employed.
    If i had been as incompetent at my work as present day politicians I would have been sacked many times (I wasn’t) My business would have been a failure (It wasn’t). How on earth these incompetent, lying, overpaid, coalition bunch of numb nuts keep getting away with their lies and deceit beggars belief. Where is the Gov. General? If this was a labor government being this incompetent there would have been a DD called for by now…..

  4. Diane Larsen

    Unfortunately most voters in today’s environment are busy trying to keep their head above financial stress and don’t have the time to look for news in alternate places which has been researched and tells the truth of what is really going on in this country by this incompetent government they watch 2 minute grabs on the 6pm news or read the ridiculous headlines of that rag the Tele or the Australian as they walk past news agents.
    Children are not educated about unions and what conditions they have fought so hard for over many years for the working men and women. I cannot understand how people can vote against themselves by voting for conservatives when they continually do nothing for them except cut services, safety nets and privatise essential services causing price gouging on a large scale. Until we can fix journalist articles that are either opinion or thinly veiled propaganda instead of fact and asking hard questions of our politicians instead of fluffy Dorothy Dixers we have little hope of changing things.

  5. Kyran

    So well said. To expand the analogy a little;
    “and third, set the building inspectors onto the builder and financier and seek legal redress!”
    In the absence of any genuine structural oversight (such as ICAC, an effective AEC, an effective AFP, etcetera), the MSM was, historically, Australia’s ‘Building Inspector’. We used to rely on them to expose the ‘shoddy workmanship’ of government.
    The rot truly set in when our de-facto ‘Building Inspector’ not only waved through major structural problems in the Howard/Costello years, but actively looked the other way when the errant builder set about fixing major structural problems with no more than chewing gum and band aids, usually provided by the suppliers of the shoddy materials.
    “… most praised by a sycophantic media …”
    Historically, our track record with errant builders isn’t so good. There have been many deaths on Grollo work sites around the country, sometimes involving passersby. The CFMEU has been fined more for taking strike action than the company has for the flagrant disregard of building codes. CFMEU organisers are regularly threatened with jail. No Grollo director has ever been troubled with such charges. And that’s before we start on Barangaroo.
    It seems the only thing we are left to contemplate is whether we tear the structure down and start again or try and get our chewing gum and band aids in greater supply.
    Thank you Mr Carli and commenters. Take care

  6. Michael Taylor

    Comment from Joe:

    MikeW…The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that these wankers get preference for selection for political candidacy…purely on the grounds of their tertiary qualifications…as if a decade of applied study for that Masters degree or whatever makes one more experienced at matters social or political than a working person who started their working life at 14 or 15 years of age. One has to ask : What are the measures of qualification for judgement on principles of standards of living, or quality of life?…Surely those who have applied themselves at the coal-face reality of day to day employment from so young an age would be more qualified than one who had gained all their worldly knowledge from a text-book?

    I am reminded of a cartoon from one of those old “China Daily” magazines of : “Fishing with book knowledge”..and there was a person standing to their waist in a river, reading a book and holding their fishing rod and line at a certain place (as per instruction) in front of himself, and there were the fish (in reality) swimming behind his back!

    I am familiar with the reality of a experienced foreman tradesman or supervisor carrying the responsibility of many aspects of the building company and in effect doing the job of the boss and many of the boss’s responsibilities like quantity surveying, taking off of material requirements, organising of trades and deliveries and in general setting out the jobs and labour all within and on top of his own job on site…in effect ; THE Company itself…yet the boss collects the praise and the reward for his skills.

  7. Joseph Carli

    Been have a bit of trouble accessing the site to put up comments..have just got in by going back to a week’s history and clicking on an old post link…ab bit of “backdooring” if you get my drift…I’ll have to work this out..

  8. Kronomex

    The LNP (and The Donald), classic cases of the scum rising to the surface to choke the life out of just about everything. The thing is I feel sorry for true pond scum now.

    An aside: A few days I discovered a program called Upstart Crow with David Mitchell playing Shakespeare before he was famous. It’s hilarious. If you liked the wordplay of Blackadder then it’s well and truly worth your while having a look at this program.

  9. Joseph Carli

    ” An aside: A few days I discovered a program called Upstart Crow with David Mitchell playing Shakespeare before he was famous. It’s hilarious. “….Kronomex…may a divine light forever light your path through this universe and throw beams of glitter upon a catwalk of diamond…that is hilarious!!

  10. Steve

    Not every builder/blue collar bloke isn’t dodgy, not every tertiary educated person is disconnected from real living. The current gov’t is a mess, and spends its time campaigning rather than nation building. Reward their contempt for gov’t with a vote for a better alternative. I’m hoping we have one at the time.

  11. James Cook

    I’ve spent Xmas with my daughter and her fiance from Sweden. I was educating her on how the LNP have been systematically stuffing our country to make themselvers and their mates richer. Her fiance told me how Swedish government works. Geez Louise!!!! No wonder the daughter never wants to return to Oz. I’m nearly in tears from reading about and experienceing this shit-for-brains, corrupt, lying pack of white-collared criminals for the last couple of years. And the fecking MSM can go feck themselves from here to …. where ever!

  12. Joe Taylor

    A good analogy. Trouble is that we are about to sack the current builder and his crew and replace him with an even worse one and his crew. We’re about to be badly served yet once again.

  13. Joe Taylor

    I’m not about to moderate the plain truth

  14. lawrencewinder

    I remember the unalloyed joy exhibited by Eleventy Hockey when the car manufacturers took up his offer of divesting themselvesm of doing business here. To see such satisfaction in destroying 200,000 jobs said much of this inferior little toad.

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