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A message to Quiet Australians®

Lies, corruption and incompetence are the new normal

In a world awash with psychopathic tyrants, kleptocrats, killers and loons such as Trump, Putin, Bolsinaro, Netanyahu, Erdoğan et al and their hordes of grifting toadies it is still so very easy to loathe a comparative non-entity, a vapid mediocrity and serial underachiever like Smirkin’ Scotty Morrison.

* * * * *

Watching this hi-vizzed, be-moobed, smirking dimwit gyrate around his paunch while mugging for the cameras like a fat Wiggle should trigger a Pavlovian gag reflex in any sentient observer. But on their own his staged routines are no more than a suitable explainer for, say, a curious kindergartener’s innocent question – “Miss, what’s a fuckwit?”.

ScoMo’s BoJo mojo is merely as contrived as that of his UK equivalent’s distractive idiocies, he’s comfortable with letting people die but he’s not straight out murdered anybody, he’s no Lukashenko nor a Duterte but he’s still worth backing at short odds in a crowded field for the title of ‘most likely to fuck up an entire country’.

Lacking imagination, foresight, curiosity or the work ethic to earn full despot status it’s his ability to trash Oz on such a broad scale with so little effort that keeps him competitive.

Complementing his neglect and general uselessness is an innate nastiness that is untroubled by scruples, honesty or shame, where there are no moral dilemmas only political problems and opportunities. Ethics and standards are treated as roadblocks and openness, morality and principle are entirely dispensable. His awfulness is as obvious as to require a Riefenstahlist propaganda unit within the PMO’s Kunkel-Gaetjens’ laundromat, a 24/7 personal photographer, the payment of protection money to Murdoch’s turd polishing rags and a collection of focus-grouped personas to provide the quick change artiface for his endless smarm offensives.

Smirko’s hold on power is tenuous. The fragility of his authority is perhaps best illustrated by recent revelations that within the plain sight of this overt Pentacostalist, Parliament House became a 5 star knocking shop and masturbatorium for sex pests, drink spikers and rapists. If the hired help is not shy about jizzing on a minister’s desk then perhaps he’s not held in the high regard that he holds for himself.

As with any kakistocrat he protects himself via a horrendium of thralls and lickspittles and of like-minded Old Testament moon units and prosperity cultists and proto-nazi authoritarians and he presides over a criminal cartel eager to share in the spoils of the grift that he enables.

The Tory front bench is a police line-up; the entire Coalition is a combo deal of sex offenders’ convention, tent revival and mobster expo. This slurry, often accompanied in news stories by the term “alleged”, has not one redemptive member to offset their repulsiveness. Not one. Not since WW2 have we had to trust a government more and never has one done less to earn it.

According to Smirko, and an eagle painting, he’s been “called to do Gods’ work“. The surreptitious laying on of hands as some sort of covert conversion therapy seems to be the methodology that Smirko has adopted to meet his celestial KPIs. Clearly, fulfilling his earthly duties is not something he seems to be particularly bothered with and he’s happy to sub-contract the BAU Tory bastardry to his stooges.



Nosferatu replicant Stuart Robert, a missionary creep and very unattractive man, is one of Smirko’s favourite acolytes. His illegal persecution of the unemployed has earned him a new gig – persecuting the disabled and blowing up the NDIS. Robert’s inability to form an image in a mirror likely explains his lack of self-awareness. Not a handicap in this government but surely they should’ve appointed someone capable of working during daylight hours.

Health Minister Elmer Fudge’s vaccine rollout is so lethargic the back of his head is covered in bug splatter and his messaging is as coherent as a man whose tongue is caught in his bicycle spokes. What he’s saying, I think, is that the Tories don’t like targets without a plan, or a plan without a target, thereby disappearing up his own arse.

Chubby exchequer Joshie Friedenberg, the numbers guy who allows himself a +/- 100% margin of error is the blowie slowy circling the lounge room. He’s counting the days til Smirko’s demise so that he can assume the position and unleash his beloved Thatcherite austerity onto the vulnerable. Nothing cheers Joshie more than further enriching billionaires while withdrawing job support during a pandemic and telling knock knock jokes to the homeless.

The Nationals, partners in crime and fossil fuel co-conspirators from Cockheads’ Corner are “led” by Deputy Dag Michael McComack, a bleached, dull-eyed Elvis with the intellect of a bi-valve who grins like a shot fox at his cleverness whenever he’s able to recite the speaking notes he’s been handed by the PMO. This dullard is so stupid he thinks a Vol-au-Vent is the air-con outlet in a Swedish car and that the red ones were triumphant in the War Of The Roses. He would wear a baklava on his head if he were to ever rob a Lebanese pastry shop. McCormack’s role apparently is to prove that no matter how appalling the Libs can be in the worst of circumstances, the Nats can always outdo them.

Addressing each one of the odious brown baggers, shrubbery-lurkers, dead ends, weirdos, humbuggers, liars and thieves would challenge the most robust of attention spans so, back to Smirko.

Government for the Tories is a treasure hunt, an opportunity to settle scores and to prosecute their culture wars. The coronavirus was Morrison’s gift from his homicidal god – a political opportunity to distance himself from his Fibonacci accumulation of corruption and failures that will be the catalyst for Australia’s decline towards failed state status. He’s tried to exploit the virus for his own electoral advantage and as per historical precedent he’s fucked it up.

Belief in his own exceptionalism, ironically trading on his very ordinariness as a sales pitch for grooming the apathetic, the stupid and the complacent that he fondly brands as his “quiet Australians” will bring him undone. Fortuitously the virus has shone the spotlight on what a cowardly, useless spiv he is and it may be the end of his long, lucky run.

* * * * *


A dossier of lies and falsehoods. How Scott Morrison manipulates the truth. Crikey.

Dennis Atkins: Scott Morrison’s four favourite ways to bend the truth. The New Daily.

Dennis Atkins: We’re heading for an early election, and Scott Morrison has revealed his script. The New Daily.


This article was originally published on Grump Geeser.

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  1. Neilw

    I feel you were a little too kind to Scotty, haha.

  2. Harry Lime

    There are signs that the bullshit bulldozer is running out of fuel,even some of the barker’s apologists are beginning to question his latest f#ck up.To add spice to the mix, The thug Skull Dutton seems to be running his own version of government from his own office.Maybe he’s still smarting from the last second shafting by the accidental PM. I’d like to see Albo turn up in question time wearing a Satan Suit to really stress test the Liar.

  3. Williambtm

    Leefe, what’s wrong with Albo disguising himself as a lump of coal? It passed the security clearance team the last time it had occurred?
    Another recommended scheme could be Albo wearing a blue sparkly Brian Houston coat carrying a couple of fake stuffed money bags; that should stir up the shite during question time?
    Who on the not entirely legitimate L/NP bench could lodge a complaint?

  4. pierre wilkinson

    murdoch might polish the turd, but in the long run, it still remains a turd…
    “You can please some of the people all of the time,
    you can please all of the people some of the time,
    but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”
    we live in perpetual hope…

  5. Roswell

    Superb, old grump.

    Thank god you’re not Happy Geezer.

  6. John

    Seems like the mainstream (Murdoch) press has finally realised that our latest lockdown in Victoria has been caused by the lack of action by Scott. First time it hasn’t been Dan’s fault except for Rita Piranha (sic).

  7. Andrew J. Smith

    John: I noticed that too; me thinks the Libs (after polling and feedback) begged NewsCorp to shut up because they were getting blow back from Lib voters after last lockdown. This was because NewsCorp had been raging and shouting at Victoria or Andrews (with infantile monikers), but did little to impress (made Andrews more popular), but especially to avoid the feared and empowered ‘east suburban doctors’ wives’ kicking back against the Libs. Further, AKA Dutton on Sudanese gangs, it’s dog whistling for QLD voters for whom the mention of ‘multikulti’ Melbourne is enough to put the frighteners on….

    Related to ‘quiet Australians’, Peter Oborne turned up on the UK’s ByLine Times speaking about his new book and ethics free modus operandi of Anglosphere Tories i.e. UK and US GOP, recognisable with the LNP; autocracy where voters will not punish let alone call out incompetent Tories who continue with their incompetence and lies knowing no consequences (while in Oz it’s now about intimidating private individuals and/or indie media with confected defamation suits).

    Book details: ‘The Assault on Truth: Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Emergence of a New Moral Barbarism’:

    ‘When Peter Oborne wrote The Rise of Political Lying, looking at the growth of political falsehood under John Major and Tony Blair, he believed things had got as bad as they could be. With the arrival of Boris Johnson at No 10 in 2019 began a new and unprecedented epidemic of deceit….

    ……The scale and shamelessness of the lying of the Johnson administration far exceeds the lying about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and other issues under Tony Blair. This book argues that the ruthless use of political deceit under the Johnson government is part of a wider attack on civilised values and traditional institutions across the Western world, especially by Donald Trump in the USA. The Johnson and Trump methodology of deceit is about securing power for its own ends – even when they get exposed for lying, they shrug it off as a matter of no consequence.

    It matters because all Western institutions are built around the idea of integrity and accountability. This means that an assault on truth is an assault on the rule of law, state institutions and the fundamental idea of fairness, and even democracy itself.’

  8. Terence Mills

    Interesting to hear on ABC RN Saturday Extra yesterday a discussion on the decline of American democracy in the Trump era and the role that Murdoch has played in this demise. One contributor, a Republican stalwart, Steve Schmidt, – who worked on several notable Republican political campaigns, including those of President George W. Bush, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arizona Senator John McCain and was co-founder of the Lincoln Project – didn’t hold back. He accused FOX News of being at the heart of the Trump conspiracy theories and said of Rupert Murdoch that :

    ” he was among the most dangerous immigrant ever to come to American shores in the history of the United States” noting the “damage that Murdoch has done to American democracy with his conspiracy theories and lies”.

    Not much of a legacy for the dirty digger to leave !

  9. Kerri

    And let us not forget the nasty party promote by “merit”!

  10. Keith

    Dan Tehan was on Insiders today, he suggested that casual workers if troubled with financial problems should seek advice from the octopus called Centrelink. Centrelink it turns out does not have provision for people living on the edge of financial problems when theoretically employed. The question had been put to Tehan about whether the Federal government was going to support displaced casual workers, the answer should have been yes or no, instead of a highly confected rubbish answer which Mr Speers kept hounding him on.

    It was good to see the Federal Court decide in the case of 8 young people and a Nun vs the “Environment Minister” that the Federal government actually has a responsibility for young people and future generations.

    All I can gleen from what the Federal government is doing is continually politicking to try and win the next election. They offer voters nothing. A drovers dog would be as suitable to lead Australia instead of the Internationally recognised pariah government.

  11. Ill fares the land

    Great read. There is little, I can think of anyway, about Morrison (“Bargearse”), that invites a more appropriate reaction than utter revulsion, thereby putting ourselves at odds with the members of his Cult of Quiet Australians who somehow manage to excuse or completely ignore his lies, falsehoods, bumbling, boof-headed and ham-fisted behaviours. They, like Bargearse, are able to hear a lie and believe it to be the truth. It is evident that this is not a simple problem to resolve because it is a model being replicated around the globe in many countries. That can only happen where a number of things all come together. One is us – we vote these people into power, but more importantly, there has to have been a significant degradation in our value system that has allowed the Bargearses to rise. I doubt that Australia would have voted in a Morrison 20 years ago and in fact we rejected Latham – a not entirely dissimilar character, but then we thought Costello was the world’s greatest treasurer when he told us he was exactly that. We needed a compliant and powerful right-wing media to peddle and amplify the lies of these leaders as the “truth” and the largess of those who are not in the political limelight, but who, overtly and surreptitiously influence if not instruct, the political class who only want leaders that allow them to increase their power, wealth and influence. It is evident that in each case, having a president or political leader who actually has any genuine ability or real leadership skills is not only not critical, but arguably, having a Bobo Johnson, Mr Orange Face, Bargearse et alia in a leadership position is essential to peddling and implementing the ongoing neo-liberal program. These fools are all so deluded as to believe they are genuinely outstanding leaders, superior of intellect and exactly what their country craves (I guarantee that anyone who has worked in a larger business has encountered the psychopath who prospers without ability, but thinks there promotion is the result of talent, not backstabbing and white-anting). And in the end, we don’t support a political party, we “barrack” for a twerp who tells us what we think we want to hear – we convince ourselves that is the “truth” and remain aggressively wedded to that “truth” regardless of any countervailing facts. Many still want to believe that women who dress provocatively and get drunk are partly responsible if they are sexually assaulted – men are not the problem and they just succumb to the wiles of temptresses. Many want to believe it is the dole-bludgers who are holding everyone else back and they should be punished for their laziness, not supported with a modicum of dignity. On the latter, most are simply too dumb to understand that it is government POLICY to keep unemployment around 500,000 to 600,000 (the LNP has few things that resemble a “policy” and they keep it quiet, preferring to distract us from the techniques used to maintain a high pool of unemployed, including high immigration of unskilled workers).

  12. Grumpy Geezer

    You cheer me up Roswell.

  13. New England Cocky

    Ah GG .. You’ve done it again!!

  14. Brad Black

    And while captain smirk and his b grade team continue to present as a political version of the ‘keystone kops’, Albo keeps waiting for the 4th quarter! oblivious, it seems, of the importance of establishing a firm lead going into the 4th!
    The incompetent, lying, easily corrupted (and targeted) rabble masquerading as our government needs to be aggressively exposed, again and again, so the message sinks into to the dull and ill informed.

  15. Kaye Lee

    I think Alex Hawke also deserves special mention. They call him a powerbroker (guffaw) – one of Scotty’s “numbers” men. The only job outside politics that Alex has ever had was working at Woolies when he was at uni doing a BA. He attends Hillsong Church which is in his electorate – a fellow Anglican-turned-happy-clapper when he realised the political potential. He was one of the orchestrators of the shift to the right for the young Liberals (where he was president for a while). He has been given several portolios, only ever lasting a matter of months and usually overseeing a disaster before moving on (he’s Immigration now but was Minister for International Development and the Pacific in the lead up to the Pacific Islands Forum imploding). He’s a silly little nobody given waaaaaay too much credence.

  16. Ken

    How lucky are we all to have GG writing these brilliant articles.

  17. Mark Shields

    Absolutely Ken, but what we really need is an Independent Grumpy Geezer Party or Campaign Group that will wake up the tired old party faithful (on three fronts) and make these views more widespread! There is nothing the Libs, Nats and ALP hate more than intelligent, witty rebuttals; which reduce them to the simple minded-dullards they so often are. But whilst we rage away eruditely here on AIMN, how many not-so-dumb voters are questioning, “What else is out there, it’s either tow the line or vote for the Tree Hugger?” Therein a good mind ends up falling by the wayside and voting as usual. A good start would be to lampoon the current stance against intellectualism and reveal how much ignorant religious clap-trap lies behind their self-centred, un-evaluated hypocrisies. As feared, the recent by-election in my electorate has been re-encumbered with more of the same National Party pig-headed hubris and smug defiance. Why? Because the poor voters had nothing to choose from other than more of the same. If a clever marketing guru had come into the region with someone like Elon Musk willing to create hundreds of new jobs and also managed to ridicule the current head-in-the-sand attitudes, I guarantee they would have won. The trouble is that there is almost zero alternative entrepreneurship welcome in this country. Which is why The Grumpy Geezer Campaign Group must be looking for our own Bill Gates, to counter the lazy privileged sorts of Rinehart, Palmer et al. I’m watching Twiggy Forrest to see how Green his Hydrogen aims will eventually be but in the meantime, with an election mounting; minds like ours need to do more than sit by and comment from the sideline…

  18. margcal

    and yet, and yet ….. I fear we are speaking in an echo chamber here.

    I wandered over to the FB pages of Matthew Guy (Lib, Vic, State) and my local member Josh the Treasurer today …… the outpourings of adoration for these supposed saviours of state and nation is depressing beyond words.

    I agree with Brad Black – Labor has to gain some traction before the start of the 4th quarter and so far, that’s not looking good.

  19. Dave G.

    Oh Grumpy I wish I could share your assessment that this will be the end of the Liar from the Shire.My cynical outlook tells me the punters have been brain washed to thinking he’s our bet,looking at Shorten today on t.v. he was our best bet & look what happened to him.

  20. John OCallaghan

    I too would like to “lay hands” just like Scott does,but the part of Morrison’s body where i would live to lay my hands would probably see me being arrested!

  21. Williambtm

    There cannot be any further doubt in the minds of Australia’s people that the current Scomo L/NP party government does not govern for the best interests of the Australian people.
    A lying Prime Minister backed up by his equally dishonest ministers cannot govern Australia.

    Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution forbids a government political party so loathsome as it is.

    So, what does our Governor-General, David Hurley, do in a situation of this kind?
    Sweet fuch all is the answer.
    There is no national regulatory authority in this nation that will lift a hand and cry out hold on, let alone directly interfere and halt the treachery of Australia’s false governing L/NP party.

    The above commentary alone tells Australians exactly how it is, a monumental national disgrace.
    Evil prospers under the L/NP party, so bugger the interests of our people.

    Each of the bastards should be burned at the stake.

  22. wam

    sorry grump: “Belief in his own exceptionalism, ironically trading on his very ordinariness as a sales pitch for grooming the apathetic, the stupid and the complacent that he fondly brands as his “quiet Australians” will bring him undone.” 60% of Australians say you are wrong because they also believe in his mirabile dictu ‘exceptionalism’.
    Here is another miracle from albo to scummo:
    It seems silly that the ALP came second in hunter with 13000 votes in 2019 The nats won in 2021 with 4000 votes. So if labor had encouraged voters and half had turned out to vote labor would have won the seat????

  23. guest

    wam, where did you get the numbers from?

    ABC report on the Upper Hunter election:

    Two candidate preferred:
    NAT 18,484 55.8% +3.3
    ALP 14,631 44.2% -3.3

    Preferences flowing:
    NAT 16.3%
    ALP 20.3%
    last election:
    NAT 16.1%
    ALP 20.0%

    Remember that the ALP has not won this election in 90 years. And at present coal mine workers are very uncertain about their futures.

  24. guest


    the bit that worried me was your claim “if Labor had encouraged voters”.

    I am sure Labor was encouraging voters. What do you think they should have been doing? They were already looking like the Coalition with its soft stance on coal.

    And I forgot some numbers.

    First preference count (ABC News):
    NAT 14,805 31.2 -2.8
    ALP 10,055 21.2 -7.5

    So we see that the NATs also lost votes. The SFF party lost 10.1%. And there were 14,338 voters who did not indicate preferences for the final two candidates.

    The ONP took 12.3%. Two IND candidates together took 12.9%. Five other candidates lost votes.

    I can see how you might have hoped the ALP could have picked up another 10%, wam, but that did not happen. The ALP has lost the seat in the last 90 years. No good blaming the ALP. Half the voters in Singleton are in mining, for example.

    And yes, there is a diverse range of voters – as the candidates suggest. But at present the future of coal is very much in the minds of so many of the voters.

  25. JudithW

    The LNP “has not one redemptive member to offset their repulsiveness”.
    This is so true!
    Every shadow minister has more integrity in their little finger than their government counterpart.
    What gives? Does no-one value integrity? Have we normalised the cardinal sins to the extent that they appear desirable and even commendable?
    Oh for a government with integrity and vision!

  26. Will

    Bit off topic, but where can we send a bye bye card to CP? He will never ever ever, ha ha Love it Love it Love it

    And don’t forget FIN party.
    AEC seem to be blocking.

  27. Kathryn

    Once again, Grumpy Geezer, you are SPOT ON!

    It seems that the arrogant Morrison believes he is entitled to a bit of respect. Well, I just want to add that POLITICAL RESPECT NEEDS TO BE EARNED!

    It is NOT a God-given right for a politician to EXPECT respect especially when one realises that the bible-thumping hypocrite, Sloth MorriSCUM, has the appalling, and un-Christian, ability to treacherously backstab his way to the top of the worst government in living memory, through his malicious betrayal of his political colleagues, to become the worst, most inhumane, corrupt and self-promoting PM in living memory – just ask Michael Towke, Malcolm Turnbull and Brittany Higgins, all of whom were victims of Morrison’s unspeakable sense of entitlement, despotic political ambition and perfidy!

    Never before in our history have we seen a government that is so unspeakably depraved; a cabinet of arrogant, smirking, misguided, self-serving, totally obscene miscreants who hide, protect and even promote the worst kind of shallow, criminally corrupt grubs, stone cold capitalistic sociopaths and misogynistic predators (even rapists) in their midst! The internationally condemned manner in which the LNP continue to treat hapless asylum seekers – particularly the desperate Sri Lankan family who were (once) beloved residents of the small Qld town of Biloela – is PROOF of their callous disregard for humanity! If that poor little 3 year old girl – who has spent her WHOLE life behind razor wire on Christmas Island – ends up dying a painful death from septicaemia, then – once again – Morrison has BLOOD on his hands on TOP of the notoriously barbaric ROBODEBT scandal that has caused the needless, preventable suicide of so many desperate people!

    The LNP are nothing more than a rabid pack of undemocratic fascists who will lie, lie and lie, say and do ANYTHING to warp and control the gormless, Murdoch-manipulated masses in order to win an election and to maintain their bloodstained grip on autocratic power! This is a regime that don’t give a rat’s behind about ANYONE but themselves and their billionaire donors. This is a shameless, dictatorial regime who’s every policy is based on self-serving greed and deliberately designed to enrich, empower and provide benefit to themselves and their cronies in the Top 1% and to HELL with everyone else! The entitled, ruthlessly draconian LNP firmly believe that things will be done THEIR way or the highway!

    As for the rest of us? The LNP continue to target, vilify, cruelly attack and denigrate anyone and everyone who is struggling, on a pension, or receiving welfare of any kind; The LNP are a pack of smug, entitled fascists who seek to muzzle democratic debate or silence any other political view or opinion that goes AGAINST their own sick, twisted, ultra-conservative, self-serving and insular ideology! The fact is that history has PROVEN – over and over again – that the LNP are overflowing with callously inhumane, rapacious snivelling and totally useless political parasites who STILL maintain their hateful attacks against the most vulnerable people in our society! This is IN SPITE OF THE FACT that the LNP are, in fact, the WORST burdens on our taxpayer system with Sloth MorriSCAMMER, a totally insignificant failed marketeer, an internationally condemned sociopath widely known as the Pariah from the Shire; a publicity-seeking, lazy, bible-thumping hypocrite as a psuedo “leader” who just happens to be the fifth HIGHEST paid politician in the world! Whilst MorriSCAMMER earns more than $1,520 per day for EVERY SEVEN DAYS he parks his smug, pretentious rear end on a seat in our parliament house (not including all the rorts, perks and MASSIVE superannuation he gets on TOP of his obscene salary), as far as the LNP are concerned, pensioners, working- and middle-class Australians can GO TO HELL with so many Australians doing it tough or even losing their jobs during a virulent pandemic!

    In the meantime, whilst depraved politicians like Peter Dutton are amassing a personal fortune of over $300 MILLION, with Sloth Morrison said to be worth more than $36 MILLION, we have the LNP currently introducing vile legislation that will defund our valued MEDICARE system into oblivion, tearing down Superannuation benefits, obliterating federal funding from our children’s State education and have torn away more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS from OUR taxpayer-funded ABC. Why? Because the fascists in the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance are desperate to obliterate the ABC (and any other form of media) that provides the facts, justifiable criticism or condemnation about the increasing level of corruption and depravity committed by the right-wing-extremists that hold force in the skewed version of the Abbott/Murdoch Liberal National Party. The bottom line is that the ruthless LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance only want us to hear and see what THEY want us to hear and see. If it wasn’t for AIMN, Get-Up, Crikey, The Guardian, SBS and the ABC, Australians (with any discernment) would NEVER hear anything that puts the LNP in a bad light or reveals their rising level of malfeasance. Over the last eight years of environmental vandalism, corruption and smug arrogance, anyone with an IQ >10 realises that the word “Liberal” is a complete misnomer, when referring to the Liberal National Party, because there is absolutely NOTHING at all Liberal, democratic, fair or egalitarian about the LNP!

    Sloth Morrison is a Machiavellian hypocrite, a signed-up member of a diabolical, profit-obsessed CULT whose incompetence, heartlessness and complete inability to LEAD has been proven time and time again! The way he cowardly ran off to Hawaii during one of the worst fires on record; the way he traitorously backstabbed his way to the top, the way Morrison has been pushed out of just about EVERY job he ever tried – and failed – to hold before he became the WORST Crime Minister in our history! WOW! If anyone can name ONE SINGLE THING Sloth Morrison has achieved to benefit the lives of ANYONE but himself, please enlighten me!

    ….. And yet there are STILL idiots out there who keep voting for these sociopaths? Stupid is what stupid does! Anyone with even the most basic level of discernment now KNOWS that the words: “Intelligent LNP supporter” or “Compassionate LNP supporter” are probably the most laughable oxymorons on record!

    The LNP cabinet are overloaded with psychopaths, ANNIHILATORS, destroyers, pathological liars and callously inhumane sociopaths. Vandalising our environment; defunding everything Australians value and privatising/selling-off everything taxpayers own (often to foreign owned predators).


  28. Williambtm

    Surely Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution has a cut-off point that will exclude a lying and dishonest misleading oaf such as the bigoted Scomo, to becoming a Prime Minister? Those in this country that remain silent to the publication and or broadcasted truth, simply to elevate such a deceptive denialist, must, per the ethics of our Australian law, be disenfranchised…I refer of course to the collective of (Australia’s mainstream media) For they are knowingly acting against the best interests of Australia’s people.

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