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A manifesto for how to tell lies

The Government’s accidental emailing of their confidential talking points is nothing more than a manifesto of how to tell lies, to lie by omission, mislead and generally confuse people.

They have nothing to do with providing the public with information about the Government’s progress in resolving issues, or initiatives in progress, or even the introduction of new ideas.

Lying in government, except for reasons of national security, is wrong at any time, however when they do it with deliberate intention of omission it is even more so. Scott Morrison’s Government, however, seem to do it with impunity.

The document contained an extensive range of talking points over a wide area of policy that including spin about drought assistance, climate change, rising carbon emissions, the banking inquiry, and other matters of embarrassment to the government.

On radio and morning television programs newsreaders and hosts treated the matter as being funny and a bit of a joke.

It isn’t.

The Attorney-General Christian Porter denied it was an embarrassment:

“I didn’t know that they were (distributed),” he told ABC radio on Monday.

“These things happen from time to time.”

He may as well have answered:

“Our government likes it, when we are answering questions to all be lying in unison, all telling the same lie in other words. What’s the point of us all telling different lies? Now that would be embarrassing.”

Here are some examples of the talking points, courtesy of The Guardian:

If you are asked about the ACCC inquiry announced by the Treasurer …

The government has directed the ACCC to undertake an inquiry into the pricing of residential mortgage products, particularly after the banks failed to pass on the RBA’s recent interest rate cuts in full.

The Inquiry will focus on the period from 1 January 2019. Since this date, there have been three cuts (June, July and October) by the RBA to the official cash rate.

Together these cuts have reduced the cash rate by 75 basis points, and the big four banks have passed on an average 57 basis points in owner-occupied home loan rates.

The major banks have decided to put their profits before their customers, and that’s not a good outcome for their customers or the economy.

As the Reserve Bank governor pointed out recently “lower interest rates put more money into the hands of the household sector and, at some point, this extra money gets spent and this helps the overall economy.

The inquiry will ensure the pricing practices of the banks are better understood and made more transparent by; understanding how banks make pricing decisions for residential mortgages – which is particularly important in the current context of banks not passing on the RBA rate cuts in full. Assessing how prices differ for new and existing customers. Investigating barriers to switching.

The inquiry will consider pricing across the entire residential mortgage market by major banks, smaller banks, and non-bank lenders. But the big four banks will be a key focus of this inquiry, given they hold around 75% of residential mortgage debt.

The government is committed to increasing competition in banking and promoting good consumer outcomes in the mortgage market to ensure that consumers can get a better deal.

The consumer data right provides consumers with greater access to their personal information giving them power to securely transfer their banking data to other providers to get a better deal. This is one of a number of policies the government is implementing to increase competition.

If asked how this differs to the royal commission and previous ACCC inquiries …

The financial services royal commission specifically focused on misconduct rather than the way that banks are pricing their mortgages.

The ACCC’s previous residential mortgage price inquiry specifically focused on whether the major bank levy affected the prices charged for residential mortgages.

The government has also decided to acknowledge the IMF climate report, which said Australia would fail to meet its Paris target:

We’re taking meaningful action to reduce global emissions with our $3.5bn climate solutions package that will deliver the 328 million tonnes of abatement needed to meet our 2030 Paris target.

Our national target is achievable, balanced and responsible, and is part of coordinated global action to deliver a healthy environment for future generations while keeping our economy strong.

In the electricity sector, we are reducing emissions while maintaining reliable and secure supply:

The latest official projections show the national electricity market (NEM) is on track to be 26% below 2005 levels by 2022, eight years early.

On the back of $25bn of committed investment in clean energy, Australia leads the world with more than double the per capita investment of countries like France, Germany and the UK.

If asked – IMF climate change report saying we will not meet our 2030 target …

We’ll meet our target without introducing a carbon tax.

When Labor were in government and introduced a carbon tax, energy prices went up and industry threatened to take jobs offshore.

The IMF report does not take into account our $3.5bn package which maps out to the last tonne how we will deliver the 328mt of abatement needed to reduce emissions to 26 to 28% below 2005 levels by 2030.

The report also states that under a $75 carbon tax, retail electricity prices would increase by 70-90% in Australia.

That is not something we are going to do to Australian households and small businesses.

The Guardian adds that:

“When asked about that on Friday, Josh Frydenberg seemed to miss the question and answered along the lines of “Who said that? Labor?” which is a standard response these days.”

“The government is also pretty into what the party who is not in government is doing. Joel Fitzgibbon has given them some extra steam… “

Labor division on energy policy …

Joel Fitzgibbon has backflipped on his recent calls for a carbon tax and again presented yet another position on energy policy – this one driven by self-interest to save his own seat, following huge swings against him at the recent election.

Meanwhile Bill Shorten and Penny Wong have recently said they are “proud” of Labor’s reckless 45% target and made the case to keep it.

This follows calls by the assistant climate change spokesman Pat Conroy to scrap their 45% emissions reduction target but Labor change spokesman Mark Butler won’t commit to anything.

Whether it’s “Chairman Swanny” calling for Labor to keep their $387bn tax and spend agenda or Fitzgibbon looking back to the future then doing a backflip, Labor haven’t learned the lessons from the election and want to rehash policies Australia has comprehensively rejected.

We’re taking meaningful action to reduce global emissions with our $3.5bn climate solutions package that will deliver the 328 million tonnes of abatement needed to meet our 2030 Paris target.

Under our government Australia leads the world with more than double the per capita investment of countries like the UK, France and Germany.

The Guardian also adds:

“But the best thing about this one is that the government actually admits that emissions have increased (at least through its notes). For the records, emissions have increased every year since 2014, when the carbon price was scrapped.”

If asked about recent increases in emissions …

Emissions fell 0.4% over the first quarter of 2019.

Emissions for the year to March 2019 are up 0.6 % or 3.1 Mt. This small increase is due to an 18.8% increase in LNG exports. LNG production related emissions increased 4.7 Mt.

Absent the increase in LNG exports, total emissions would have declined. Australia’s LNG exports for the year to March 2019 are estimated to be worth $47.8bn.

While this industry’s success has increased Australia’s emissions, it has potentially reduced global emissions by up to 28% of Australia’s annual emissions by displacing coal generation in importing countries.

We are nearly half way towards our 2030 Paris target – emissions are down 11.7% on 2005 levels and the emissions intensity of the economy and per capita are at their lowest levels in nearly three decades.

We are also on track to overachieve on our 2020 target by 367 million tonnes.

And these are just some examples from 17 pages of nonsense. A government that finds it necessary to have to mislead the public so openly isn’t worth a pinch of salt, let alone a pot of Fosters.

Just before I finish I posted this yesterday on Facebook:

The Prime Minister’s cancellation of next month’s COAG meeting is yet another example of his government’s inability to govern. Early reports at 6pm on a Sunday night suggest a case of spilt milk over recycling policy and that other than “they had nothing else to talk about.” What a load of hogwash.

My thought for the day

We would be a much better society if we took the risk of thinking for ourselves unhindered by the unadulterated crap served up by the government the media and self-interest groups.

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  1. Awashwithcolour

    Well written as usual John Lord.
    The LNP are consummate professional liars.
    They have been doing this for so long now that l think most people have tuned out and switched off.
    I find it appalling that these political vulgarians are never pulled up on any of the bullshit that’s dribbles out of their mouths when interviewed by some so called journalists in the media.
    The fact they have a manifesto of the weeks lies emailed out so they know what to spin is particularly galling.
    If it wasn’t so disgraceful it might have been funny to have the days deceitful lies ready to go to confuse and deceive the voters.
    Also the book 1984 isn’t a how to manual but l think there LNP have been using it to create a country l don’t recognise.

  2. wam

    A beautiful morning, lord, the pool was marvellous..Albo will be salivating at the prospect of bringing these up on the morning shows how about target on a week and bring it up every day?
    The BoM is warning we could have heat waves and bushfires this summer.
    If is vaguely possible the morning shows could be persuaded to jump on the greenhouse gas, global warming, renewables bandwagon.

    the good point is none of the pollies could remember such a long memo.

    It is scary that a bomb was used against hong kong police. (My memory was of cars with holes in the floor that were used to drop bombs in the anti-pom communist insurgency days.)

  3. Phil Pryor

    A government resembling a row of unwiped anuses is a nightmare, a vision of degradation. Lies for policy, lies to cover inaction, lies, not plans and progress, lies to assault truth and decency, all from the top down it is a lying coalition of corporate interest denying alternatives and correct ways while aiming merely to skim, gouge, scrape, bilk, cheat, coerce and confuse. With shitskulls like Murdoch, Stokes and Costello, we get filth, lies, propaganda, profit making tactics instead of national goals. The nation is led by lying leaderless louts in suits, posing and positioning for image and personal gain only. It stinks and we deserve better.

  4. wam

    I just saw a fly on my breakfast. It looked a lot like Leoj.
    Could he be a fly in the process of opposition?

  5. Kaye Lee

    Emissions for the year to March 2019 are estimated to be 538.9 Mt CO2-e, up 0.6 per cent or 3.1 Mt CO2-e on the previous year and were 0.5 per cent above emissions in 2000.

    Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen to the highest annual rate since the 2012-13 financial year.

    In percentage terms, the transport sector has experienced the largest growth, increasing 64.9 per cent between 1990 and the year to March 2019. Other sectors which have increased in emissions since 1990 include fugitive emissions (60.1 per cent), stationary energy excluding electricity (57.7 per cent), electricity (37.8 per cent) and industrial processes and product use (32.7 per cent).

    Whilst there have been slight declines in the waste and agriculture sectors, they are relying on a highly unreliable estimate from the LULUCF sector of a 110.5% decrease in emissions since 1990.

    The really interesting part is that emissions maxed out in 2007 when the Coalition were in power, fell under Labor, and then have been rising again every year since 2014.

    And they want to claim credit?

  6. Max Gross


  7. Vikingduk

    And according to NASA the planet has gained around 3ppm in a year. Isn’t progress amazing. Determined to ensure environmental catastrophes, create an essentially uninhabitable planet, all for a corrupt ideology. Hate and cruelty and lies become the new normal, but she’ll be right, we’ll have a go and get a go, another prawn on the barby, get us a beer will ya, luv. The hypocrisy emanating from this pack of traitors turns my stomach. But more prayer will see us right. Enough!

  8. Keitha Granville

    Until we have rules for MPs that make it illegal for them to tell actual lies, it will never change.
    Every government does it, no matter how much they protest when in Opposition.

    Legislation to prevent them, it’s the only way. And as they make the legislation – well, pigs might fly.

  9. Wobbley

    One problem regarding this bullshit talking rubbish the fascists “ inadvertently” leaked to the press gallery is the fact that when Horriscum was caught out lying over the Shanghai Sam phrase a “trusted” journalist, Laura Tingle on that crap partisan production 730, chose the words mis speak instead of describing the outright effing lie that it was. Until this situation is resolved in relation to MSM’s compliance with the fascists nothing will change for the 90% of whom this mob is NOT governing for.

  10. Peter F

    Five minutes ago I mad the mistake of tuning in to Question Time. I haver not done so for years, possibly decades. I was just in time to hear Friedenberg state that ‘we inherited $400bn debt from the ALP, and have paid down that debt to bring us to the situation where we are about to be in surplus”.

    How can this be anything other than misleading Parliament.?

  11. Aly

    Totally switching off from AU news, cant deal with it anymore.

  12. DrakeN

    The rot has begun!

    Alan Jones et al giving Scummo a hard time, it seems.

  13. DrakeN

    Keitha Granville October 15, 2019 at 1:48 pm

    “Until we have rules for MPs that make it illegal for them to tell actual lies, it will never change.”

    Add to that a legal requirement for “news”papers and other media to “Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

    Wouldn’t that make for interesting empty spaces on pages and long silences on commercial TV and Radio.

  14. paul walter

    You see, the thing with Xtian Porter and confrateres like Michaelia Cash is that it has been so long since he or they told the truth that they no longer can tell the truth from a lie.

    One day they will tell someone to push a button realising it is disastrous, but as an unconsidered reflex, and all of us will be done for.

    Porter and his friends did this monotonously before last election and ended up telling the truth when they thought they were lying.

    But because the voters also no longer can tell the difference, the disaster was he and the LNP were relected anyway, part of it to do with the voters now conditioned to not only unconsciously accepting lies as truth but valoring a lie.. Age of Complicity, Age of the Droid, of Psychosis.

    I add above as a sort of corollary to Matters nots comment re Qld Parliament and truth telling as an offence, because I believe the bastards no longer know the truth from a lie and we enter the age of the Thought Crime.

  15. totaram

    As you can see, the 24/7 propaganda works. The Essential poll in the Guardian tells us that 60% of voters are happy with the performance of BOTH parties. I am surprised it is not a higher percentage. No need for us to read these gloomy articles then – everything is fine!

  16. paul walter

    Agnes Taylor caught out again, this time on a lurid effort to smear Sydney Council, once again involving the Telegraph?

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