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A letter to the editor from Morrie Moneyweather

Editors note: At The AIMN, we take people’s criticisms seriously, even if inflammatory. Although Morrie Moneyweather conveys little interest, The AIMN’s policy is to publish other points of view. We don’t in the least think we have ownership of any righteousness.

Oi. Michael Taylor,

I know I haven’t written for a couple of years Mr Taylor and I wouldn’t have except many of your writers have gone to far and I mean the crome domed one who writes all that filth about a government that we should be all thanking God for. He is so popular that his name escapes me. Thank the Lord. John Lord thats hin. I mean there is just no limit to how far he will stoop, no gutter to low to slide into, no sewer to murky for him to loosen himself in

It really irrites me. All this criticism of a man who has devoted his life to God and the community. I mean, no vunder people are so well off these days and you left wing latte sipping loonies of the proletariat. The chardonnay drinking Bolsheviks without any intelligence. Allyou can do was criticise a few grammamatical errors in my last piece of considered thought.

Barnaby was right your all just a lot of commies. The thing is, you commies don’t understand the fundamentals of conversation.

The free market and capitalism. Conservatives (LNP) believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty and traditional values. We believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals unhindered by government regulations. Is that clear.

Just before I go on. I read that piece by John Lord abouy covid19 and really, he needs to take his hand of it.

Fair dinkum. He wouldn’t know shit from clay. I’d suggest he takesa hold of himself. Life is life and death is death. How’s that for a deep philosoxiful thought Mr Taylor. Pass that on to the old bald bugger.

Personally I don’t think Scott went far enough. He should have banned you commies as well.

And all his bullshit about Scott overlooking the order for the pricks. God only knows there’s enough in the country as it is.

I mean everyone knows that their will be plenty of work after the pandemic. Let her rip I say. Then there will be jobs for everyone. All my sons at Melbourne Gramma will got jobs this year. My son Erwin is repeating year 12 vagain, but that’s not the only thing repeating on me.

And everyone noe’s we need to be free to pursue whatever they like to pursue be it wealth, SEX or government handouts like job keeper.

I mean I needed the freedom to accept my inheritance. The same with Gina. There will always be haves and have nots. Even Jesus said that. And Ronald Regan said. If we keep giving more money to the rich, everyone will have more money. It’s called tickle down economics. Funny that.

Its always worked and always will. The poor will just have to wait a little longer to see it work.

Patience is a virtue. The poor need to get that into there Thick heads.

Conservatives were born to control capitol. Labour comes after capital. Not everyone can be effluent.

Had we had less regulation and let market forces have their way we wouldn’t have had a Global Financial Crisis. Remember that and Swanee paid A hundred thousand dollars to be named Treasurer of the year.

THAY, lABOUR wreckoned they handled so well. Now look at the mess Scott has to get the world out of. We need more men like Scott.

Has Australia ever, so wisely, elected a man so positive about the countries future and exprecced it so clearly.? A person with such truth and transparency. A leader in every respect. So sensitive to those who cannot help themselves. So willing to endorse and foster equality. So knoweggible of technology and science. So aware to the needs of women. there Prime Sinister. So adeptt at policy formation and its implementation. Did ya notice my use of diplomatic language words. (That’s what a private education gives you)

Now what was the point I wanted to make. Or was it points. Could you get Lord to lay off Porter. He has nough problems. I mean what is it with women these days. Almays complaining. women should be obscene and not heard.

And talking about lies. How stupid people can be. Scott is of the finest examples of honesty one could ever meat.

Anyway I don’t mind wealthy people so long as they aren’t as wealthy as me. If that makes sence.or do you want me to spell it out.

I can only speak the truth Michael Taylor. There is no need to be so bloody cruel.I know there are loads of me letters you haven’t posted. No wonder 18c needs to be changed.

I have feelings you know. Even if I am wealthy. I think you are so bloody mean that if I paid you a compliment you would probably ask for a receipt.

Speaking of reciets I must get one from Dam Murphys for that dozen bottles of 62 Grange.Bloody decent drop that one.

You’re disrespect is just revolting. I think you’re that dumb that you must be three bricks short of a load or not the full two bobs worth. Either that or your three sanwhiches short of a picnic. See I can throw shit tooo.

And most of the comments had to be a joke – no-one can be that stupid and arrogant, unless they are members of the Greens. Even Pauline knows that climit has something to do with a ladder.

I could describe you as a pain in the neck but I have a much lower opinion of you.

There were so manny comments regarding my last letter. All of them in such poor taste that I feel I cannot avail myself to share my wisdom with you again. I can only hope and pray that someday the working classes will come to their senses and show their appreciation for the effluence we share.

John Lord just keeps hurling insults every day. Never a fact to back up his lying. Just wild claims about anything that suits him. I mean he he thinks he has some sort of influenza over people. Fancy saying that Scott doesn’t have a plan. His words have a wiff of effluence about them. The Lord that is.

Scotts plan is to stay in power so that the rich can support the poor and those who get the covid. All with whatever is left over after all our expenses are catered for. After all there are a lot of costs in being rich. I mean what’s wrong with that.

I new there was somethink I missed.m Might I suggest that the writers on this blog try a bit less bias otherwise they will end up like the ABC. Christ don’t start me on them dicks. My son Nigel would like that. I have no malcontent toward anyone. Just try to be more fair and give credit where credits dew. Try to be objective and nondiscriminatory. Then we con have some real intercourse. Fair bloody dinkum your crap blog is getting worser

All your writers av little to say and all the time in the world to say it.

Take all the things Scott wants to do for the Country. No one understands his motives. Well Labor doesn’t. All they do is critic. I was talking to my Financial Adviser the other day and he reckons they are all just jealous.I know I inherited mine and I had the best of education. Well I will say it again. All they have to do is get off their collective arses and get a job. God only knows sCOTT is providing enough of them.

And what about the climate. I mean have we ever had a prime minister so on top of the sciences. I mean look at wht he is going to do for it. All the new technologies that he will invent. He knows more about everythink. You ask him. He has plans to have a fleet of subs to put all the stuff underwater by 2050. Hows that for imaginative thinking.He will even disclose what’s under the kilt when he gets to Scotland.

While Im at it and this is the mane reason I have written is to comment on the stuppiddy of that fellow John Lord. I told him last time that he needs a manager because hes been handling himself to long. Then he emailed bak to say he was to old to handel anything.The eldest son Miles laughed and said said he did though.

I have no idea what he meant. Jees he pisses me of. Stupid old bald headed bastard ought to get a grip of himself.

Yours Faithfully

Morrie from Malvern.


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  1. Harry Lime

    Ay Morrie….go fuk yerself.

  2. New England Cocky

    Geez, JL how did you get access to Beetrooter’s private correspondence to his grazier mates?


    That is a cracker of a comment on the most idiotic cracker of all. And this cracker is the deputy PM no less, thanks to those ‘wonderful’ people of New England who keep voting for a cracker.

    Yeah, up yours New England

  4. leefe

    Punctuation is too good.

  5. Phil Pryor

    I taught this bastard, didn’t I? (not much) There are many, too many, benighted, dim, self satisfied in fraudland, like this.., who might be extending and projecting some self, wants, dim visions, bent hopes, needs for recognition and some security. Sigmund, come back….

  6. ajogrady

    Once you strip away the blatant ingrained insidious and treasonous corruption, the obvious and absolutely consistent poor judgement, the culpable and dangerous incompetence, the crippling of living standards, the devious and unfettered betrayal of Australias sovereignty, the shambolic and totally inept governance standards plus being a constant and continuous impediment to Australia and Australians reaching their true potential what does the L/NP actually stand for? What is left? What is left is a snide, sneering, sniping, selfish, smug and contemptuous ideology that nurtures, coddles and promotes corrupt to the core thugs, swindlers, chiselers, fraudsters, shysters and con artists, pathetic debauched degenerates and perverted misogynistic misfits, pseudo Christian cult wack jobs, fanatical religious lunatics, QAnon advocates, cowardly saber rattling war mongering hawks, altruistic economic vandals, problamatic climate skeptic fundamentalists, sadistic environment saboteurs, drunken lecherous fornecaters plus egotistical born to rule privilaged sociopaths and psychopaths that are devoid of standards, principles, values, morals, ethics, honesty, and basic empathy always rorting, fiddling, fudging, obfuscating and basically out and out blatant lying while being protected by a maliciously biased, pathetic sycophantic and delusional media.
    Influenced by professional predatory lobbyists and directed by crooked callous conservative think tanks whose shadowy underbelly of criminality makes Ned Kelly look like a gentleman. The L/NP not only do not represent most Australians but do not respect them.
    The L/NP have managed to create a massive trust deficit not only domestically but internationally that has left Australias once good reputation in tatters and Australia is now bordering on pariah state status. Diplomacy, critical thinking and cause and effect are foreign concepts to the L/NP. These failings will have or result in dire consequences and outcomes for Australia and Australians. The L/NP not only rewards lethargic sneaks, cheats and sly back stabbers but consider mediocrity as their gold standard.
    The L/NP are an insult to equitable governance and egalitarian rule. The L/NP are not fit to hold any public office in a functioning, vibrant nation and a cohesive humane society .

  7. Josephus

    This is ,like , a well ritten article , except youse should have wrote he should of, not he should have.
    Too articulate in places!

    Joyce is a populist who is sold to the fossil fuel lobby, while labor speaks in two voices and needs to decide its priorities. Its confusion re eg coal and gas, its complicity re Assange, ministers who get away with crimes , locked up asylum seekers means the gap between it and the coal -ition narrows inexorably. Labor needs to clean up itself as well as the other side.

  8. BB

    What scares me is how many “Morrie Moneyweather” from “Malvern” actually exist for real, and vote for Morrison and the L/NP.

    I was watching the 5pm Chaser show the other day, and this 40 yr old male moron, I have to call him a moron as he took the low offer, after getting to a total of 16 grand, albeit with mostly lucky guesses, he got a simple political question wrong.. I was aghast, nooooooooo, how fucking dumb are you, I screamed at the TV. 😬😬… His lucky guesses had run out… he was a real moron.

    Q. Mr Morrison is known by the satirical nickname Scotty from ————.
    A)… HR
    B)… Merchandising
    C)… Admin

    The dumb shmuck chose A…

    Good, he got caught by the chaser, on the low offer, FFS, obviously the Chaser choose contestants from Malvern….

    And this is just one example amongst the thousands of dumb incidents that occurs everyday, and these ‘people’ vote.. argggggh!

    I felt devastated, how could anybody be that dumb, stupid and ignorant. Serves me right for watching a commercial TV channel.
    But the sad reality is yes they are, the dumb are everywhere…These are the ‘quiet’ Australians, the mass of bogans, the so called ‘wealthy’ middle class, not a F’ing clue why they remain so poor whilst thinking how well off they are. I shakes my head in despair. What chance does Australia have with such uninformed ignorant citizens! How could he not know the correct answer? FFS!
    That’s the harsh reality, there are too many morons in Australia, and the L/NP crooks are continually shit stirring the moron pot.

  9. David Stakes

    Thank goodness thats a piss take, but there is alot who think like that out there.

  10. New England Cocky

    @Henry Rodrigues: There are some educated persons in New England who dismay the choice of Beetrooter as representative of the Nazional$ in New England. However, you must understand that the local borne elect politicians in their own image as approved by their grandfathers (grandmother’s vote too was cast by grandad) because they are all going to have a prosperous 19th century living off the sheep’s back just like their grandfathers ….. in the 21st century.

    Who needs fancy communications technology when your tractor can drive itself over square miles, or doctors & hospital services when your quad bike pins you down for hours because the horse would have gone home for assistance, or sealed roads to let you access polling booths to keep corrupt politicians in office hunting the ”Reds under the beds”, or railways to transport farm produce to city ports for export?


    NEC……. I know that everyone is not as dimwitted as some and yes, those voters of New England are hide bound in the traditions of their forefathers but the pity is that education and the internet have not enlightened them one iota. Even the embarrassment of watching their preferred oaf making a fool of himself over and over again, does not deter them. That’s probably why he seems so assured of their support.

  12. Wam

    Dear Morris Major,(had one second hand 60 years ago)
    At last an almost honest assessment of lord.
    Perhaps a bit harsh, as he has elements that favour our side.
    He rabbott’s on about climate without a mention of the melts and he has no idea of the quisling aspects of the bandit’s men.
    I am disappointed you haven’t mentioned the superiority of our LNP NSW in avoiding testing those with COVID as compared with commo dan but you are, after all, a thick-Vic!

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