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A letter to Coalition MPs







To Coalition MPs,

I am writing to express my grave concern with the direction this government is taking and my disgust with the obvious manipulative barrage of misinformation.

I understand that Mr Abbott told you not to worry about voter backlash from the Budget because “we have a strategy”. If I believed that meant a strategy for making this a better place for all Australians then I may feel somewhat reassured. Sadly, it is apparent that this actually meant yet another advertising campaign of slogans like “earn or learn” and “heavy lifting”. “The rising tide which will lift all boats” surged in for the wealthy while an increasing number of the poor had their heads pushed further underwater.

Mr Hockey said, with trembling lip, that tough decisions had to be made because he would not saddle his children with our debt. He has conceded that we are not in crisis yet but that action must be taken to forestall future problems.

Why does this same argument not apply to action on climate change? Billions have been cut from your own Direct Action Plan, climate change advisory bodies have been disbanded, funding to the CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, and other research groups has been slashed. Environmental protections have been wound back, power of approval has been given to the states despite the corruption that this perpetuates, and renewable energy has been abandoned in favour of more coal mines.

How will you explain to your grandchildren that you didn’t think the Great Barrier Reef and the Tasmanian forests were worth fighting to preserve? What will you say to the children of rural Australians who must abandon their farms because the water table is depleted or polluted, or a creek has been diverted to mine the coal underneath, or drought is now a constant state, or that 100 year floods happen every 5 years now and cyclones are far more intense?

Instead we play ridiculous word games about the difference between a levy and a tax and a core and non-core promise to divert our attention from the fact that the government is asking those least able in our society to finance big business to increase profits to their shareholders. Why are levies ok to fund Coalition policies but a temporary fixed price on carbon is not?

This is a world far removed from most Australians. The last election was supposed to be a “referendum on the carbon tax” because it was driving up the cost of living for families and pensioners. You promised to save us $550 a year. You didn’t tell us that to save $550 a year we would not only abandon action on climate change, we would lose free health and billions in funding to education. On top of that we will be asked to contribute several thousand with the poorest losing the most. Instead of lowering our cost of living, we are now funding lowering your deficit.

If a young person can’t find a job or a suitable course, how do they survive for the 6 months of the year when they receive no income support?

Ever since MYEFO was published in December, you have been saying that Labor left us with a debt of $667 billion and deficits of $123 billion. Sometimes you add “unless we make changes”. This is a blatant lie. That is the projected debt for ten years’ time under Coalition policies. It includes Coalition spending decisions and Coalition cuts to revenue. This figure cannot be attributed to Labor in any way and it is fraudulent misrepresentation to do so. Why are you, 8 months into your term in office, wasting money on a glossy brochure called “Labor’s mess” full of such propaganda?

You have made your “strategy” obvious with this Budget. You were prepared to promise anything to get into office and you have no hesitation in breaking those commitments. Your focus is on the failed theory of “trickle down” economics whilst ignoring all warnings about the danger of growing poverty and income inequality. You regard the sick, disabled, unemployed, elderly, indigenous people and students as a burden that you want to shed so you can subsidise mining companies and build roads.

We cannot afford your fighter jets and your Paid Parental Leave scheme and your increased defence spending. We cannot afford your school chaplaincy programme and marriage counselling vouchers for newlyweds. We cannot afford to have our Navy patrolling to turn back asylum seekers and billions to security firms for off-shore processing. We cannot afford your tax concessions and rebates for the wealthy and your subsidies to mining companies and private health insurers.

You view things from your place in society but cannot even imagine the real world that the rest of us live in. You do not know the daily struggle and you obviously don’t care. Your priorities do not reflect those of the community. You must change your direction. You cannot sell us out like this.

My heart weeps for my country and for our children.


Note: It is important that we contact members of parliament whether by email or phone call or visit to their office or letter. Speak about what concerns you. Feel free to use or adapt this to forward on if you wish. We must keep the pressure on to all MPs to come up with a better plan than this. Senators need our support to stand up to them. I would encourage you all to become part of the Independent Media Party. We may not be a political party (yet) but we can certainly hold our politicians to account and make our feelings heard loud and clear. The people who get their news from the independent media are far better informed than the general voting public. Let’s use that knowledge to save our country.


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  1. Kaye Lee

    “Fun budget fact of the day. The only Arts organisation not cut in the budget was the Australian ballet. Despite all other areas of the Arts receiving cuts totalling $100 million the Ballet received a bonus of $1million. The fact that Sarah Murdoch, (wife of Lachlan, son of Rupert) is Deputy Chair of the Board has absolutely nothing to do with that, of course.”

    Let’s not forget that Rupert’s Bronco’s also received $5 million and Tony’s Sea Eagles received $10 million. Unfortunately the Rabbitohs had $16 million promised funding cut. George Brandis doubles as the Minister for the Arts and Peter Dutton is also Sport. That’s as silly as having Greg Hunt for the Environment and Christopher Pyne for Education and…

  2. staffordhall

    Well, of course its ok for tony to hand out a bit of money to footy clubs, after all, the cleaner may get a pay rise. Not. Worst govt, worst budget, what else needs to be said has been well put in your article K.L. Had a lib mate of mine ring me last night, his words, “WTF am I going to do, cant vote for them any more” I just hope that there are a few hundred thousand Lib voters who have a conscience and do the same.

  3. Kaye Lee

    And we thought it was bad when Labor opted for offshore processing. The Libs and Nats must feel gutted.

  4. DanDark

    I believe a lot of Aussies hearts feel the same as yours Kaye
    I am a mother of 6 kids aging from 35 down to 8 years old, and mine is breaking
    I have seen a lot of changes that effect our young people over the many years
    inflicted by govs , a lot of them detrimental,
    especially education, education is an investment, not a cost Tony Abbott
    there is a difference,
    So who has let who down?
    We as Govs/adults should of been/ be helping them make good life choices, good careers,
    moulding them into decent people, loving parents and productive citizens,

    So now we blame them, and fear them into submission, even death, if Tony has his way
    It’s easy to blame other people for your mistakes,
    especially the younger generation hey Tony
    hard for them to fight back mmm
    It should be education for all, even the poor,

    Knowledege is power
    This is what Tony and Co are scared of
    An educated forthcoming generation of voters
    We need more technology, scientists, and good human beings
    Not some backward thinking suppressing clown
    Treating our kids like shit

  5. Lee

    Woot! I’m happy dancing even more than Joe Hokey. I’ve just realised I’m about to move from a safe Labor seat into Christopher Pyne’s electorate. Sweet. One of life’s great pleasures is the opportunity to vote against him in elections.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Just to add to that knowledge…

    When Sussan Ley keeps bobbing up talking about how much childcare means to her, you could ask why she cut the pay rise for childcare workers. or you could ask her about this stellar decision that puts pay to the lie that they introduced an extra $1.2 billion into education….

    EXTRA funding for public schools in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory will be paid for by cutting proposed spending to expand before and after school care across the nation.

    The federal mid-year budget update, released yesterday, says the Abbott government will redirect money from the Building Stronger Communities Fund to pay for the extra $1.2 billion for the three states that refused to sign funding agreements with the former Labor government.

    The main initiative in the communities fund was a $450 million program to expand before and after school care in about 500 schools across the nation, affecting 345,000 children, which was the first major policy announced by Kevin Rudd during the election campaign.

    The money intended to expand the opening times of out-of-school hours care.

    The federal government will redirect almost $530m over four years from this fund to pay for the extra school funding, as well as scrapping Labor’s trades training centres to save $986.5m over five years.

  7. Shevill Mathers

    Excellent articles as always, Kaye. I use excerpts that have impact on my FB page, thank you for that.
    We need to hope that the voters who voted for a change and voted this mob into power, can stand back and take stock at what they have done. The very people who were voted into office are now biting those that did the deed! maybe common sense will prevail at the next election. Thank goodness we have a Senate.

  8. Peter Lee

    Mr Rabbit

    A Prime Minister for aboriginals. That’s what you said. After the way the budget treated our first people, you should see the reaction from our aboriginal brothers.

  9. Kaye Lee

    1975 was International Women’s Year. Tony Abbott and I were both in year 12. I was inspired, made speeches, gave newspaper interviews, took on men’s bastions, and questioned silly rules. Here I find myself, 40 years down the track, back doing the same thing. I remember finding Helen Reddy’s song a real anthem at the time. The fight then was feminism. I think it’s time the song was expanded to include the many people who find themselves unrepresented.

    We are people hear us roar
    In numbers too big to ignore
    And we know too much to go back and pretend
    Cause we’ve heard it all before
    And we’ve been down there on the floor
    No-one’s ever gonna keep us down again

  10. Dermott Coulter

    I’m so glad the ‘adults’ are back in power (not) – tragically for country, they all have dementia. Thank you so much Kaye, I WILL use your excellent letter in expressing my utter disgust for this so-called government in correspondence with its members (double meaning!).

  11. Wayne Turner

    If the rest of the COALition MP’s are like Abbott,they would NEVER read this letter,because according to them they (arrogantly) claim to know all,but of course know nothing when it suits them.

  12. mars08

    Kaye Lee:

    How will you explain to your grandchildren that you didn’t think the Great Barrier Reef and the Tasmanian forests were worth fighting to preserve? What will you say to the children of rural Australians who must abandon their farms because the water table is depleted or polluted, or a creek has been diverted to mine the coal underneath…

    Oh bloody hell, Kaye. It’s just pitiful!!!!

    Take some irrelevant factoids, and some dodgy research collected by dubious “researchers”. Then wrap them in an apocalyptic fairytale.

    Get a bunch of self-serving creeps to stir up the hysteria. Grab some sensationalist headlines… and scare the public into thinking they are facing the end of civilisation as they know it. Insist that we must take action RIGHT NOW, for the sake of future generations. Then relentlessly demand that the government must enact some half-baked scheme to control the crisis. Dismiss any suggestions that the “solution” will probably just make things worse.

    And all the while, it’s just a scam to make some unscrupulous people rich while harming the truly needy.

    (But enough about the budget crisis….)

  13. Kaye Lee

    They don’t have many votes. Nor do the top 1% of earners – you know – the ones that will pay an extra 2% of nothing.

    We are the ones who provide the labour and the services. we control the vast majority of the votes. How many CEOs are there? How many members do the IPA have? We have to plug away getting the truth out there and getting young people mobilised and registered to vote. they have the energy to express our passion and they also have sufficient numbers to make a difference. Speak to young people you know. Don’t harass them. Don’t overexplain with too much detail. Hit them with one aspect you know will hurt them. Some are far more interested and want more detail but we are trying to inform those who don’t think they make a difference. 30,000 votes in marginal seats could change government. Of those aged 18-24, 400,000 people did not enrol in time for the election. Young people have the numbers to bring this government down. Now they have a reason. Make sure they know about it.

  14. DanDark

    Thanks Kaye, yep
    I am woman, and I have 2 daughters and 4 sons and we are all equal,
    We are all human beings first and foremost, and should be treated as so
    I am listening to Revolution by the Beatles a lot lately, makes me feel better:)

  15. Kaye Lee

    Music is a powerful tool. I hope our musicians will also help as some already are.

  16. diannaart

    Something very disturbing about a major political party of many years standing, feeling the need to inform/remind the public they are adults… shades of Lady MacBeth, methinks.

  17. DanDark

    ……Music is the universal language of the world…
    …………Power to the people……

  18. terry

    too unfair it will be too much pressure on middle class peoples life, where are abbotts promises, why don’t you politicians pay out from your pockets and why we have to always pay for the mess made by you stupid politicians. abbott should think that by getting this budget regulated he is inviting more trouble & increase in crime rate. if these school and youngs wont get paid they will be out on streets stealing and doing more crime.

  19. terry

    Two sharks are trying to eat Australians, liberal and labour, wake up people before it’s too late to notice we need to have new party I think in order to get these stupid labour and liberals to consider that we are humans here not animals that they can treat is the way they want.

  20. Sir ScotchMistery

    There is an issue that needs to be got round, taken in hand and faced, sooner rather than later. My trainee, 18 years old, lives at home with his mum and dad. That actually makes him a bit special based on how many kids don’t have one or the other, but I addressed the issue of the budget, and put it right in his book-case.

    At 18, he is paying a small amount of board, but his parents earn too much between them for him to get the training benefit. He goes to TAFE 3 days a week. At the moment he gets one day per week from me at around $15 per hour.

    At the end of June, I cannot see the business continue being able to pay him, so, if mum and dad have a mortgage that prevents them giving a young person some supplementary money, what is he to do?

    There are a limited number of McDonalds and Pizza Huts and a limited number of coffee shops will have money for young, unskilled workers. They will end up with 150 kids on their books, each getting 4 hours per week or maybe a couple of shifts if they are really good.

    There is no longer any money from either level of government for traineeships, so people like me who can justify it, because of the $7500 PA we get to go towards a $15,000 a year pay bill, due to their non-productive situation, will no longer be able to justify the cost of taking on a young person to train.

    I believe we will see a surge in young people working as prostitutes. Both male and female.

    The number of people doing this will mean that prices will go down – “what do you do for $200” will become “what can I get for $50”, then $20.

    Is this what we have become? Kids having to sell themselves to live?

    We need, as thinking adults, to start getting the young people engaged. We need to start changing the minds of the elderly who are rusted on liberal voters and most importantly, we have to decide if the current occupant of the chair normally occupied by the closest thing George Pell ever had to a friend, really represents who we are.

    My view of the practices undertaken by Howard to wedge the parties and continued by the recent witness at the enquiry into government screw-ups which were good ideas, are that those issues raised should not have been.

    The issue of not only the budgetary destruction of the country, but also the raising of refugees as being an issue, need to be stopped and that can only be done by the ALP. If they don’t cease copying the work of Abbot and co, we will see a country that represents none of us, but becomes just a corporate reflection of the USA.

    There is more to this conversation, but without at least discussing it, and finding some answers, we will sit alongside North Korea and Syria in terms of our civil and human rights.

    As voters, we need to learn to say “No.. We are not that people”.

  21. Sophia

    Hello Kaye Lee,

    I am an actor and hate to see cuts to any of the arts.
    But I would like to ask where you sourced this quote, that you posted above, from?

    “Fun budget fact of the day. The only Arts organisation not cut in the budget was the Australian ballet. Despite all other areas of the Arts receiving cuts totalling $100 million the Ballet received a bonus of $1million. The fact that Sarah Murdoch, (wife of Lachlan, son of Rupert) is Deputy Chair of the Board has absolutely nothing to do with that, of course.”

    I ask what the source is because I believe it is inaccurate and it is now being circulating on facebook as fact. After research I found that “Our 28 major arts companies that include Opera Australia, the Australian Ballet and the major state theatre companies and orchestras don’t take the cuts.”…/

    They have cut allot to the Australia Council which does most grants to artists and is very important to get new works up, but to my understanding they haven’t cut all arts organisations except the Australia Ballet.

    Kind Regards,


  22. randalstella

    With great respect – like a previous article I read, this one is just another exercise in moral equivalence; as if after all the peculiar mendacity and victimisation of the powerless, the Libs are just like all “politicians” really. The message is that the same applies to Labor and any other oppositional voice; that they are all the same promise-breakers.
    The article lies to seem ‘even-handed’: about Gillard’s carbon price, and tries to equate Swan’s refusal to be drawn on details pre-budget with the filthy lies concocted by Hockey before the election and since.
    It carries on as if Abbott and his peculiar mob of regressives and serial liars could ever have been trusted; and that somehow we have to be surprised by this stinking budget.
    And these journos style themselves as the experts in political knowledge and realistic commentary. It is beyond a sick joke.
    While we are at it, if we are throwing around awards for absence of trustworthiness the journos of the MSM and the ABC must be high on the list.
    Moral equivalence is the MSM doing their pseudo-critical bit. It takes the place of real analysis of what this unprecedented mob of thugs represent, and who they represent. Even as the evidence on that must be very clear. This is ‘self-censorship’, because the truth has consequences for careers. For example, the Media simply cannot say that the Libs would like to destroy Medicare – even though they intend to fine doctors for bulk billing.

    I have little optimism that Labor will turn by this experience into a Party willing to fight for equity without compromise. However they most certainly are not this mob of gangsters and destroyers; not by a mile.

    A very good precis of disgust once again.
    What would motivate the Coalition MPs is a threat to their security in their seats – campaigns targeting those responsible for their wretched policies; such as Dutton and Pyne. They do not care for principles; and any appeal to them is useless.
    They do fear losing. Surely there are enough people with enough discipline and nous to get in behind the Media circus to work to unseat these loathsome louses? It was done for Mirabella. It can be done for Pyne.
    Who is willing to put their mindful efforts where their complaints are?
    Marching in… whatever month is fine, if done properly. But it is effort so indirect, so dependent on the MSM for effect anyway. All that energy;what will be the consequence?
    I think ruthless “politicians” like to see people marching against them. It is an indication that not much else will follow, that this is the limit to public opposition, and the fight for equity.

  23. Kaye Lee

    And whilst on exposing con jobs….

    The Coalition were supposedly elected to fix Labor’s mess. PEFO showed a cumulative net deficit of $38 billion over the forward estimates. Hockey’s budget shows a cumulative deficit of $110.2 billion. That’s a deterioration of over $8 billion a month with the ‘adults’ in charge.

    The budget also says “Net debt is expected to reach $226.4 billion in 2014-15, and forecast to rise to $264.2 billion by 2017-18. However, it will “peak” as a ratio of GDP in 2016-17.” which kind of blows their propaganda about the size of the current debt.

    Expenditure is expected to grow from $414.8 billion in 2014-15 to $475.4 billion in 2017-18 due in part to increased defence spending.

  24. Keitha Granville

    I do hope Sir Scotch that you are able to hang on to your young employee – for your emotional well being and his physical. I do have all my fingers crossed that your business can survive. And your process for young people forced into prostitution (or crime or drug dealing) is truly horrifying but possible. We have to stop this, we have to do everythig=ng we can to get this country back on the rails. No – we are NOT that people.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Joe Hockey, protector of the children.

  26. Stephen Tardrew


    As an ex welfare worker I can guarantee this will send some girls into prostitution and eventually drug addiction. Might sound harsh but it is a fact. I truly despise these selfish bastards dancing on the unemployed and blowing smoke in the faces of the marginalized.

    Reducing funding for homelessness now that’s going to work a treat isn’t it?

    It is hard to find the words to describe how vile these greed-infested heartless immoral oligarchs are.

    Don’t worry Kaye I am spreading the word loud and clear. We have a government of unethical monsters.

    I could not compare them to any animal as it would be an insult to these creatures.

    They are no more than flesh eating bacteria and social viruses wreaking havoc on the low income and poor.

    Anything for a profit hey Tony? Good for a cigar and a dance on the best day to suffer the time of your miserable non-life you bludgers. For Mr Joe, (otherwise known as Twinkle Toes Stogie Man Seven Bucks) that seven dollars is nothing because you’re just a bunch of sniveling whingers.

    They have lost all credibility and sense of right and wrong. And these guys are supposed to be role models.

    My God these cretins are running the country.

  27. Sonum Norbu

    So, all these whinges raises the obvious question which is, why did you all vote for them eight months ago?

  28. kmatilda2013

    Kaye how do we become “part of the Independent Media Party”

  29. Kaye Lee

    kmatilda, you already are a part of it. It is just a notion I had this afternoon. We don’t have to enter politics, but we can sure as hell be a pain in their butts by spreading the truth and by contacting MPs and Senators demanding change. We don’t need donations or to destroy trees making glossy pamphlets, we just have to be relentless in demanding better. we need to act as a lobby group for the people.

  30. Terry Druery

    I sent a copy to Mr Abbott and our local member Mr Vasta, one of his lackeys and possibly one the the most insipid and ineffective local members EVER!

  31. kmatilda2013

    Excellent notion Kaye, i’ll think on how i can become more involved out here in Calare, National Party heartland.

  32. Stephen Tardrew

    Sonum Norbu: do you really think that anyone on this site voted for the LNP. Obviously not. People here are getting their hands, or should I say finger tips dirty, because they care. Kick the right people will ya.

  33. Don Winther

    Tony is still trying the be a Priest but Australia is not a Church and I am not a Catholic. I have lost all respect for “The Business of Religion “. I used to have respect for religion and politics but now I have none, they have lied to there followers and our Politicians have lied to us.
    Tony the church told you that you were not suitable to be a Priest as you showed no empathy for others and Australia is now telling you that are not suitable to be a any sort of politician for the same reason.

    Tony how are the Sea Eagles going now with that $10 million of ours money that you gave them? Lucky they made you number one ticket holder isn’t it, not luck just money.

    Tony you should try driving a new Australian Made Holden they are really good cars that employed and trained thousands and thousands of Australian workers until some idiot shut them down after 64 years of Australian manufacturing, we wont forget.

    Stop playing with our wizzer we are not children and it’s not your to play with. We will punch you right in the nose if you do it again. We know what you are up to.

  34. Lee

    “So, all these whinges raises the obvious question which is, why did you all vote for them eight months ago?”

    Sonum Norbu, I voted Green. I’ve never voted for the Liberal Party in my life and I can guarantee that I never will.

  35. James Cook

    Great article, but I fear the LNP supporters are as strong as ever. Just read a post on my Niece’s facebook page where she is thankful that the Libs are fixing Labor’s budget mess!! I replied to her post, pointing out a few of the lies these bastards are peddling, but I fear that the MSM is still serving the Libs too well. Maintain the RAGE!

  36. DanDark

    I would prefer to walk over a cliff and take my chances
    Than vote for the libs, they have always been a vile bunch of old out of date men
    “Life wasn’t ment to be easy” who quoted that one
    Malcom Fraser, history is repeating itself here

    But geeez life wasn’t ment to be that hard, should be the new slogan
    and just surviving is not a dignified nor healthy way for humans to live especially long term

  37. Kaye Lee

    Coalition philosophy: Short term gain for long term pain.

  38. DanDark

    Pain, it’s going to be a massacre I fear
    And we will tallying the casualties for years to come

  39. Kaye Lee

    And the good news for the wealthy just keeps on rolling in….

    Wealthy retirees were about the only group that managed to escape any of the promised shared lifting.
    While various bits of middle and lower class entitlement have had their indexing fiddled with, the good times keep rolling for those with the spare cash to whack in a tax haven.

    From July 1, those over 49 will be able to contribute $35,000 at a concessional tax rate and $180,000 of after-tax money.

    Using the pull-forward option, that means a couple with some spare cash could plonk more than $1 million in their super tax haven and never have to pay tax on what the money earns or what the super fund pays subsequently pays out to them.

    As for the merely working well-off, the salary packaging industry is being invigorated to minimise your lifting.

    That’s the same industry that the coalition saved by undoing the FBT/novated lease changes that were in the last Labor budget. Yes, it’s good to see consistency in a government.

    It would be churlish at this stage to remind the three million or so lesser citizens that there is absolutely no tax concession to encourage them to put money into super. Stop complaining and become wealthy instead.

    Read more:

  40. Lee

    I don’t know what is more worrying. The group of self-proclaimed devout Christians who are blatantly shafting everyone in the bottom 90% of the population, or the 50+ % of the population who thinks they are wonderful?

  41. Steve

    This work is an attempt to put forward those truths, a sort of primer of
    Constitutional Law; to bring to public notice the true legal functions and
    duties of the institution of
    the Monarchy, the
    offices of Governor-General and
    State Governors, Ministers of the Crown, Federal and State Parliamentarians;
    to reveal the correct legal relationship between the electors and
    parliamentarians; to show what can be done under both Commonwealth and
    State Constitutions to bring Ministers and politicians
    to a full sudden stop “. .
    . for reprimand or dismissal, without having to wait for a general election .

  42. donwreford

    As Abbott, said your taxes will be less, because your incomes will be less if not destroyed to subsistence living.

  43. DanDark

    I am reading link now, not finished tho
    Thanx Steve, bloody enlightening stuff
    after reading this, and seeing Julie Bishop being heckled tonight, by students, I know
    Karma will and come back to get ya Tony
    I wonder if she felt under attack and vulnerable and in harms way
    Well welcome to our world Julie under your brutal regime

  44. Steve

    I hope this Helps Kaye Lee !
    Here is how to format our letters to Parliament !
    Your Will Be Done – Chapter 1
    Updated: 20th November 2006
    What is the Correct Relationship of
    an Elector to a Member of Parliament?
    any issue or matter that comes before
    them in their Houses of Parliament, or
    that should come before them.
    It is only when you fulfil that lawful duty and obligation that your
    Member and Senators can properly fulfil their judicially defined function and
    duty in their houses of Parliament. If you do not fulfil your lawful duty and
    obligation, if you do not keep your Members and Senators fully informed of
    your will on any issue, then you cannot blame them for what they do. You
    have only your own laziness or indifference to blame.
    How do you correctly inform your
    Members and Senators of your WILL?
    It is so simple that only laziness and indifference ON YOUR PART stops It
    from working. Yes, it is so very s
    imple, and here is an example: Suppose, for
    instance, you believe that income tax should be halved and sales tax
    completely eliminated. You write, in this case, AN INDIVIDUAL letter to your
    Federal Member, and each one of your State Senators, such as this:
    Should your Member or Senators try to sid
    e step (and some of them are
    extremely adept at doing this) or tell you what their party is or is not doing,
    you simply write back and say:
    Dear Sir,
    I know that it is my duty to k
    eep you informed of MY WILL on
    anything that comes before Pa
    rliament, or th
    at should come
    before Parliament.
    IT IS MY WILL that you
    take immediate action
    to have income tax
    halved and sales tax
    removed completely.
    Yours faithfully,
    (insert your full name, address
    and date, as legal evidence that
    you are a constituent.)

  45. jasonblog

    “Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful”

    George Bernard Shaw

    After the Whitlam dismissal Fraser was the subject of the famous car-bumper sticker

    “Tammie’s got one, Malcolm is one”.

    Too soon for name swap for Margie / Tony?

    Perhaps not that PC these days…

  46. Kaye Lee

    Or the MP who infamously said, after a new parliamentarian was introduced as the new Country member, “Yeah I remember”

  47. DanDark

    I am watching the Drum at moment
    there is one of Tony’s supporters on spruiking crap
    the same old spin, labour ,labour, debt,doom gloom,
    defending the need to starve kids, its really quite disturbing

    So I just rangABC and said to woman on end of phone
    “You, the ABC are helping this vile govs sinister intentions and the plans that they are going to inflict on our young, they are going to starve them, This really needs to stop, we don’t want to hear this propaganda from some old white bloke that needs a hair cut, murky murdochs minion that is helping Tony to destroy the fabric of this country, and our youth,you need a more wider range of views on the drum”
    She said “she would pass my concerns on”

    So I hope she does, and if I hear the Nazi propaganda again, I will ring again,
    we need to let all the media now, enough is enough,

  48. Steve

    Good on ya Dan Dark 🙂
    it is time for us to write our- My Will- letters to parliament and get this party started , I feel this is the start of our awakening , People Power ,,legally , through our Australian Constitution 1900 and with the help of good people like Larry Hannigan , and a brilliant writer and thinker like Kaye Lee , pointing our issues in the same direction , we will overcome this evil in our land . Larry is also the voice of -Australian Constitution for dummies , and any questions you may have about our Constitution, a must see for all thinkers ! Please let me know what you think .

  49. DanDark

    Thanx Steve
    I did not carry and give birth, over the past 35 years to my 6 wonderful children,
    educate, feed, nurture, protect them and work damn hard all my life to give them a better life than mine

    If Tony and his mad ministers, or anyone else for that matter,
    is going to dare threaten there very existence, let alone their hopes and dreams, future security,
    they are WRONG, I will fight till I take my last breath….
    Bring it on Phony Tony, take on the mothers of this country, you will lose mate:)

  50. xiaoecho

    For example, the Media simply cannot say that the Libs would like to destroy Medicare – even though they intend to fine doctors for bulk billing.

    I have looked all over the internet for confirmation of this. Could you point me in the right direction?


  51. Kaye Lee


    “Doctors will be financially penalised $11 for bulk-billing concession card holders and children under the government’s proposed changes to Medicare.

    The Australian Medical Association says small medical practices could lose up to 25% of their income if they continue to bulk-bill.

    AMA president, Steve Hambleton, said: “The government is replacing a very straight, a very simple, very clear system with a very complex, very obtuse co-payment system which requires new software,” he said.

    Hambleton said the policy would hit the most disadvantaged the hardest including low-income earners, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people with chronic illnesses.

    “It’s a nightmare,” he said.

    Currently doctors receive a $36.60 rebate from the government for each patient they see, which will be reduced to $31.60 under the new system. In metropolitan areas doctors receive a $6 low-gap incentive payment when they bulk-bill concession card holders and children under 16.

    Under the new system doctors will only receive the low-gap incentive if they charge the co-payment. So instead of receiving the $42.60 they currently get for bulk-billing a disadvantaged patient, they will receive $31.60. If they charge the co-payment they will get $44.60 for treating a disadvantaged patient.”

  52. randalstella

    e.g. from the Border Mail

  53. randalstella

    I posted the excerpts but they do not appear here. See Border Mail, Dutton interview

  54. Möbius Ecko

    I am sick of the ABC allowing their guests to get away with saying Labor left a $667 billion debt. Twice in the last 24 hours, once on the Drum last night and this morning on News Breakfast, the guests have stated that Labor has left a $667 billion debt that this government has to address.

    At least on the Drum the host made a limp effort to pull up the guest on this, but this morning Jacky Kelly was allowed to go on stating it as a fact without challenge.

    Already I see the narrative changing in favour of the government’s budget across the scope of the media, including online. Hockey’s made up $667 billion will become set in stone and be repeated so often that it will be a fact in most people’s minds by the next election.

  55. Kaye Lee


    They have even fooled their own people. I rang the office of my local member to complain about exactly that. The girl who answered the phone has obviously been given a script with prepared answers. I told her it was fraudulent to claim Labor left a $667 billion debt as that figure included the Coalition cutting the revenue from carbon tax and mining tax and wasting money on PPL etc. She still blamed Labor because they won’t pass those through the Senate. She did not seem to understand that this was a projected figure for ten tears’ time using COALITION policies. I tried to explain, she said put it in an email.

  56. scaper...

    A letter to coalition MPs? Did you actually send them that emotive crap and did you get any responses?

    When you rang your local MP’s office did you hear people laughing in the background?

    Gee, I would have put Labor’s debt at $666B for extra effect. All parties lie to achieve their goals and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

  57. Kaye Lee

    Oh but you are wrong about that scaper. I can continue to spread the word about the lies this government are telling to their own citizens. And just because you are a liar too will not stop me.

  58. Michael Taylor

    Kaye Lee, Scaper has made an art form out of ‘being wrong’.

  59. scaper...

    Gee Kaye, did I say that the figure was true in my post or has your blind leftism affected your comprehension?

    Migs, I would not be crowing about wrongness. Especially the masthead of the other place. Long term unemployment of the youth occurred under the last lot unless you denote long term to eight months.

  60. Kaye Lee

    You said there was nothing I could do about it. That’s where you are wrong. I will continue to expose every lie these scumbags tell and there is nothing YOU can do about it sunshine.

  61. scaper...

    Expose all you like but you are still powerless to change such. Abbott’s broken promises will fade from the public’s minds by the time the next election is called.

    The nature of the beast.

  62. Kaye Lee

    You are obviously unaware of just how good my memory is. I am far from powerless and I will be doing everything within my power to make sure this does NOT fade from the public mind. You are sounding uncomfortably like those bullies who tell their victims that they are powerless. You picked the wrong girl scaper. I don’t do victim. I work actively for change. If you want to sit back meekly and watch while this country gets screwed that’s your choice. Don’t project your impotence onto me.

  63. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, I think scaper has started on the turps a bit early today.

  64. Michael Taylor

    Abbott’s broken promises will fade from the public’s minds by the time the next election is called.

    Only if we let it, scaper.

  65. scaper...

    Must be a mighty soapbox or is it a sandwich board???

  66. scaper...

    Turps? I don’t drink Grange!

  67. Michael Taylor

    It’ll be a roof top by the time we’re finished, scaper.

  68. Michael Taylor

    Turps? I don’t drink Grange!

    But surely someone has sent you a bottle. 😉

  69. scaper...

    Sent me a bottle? Nah, I am a magnum man. Smash the top off, good for soaking paint brushes.

  70. Kaye Lee

    Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Its the AIMN! Yes, it’s the AIMN, strange visitors from another socio-economic bracket who came to the internet with powers and abilities far beyond those of party hacks. The AIMN, who can change the course of public opinion, type truth with our bare hands. And who, disguised as Michael Taylor, mild-mannered reporter for a great internet news site, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the Australian way. And now another exciting episode in the adventures of scaper 🙂

  71. scaper...

    Hey, I’m the one who is supposed to be on the turps here.

  72. DanDark

    “Don’t argue with an idiot, because people looking on don’t know who the idiot is”
    And this one I say to my kids, when they come across fools
    “Don’t wrestle with a pig, you both get all dirty, ad the PIG likes it”

    He is just your normal Liarbil fool, and when they are escaping their great messiah Tone’s
    then and only then will they realize they are doomed too, bloody fools LOL

  73. diannaart


    Whenever I hear someone claim “life wasn’t meant to be easy”.

    I point out to myself and them:


    That is what life is for – it is not for penance, slavery, working till we drop, it is to be lived.

    No matter whether we clean toilets for a living or (due to a combination of circumstances) get to tell other people how to behave:

    Life Is Meant To Be Lived

    By all.


  74. DanDark

    Just thought I would share this letter that I sent MIke Carlton back on the 2/3 14
    Oh and now he has just realized yeah yeah Mike…

    Mike I was just reading an article you wrote back on 1st feb
    Nothing good in there,just assumptions of how bad it will be.
    It will be worse than you ever imagined, if this dictator Abbott
    and his henchmen are in power a day longer than they should be.

    So hence I will inform you if you dont already know
    the people are fighting back
    March in March a no confidence vote in Abbott and Co
    “Not in my name Mister Abbott”will be the theme
    Its country wide on weekend of 15th-17th of March
    There is a face book page with all the details times
    and places in cities and towns across the country
    Where the people will come out in masses to send
    Tyrant Tony a message,He needs to go and go now
    He is a phony a liar,corrupt
    and involed in crimes against humanity

    What you put out you will get back,its called Karma
    And Abbott gave Julia hell,so he will get that and more back
    and it will blind sided him,March in March
    Just like he blind sided Julia any chance the
    PIG of a man got,Abbott is sub-human
    a nothing pretending he is a something…


    Yes Di, Life is not for dictators to make our lives miserable

  75. DanDark

    Pyne ‘They assaulted Julie Bishop yesterday”
    Its called retaliation twit.
    he is demonizing them now

  76. randalstella

    .Dan. Rowden,
    Good article. I hope his projections on Abbott are correct – correct despite the MSM campaign to normalise these vile liars and destroyers.
    A dickhead hereabouts writes the truth about the calibre of mind that will vote Abbott anyway.

    How does Carlton survive out there among all the egregious Albericis?

  77. mars08

    “Never argue with stupid people… they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”

  78. DanDark

    Pyne ” the students have been waiting for years do demonstrate against the liberals”
    He is a psychopath

  79. mars08

    Oh… why is it that those nasty, crude students keep picking on rich, powerful, white, ruling-class wankers?

  80. Dan Rowden


    Mike is pretty popular which helps a lot. From his Wiki entry:

    He is a columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald, having been sacked from the position on 29 August 2008, for refusing to write his column during a strike by journalists at Fairfax Media. After a lengthy campaign by Herald readers and the appointment of a new editor he was invited to rejoin the newspaper in 2009.

  81. DanDark

    We need to hold the RAGE
    I woman and hear me ROAR

    I just rang Poddles office,,
    I said “Pyne is a liar,,they did not assault Julie
    We know your plan genocide, to please the rich”
    He said” do you know what assault is”
    I said “yes I do, its something we have been under from tony and co for a while now
    So tell Julie welcome to our world, Pyne is a liar, liar liar liar liar”
    till he hung up the phone, they know,
    ,they know Tony and the Liarbils are doomed

    My son is doing Bio medical engineering,
    this will force less well off kids out of uni,
    and he is up there trying to spin the crap
    Give us a break you japping little poodle

    MY next phone bill is an investment, in my country, kids and peoples future….not a cost

  82. Stephen Tardrew

    But, but they are fighting back Bronny Bee Bonnet stand up and help poor old Bronny “I Am So Georges” from the unclean hordes.

    Pissy Pine Cone will raise his hands and save us all forma a fate worse than clapping.

    How dare people question our vast intellectual superiority by protesting.

    Must be a new law in there somewhere George the Bandit.

    Call out the army; bring out the techy jets; rob the health care; homeless the youth; starve the pensioners; Give Gina a big one; bugga the NBN; kill the cars; gift the Super; diesel the farmers and miners; GST the states; TPP the corporate greed; poison the air; kill the green Tech; tie up the transport:- few getting a bit tired mate now its time to kill off the protesters.

    After all we is the Law.

  83. DanDark

    Stephen, you need to send that to Tony, he might be able use it
    Plain English
    Instead of Liberal Lunacy

    Because they will lose
    They will pay
    They will get a whack back
    it’s the law of the universe,
    the people will have their say
    You will not destroy humanity
    Australia is ours
    Not yours to screw
    You have a need to destroy
    This is just not in Australia’s DNA
    Just piss off mate….

  84. Cheryl Barrett

    Warren Truss had the nerve to say that retirees depend on the pension because they spend their super on cruises and luxuries. What a nerve. Retirees don’t get gold passes or a pension as soon as they leave politics. They will not have to wait until 70 to get a pension. I was a single parent,, I worked full time, put both my kids through Uni all with no help or Austudy – because I worked. How dare that man tell me that after 45 years paying taxes in the workforce how I can spend my super!!!!

  85. DanDark

    I hear you Cheryl
    But cos been telling us for years they have been and now are
    “the adults will/are in charge”
    they have treated us and spoke to us as we children
    we know best, you can trust a adult, we will protect you all, it goes on

    its to groom the people, to come out and say, well you will not be naughty children ad spend YOUR money
    we have a better idea, it’s all in your best interest they are telling us
    and whats “best for he nation” using patriosm on us, that works well for them too

    Tony and co have been this since Jesus played full back for Jerusalum,
    and they have now perfected the propaganda and spin…
    but maybe not, they moved in for the kill to quick,and we have time to run

  86. Cheryl Barrett

    Remember Tienamen Square. As a teacher of 45 years I used to always tell kids that an education gives you power. Abbot and co remind me of the Gang of Four from Tienamen days. Cut back on education because if we let them be educated they may rise up against us. Cut back on health and they will be too sick to fight us. Let’s hope everything gets blocked and we have a double dissolution

  87. John Kelly

    A slightly revised edition of the above has been sent to my local member, Kevin Andrews.

  88. Matthew Oborne

    I think in all fairness those that did not vote Liberal should get stickers to put on their windows saying “if you need to rob to stay alive go to a house without this sticker.

  89. Margaret-Rose STRINGER

    The new design isn’t helpful re directing one instantly to where one can comment … Never mind, maybe things will change.

    What do you mean in referring to the Independent Media Party, Kaye ?

  90. Kaye Lee


    It was just a flight of fancy rather than anything real. There is no such organisation beyond the growing number of people who choose to inform themselves via independent media and then discuss their ideas and pass on what they learn. In formation is power.

  91. Michael Taylor


    Thank you for that feedback. Our developer is currently working on a few issues for us, but once they are attended to I shall bring that to his attention.

  92. John921fraser


    @Michael Taylor

    Don't forget the "Scroll to top of page" button/arrow.

  93. theodric

    So, all these whinges raises the obvious question which is, why did you all vote for them eight months ago?

    Your comment raises the obvious question – did you vote for them? Perhaps you did and now feel so stupid that you seek some comfort in the fact that other people must have been as naive as yourself.

    I can assure you, with some pride, that I have never voted Tory in my life, and never will.

  94. Oliver Franklin

    One person can make a difference:

    Hi Kaye,
    I noted you have suggested writing our members of the senate/parliment
    Recently I started an effort to stop the scrapping of the Pensioner Education Supplement (PES)
    This tiny supplement of between 31 to 62 a fortnight enables single parents on newstart and working age pensioners
    the opportunity to afford to study.
    I have got page 1 news in a regional paper that is also being pushed up the Fairfax chain. I have actively contacted senators
    ( I lack confidence in the lower house to affect change ) via email and phone calls and I am getting traction.

    I encourage all your readers to follow your advice at the end of this article.They may be one voice but together it becomes
    a deafening shout. Protests have a part to play but using our senate, (one of the most powerful in the world whilst it lasts)
    and the media I believe the pressure is very effective,

    One person CAN make a difference. I know you believe it also or you wouldn’t be writing your excellent articles.

    Note for moderator:
    I don’t know if this is is appropriate but here’s article link:

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