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A Lack of Conviction or a Lack of Confidence?

Is it a lack of conviction toward an ideology of the Left, a lack of confidence that the Left can lead them to personal prosperity, or a lack of corporate memory of how the Right-wing has damaged the working people of this nation that has created this pot-pourri of political confusion?

And if there is anything the Right of politics thrives on, it is confusion within the voting public … because when there is doubt, a promise of financial security via pork-barrelling is “votes-in-the-booth” for the demagogues … and given that it is a dead-weight on the decency of a party with good intent that they cannot use the same machinations and malevolence of a cruel party to try and convince the voter in a now corrupted “democracy”, they are on the back-foot from the start.

Then we have the “swingers” in the party … or the base … chockers to the gills with enough social media links up their sleeve to gaslight a whole suburb with their “knowledge and opinions”. Unfortunately, as many of us have witnessed with our own now grown gen X or Y children, there seems to be a lack of solid anchoring to any ideology other than that which is delivered down a smartphone with 4 or 5G multi-megabyte speed from their peers or some of the most dubious sources on the net…and we see yet again that as in the old adage of; ”If it is reported in the newspapers” … then it must be true …

But hey, this is where a lack of corporate memory comes into the game … In an age where the reading of deep-thinking tomes of philosophy, history or satirical literature is a thing of the past as far as this next generation goes, lessons of the past, let alone advice most salubrious for the future is scorned for the incessant rush of “YouTube Instant Enlightenment” … Heaven knows how many “gosh!” moments I have had to listen to from people enlightening me with such profound newly learned knowledge …

I didn’t know I didn’t know so much!

And that takes us to the inevitable next phase of this post-modern (yes … sigh … it is still among us) outcome of spoon-fed dis-information … the lack of confidence of a rising generation to make decisions based on their own evolved knowledge and experience.

How can we expect a person raised upon uncertainty or distrust in culture, ideology, education and work to have the confidence to strike out without fear or favour. A whole generation … NO, wait … several generations … thrown into a mix of massive debt before diploma, no certainty of employment after graduation, be it in many spheres of training or tertiary education, and then only casual or crude short-term contracts and perhaps only a fall-back position of chance and circumstance in the notorious “gig-economy” of Uber or such-like … a ghastly outlook.

We recently had to go to the Telstra Store in the capital city to get them to validate our ownership of an ipad that had locked itself over password difficulties … we were told to go wait in the corner like shunned lepers while a bevy of hipsters worried over the legitimacy of ownership … It soon became clear from snippets of overheard conversation and grave looks in our direction that these youngsters couldn’t individually come to a decision without the whole group agreeing that those two obviously aged pensioners were perhaps part of a black-market gang trading in stolen iPads! … this little “jury of doubt” would have passed my fatalistic acceptance of the trials of modern technology but for another one-on-three feisty complaint another aged pensioner was having with Telstra staff over his old flip-top mobile phone, the staffers telling the old chap that he ought to upgrade to a later “smartphone” to get the service he now complains that is lacking …

“Smartphone!” … he loudly exclaimed. “The phone may be smart, but I have doubts that those who run it are!” … and he stormed off leaving the youngsters giggling and smirking … gone to us of a certain generation is the old Telstra … as reliable as the “On the stroke, the time will be … “ Man … and there we see not so much a gap between the generations, but more a gaping abyss of distrust and deception … a rising generation that leans more and more on fed dubious dis-information and jargon of a rhetoric complexity that both reassures and appeals to the demand of instant solution … the type of solution that pork-barrelling of various methodologies can assuage … the sort of thing we have seen the current collision of clowns in gov’t are brilliant at.

So there we have it … a combination in my opinion of a lack of conviction toward identity ideology, a lack of “follow-your-instinct” confidence in one’s own self and confirmed with a sadly lacking corporate memory of historical precedence to give solid grounding to one’s political stance …

Whether an attractive by its brutality swing to the far right, or a fright by the brutality swing to radical left will win the day and the vote, it all seems up in the air at the moment … one thing is for certain is that anyone with demagogue rhetoric will be out there swinging their shlock to create more doubt and confusion and if there is one thing Right-wing politics thrives upon, it is doubt and confusion in the electorate … grist for their mills and no mistake.

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  1. Andrew Darroch

    As a result of technology in the economy in the 20th century, people gained increased leisure and wealth. They also could become more informed and independent minded citizens, but many have been so captured by media propaganda, they instead believe in false memes and conspiracy. Such manipulation has supported and masked the rise in inequality in society and unnecessary poverty. A good example of this at work is provided by the Murdoch media in Australia, the USA and UK and the success of right-wing politics.

  2. Joseph Carli

    Agree, Andrew Darroch…but I have to also draw our attention to the sight of so many younger people voicing their anger at and marching for such subjects as the Black Lives movement, Environment, Refugees and other topics, not to mention the outrage voiced on social media over many more…but then we come to the hurdle, and I have to say, going by the stark evidence of the LNP being returned at the last THREE elections, where many of these younger people COULD vote, there seems to be a mass falling at that first hurdle…where the voiced anger and disgust at this Govt’s behaviour at the Despatch Box has not turned into votes at the Ballot Box…..where does the anger go? it reasoned financial self-preservation or plain fear?

  3. Matters Not

    Andrew Darroch – You say

    , they instead believe in false memes and conspiracy

    Yes there’s evidence of that. But why doesn’t that apply to you? Or did it apply to you but that felt problem has been solved (in your case)? If so how or why did that happen? What advice have you for those who are still asleep? Particularly those who don’t believe it and would argue that they are perfectly content with their restful state and why don’t you mind your own business? etc.

    Should the awakening be forced? If so – then Isn’t that supposed to happen via compulsory education? Or is this schooling simply masking reality rather than exposing it?

  4. wam

    A good topic, joseph, and one that is found at every front office in the land, especially in the public service, public or private education institutions where the least computer literate with the least computer access code, the lowest paid, the newest employee is the guardian of information. Stand firm and you will get an online site, sigh and stand you will get phone number still remonstrate about ‘been there done that’ and a new face appears who begins the process again.
    However should you have found a young expert in telstra they know their machines, they know the idiots up the line, they know the government and they are many. Kaye like all high school teachers, knows every kid is able to learn and has already been learning all their life. Unless, like the rabbott or scummo, they have been totally bible-ised they can be influenced. A few by we oldies but many by their peers. The young 18 year olds need releasing from murdoch and the deniers. They need to be informed, albo, of the LNP failings and the workers need reassuring that that labor policies are for the now and future. Time to move, albo, out into the daylight or just out of the way.

  5. Anne Byam

    A very good and interesting article Joseph.

  6. Joseph Carli

    Labor’s difficulty is in selling progressive policies to an ever increasingly narcissic electorate…On climate change for instance, I have been writing articles about the breakdown of the links in the chain of species both flora and fauna…I know it because I live amongst it here in the open Mallee Country…But what does the general public see when it drives along the main highways at 110 kms/hr?…it sees what the gov’t line is..that they are pouring money into “environmental protection”…and they see trees, shrubs, the odd kangaroo or wombat…killed or alive..but they do not see the broken chain of species..they see a park… a park with an empty heart..and it was only the destruction of the bushfires last Summer that the news pics showed the killing of so many species that really brought home the loss of habitat and flora these species rely upon…
    We have a public reliant upon spoon-feeding infortainment..and that is not enough to get them off their arses and vote for extreme change..not enough…not near enough!

    Empty Park – Vacant Heart.

    I am going to ask you to think outside the square…to imagine, or rather to concentrate on the erroneous perception that when we see bushland, either from the window of our car or on a walk in a bushland park, we believe that because we see what appears to be thick over storey and understorey foliage there will be a full list of fauna to partake of the verdant growth…particularly in a nature reserve. But because of a series of events, both natural and human intervention, the biodiversity “chain” that supported and nourished the “circle of life” within the world of these bushland parks has been broken and the gaps between the links that held one species to the next are too far apart to support a healthy body of life….So we sometimes have an empty woodland…an empty park, a vacant heart.

    Two creatures who are suffering from a destroyed food-chain are the wombat and the pygmy possum.
    Climate Change has already brought about extreme weather conditions measured by the number of extreme weather records broken in all parts of the globe. Here, in the mallee we have a combination of events that have driven the wombat to a point where it is found to be starving to death in it’s own heathlands because of a dearth of native grasses off which it habitually feeds. If such a large mammal is suffering so tragically, then you can imagine the plight of the tiny Pygmy Possum. For a creature 6.5cm. in body w/a 7.5cm. tail it has to be one of the most difficult mammals to spot at night-time….and one of the most vulnerable to feral attack.

    The biodiversity these creatures need to survive is under constant attack…ergo, these creatures are under constant attack…There is no point feeling sympathy unless we are prepared to give safe harbour to many threatened species here in the mallee..We have to demand a withdrawal from the habitats of these creatures of the destructive mechanisms that tear these lovely animals apart.

    From the clumsy lumbering of the loveable Wombat to the supremely vulnerable Pygmy Possum, a creature so small one could simply crush the life from it’s tiny body with ease, yet has the capacity of all soft-bodied mammals to wrench the heart-strings in sympathy for it’s slowly destructing environment.

    It is up to us as we view from vehicle window, or idyllic stroll in passing the bushland on either side of the road, to decide if we have the heart to insist on a healthy environment for these creatures to just live their normal lives or whether we will be callously content with a future driving through an empty park , with a vacant heart.

  7. Arnd

    “A Lack of Conviction or a Lack of Confidence?”

    More like a decades- long entrenched lack of clear and critical thinking, including self-critical thinking!!

    Also, I don’t much like the idea of going back to the days of unwavering ideological commitment.

    This is not to say that we should not from time to time attempt to sort, organise and review empirical observations and speculative thought into coherent and systematic doctrines – aka “narratives” (but without the air of winy-fantastic fairytale telling).

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