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A John Clarke Inspired Sketch: Mia from PMO

Brian: Thanks for your time tonight.

John: It’s a pleasure to be with you, Brian, good evening.

Brian: Now you’re from the Prime Minister’s office?

John: That’s right, Brian. I work for the big guy.

Brian: And what’s your name?

John: My name’s Mia, Brian.

Brian: Mia from the Prime Minister’s office. We haven’t seen you around much recently. Is everything alright?

John: It comes with the territory, Brian. The Prime Minister’s a busy man.

Brian: He must be, because we haven’t seen him in the last few days. What’s motivating him?

John: He gets his inspiration from Jesus, Brian.

Brian: How so?

John: Well, Brian, he often asks himself ‘What would Jesus do?’ and then for some reason he goes and hides for three days.

Brian: Then he sends you, Mia, out to speak to the media for him?

John: That’s my job, Brian laughter in the background.

John: What’s that?

Brian: Just the crew.

John: Why are they laughing? Are they laughing at me?

Brian: I really wouldn’t know, Mia.

John: I represent the Prime Minister.

Brian: Yes, I know you do, Mia, and you do it so well, too. Thanks for joining us tonight.

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  1. DrakeN

    Clarke and Dawe – I miss them more than I could ever have imagined.

  2. Williambtm

    I no longer allow any further mainstream media faeces into my brainbox, I keep that space aside for good things.
    I rely on Australia’s online independent news reports and articles written.
    At least one then has access to the facts.

  3. David Stakes

    Gosh I miss this mans Wit, he would have a field day now.

  4. Michael Taylor

    Stop the press! It just hit me (thanks to Grumpy’s comment).

    Mia: Missing in action.

    Very clever.

  5. Pagnol

    Williambtm, you are not alone.

  6. Bronte ALLAN

    This comic genious is sadly missed, just imagine the field days he would have with this fcking lot?

  7. New England Cocky

    If it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious! But then Scummo is the target of many jokes including Barnyard Beetrooter.

  8. Wam

    Loved the 3 days, Tim, politically the prick must be nearly dead and let’s hope the prick doesn’t rise.
    Yes Bronte imagine him on Gladys who, after smashing Victoria and dam now announce her crisis is Australia’s problem.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Wam, shouldn’t you should be watching the footy? 😁

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