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9-5 Jobs on Ice(land): Scandinavia Shows the Way

In a long-term study carried out in Iceland, the traditional 9 to 5 five work structure has been decimated. The research, carried out over four years, reduced the weekly hours workers put in without docking their pay. Specifically, they trialed a four-day workweek. The results will cause the capitalist class to squeal, squirm and yell every insult imaginable. Are you ready? Not only were the workers involved in the study much happier with greater work-life balance, but productivity went up. Let us delve into this.

The Study, Part One: Happy Workers

Over a period of four years, 2500 workers from various industries took part in a four day work week. Hours were reduced and pay remained the same. The results of the study were, according to one of the researchers

… hugely positive. Workers from all sorts of areas of the public sector are incredibly happy with their work-life balance, spending more time with their families, doing more kind of extracurricular activities — things like cycling, taking up new hobbies, and so on’

So, the workers’ lives improved as a result of spending less time at the office. Who would have thought? Now, I doubt the owner class would ever say this in so many words, but who gives a sh*t about that? They are peasants, they are replaceable. But those of us outside the sociopathic bubble of shareholders and corporate profits see the benefits. Happy workers are more likely to work hard for you and see their job as something of value. In short, people are less likely to revolt if you do not crush them. Shocking.

The Study, Part Two: Muh Profits!

One of the arguments one hears against reduced working hours or increased wages is ‘what about the profits’. The Ferengi from Star Trek are now a model, not a warning. This race was a parody of extreme, unfettered capitalism which placed profit above all else. Profit defined the very identity of a member of this species. There were no unions, health regulations, or anything else that got in the way of holy profit. This race is now the basis for modern so-called capitalism.

But it turns out this study has that covered too. According to the report outlining the findings

The trials were successful: participating workers
took on fewer hours and enjoyed greater well-being,
improved work-life balance and a better cooperative
spirit in the workplace — all while maintaining existing
standards of performance and productivity

That last clause is decisive. The precious profits of the parasitic vultures in the owner class remained the same. This despite the reduction in the number of hours the workers did. This research undermines the profit argument, with its petulant sense of entitlement to the time and labor of workers. Why should they break their backs to have the owner class hoard the vast majority of the profits? Technology has advanced to the point that this archaic, almost feudal social structure has outlived its usefulness.

Analysis: What of the Future?

As I said in the opening of this piece, if this study receives any coverage from the western media at all, it will be negative. The western owner class is not interested in workers having more time to themselves. The maintenance of the archaic structure of 9-5 Monday to Friday (and this only because the law says so) is much more important. The owner class will bitch about socialism and communism and all the other non-arguments they use to destroy anything that resounds to the benefit of the peasantry.

Let them. Let them squeal and expose their petulance and sense of entitlement for all to see. If they are willing to commit suicide in public, who are we to prevent them? This research is only the beginning.

Conclusion: A Long Time Coming

In 1930, the economist John Maynard Keynes (of Keynesian Economics renown) predicted that, in the twenty-first century, a 15-hour workweek would suffice. This prediction, grounded in the technological development of the age, has of course not come to pass. The technology did, but the social change did not come with it. Let us remember that the 9-5 (or 9-3 in the case of school) schedule is artificial: we made it up. Indeed, the limitations that are placed on labor (child labor laws, minimum wage etc) were also made up. Never forget, friends, that the very existence of such laws tells you that if they could get away with it, they would.

But back to Keynes and his prediction. The idea that technology should result in fewer hours for workers and more time for, you know, living, has been long in the pipeline. The owner class just hoarded the benefits for themselves. Using America as an example, if the minimum wage kept pace with productivity (as it did before the 1980s) it would be more than $22/hr now instead of the $7.25 federal minimum. The owner class is, in a very real sense, a parasite: extracting resources from the host that is the rest of society. Unlike most parasites though, the owner class has convinced the host of its necessity. The current study says ‘not as essential as you think’, and it is to be lauded for that. May its data and conclusions serve as the basis for future, broader trials of this long-overdue and quite fundamental social change.

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  1. wam

    The difference is trust. Scandinavians trust each other. Our bosses judge the workers as themselves. So the expectation is that the workers will lie, cheat and skim off the top. The government applies the same principle to Aborigines who are judged by 19th century social beliefs and are all one size, same ability and limited to grade 3 mental attainment, to unemployed who are dole bludgers and welfare who are cheats. the methods used to control the perceived wrongs are draconian and applied under AI without care or consideration.
    Is there a chance they will go this time? Perhaps if albo fires up and somebody gags the bandit who will keep the lnp in power until his agenda is reached.

  2. AI

    Wam, true, trust is more a factor in how Nordic govs interact with their people. Remember Sweden in 2020 and how the gov dealt with the SARS Cov-2 outbreak. Personal responsibility instead of a strict paternalistic lockdown mentality is a more intelligent way to live in my view. I don’t know if it would work in Aus though. Iceland has interesting ideas for home quarantine:
    Dr Jones, the ideas of Keynes are being voided by those of Klaus Schwab and the merry band of sociopaths and psychopaths in the World Economic Forum. The parasitic class, with the WEF a shining example, has no truck with Keynes nor any ideas of fair play. You might notice that class now have at their disposal a high-tech arsenal of nano-tech, bio-tech, info-tech and cognitive pys-op science – NBIC*, which they are using to remove the last of our freedoms.
    According to Schwab “The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”. Translate that to mean in-body RF or near-IR readable nano-tech as promised by micro-needle array vaccine patches which are on the horizon. The Great Reset, transhumanism, Build Back Better a More High-Tech Hamster Wheel, it’s all good, just ask any puppet who works in media or gov. Our would-be enslavers are decades ahead in planning, it might pay everyone to try catch up.

  3. New England Cocky

    Over 50 years ago I remember Australian academics heralding the imminent introduction of the 20 hour working week. Instead, we had continued exploitation of workers by bosses who demanded unpaid overtime & reduction of working conditions including OH&S while the bosses skimmed more in workplace benefits. The Accord encouraged this development, especially after the Liarbral Nazional$ took that good idea and prostituted it for the benefit of their parasitic corporate corporate mates.

    Now we see Scummo attempting to do the same thing with superannuation for the benefit of his banking mates.

  4. Jack sprat

    ” it’s always been about class warfare and we have won ” Warren Buffet .

  5. Figure11

    Not sure the study did “specifically trial a four day work week”. What it did trial was a reduction in weekly hours from 40 to 36 or 35 through shorter daily hours. To go from a 40 hour 5 day week to 36 hour 4 day week would require longer hours on each of those days. I could not see anything in the report that spoke about longer daily hours.

    Also, it seems the bulk of the study was done with public sector “industries”, not private sector. Public sector productivity is quite a difficult thing to measure – is it pages of policy produced? The impact of this on private sector productivity would be interesting – would it improve profitability for the businesses involved?

    A bit like Covid lockdowns – the public sector sails through lockdowns with nary a blip – in a great number of instances their disposable income increases. The private sector, on the other hand, are the ones who take the lockdown hits in terms of lost business/profit. Certainly in the case of small to medium business anyway.

  6. Lawrence Roberts

    The French have been on a 4 day week for 20 years. Slightly different, I believe they work a 35 hour week and there was also an intention to reduce unemployment with no overtime.

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