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710 corporations paid $0 tax on almost half a trillion revenue

GetUp! Media Release

One third of the largest corporations in Australia paid $0 tax in 2017-18, stunning new data released by the Australian Tax Office reveals.

This year’s data revealed 710 tax avoiding corporations had a combined total revenue of $458,632,686,428, and taxable incomes of $10,617,889,645.00. They include:

  • Woodside Petroleum: $0 tax on $6.3 billion revenue, $1.2 billion taxable income
  • Shell Energy Holdings: $0 tax on $4.5 billion revenue, $200 million taxable income
  • Atlassian: $0 tax on $1 billion in revenue, $138 million taxable income
  • Goldman Sachs: $0 tax on $480 million revenue, $14 million taxable income
  • Chevron: $0 tax on $5.2 billion revenue
  • Santos: $0 tax on 3.4 billion revenue

It’s clear that the government has had little success in cracking down on corporate tax dodgers, as 100 companies have paid $0 in tax over the last five years.

GetUp Campaigns Director Ed Miller said the ATO data shows successive governments have failed to deal with corporate tax cheats:

“People are sick of waking up each December to find out they’ve personally contributed more tax than massive corporations like Exxonmobil and Goldman Sachs.

“Wages have flatlined, everyday people are feeling the brunt of a stagnating economy and still paying more tax than some of the worlds biggest corporations. It’s just not fair.

“There are people working part time on Newstart who are contributing more tax than these corporate tax cheats. The Morrison Government should be ashamed.”

“Our broken tax system is one of the main reasons inequality is skyrocketing and more than three million people in this country are forced to live in poverty.

“When a third of the biggest corporations are getting away with not paying a single cent of tax, it’s clear something in the system is seriously broken.

“It’s time for the Morrison Government to step up and force these corporations to contribute their fair share.”


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  1. Wobbley

    The CEO’s of companies that have payed no tax in this country after making obscene profits here should not be made criminally responsible, they should be by law forced onto youstarve and made exist without any networking, friends help, or any other cheating tendencies that they display. They would soon be breached for being non-compliant anyway and may still end up incarcerated.

  2. totaram

    Nothing surprising. They are the “donors” who put the government in and they reap the rewards. What’s wrong with that?

    And what is more: so what are you going to do about it? Any ideas?

  3. M

    Re: Any ideas? At least one. Let’s take Energy Australia as an example for ‘treatment’.

    Welcome to the multinational tax avoider from central casting; worse, a company whose assets used to be owned by Victoria and NSW, by taxpayers themselves, until they were privatised. Now EnergyAustralia is controlled by a company in the British Virgin Islands, which is in turn controlled by a Hong Kong energy conglomerate, which itself controlled by Chinese shareholders and the billionaire Kadoorie family.

    4 year total income $30,229,662,288

    4 year taxable income $51,800,099
    Margin 0.17%

    4 year tax payable $0

    Tax Rate 0.00%

    How hard would it be to get electricity users in Australia to boycott this company? Then they would change? Perhaps Labor could lead the charge? Something to do during working hours? Break the boredom?

    Let’s call the tactics – Naming and Shaming. Why it might even catch on. Because there’s many more that are vulnerable.

    More here.

  4. Aortic

    Public funding of elections anyone?

  5. Matters Not

    Public funding of elections won’t solve the problem – just tinker at the edges.. As many aver, it’s the media that play a crucial role in determining elections. So how much is a Murdoch editorial worth? What about compromising photos? Opinion pieces? What about lack of coverage? And it doesn’t have to cost a cent. Just a donation in kind.

    Will public funding prevent (outside) interference from a citizen of another nation? Examples might include – Murdoch, Bezos, Zuckerberg. The latter won’t even ‘fact check’. No – the public funding horse has bolted – at least in terms of overall effectiveness.

  6. Mal Adjusted

    As little as it may matter in this big wide world, I have been boycotting newspapers, commercial TV crap, and anything else that doesn’t deliver quality service for many years. I will watch ABC on rare occasions hoping they have become impartial and am always disappointed. My wife likes to buy an occasional newspaper and when she has finished reading them, I put them in a special box for later use as fire starters when camping. The resolution of refusing to read, watch and listen to the garbage in the mainstream media is good for the mind and the wallet.

  7. wam

    Us fiscal effwits are so angry at the tax system that lets this occur.
    Why can’t medicare levy be on gross income of foreign companies and on gross income.
    If the twiggies and frankers through to pensioners pay 1%.
    The health of Australians is catered for???

  8. Miriam English

    Outrage. That’s what will change things.
    It starts with petitions and email deluges.
    It moves through marches.
    It ends with crowds with pitchforks surrounding the politicians’ homes.

    I’m not suggesting violence. Just menace them. They are cowards.

  9. totaram

    Who will do the naming and shaming? Who will menace them? People who have no idea about what is going on? Who are told that everything is fine and actually believe it?

    If you do menace them they will bring out their pet cops, the ADF, and their pet spooks, the ASIO, and put you in jail for “terrorism” offences that can’t even be discussed or talked about. Are you serious?

    Miriam, the fact that you have suggested “menacing them” puts you in danger already. Check out what laws you might have violated.

  10. johno

    Greed on steroids !!

  11. crypt0

    Mal ..
    Me too, but there are many hundreds of thousands, probably millions who still subscribe to all that shit, and uncritically take it all in and adopt it as fact and it therefore becomes their opinion.
    You can hear it being regurgitated if you talk to, say, a Herald Scum reader.
    Australia has been doing the same since 1975, and look how well it worked then … still does.
    Too many Australians are just not too bright, I won’t even mention apathetic.

  12. Watchdog

    Larger corporate company operations will always take advantage of international tax rates. As an example, we see the comparable tax rate and cost of doing business in Europe as difficult when compared to Dublin, Ireland. Dublin has been transformed by corporate companies. Singapore is similar.. Unfortunately, large parts of our voting electorate (supported by a vocal minority) continue to misunderstand the corporate business practices, especially when politicians advocate for lower corporate taxes in Australia..(less is more).
    Sure, we can impose extra governance impediment’s and one of many injuries would be less tax paying jobs in Australia.

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