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Turnbull: From Diamond to Deviant. Oh! How He Has Fallen

I felt sick today. Truly sick. Malcolm Turnbull dangled people with disabilities as political pawns. He used vulnerable people as pawns to pressure Labor to support harsh cuts to welfare or he would hold off on the NDIS. Turnbull has now slid all the way from Diamond to Deviant. There is absolutely no coming back from this.

Tawdry Deals Between the Sheets

Before Turnbull had to whisper tawdry deals to Pauline Hanson between the sheets; he was so proud of the NDIS. When he thought he was invincible in September, 2015 he said this about signing agreements for the NDIS.

This marks a huge milestone towards the delivery of one of the largest social policy reforms in our nation’s history.

Fast forward post the 2016 election, Turnbull returns by the skin of his teeth. No longer popular with the people. No longer popular with his party. A whipping boy for the rancid right and now plays kissing cousins for real with Pauline Hanson – the Jimmy Swaggart of the Racist Set.

All Hail Turnbull – A Diamond

In 2015, he was considered a diamond. Precious and rare. A Prime Minister who would never lose his sparkle. In that point in time, in all his verbose puffery, he wailed glorious over the benefits of the NDIS.

I am proud our Governments are securing a sustainable NDIS that will be available to all who need it and I want to thank all of those who have worked so hard to get us here.

All Hail Turnbull – A Deviant

Today, just 17 months later Turnbull dismissed the NDIS as a burdensome cost to the taxpayer. A shameful political defence that reduced some of our most vulnerable people, who need our support, love and pro-community solidarity, into nothing more than a stigmatising liability on the taxpayer.

He then drew the “Hanson card” and pitted the oppressed against the oppressed. A tactic normally reserved to pit the homeless against the refugees; he used this card to pit jobless youth living under the poverty line against people with a disability

In a dehumanising fashion that literally made my skin crawl and my stomach flop; he did something so abhorrently repulsive, I could not believe my ears.

What Was He Thinking

I know I have already expressed I was shocked. I still am, hours later. Listening to this today, I was appalled. I couldn’t imagine what sort of person I would have to become to do this. How would I feel? What would I be thinking about? How could I look a person with a disability in the face again?

I really want to know what was going through his head. What was he feeling. Not that he would reply but I just had to tweet him this. If a journalist can ask him face to face that would be great.

Turnbull threatened to withhold assistance for people with a disability they have been waiting years for, unless Labor signed off on harsh reductions in welfare. This includes a reduction in payment for Newstart and withholding payment from new recipients for four weeks. Over 25% of people on Newstart also have a disability.

The choice Turnbull gave Labor is sickening and can be summed up as:

Sign up to push unemployed young people into more poverty and homelessness or the disabled kid gets it.


How Far He Has Fallen

The Prime Minister is showing an obvious contempt for people with a disability. The tirade towards Bill Shorten calling Shorten a parasite; clearly shows this was a case of psychological projection where Turnbull was bellowing out his deepest feelings about himself. Today he was on display as a parasitic, loathsome creature.

I would not normally be so harsh; but his behaviour today was nothing short of contemptible. I have no other words. I’m sorry.

In 2017, the transition from diamond to deviant is complete. Turnbull now holds views that are incompatible with civil society. Oh! How he has fallen!

Turnbull Holds the NDIS Hostage. Please sign the petition below.

Click to Sign the Petition Below


Originally Published on The Red Window Blog


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  1. Gilly

    Huh what more could be expected of someone who would try E B on an ex using her favored pet as a proxy

  2. Jaquix

    Every day they sink lower and lower,nyet they blunder on. Words fail me.

  3. Freetasman

    It very short time IMHO Australia will be like USA regarding treatment of the sick and poor population.
    God help Australia if this mob is elected again with the help of One Nation.

  4. wam

    when a diamond is being cut a wrong move and it shatters and how the bastards have splintered into shards.

    Your slogan”

    Senators: ‘Sign up to push unemployed young people into more poverty and homelessness or the disabled kid gets it.’

    should be on every labor party supporter’s facebook and shared around the world.

  5. Kronomex

    He’s no doubt hoping that by trying to drag Labor into this hideously revolting scheme (don’t forget that it’s all their fault anyway) he can share the blame around when it explodes in his face. The LNP seems to be going into full on self-destruction mode and this will only hasten his political demise. Will Turnbull last to the end of the year? I’ll be surprised if he makes it through the next six months because he’s starting to show (to me at least) signs of becoming well and truly unstable and unfit to be in the position of PM.

    I’m not a fan of Labor but I hope, I really hope, that Shorten does not get sucked into this act of utter bastardry by a bunch of elitist lunatics.

    It’s all the LNP has left since they are not game enough to go after the real parasites…hint, Gina…hint, Rupert…and their other corporate masters and filthy rich mates. Much simpler to go after the peasants who can’t fight back to get any money they can and use them as hostages to get their way.

  6. nurses1968

    Surely this is the straw to break the low life camels back
    First they came for single parents and vulnerable families through cuts to FTB, then they went for new mums stripping back their paid parental leave and now it’s the NDIS being held to ransom.
    Parents of children with disabilities have been waiting years for support and now the government is pulling the rug out from under them – holding the full roll out of the NDIS to ransom. What Mr Turnbull is saying to these families is that the future care and support of their kids is now only possible if single mums and new mums pay for it.
    It’s time to tell Mr Turnbull to get stuffed, leave the poor alone and resign and hand iver to Shorten if he can’t handle the job.
    As Shorten is the architect of NDIS, he’s capable of fixing the sorry mess Turnbull is steering us towards and if necessary, raise bloody taxes to pay for it,I’m willing to pay more

  7. kristapet

    Oh brother, how much lower can the LNP go ?? – A ‘values’ vacuum and moral morass, sinking this country fast, due to moral turpitude by the LNP government – The whole air has become thick with their sticky, tar sludge and lack of egalitarian values – this country is for everyone not the wealthy and rich few – In the wild, elephants look after each other better than this.Their (LNP) brains are not even fit for a dung heap!

  8. Klaus Petrat

    He never was a diamond. He always was a guy who portrait his spineless character to appeal to the progressives, unless power depended on it.

    Not a bloke worth sweating about and he never was a diamond.

  9. Adam

    I haven’t read the MSM today, but are they in one voice in protest against this latest bit of LNP inhumanity? Or are they cheering on the LNP, happy to promise a $40B tax break to the big banks but not fund the NDIS.

  10. Wayne Turner

    Dickheads with no shame.

  11. havanaliedown

    His “Diamond” phase – when he was a weak, ineffective, hopeless, unelectable Opposition Leader. Too dim to see through through the climate change ponzi scheme. His “Diamond redux” phase was as Comms Minister – constant mischevious undermining of his PM, happily courting the ABC leftists on trendy causes such as SSM and aforesaid climate ponzi fraud whenever they would have him on Q&A.

    This may be the dawn of a new, shiny, conservative, rational Malcolm. I personally don’t think the Liberals can afford to waste another election campaign on this politically inept, and lazy excuse for a leader. He may step down when he realises he will need to go further West than Double Bay two or three times in 2019. This horrible thought probably keeps him awake at night.

  12. Ricardo29

    If this is true, then Turnbullis truly an ankle, three feet lower than an arsehole.

  13. MichaelW

    Turnbull has absolutely no shame, no conscience and no idea. A man who has kowtowed to the right of the party just to remain PM. A man who has sold his soul to the devil.
    I thought Abbott and Hockey were bad, but Turnbull and Morrison are just as bad if not worse.

    If Morrison is shipped overseas with a huge salary and expense account and Malcolm is shafted it will make no difference as the far right lunatics control the PM. treasurer and policies. Those on the front bench are just puppets.

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