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Stuff the Silent Majority. It is Your Time to Be Heard

The Silent Majority demand to be heard. What about your rights to be heard? Are you prepared to do nothing? Will you be heard when the ‘silent majority’ finally get their way? Or are you prepared to sit there and let the media and minor parties tell you that you do not matter anymore?

Who Are The Silent Majority

Who are the silent majority? No one really knows. They don’t protest or fight for rights. Nor do they write to newspapers or politicians to raise issues. They haven’t really given a stuff about anything, until now. Until Pauline Hanson ‘gave them a voice.’ Or so the media tells them she has.

They are the angry silent people who have never bothered with politics. While others have been out in the streets protesting, the silent majority have done nothing.

For years the silent majority have looked at politicians on television or on Facebook and have made their judgements. Not on their policies, but on what they look like.

The media has placed them front and centre and now it is only their opinion that matters. They truly believe an angry protest vote will magically make the world a perfect place.

This is Bothering Me

This phenomenon has really bothered me. Particularly because of Trump and the rise of Hanson.  I feel the world is teetering on the edge.  I feel the hard fought gains with so many things we take for granted and enjoy, like proper health care, free education and rights at work and decent wages, will be torn to shreds in an instant.

It is a terrifying feeling and I do not believe I am the only one who feels this way.

I have an impending doom of the return of work choices – where we had NO RIGHTS AT WORK. 

How can anyone forget that? I will never, ever forget.

This is not a game. Politics is not a game. It really affects people’s lives.

I have taken the time to be less political and more approachable. I’ve asked more questions, listened and not said a word. Sometimes I have been a straight out eavesdropper and listened in.  (sorry Mum! – My mum did not like eavesdroppers).

Mostly, I have listened.  I have listened in pubs, the checkout, at social gatherings and I have waded through commentary on newspaper forums and Facebook posts, day after day.

Some Random Opinions

I often hear or read things about politicians such as:

“Ooh she looks like a bitch, I don’t like her.” (about Catherine King)

“Listen to this dickhead (physically mocking), who is this clown?’ (about Christopher Pyne)

“Jesus…Shorten is nothing but forehead, must be a brain in there somewhere hahahaha!” (about Bill Shorten)

“Blah, Blah, Blah, come and work as hard as me and then you can have an opinion, mate!” (about Barnaby Joyce)

“I like her. She seems nice.” (about Julie Bishop)

“Yeah, Yeah” (dismissive) (about Malcolm Turnbull)

“Feed that man a F ###### Pie” (about George Christensen)

“When Turnbull’s gone, don’t put Abbott back in, put him in” (about Chris Bowen – LABOR!!!!)

and of course we have:

“YEAAAHHHH Pauline. Pauline for PM” (cue five grown men insanely grinning and head nodding) (about Pauline Hanson)

They know who Pauline is because she is the star of breakfast news television and the media shoves her face in our face every five minutes and never asks her hard questions.

This may be a shock to some of the very politically engaged voters reading this (and obviously Mr. Turnbull); but some do not even know who the Prime Minister is.

Many have absolutely no idea who Barnaby Joyce, is. Many do not know which politician belongs with which party (see Chris Bowen example above).

What Is Going On?

Because some people know I am politically engaged, I will often be approached to explain an issue, when they hear or see something.

An example is:

Them: So Shorten….is he Labor or Liberal?

Me: Labor

Them: So the other ones then….the Liberals (Me: Yeh) what are they doing to the dole?

Me: They don’t want people under 25 to have any dole for four weeks – it was six months, then six weeks, now four weeks. People will starve! We must stop this!

Them: Well Pauline will not allow that then.

Me: Ahhh yes, she will. She supports it

Them: Yeh, so she will get in and it won’t happen.

Me: No….she supports Government for no payment. She wants them to starve for a month too.

Them: No, that won’t be right.

Me:  Ahh yes, it is. She votes with the bastard Liberals on almost everything. She supports it.

Them: I don’t believe that. You must have it wrong.

Me: No. She is an ex-Liberal and supports Turnbull. Hanson said she supports it.

Them: Well I say you are wrong. We will see who is right when she wins.

Me: stunned

This is the point where I physically want to smash my head through a wall. If anyone has any answers, any advice to combat this. Please, please put your suggestions below.

The Movement Deciding Our Future

Yet, this silent majority apparently know so much about the political decisions and how these decisions affect their lives. Their abundance of political knowledge has made them so angry about not being heard.

Apparently, these are the people we all must listen to, but they refuse to listen to anyone else. The silent majority will decide our future.

Well stuff that!

When the silent majority vote for Hanson, will you be happy to be ignored? A blind anger the media has told them they have when they have never cared about politics before? People who judge politicians on their hair style? Are you better than this?

Let’s have a look at just four things a Hanson / Liberal Duopoly will bring.

The Hanson / Liberal Duopoly


Out of Work? Kids out of Work?

You will not be heard if you are out of work and under 25. You are a citizen who does not matter. Four weeks with no income. No money for food, rent, phone, basic hygiene needs. Nothing.  Then you will receive less money than now. Only $433 per fortnight.  If you are a parent of someone under 25. You will support them, out of your own pocket. Hanson and Turnbull are paid way, way more than you. They do not care.  If the silent majority decides. You do not have a say.

Need a Job? Kids need a job? 

Hanson supported the Liberal’s ABCC, so if you are an apprentice or a mature aged worker, your voice will not be heard if you want a job in the construction industry. The ABCC discourages apprenticeships and mature aged workers. You are a citizen who does not matter. Worker deaths increased under the last ABCC.This could be your loved one or friend. Hanson and Turnbull do not care. If the silent majority decides. You do not have a say.

Storms, Cyclones, sweltering heat or freezing cold? 

The Hanson / Liberal duopoly don’t want to listen to you on this one. You are a citizen that does not matter. You will not be heard. Hanson supports the West Australian Liberal Government’s plan to privatise electricity assets. There is no guarantee of service with a private provider. Cost of electricity will sky rocket.  If you are a low income family or a pensioner, your voice will not be heard. Your worries about affording electricity or ensuring connection in times of crisis will be dismissed.  If the silent majority decides. You do not have a say.

Money for the Kids? 

If you are a low income earning family and rely on family payment to make ends meet; your voice will no longer be heard. You do not matter. Hanson supports the current cuts to family payment. Pauline Hanson said of welfare, ‘I see a big waste of money and we actually have to rein it back in’.  This means your kids will have less. So will you. Hanson does not have a family support agenda. She does not care. If the silent majority decides, you do not have a say and neither do your kids.

Stuff the Silent Majority

Because the silent majority are worried about a few women wearing a burqa, are these the acceptable trade offs?

If you vote for Hanson because of this concern, on the other hand you will vote for jobless young people starving for a whole month, privatised electricity, unsafe workplaces, less apprentices and mature aged workers and less money for kids and that is only the beginning

If you are one of the people who post the memes about helping homeless first before refugees. Well here is your chance. Put Liberals and One Nation last and help the homeless. Welfare cuts create more homelessness. Not less. That is how your vote can make a difference. You can be heard!

Read up. Listen up. Speak up on the issues that matter to you. About jobs, welfare, families, health and education. Find out exactly what Hanson and the Liberals support and do not stop asking or reading until you find out the truth. Log onto and have a look around. If you don’t know what something means, ask a friend who does or join a facebook political group and ask.

Become aware of what matters. For example, Muslims with multiple wives is a diversion. It does not affect you. It does not affect your family home or your kids. Hanson’s vote to cut your family payment does.

Put Liberals and One Nation Last

Take particular note that when a party preferences another party – that means their values and what they believe in are very similar. Pauline Hanson and the Liberals are preferencing each other in the Western Australian election and Turnbull will not rule it out.  They are now ‘in bed together’ whispering political promises in the dark. A duopoly. Joined at the hip.

The Hanson Party who says they are better than the majors, has now joined forces with a major party. Think about that for a second. She has sold the ‘silent majority’ out.

That means, Hanson prefers the Liberals with all their harsh cuts to welfare and the fight to keep overseas 457 visas workers in abundance and us out of jobs over Labor and the Greens who oppose both of these things. I think this really paints her as a fraud and a liar – don’t  you?

It is YOUR time to be heard. Do not let the silent majority voting in blind rage speak for you. Do not let Hanson speak for you. Also do not let the media speak for you. It is YOUR time to be heard.

Join a Left Wing Party. Join Get Up! Put the Liberals and One Nation last!


Originally published on The Red Window Blog



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  1. Barry

    Australians seem to have an unhappy knack of voting against their own best interests. What’s the answer?, I’m buggered if I know.

  2. jagman48

    Yes Barry it is disturbing when you hand out how to vote cards and the majority could not give a sh#$. They know it all or they intend to vote informal.

  3. jim

    Join a left wing PROGRESSIVE ALP Party (Happening or developing gradually or in stages).

  4. Wayne Turner

    Sadly most people in this country are too politically ignorant and gullible for democracy to work.Of course the people that need to read an article like this,never will..

  5. Kaye Lee

    One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson says her party will support a change that would see unemployed people aged under 25 wait four weeks before being eligible for the dole.

    Senator Hanson said the Federal Government’s legislation, which would save the budget $173 million, would “definitely” get her party’s vote.

    “I think it’s very wise to actually have a wait period,” Senator Hanson said.

    “Kids who leave school, or young adults, they can leave school at 15 years of age and I think if they see this golden egg there and [think] we can receive this money, I don’t think it’s an incentive for kids to get out and go to work.”

    Treasurer Scott Morrison is optimistic he can win over key crossbench senators to support the cuts.

    “We’ve had very good meetings with Pauline Hanson on those measures,” Mr Morrison said.

    Senator Hanson said that while she would vote in support of the Government’s current proposal, it does not go far enough.

    “Personally myself, I don’t think it’s long enough, but I’d be open to hear what the people feel about it,” Senator Hanson said.

    “The fact is you can’t just think you’re going to get up and leave school possibly at 15 years of age or 16 and think: ‘Oh wow I’m going to go straight onto the dole’. That is not good enough.”

    Senator Hanson said she had spoken to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Morrison about welfare reform and raised her party’s push for the introduction of a National Identity Card for Australians who access taxpayer-funded services.

  6. jim

    Yes Wayne, The common man/woman knows everything these days and get their opinions from the ABC (must be true) and Murdochs (right wing news) among others. t
    The AIMN here would be just a left wing opinion piece to most but, I for one don’t think this. Far too many saying “their all the same” (parties) is sickening to me, Democracy is not a set and forget system but, requires the vigilance of the people.

  7. paulwalter

    Rocked my socks to read the Libs in WA have preferenced Hanson over the Nats.

    ABC have stuffed up their linking so the report remains at auntie.

  8. Barry

    Jagman48, I’m one of those people that don’t accept how to vote cards, I can make up my own mind. I go by the philosophy; read, listen, THINK then vote, think being the most important. No offence meant to those that hand out the cards and those that follow them.

  9. silkworm

    Trish, you’ve got it spot on about Hanson. People will vote for Hanson because a) she appears so much on television and b) they don’t have a clue. To borrow your term, we are f ### ed.

  10. billshaw2013

    I have many friends and relatives who fall into this category. They are impossible to debate so I have fallen into not discusssing politics at all with them. Very sad.

  11. Jaquix

    The media are to blame for a lot of the rise of Hanson (plus the wily James Ashby) they keep posting photos of her, and not really unpicking her outlandish statements, let alone the way she panders to the Libs. Though I do think a lot of people are drawn to her just on account of her “difference” as they were to Trump. They will be sadly disappointed of course. They just follow blindly, not dissecting the nonsense like a 2% tax deal. Come on media outlets, bring in the big guns to see what they say about that. Pauline innocently says she hasnt got modelling because she doesnt have access to Treasury. So get some kind of expert opinion. She cant even pronounce populist” and bleats “Nobody has explained what populist politics is”. Is she really that dumb (yes) and why doesnt she google it for herself?

  12. Ralph

    The major parties have brought this upon themselves over the course of many years by hollowing themselves out and taking ever more vacuous positions on just about everything. The politically disengaged see this as an abandonment of their interests and choose to respond the only way they think they can – through the ballot box. In many ways, the majors deserve this because they have taken the mug punter for granted. I suspect that this has some way to run yet and will not end until both of the majors find themselves out of government and a minor party (or coalition of minor parties) form government. Unless the major parties can start speaking to these disaffected folk, it’s like trying to hold back the tide.

  13. jimhaz

    Such a pity the Rudd and Gillard governments did not increase unemployment benefits. Gillard had an opportunity – but instead increased the old age pension as that is a key voter base.

    Such a pity some State ALP govs were also promoting the sale of electricity infrastructure and undoubtedly were a part of the gold plating scam (in order to make renewables more competitive and collect billion dollar rebates).

    Such a pity the ALP also got on board the 457 visa expansion.

    Such a pity that ALP govs support high immigration levels. For which the likes of Hanson would have almost no platform.

    Such a pity the ALP did not undertake to clean up unions like the HSU and have been using substantial union funds for electioneering, without tacit agreement of union members.

    Such a pity the ALP does not create its own radio station to counter the shockjock brigade. It would cost one weeks election TV ads – big deal.

    Such a pity the ALP did not cancel Howards CES contracts and overspending on private schools.

    Otherwise one could point voters to the ALP and say ‘look this party cares about the middle and lower classes’.

    Bunch of gutless fat cats, led by an opportunist just as Turnbull is – opportunism does not allow for courage. Many only vote for the ALP to try and avoid being terrorised by the LNP – which is what the article says.

  14. Craig Daniels

    I find it totally weird that the ‘silent majority’ is somehow confused for the ‘raucous mini-minority’

  15. AlanH

    When voters see Labor ramping 457 visas to destroy local job ops and LNP signing off on self-sabotaging trade deals which Labor did not veto or the LNP gifting $40B tax cust to big banks or playing dumb on climate change, or both parties turning a blind eye to money laundering through real estate, etc. expect a protest vote. ON is just a convenient place to park a vote for 3 years.

  16. Arthur Tarry

    A deeply saddening article about the apathy, ignorance and lack of interest of a portion the Australian electorate. However, I suspect it has always been so with rusted on support for the Liberals, Nationals (Country party) and ALP being the norm, regardless of their performance and the quality of their candidates.

  17. guest

    Parties such as Hanson’s and the single issue parties do not need to go very deeply into anything. The voters are concerned with only themselves and what matters to them. It might be only one thing: terrorism, employment, guns, welfare payments, environment…

    I was astounded at the attitude of a woman in the USA. She did not want to be part of Obama’s Obamacare. He had to keep out of her life. It is socialism. But paying medical insurance costs more. She was in quite a bind, but stubborn.

    When Obama was promoting Obamacare, before it was even started, he was accused of giving care to the “illegals”. Obama denied it, but a member of the Republican party called out “You lie!” and was praised for “telling the truth”.

    The attitude is that all politicians are liars, unless they are seen as not of the establishment and are therefore more like “us”, is very strong. If I have not got what I want from the “elites”, then I will vote for the person talking about what I want.

    So we get the ascendancy of people like Hanson who talks about the terror we hear and see on the tv. But she would not know a Muslim if she sat next to one.

    In the USA they have Trump, who is not a politician but is a wealthy businessman and tv celebrity. What the voters do not seem to realise is that he is not the solution – he is part of the problem and has surrounded himself with others who are part of the problem.

    We see the same kind of thing here in Oz. Turnbull was full of promise, but has turned out to go against all that he once believed and stood for. He is not the solution, but is part of the problem. Yet there are those who see hope even in a ranting speech.

    We live in interesting times.

  18. wam

    rubbish, trish, my hansonites see it right There are too many dole bludgers
    if you wont take any job you will get food handouts, the dole will stop and your card will be set at colworths or subsidiaries. The bush can look after itself??
    As most of them are pensioners they agree with the rich losing their couple of dollars pension as long as they keep theirs.
    I hinted at the rich keeping the health card and at their own rorts but no bites.

    When the centrelink computer is programmed for pensioners they may scream but the explanation is too complex so ignorance will continue till it hurts.

  19. Steve Laing -

    Ahh wam. Punish the many for the sins of the few. How can you tell who is a dole bludger and who is a genuine jobseeker when there are on average 7 job seekers for every job (and many of those “jobs” aren’t really jobs at all, and will require the jobseeker to top up with benefits anyway)? wam’s answer. Cut off their benefits and let them all starve and/or become homeless. What a wonderfully brilliant thought through position.

    Additionally, the black market will flourish and petty crime will become normalised. Well done wam. You’ve saved the government some money, but cost it even more to deal with the problem you’ve created. Not unlike the highly cost ineffective way the boat people issue has been “resolved”.

    I am looking forward to the WA elections. I am going to take great delight in giving the Liberals who are handing out the preference cards at the polling booth a total spray for their deal with One Nation. Not that I’d vote for the Libs anyway, and not that it will make a difference, but they deserve nothing less.

  20. lawrencewinder

    Why are Australian’s so politically stupid? Just look at what are the most popular television and radio programs.

  21. Prepare

    I share your frustration Trish.

    The one percent are lording it over us. Political apathy & laziness have lead us to this. When the world was faced with the energy crisis Reagan & Thatcher conned the punters into believing we should leave it all to ‘the market’ and focus on consuming, consuming, consuming whilst they committed atrocities in foreign lands and thoroughly rigged the system in favour of the wealthy.

    Now the great unwashed are about to emit a collective spasm of rage against the system. Everything the US is experiencing & worse will be upon us. Accept Hansongeddon is upon us & start preparing to survive.

    Our society will crash & we must be ready to rebuild when the call comes.

    Prepare to resist.

  22. David

    Should we be looking for the means to achieve change? With few exceptions, all the views expressed above include a hint of despair at finding a solution to the problem of an ill-informed electorate voting for politicians intent upon destroying anything like an egalitarian nation.

    Is there enough cohesion amongst the writers and commentators of the AIMN to form a movement or an organization that can counter our country’s descent into electoral stupidity? I doubt it. This is not to question the commitment and focus of these people – it is just the impossibility of their efforts being noticed.

    An alternative is to use an existing tool that is already immersed in the political soup. An attempt to influence the main-stream would be futile, but social media could be useful if sufficiently focused upon a recognized organization.

    The political parties tending to be centre or left of centre have both seriously blotted their copybooks in the last ten years, to the extent that many in the electorate dismiss them out of uncertainty at least. The media have made their positions seem even worse, but are their ways to counter that?

    The Greens have made parliamentary decisions that run contrary to their avowed principles and policies and have not shed their reputation of being somewhat detached from the mainstream and they still appear aloof to many. Mr Di Natale has not won the hearts and minds of many, and now that Senator McKim has arrived in Canberra, their commitment is more confusing, because, whilst a Tasmanian politician he explained to the press that he is a capitalist who believes it is the best system. For many Australians it is a challenge to identify with the Greens.

    We are left with Labor. At first sight an amorphous mass of political contradictions with which it very difficult to effectively engage. But can ways be found to establish meaningful communications?

    The ALP is in trouble because it has lost its way and is a very hazy shadow of what it once was. They need to connect with the electorate, but they are not really trying. Internal deals are more important to them than engaging with their rank and file, let alone the electorate.

    Can the electorate, or at least some of the well-informed, force engagement on them by regularly and frequently contacting elected members and telling them what they need to do to secure votes? Following that contact up by making the member aware that this material is appearing on social media and being debated and assessed. Similar approaches could be made to branches without elected members.

    Labor has been fighting a losing battle with main-stream media, but if they could be persuaded or pushed into engaging in social media in a much more active and responsive manner, they may reach more people and re-learn the need to really engage with people.

    They need to be bluntly told that what they are doing now is not working, and that the old strategy, of waiting for the LNP to make a big enough mess that the electorate will vote them in as the alternative, is gone. The alternative is now One Nation and the self-interested micro parties.

    If Labor does not change its strategies and its image it won’t reach enough people to get elected. It needs to show it has strong policies that will best serve the general public. They need to make tough decisions to provide clarity. A voter does not have to be dumb to be confused by a party that accepts man-made climate change and the need for emission reduction, at the same time as supporting the opening of the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere. This sort of internal factional compromise confuses and repels the electorate.

    I don’t know how well it would work, but a concerted effort from outside the party may stir a sufficient number of members to the realization that unless they get meaningful, reliable messages to the electorate they will remain in opposition.

    This may sound naive and simplistic to some, but writing this seems more worthwhile than saying, where f****d!

  23. Trish Corry

    Wam – What Steve said, except there are 19.36 jobseekers for every available job. Much higher if you take into account that not every one of those jobseekers has the appropriate Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for every available job. There is also a very high rate of underemployment

    It is time to move away from the paternalistic LNP mantra of punishing the poor and labelling them as bludgers. Mutual obligation also means the Government has a responsibility to provide an environment where jobs flourish and to provide an environment where jobseekers have an avenue for training and skills development. The Liberals do not see that it is their responsibility for either of these things. Turnbull has said it loudly and clearly himself.

    The Liberals like to intentionally create high unemployment for a variety of reasons.

    1. They enjoy stomping people down into the class divide as it suits their paternalistic, give them a tough hand, puff chested mantra, that ‘only the Liberals can save them from themselves.” *Bucket*

    2. They use laziness as an excuse to cut welfare funding, because they do not support a welfare state and would abolish it if they could. Instead they whittle it down to the barest of bones and make it extremely tough to get any support.

    3. They like a surplus of jobseekers, as this creates more competition and provides favour for business to negotiate lower wages, cut penalty rates, make it easier to sack people and loosen conditions in favour of the employer.

    4. They like an environment of poverty which creates higher crime through desperation as traditionally the public sees them as tough on crime and defence. So this works in their favour.

    The jobless are pawns in the Liberals sick game. Just like they were today along with people with a disability. I hope you think again before you label them bludgers, and come to realise it is the Liberal party that creates the environment for high unemployment.

  24. Harquebus

    Both sides of politics have proved to be full of it and the silent majority, not willing to take anymore of the major parties BS, are willing to give anyone other than them a go. This is why they don’t believe you Trish.

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” – George Carlin


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