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March in March 2017: Are You Angry Enough Yet?

Are you angry enough yet? That is the question March Australia would like to know. In 2017, March in March are taking it to the streets again!

In 2014, Tony Abbott and the Liberal National Coalition Government saw the anger well up in so many people and March in March took it to the streets. Three years later the Australian people are still angry and Malcolm Turnbull, like Tony Abbott before him, still does not have a positive or progressive agenda.

Although this morning on Twitter John Wren thinks he knows where the Prime Minister’s agenda might be. If only Irona was not on holidays! ????

The Liberal and National Coalition Government is still NOT listening to the people and March in March is BACK!

The Liberal Government has failed miserably under Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull and the list of things the Australians are angry about is almost endless.

It is time to Stand Up Australia! Instead, this year bring your best banners of Fizza, as the Lyin King has been removed and replaced! Thank you Australia! Give yourselves a round of applause!

How Many are YOU Angry About?

Here is the list presented by March in March as some of the things you may be angry about. If you are angry about any of these things, something else, or maybe just the flat-out incompetence of the Turnbull Coalition Government – then get amongst it. Boots on the ground people!


March in March – Get Involved Today!

Watch the Video below for how to get involved today; or visit the March Australia Activist Interchange Facebook Page:


What is the Point?

As we saw with the influence that marches like these had on the influence of the removal of Tony Abbott and the influence of pure people power to remove Campbell Newman from power in Queensland, with Labor and other parties taking 40 seats off the LNP Government. The removal of the Newman LNP Government freed Queenslanders from mass sackings, removal of civil liberties and the closure of many vital and important public and community services and the privatisation of our important assets.

Boots on the Ground does make a difference.

Get involved today!

Originally published on The Red Window Blog

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  1. Freethinker

    During my 70 years + I went from passive to angry, to organizing protests and put my freedom on the line, then depression and disbelief on society and people who are not prepared to give up the greed for consumerism, the greed for more even to the stage to vote for those politicians that are prepared to keep feeding them with more material things to satisfying their growth for more.
    Angry will be a lost of energy a rebellion for a cause that only the minority want.
    The reality is that people are keep voting for more of the same, so I would not march any more, I will not longer will put my freedom on the line to be judged by the majority.
    My best wishes to those that will march and my sorry to those that are angry.

  2. nurses1968

    Thank you for your activism and service to the working classes and your long struggles for all that is good .
    Unfortunately too many are taking a similar course to you.My boss {Cornlegend} a couple of months ago took the same decision as you and has walked away from his 50+ years of political and Union activism.
    This trend has to end or we are handing over our futures to the uncommitted

  3. helvityni

    Perhaps Australians found it easier to express their unhappiness about Abbot leadership as he was more ordinary , he even had a mortgage…
    With Turnbull we seem more hesitant , he’s wealthy, he has made it, and to make it, to get rich is still important in Aussie psyche, unemployed people are not jobless, they are just lazy, they don’t try hard enough, they are bludgers…

    We think we are like Americans, but we forget that they go marching over there when they are unhappy, like many of them are right now with Trump..

    I hope I’m wrong and that the protest marches will happen…

  4. Freethinker

    nurses1968 Thank you for your kind words, I only have done what my conscience told me to do.
    What people (on the minority) have to realize is that the main trend is what people want and vote for and it is plain to see not only in Australia but world wide.
    Because I believe in democracy I accept the wishes of the majority, which will like to go back in history and destroy all what people have fight for inn the name of greed.
    I would not going to join them and live like the majority but have not other way to isolate for them and just do what my conscience tell me to do for my love ones.
    Pain and suffering will be the teaching for those that like to have more and this will happens soon or later.
    The bad news I that in some form we also be victims on that.
    Our only defense is be a minimalist and spread the word to others,

  5. Harquebus

    Considering the damage already done by the committed, perhaps “handing over our futures to the uncommitted” before it is too late might not be such a bad thing.

  6. Keitha Granville

    If we don’t say what we’re thinking then we are complicit in the end. I marched last time, I marched to end the Vietnam War, I marched to save the Franklin wild river in Tas, and I will march again.
    If we don’t speak up, we will end up with Hanson and One Nation running the country.
    Are you listening Labor party ??

  7. Gangey1959

    how quickly can we bypass February ?
    I don’t think we as a nation have got that long, and we have to start somewhere. I sympathise with the folks who have ”been there done that what’s the point” already, like Freethinker above, but the torch of public opinion must continue to burn
    We all express our outrage, and deride the clowns who some of ”us” voted for for their decisions and abuses of the system, but the reality is the difference in the old schoolyard chant ”Sticks and stones….” . They are just not effing listening and the few that for political gain lend an ear just don’t give a crap. Our shadow puppet pm was down at Portland a week ago, ”saving the world”and smiling, shaking hands and I’m sure if there had been a baby available emulating the mad monk. What he (and we) missed out on was a punch in the nose from an unemployed person on public television to bring the entire situation into full relief.
    Boots on the ground, flags in the air, and some more organised chaos is once again where this has got to.
    Yes we will all be tarred by the voldemurdoch media as ratbags who have nothing better to do, but so what ? It is not like we haven’t heard that before, and if things get really exciting, there are not enough security forces available to stop us getting into Parliament and throwing their shiny arses into the lake. (They have either been deployed overseas or been cut through funding)
    Besides, it beats the shit out of reading another rejection letter that tells me I don’t have the language skills and 457 certification to sort recycling.
    See you on the streets.

  8. Steve Laing -

    I’ll be marching. It may be ignored, and won’t change the impressions of the many who have it easy and keep voting the country to the dogs, but at least I’ll know I tried.

  9. Susan Prince

    March in March Cairns is having the first meeting 28th January to start the organizing

  10. kate ahearne

    Thank goodness the suffragettes didn’t give up on marching. If we give up, we lose. If we don’t give up, we have at least the possibility of winning.

  11. Ella Miller

    Steve….I’ll be marching…if the community is too apathetic then they will continue to get the same old same old.
    We have the right to expect NO demand better than we have been getting of late !

  12. Trixie M

    Unfortunately, due to mental health issues, I will be unable to march with the crowds. But I will be doing everything else in my power (sharing articles like these, and others) to keep that anger burning. Turnbullshit and his like hope to distract us with other things, but this time THEY CANNOT WIN! WE MUSTN’T LET THEM! If you are able, please add your boots to those others that will be on the ground.

  13. Maureen-D (@FayMaur)

    Fay Maur i will be the first to line up March in March fight against a Gov who disregard the Australian People openly lie instill Hate Racism
    Corruption been happening since the Minority Gov under Julia Gillard destroyed by Tony Abbott here we are now worse because we have
    no Leader we have a follower who gives to the Rich takes from the poor on a destruction course against equality .

  14. Bill

    “The removal of the Newman LNP Government freed Queenslanders from …, removal of civil liberties ”

    No it didn’t. Not even a little bit. The ALP are nearly as bad as the LNP. We deserve better than them both.

  15. Trish Corry

    Where in QLD do you live? Where is this utopia in QLD that was untouched by Newman?

  16. Kaye Lee

    Pauline Hanson posted on her facebook page about the women who marched in protest in Queensland….

    ” Don’t these clowns have anything else better to do with their time other than to hold sad, anti-democracy protests?

    Why on earth would anyone want to walk around in this heat chanting about One Nation and the new President of the United States of America, Donald Trump?

    Oh well, at least they didn’t seem as bad as the left wing protesters in Washington who were vandalising businesses and committing assaults.

    And I suppose it’s good that they were out and about and doing a bit of walking because it looked like a few of them needed to get a bit of sun and do a bit exercise.”

    My response….

    “it looked like a few of them needed to get a bit of sun and do a bit exercise.” Really Pauline? You are going to sink to that sort of level? No wonder people are out there protesting that you are unfit to be a politician. But I guess the $1.62 million of taxpayers money that you received from the AEC goes a long way towards covering your beauty bills. No wonder you are running so many dubious candidates in WA. Every vote is more bucks in the pocket of James Ashby’s One Nation.

  17. Cele

    One also needs to remember that “The Greens” allowed some of Abbott’s dodgy cuts to get Parliament by making deals with “The LNP”.

  18. Deanna Jones

    The various marches that just took place across the planet have been inspirational. These crooks need to see the masses out on the streets and it’s happening again. Yes, the suffragists did not give up, they fought for decades for political rights. It was great to see some acknowledgement of them in yesterday’s marches. About time.

  19. John Brame

    The last two marches I went on were the recent refugees are welcome march and the climate change march in adelaide in late 2015. I was disappointed at the turn out for the climate change march and will definitely march again. Bring it on.

  20. Keitha Granville

    we will be Marching in Tas if it gets up. Never give up people, never.

  21. Kyran

    Likewise, Freethinker. The feeling of frustration, when you think the hard won gains of the last fifty plus years are not only wilfully ignored by the current ‘leaders’, but openly vilified, derided and reversed, is profound.
    In those times of frustration, Martin Luther King’s speech of 28th August, 1963, ‘I have a dream’, is a speech I find oddly reassuring.
    Notwithstanding that racial equality was his theme in the 60’s, it’s evolution in the 70’s and 80’s to gender equality and workers rights became a new standard. That conversation, in the 90’s and early 2000’s, became as concerned with inequity as it did with inequality. That such ideals have been so easily surrendered to the promise of ‘corporate charity’ does not, in my opinion, diminish the values of equality or equity as ideals worthy of one more protest.
    Of all of the great sentiments in that speech (IMO);
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
    My new dream is that the colour, gender, sexuality, religion, wealth, whatever, is no longer even mentioned as a bi-line in discussing the content of a persons character. And forever banished as a notion that their colour, gender, sexuality, religion, wealth, whatever, defines their character.
    I’m with Gangey1959, let’s skip February (and most of March, for that matter). These will merely be many days filled with vacuous comments by vacuous ‘leaders’. Back in 2014, abbott dismissed the March by suggesting it was a St Pat’s day march gone awry. The media didn’t report it too widely. Ms Corry’s list of reminders as to what our government can’t do is significant (unfortunately, not definitive). We have a government whose only intent is to trash the values they claim to rely upon. The last few days have reminded me of the value of public protest. Freethinker, can I use your moniker as my sign? Sláinte mhaith
    Thank you Ms Corry, and commenters. Take care

  22. roma guerin

    I was there at the March in March and I was so proud. I will be there again.

  23. Thumpa

    Western Australia needs a march the weekend before the state election. The WA LNP have killed this state

  24. Kaye Lee


    “The media didn’t report it too widely.”

    I marched in march and was so incensed by the dismissal by Tory Shepherd that I wrote an article about it.

    She said “But the Marchers in the end threatened to disappear up their own proverbials in a puff of BO and bong smoke.”

    I marched with my two young nephews who had made their own signs. We marched, or rolled (several in wheelchairs and strollers) together in a very uplifting display of community. Tory Shepherd can disappear up her own proverbial in a puff of unjustified self promotion. I will march again because I care.

    To Tory Shepherd

  25. Kaye Lee

    She really pissed me off kate. The march was a wonderful event. The MSM can get stuffed. They have their agenda. Well and good. I have a different motivation.

  26. Kyran

    Dear Ms Lee. You have a nasty habit of getting to the nub of a matter and discarding the crap. The crap is commonly used by MSM as a means of concealing the nub, whilst extolling the crap.
    I did read your ‘Shepherd’ article at the time it was published and could only think “Who the heck is tory shepherd?”. Bearing in mind it was written nearly three years ago, your last paragraph is both prophetic and reflective.
    “We marched because we love our country. We marched for transparency and accountability. We marched for compassion. We marched for the future of our children. Next time we will send you a press release so you don’t have to bother writing this sort of ill-informed, poorly researched, judgmental fluff in the future.”
    Bearing in mind we have just experienced one of the greatest public celebrations of modern democracy, where the incompetent incumbent was sworn in, in front of crowds he can only imagine, to the detriment of the genuine crowds, celebrating real democracy barely a day later, outnumbering his imaginary crowds, by tens of thousands.
    We have a long way to go. As Freethinker posited, we are merely trying to reclaim all of those things we fought so hard for to achieve. Ms Miller and her grandson, Cody (Mr Brisbane’s article on ‘The fiction of unemployment’), are todays inspiration for me. Between the two of them, there is cause for hope. Hopefully, a couple more thousand in March will amplify the hope.
    Thank you, Ms Lee. Thanks again, Ms Corry. Take care

  27. Michael Taylor

    Kyran, Ms Lee has lots of nasty habits. Where do I begin? ✍??

  28. Kaye Lee

    I have had these nasty habits for a very long time. I was interviewed by the local paper as a 17 year old and the headline read “Schoolgirl pours scorn on gender bias”. Call me a serial pest. What really annoys me is that forty years later, I am still fighting many of the same battles.

  29. paulwalter

    Probably, Michael Taylor….

    I’m toying with the idea that unhappiness is now consciously produced by the people who run things so that it creates the sort of mind state that has people turning in on themselves rather than blaming those responsible.

    Is not the Centrelink obscenity actually a manufactured form of Stockholming meant to zombify the public through despair? Think of the overarching structure of the whole antic, including timing etc.

    I suppose demos have therapeutic benefits for participants, but in the end, who controls the guns, tasers and billy clubs? The people running things know it, it is a built in. Ritualised resistance becomes self deception, a cathartic state and a rude wakening in which the fault is revealed by the system to be in the eyes of the beholder, with the Murdoch press leading the way as to the epiphany.

  30. paulwalter

    Kaye Lee, would depend if you poured a bucket or just a glass full.

  31. Kaye Lee

    Michael, I look forward to the day that you, Carol and I can share some bad habits in person 🙂

    Paul, it was the first International Women’s Year – I had a truckload of scorn ready to go.

  32. Kyran

    My bad, Mr Taylor and Ms Lee. ‘Nasty habit’ was not intended in any demeaning or derogatory sense, let alone any judgemental sense. I have numerous witnesses to the absolute fact that if I start throwing stones, all you will hear is breaking glass. Poorly chosen words. If they have caused offence, I can only apologise.
    Mr Walter, I get what you are suggesting. I’d still rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Will I march in March?
    Take care

  33. paulwalter

    Lets join a convent, it will be the solution to the habits problem.

    Kyran, I take what you áre saying seriously. So seriously that the black dog is munching in robust fashion on my psychic ankle with sharp teeth. I just look to the stupidity of the general public for getting us into this mess and despair, I mean how can Turnbull be still in front in the polls, as one source claims?

  34. Kaye Lee

    Kyran, I took no offence at all. I always appreciate your contributions. Sorry if my reaction sounded grumpy – was definitely not directed at you in any way.

    paul, I understand how troublesome the black dog can be. But then I think to myself….what a wonderful world…..

  35. Kyran

    Mr Walter, that ‘black dog’ is the disease. How it is fed is a whole different story. Whether it be at a personal or societal level, we can’t afford to feed it. Sláinte mhaith, take care.
    Ms Lee, thank you. You cited Armstrong, whilst I was looking for Billy Field’s ‘Bad Habits’. Wow, when I get thing’s wrong…
    Take care

  36. paulwalter

    You are both right. Of course it can be a wonderful world. I don’t live in a slum in Ruanda or even under a bridge. I just don’t get why so many people don’t want so many other people to get a fair go too.


  37. Dufa

    Help me out here. OK M4M, its a good list. About 60% I know enough about to form an opinion. But what is #parakeelia, JSA scams, etc.? Is there a more detailed list with facts and links?

  38. neville mc donald

    i am 73 my better half 71 and we will be marching for the first time at the march in nambucca heads held on the 25th march .we hope to see as many as possible turn up.we will march because we dont see this country as the country that gives everyone a fair go anymore we will march for the future of all australians on matter what colour or creed we will march in memory of those who sacraficed their lives to keep australia a free is time for government to get back to been for the people not big business and if we have to fight for it so be it.march meets at front of the plaza on the highway at 11am for 11.30 start we march to bellwood park where speakers will inform on the unemployed ,ndis,gonski ,pensions and penalty rates.please remember this is a peaceful march so bring along your posters,banners and a strong voice but leave your anger at home

  39. The Written Word

    If you are able to attend a march near you please do, Alternatively, if you can’t make it to one of the marches, you can show your protest. Make a sign, take a selfie or just a photo of your sign and upload to Stand up Australia, March in March Online at or send via private message and it will posted up by the Admins.

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