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The Weasel’s incomplete guide to the 2016 Senate


Who exactly are all these jokers? And how am I supposed to figure out who they are among all the acronyms? The Weasel provides a quick run-down of the players in multiple electorates…

The Senate
There are 76 senators; 12 from each state and two each from the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

While the House of Representatives is where policy is tabled, The Senate is where is gets checked off and approved. Senators have a longer term at six years, and can have a large effect on what policy gets passed. This is why so many smaller parties aim for Senate seats. Be careful of what parties call themselves; almost all the parties with ‘liberal’ or ‘democratic’ in their name are generally neither.

Voting properly is simple
Changes to senate voting have done away with group voting preferences, so now your vote is all that matters. The numbers you enter, the more control you have over your vote.

If you vote above the line – a vote for parties
you must fill in AT LEAST six (6) boxes.

If you vote below the line – for individual candidates – you must fill in AT LEAST twelve (12) boxes


See the AEC guide, or Antony Greens breakdown here for more information.
To see a list of all parties and candidates for your state, go here
HVC = How to Vote card: the ABC has all published HVC listed here

Who’s coming to the party?

100 positive policies, though probably not positive enough for most far-left voters; while everyone else still can’t decide if they like Bill Shorten. The policy list is the standard ALP fare of progressive economic reform, nation-building and social balancing. A vote on marriage equality, and changes to secrecy laws surrounding Manus and Nauru are big risk, low political return items. Once again, the ALP is stuck between being too progressive, not progressive enough, or just plain boring.

The Medicare campaign is working to get people worried about healthcare, though the Liberals have countered with their own dog-whistling. In more than a few seats, the question of which to fear more: higher healthcare costs or brown people on boats will be a deciding factor.


The hard-line social conservatives with close ties big business have lost none of their tin-ear lustre with Turnbull at the helm. Strong on austerity measures, privatisation, cutting penalty rates, social welfare and, corporate taxes. If re-elected expect further push for privatisation to “improve performance”.
Liberal Party is banking on Australians voting above the line and for a low-turnout in the youth vote for a return to government. In addition to the usual border security disco, The Liberals are pushing hard again to ‘aspirationals’; that annoying non-word used to describe individuals willing to go deep into debt in acts of pecuniary emulation. It’s the classic leaners-vs-doers argument which plays well with the annoying person who describes themselves as ‘aspirational’.


Seen as pretenders for the throne, the Greens party is usually strong on progressive socialism, sometimes light on policy. Have made massive leaps in coherent national policy in recent years, and have reaped large vote gain with the leadership shift from ‘loonie greenies’ to ‘inner-city professionals’.

Not to be confused The Democrats of old, The Greens are savvy political animals. In the House, The Greens are mostly attacking ALP seats, though they do have a couple of inner-city Liberal seats in their sights. Despite ongoing wedge politics, The Greens appear to be trying to mend fences with the ALP – possibly out of fear of a returning coalition government. If that will continue after the election is anyone’s guess.


Almost as annoying as the ridiculous pop-up song on their website, The Nationals are supposed to be about protecting farmers; in reality, they are about whatever the Liberal party tells them and getting jobs in the mining industry after politics. Their ineffectiveness and unpopularity has led to a proliferation of conservative micro parties in the last three elections. However, due to a disengaged and uninformed voter base they have previously returned to power. However, with the ACP, ALA and One Nation on the rise, that may not be the case this time.

Pretty self explanatory, partly a response to George Brandis; but also a general movement to make up for the lack of representation by any of the mainstream parties. The Greens have already picked up some policy ideas from the group; which revolve around universal access to arts in school and society, backing the ABC and SBS, and promoting arts industries as more than just cultural vehicles but instead as important contributors to the economy.

Seeks to ban live export and make farming more humane. Also on their ban list are recreational hunting & fishing, harvesting Kangaroo for food, and horse racing. Not a vegan party, and apparently want to replace the RSPCA with a government body, their voter base is a curious mix of pro-animal social conservatives. Think of that cranky uncle who posts cute animal pics and anti-halal meme’s on your Facebook feed. The Liberal party is once again beneficiary of their preference this election, which does cast legitimacy of the groups’ claim to being progressive. www.animaljusticeparty.orgWikipedia Page

country party
A direct response to the National party and the selling-off and selling-out of Australian farming land; the ACP is surprisingly rational. Marriage equality and refugees are considered wedge issues designed to divide the electorate and stop them focussing on more important things like trade and food security. Generally socially conservative and nationalist/protectionist; they support the Constitutional recognition of first nations, and are pro-recreational hunting.
Part of the general anti-LibLab movement in the regions, in the senate traditional base would favour Liberals. Page

Katter is a loose cannon, and only really concerned with Queensland. Many Green voters may find synergies in his strong positive position on Indigenous recognition, food & mineral security, and supporting sustainable farming. Though it’s unlikely they will like his support of boat turnbacks.
He is easy to demonise thanks to his voter base and brash attitude; but Katter appears to try to be a good Christian, and has proved to be an honest political operator who can get things done. Historically votes with the Liberal party, though he is able to prioritise common good over his personal beliefs. Wikipedia Page

From flourishing Nimbin come the Marijuana (HEMP) Party. Though a single issue party that seeks to legalise not only personal, but industrial (i.e. clothing, plastics) hemp, they can be taken seriously as latter would be good for Australian manufacturing. Can probably be trusted to be progressive on most social issues, and hopefully trusted to turn up to work only half-baked. In coalition with ASXP for the election; if elected will align with Greens, possibly the ALP. Wikipedia Page

The anti-muslim party, ironically abbreviates to ALA, is yet another example of naming a party to gain votes from lazy, and uninformed voters. Launched by white-power poster boy Geert Wilders has probably got a boost from Australian voters wishing they could vote for Donald instead of the Liberal or National party. Unlikely to get anywhere, but are a symptom of the continued growth and strength of hard-right politics in Australia and will likely assist One Nation or one of the other lunatic fringe.

Ricky Muir is back, this time as a bobble-head! Generally, socially and economically conservative, Muir has demonstrated surprising maturity, a solid sense of fairness, and the good sense to listen to the advice of the Public Service. Stood up to pressure from the Liberals, ALP and Greens. While uncomfortably close in demographic to One Nation and others, Muir is a great example (all jokes aside) of how well a common person can represent not just their core supporters, but also their nation. Wikipedia Page

The ASXP sounds like fun, but is in fact a serious customer. They support ideas of responsibility of the individual and reducing ‘nanny-state’ laws; though their drive for individual liberty is tempered by social responsibility, as illustrated for their support of vaccination laws. They also advocate ending prohibition on marijuana and stopping tax-exemptions for religious organisations. Generally seen as a socially progressive group, they have no clear economic agenda; likely will support The Greens and the ALP. Wikipedia Page

Another great example supporting the need of truth in the naming of political parties; the CEC is a bunch of climate change denying fruitcakes that wallow in conspiracy theories and are active promoters of the LaRouche movement. Unsurprisingly they have a stronger following the further north you travel. Kinda like that friend who craps on about chem-trails, but has occasional moments of lucidity and says something you could almost agree with. Wikipedia Page

AKA The Fred Nile party, generally very conservative. Strong on social and community values as viewed through lens of an anti-abortion, anti-climate-change old guy. Liberal party supporters. Page

Also AKA The Fred Nile party, though with a Hillsong approach to attract younger Christian voters.

Actually has nothing to do with the ALP, apart from the Shortenesque slogan on their website that states that they are “Putting the You back into Labour”… Zinger!

Established in-part by Tony Abbot’s mentor B.A. Santamaria, the Democratic Labour Party is in fact a religious right-wing party that is anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality, and anti-climate change. They will support the Liberal Party. Page

derryn hinch
Derryn Hinch has decided to take his campaign to reform the court system from the studio to the street. Tough on crime is his main platform, with a dash of euthanasia, equality and animal justice to appeal to The Left. Essentially a right-wing, single issue candidate, he ranks highly on How-to-Vote cards; and informal/ignorant voters who voted for Palmer last election will likely give Hinch the same boost this time around.
Leans to the Liberals, though will swing either way in supporting either Liberal or ALP, but will demand a high price for cooperation in the senate.

Another single-issue group; as their name suggests their focus is on drug law reform. Less a political party than an advocacy group that wants to stop unnecessary incarceration, and end criminalisation of drug use. Has links to the Democrats through Greg Chipp; most likely to align with The Greens and the ALP. Wikipedia Page

Don’t believe the billboards, this is another religious right-wing party that is anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality & anti-climate change. Were instrumental in demonising the safe schools programme, and would prefer students left school earlier rather than waste time on higher education. Want to scrap industrial relations law and any move to renewable energy. They are strong supporters of the Liberal Party and pick up where Cory Bernardi ends. Wikipedia Page

More a direct democracy app than political party; Flux is all about parliamentary reform and using technology to improve the function of parliament to better represent the people. Established by two Bitcoin consultants, the group presents a slick and convincing argument that will resonate with most who hear it. Their idea of trying to get delagative democracy going in Australia relies heavily on people being informed, engaged, and technology savvy; as such it is a generational project which may never bear fruit. They are non-aligned, though will likely attract voters who side with The Greens, and then ALP.
voteflux.orgWikipedia Page

Previously the Natural Medicine Party, this group supports alternative health and ‘pro-choice’ for vaccinations. Policies generally reflect a middle-class alternative mindset, with odd notes like support for optional national service.
The HAP party shows one of the fractures with the Green voting bloc, with many supporters unhappy with parliamentary support of vaccination programmes. Depending on how homeopathic you are about diluting your Kool aid; this group are either courageous guardians of real medicine and alternative health, or just another loony party. HVC sends preference to, the DLP, and Animal Justice. Wikipedia Page

jacqui lambie
On her own two feet, and in her own colour scarf; The Lambie Network is another right-leaning and wild card group. Broad appeal to the slightly-less-racist One Nation voter, JLN is the de-facto military party… and, realistically an accurate reflection of the people they are trying to represent.
Policies are working-class focussed; Education policy consists of boosting TAFE for trades and includes the introduction of voluntary national service. Advocates the nuclear option in response to climate change; and wants to establish special economic zones. On the question of anti-Halal / Kosher, the party wants transparency on what and who is paid for certification. No guidance on who to vote for, apart from putting the Liberals last; will likely support ALP over The Greens. Wikipedia Page

LiberalDemocraticPartyLiberalDemocrats Party
Modelled after the American Tea Party, this group are hard-line Libertarians who claim they fight for individual liberty… as long as that means privatising government services, cutting all market regulation, cutting taxes, and cutting firearms regulation. Free speech is used as cover to perpetuate racism, sexism, and whatever else they feel like complaining about.
The figurehead of this ship of fools is David Lleyonhjelm; previously a member of both the Labor and Liberal parties, a fan of the NRA, not so much of women or their sport. Will likely poll well due to placement on ballot papers and misleading name. Supports the Liberal party. Page

Appears to be mostly folks who’ve hit retirement and decided that bothering the local call-back radio just isn’t filling up the day like it used to. Generally conservative, though not right wing. Policy mix reflects the old-person mindset: They do want high levels of infrastructure spending, especially dams to save water; but want to cut State / Federal duplication of services and spending… because somehow both of these things will save money. Probably not a bad option for when you have run out of parties you know you want to put at the top or bottom and are OCD enough that you need to fill out the rest of the ballot paper. Wikipedia Page

The presumptive replacement for The Democrats of old; Xenephon is generally Centre-Left and progressive in social policy, or nationalist and Centre-right on economy, jobs, and trade. Likes using props in campaigning, but a serious player in the parliament. Sometimes unpredictable in how he votes, as is willing to make deals that benefit South Australia. Wikipedia Page

one nation_logo
A hard-line nationalist party that once again has the mostly famous Pauline Hanson as their headline act. They are climate-change deniers and anti-immigration / anti-refugee. Staunchly Christian and generally anti-Islam. Despite the rhetoric, they will continue to be Liberal party supporters. Wikipedia Page

What to do about the boy Palmer? What to say? The man himself is not running, but he has a motley crew of candidates and a brand new campaign website: Wikipedia Page

Not so much high-seas raiders as self-proclaimed champions of individual liberty on the net, and fighters against the scourge of copyright overreach. They are also strong supporters of the NBN and creating a high-tech economy for Australia. A single issue party, but not a bad one for those wanting thinking senators. Has ideological alignment with Wikileaks; who aren’t contesting this election, which will likely result in the Pirates gaining some votes. In the senate will probably support anyone who is against the Liberals. Wikipedia Page

Single-issue party, coming mostly in response to the current government. Older generation profile generally aligned with Greens and ALP.

AKA the Danny Nalliah party; established with help from climate denier Lord Christopher Monckton, this is an Ultra-Christian Conservative party. In the wake of the Black Saturday bushfires, in which 173 died, Nalliah claimed he had received “prophetic dreams” that these bushfires were a “consequence” of Victoria’s decriminalisation of abortion. Yet another bunch of nutters who decry Sharia law, but think we should legislate according to the bible. Part of the alliance that includes Family First, Christian Democrats, DLP, and Shooters, Fishers & Farmers. riseupaustraliaparty.comWikipedia Page

science party
In coalition with the Australian Cyclists Party.
This NSW-based group advocates investment in STEM education, research, renewable energy, and parliamentary reform. They are also big on repealing anti-protest and secrecy laws. Generally they are politically in line with The Greens and ALP; support high density living with public transport & FTTP NBN. Voter cards preference Animal Justice Party and ASXP. Wikipedia Page

The Church has no place messing with the State, or our food, or children. That’s the general gist if the Secular Party. They advocate free education and balanced economic management; generally Left leaning, but are pretty rigid when it comes to anything religious. They are Pro-Marriage equality, Pro-Clean energy. They can be expected to align themselves with The Greens and possibly the ALP. Wikipedia Page

shootersFishers ..and farmers.. shootersFF ..don’t forget the farmers this time
The go-to place if you’re living in the country and want to complain about inner-city, latte-sipping, hipster-lobbyists ruining your way of life… despite the fact that it was actually the Liberals and Nationals who sold you up the river, which is ironic given you voted for them to ‘stop the boats’.
Essentially a single-issue party with slightly libertarian leanings, this is a group that is big on self-defence (with guns), prefers small government, conservative social values, wants enhanced freedoms to access public lands and national/marine parks for hunting & fishing. Would probably wave a ‘don’t tread on me’ flag, but realise it would make them look like tossers. Default Liberal party supporters. Page

Traditional communists who want to nationalise banks, mining and energy companies. Generally seen as an antagonist group, they are one of few long-serving truly radical Left-wing political parties in Australia, and are often relegated (and attract) the lunatic fringe. They are quite big on sustainable farming, environmental care, marriage equality and refugee rights. Their alignment is traditionally with The Greens. Wikipedia Page

Self proclaimed party of the working class; pushing for a socialist, anti-capitalist and anti-war program. Unapologetic Trotskyites, the party are mainstream, intellectual socialists who support placing financial institutions into public ownership and placing social need over individual profit. Like most minor Left-leaning groups, they are at war with most everyone else on the Left and mostly represent another fracture in the Green/ALP vote.

Formerly the Sustainable Population Party, Sustainable Australia are generally slightly Left of centre. Despite being wanting to cut immigration, they are pro-refugee. Most of their other policies align with ALP, except for immigration and trade. They are another party who have given a boost to the Animal Justice Party, though alone they are probably too much of a fringe vote to count. Wikipedia Page

There are several other groups that may garner votes based on local or individual interest, but are marginal groups and have little depth beyond their single-issue stance. All opinions belong to The Weasel, if you think there’s something missing or incorrect; put it in the comments section..


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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    A very valuable summary, Weasel.

    Unfortunately however, you forgot to make a statement about the upcoming new party, Australian Progressives, which is peopled by believers of:
    Ethics. Empathy. Equality. Evidence. Engagement. Empowerment.

  2. susanai


  3. paul walter

    I am glad someone ferreted out and presented that invaluable information and also finally clarified the Senate voting mess for me beyond relapse.. whoever you are, thx, avagoodweegend.

  4. Ms June abbott

    Very helpful – thank you for taking the time to summarise so succinctly. Now to print and study in more depth and take with me on voting day.

  5. jimhaz

    Nice work. Informative and also entertaining.

    And for me. Wow!

    Sustainable Australia’s policies are my policies. I looked at about 20 of them and gave a tick to at least 9 out of 10 individual policy points, with liveable compromises on the remaining 10%.

    I was going to vote for them in the senate solely on the name, but now most certainly No 1. on policy.

    The ALP will just have to live with my $2.63 in the lower house and as SA seem unlikely to get 4%, I’ll save taxpayers $2.63 in the senate.

  6. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    For the Senate, I decided today that I will vote for ALL 12 Greens Below-the-line;
    then I will vote for the 2 Australian Progressives from Vic who are David Knight and Josh Gilmore;
    then I will vote for Mark Dickenson, a worthy compassionate and grassroots Independent;
    then I will vote for Labor’s Kim Carr;
    then Ricky Muir;
    then Pirate Party;
    then the rest of Labor Senators for Vic;
    and the rest will be a combination of Progressive minor parties who have proven worth and potential worth.

    All up I will vote 57 below-the-line.

    I will NOT vote for the Liberal filth, the National filth, Christian Democrats, Liberal Democrats or any other conservatives, who push their own barrows and could not care less for the rest of us.

  7. Jack Russell

    I did my homework a while ago and it was well worth the effort. Thanks Weasel, I know how much time it took and how valuable your work will be to the readers here.

    I found 40 for BTL senate ballot that won’t support the current criminals. I’m chuffed.

  8. @RosemaryJ36

    There is also the Online Direct Democracy party (ODD) which believes representatives must at all times vote according to the majority view of the constituency they represent.

  9. glynis Howarth

    You have forgotten one Party which is very important to my family and friends…THE VETERANS PARTY…
    This is the only Party I trust the rest besides Animal Justice Party and Jacquii Lambie/Derryn Hinch have any strength
    of character…

  10. Vixstar

    LIBEXIT Australia Vote Labor

  11. ' george hanson '

    check out ‘’………plug in your preferences and get the read-out ….used it and then went to the early voting centre ..done and dusted .

  12. wam

    Voting is private and provides a little light relief guessing who votes what where why and wondering who realises the first preference is ‘cash’
    Haha surprise surprise JMS 12 loonies was obvious but below the line all to give kim carr a preference wowowo he must be special.

  13. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    You didn’t need to guess my voting, wam. I’ve been advocating a sensible mixture of Greens, Progressives and Labor for years.

    Go the ALLiance!

  14. 1petermcc

    Bewdy. I recommend folk share to FB in the hope that folk have a quick read before they get to the polling booth. Otherwise they may be overwhelmed on the day.

  15. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer Smith
    Where were you yesterday?
    I was in Warragul yesterday and cruised by pre polling but didn’t see you ?
    Geez Jen, that whole list of fringe /Micros listed in this article must be what wet dreams are made of eh?

  16. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I was there. What time were you there?

    If you’d come by at my times on the barricades (11am-2pm), you would have seen me handing out htv’s for the Greens in the LEFT hand and Labor in the right.

    And guess what, cornlegend? I have been given the green light by members of Greens and Labor coz people in the regions see the plain truth that the ALLiance is the natural way to go. You’re behind the times.

    (I wouldn’t know about ‘wet dreams’ but I assume you do.)

  17. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    about 9.30, I had to go to Morwell, if I spotted you there I was going to offer to buy you lunch

  18. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Oh well, that’s a shame. I’m there again on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

    Good to know you were going to Morwell.

    Morwell in the Gippsland electorate and Moe in McMillan are ripe for Labor’s picking as diverse demographics.

  19. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    “Oh well, that’s a shame”
    Yup, would have been a good opportunity to talk you around on this coalition nonsense 😀

  20. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    You insult me, cornlegend on 2 counts:

    #1 you insist on calling it a coalition when it is The ALLiance
    #2 you think you can sway my mind. I thought it was crystal clear that that is not going to happen! 😀

  21. cornlegend

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    NEVER say never 😀

    p.s. can’t respond have to go out and win a few more LNP and Greens over

  22. Gangey1959

    If we can just move Cornie and JMS onto a chat-up site for a moment, thanks Weasel for the info above.
    Pirates are a good option, and far from single policy.
    Sustainable Australia need to replace their ad designers, because what is on telly makes them out to be redneck racists, when quite obviously they are not, and I agree with 95% of what they support.
    I’m just wondering how many sukkar supporters I can nail to the fence between now and July 2.
    6 and counting………

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


  24. Peter Lindsay

    Why isn’t the Online Direct Democracy party mentioned in the list?

    Some parties give control to multinational businesses.
    Some parties give control to lobby groups.
    Some parties give control to organisations.
    Some new parties intend to let you save, swap, buy and sell votes online.
    NOT US!
    We give control to the voter.
    One vote per person, per issue.
    No saving, swapping, buying or selling votes.
    No party politics, no favors to donors, no commoditisation of votes.
    No exceptions.

  25. Ria Young

    Very informative, but too late for me as I voted early. Would have liked to see this before early voting started.

  26. Phoebe

    The animal justice party preferences Labor on its how to vote cards. On their website they also claim that they will work together with Labor. These summaries contain errors.

  27. Gray Wilson

    The Renewable Energy Party are single issue as it is the single most important thing facing humanity. Covers climate change, general pollution, miners buying politicians, and even the media duopoly.

  28. Mischelle Magrin

    The Greens are preferencing the Animal Justice Party above Labor in many seats..I won’t be..after reading about their true stand on marriage equality. Many will be fooled though because of the word ‘animal’..strange how the Greens preference a homophobic party instead of Labor who have pledged to make marriage equality law within 100 days of a Labor govt. When will it all end..just vote Labor FFS.

  29. nurses1968

    Mischelle Magrin
    sorry, you just spoke sense but ultimately have set yourself up for attack from the fringe element

  30. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    (For rusted-on comments made @ 5.49 pm and 6.12 pm)

    Still looking for a fight, are you?

    Save your energy for the real enemies of the LNP Degenerates and neoliberalism.

    Go the ALLiance of:
    Progressives advocating ALL social justice, environment, welfare causes;
    and Labor in spite of its ambiguities.

    Labor needs the Greens and true Progressives for its own redemption.

  31. corvus boreus

    Mischelle Magrin,
    The Animal Justice Party are in favour of same sex marriage.

    One of their (ex) candidates (Tony Hulbert) made a prejudiced statement about homosexuality, calling it “un-natural” (he mustn’t pay much attention to what animals get up to) and said he would probably abstain from voting on the subject unless forced to. (sorry, Murdoch link)

    The animal libber party asked for and received his resignation, and officially clarified their position as being OK with gay.

    Hope that clarifies.

  32. jantonius

    There is the issue of ‘animal justice’. The actual issue.
    It’s not about you feeling good about your vote.
    It’s about doing things about industrialised gross cruelty to animals.
    Things like cattle, terrified and moaning being smashed to death with repeated blows of a sledgehammer to the head. Little things like that.

    The human species is a mad mob. It is destroying the Earth. It might just be that bit less mad, might teach itself something, if it could have some respect for other creatures.

  33. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear jantonius.

  34. Karen

    Corvus I didn’t realise this had happened with the Animal Justice Party. They need to get that out in the media poste haste as I had changed my vote from them when the mad hatter came out with homosexuality being an abomination. He has lost them votes.

  35. cornlegend

    The Remain mob are having kittens in the UK. Bregret has started
    If LNP win, we could use some of their zingers coming out over there now

    “Not enough people voted the right way’.

    We don’t like the result. We demand another referendum and then another and then another until we get the result we wanted

    A commentator was interviewing people in the street and one young lady said ‘I really didn’t think my vote would count so i didn’t really care how I voted’.

    A lot of younger Londoners are saying that older people in the counties voted for exit and that was unfair because they wouldn’t have to live with the decision as long as the young people would

    London was too important to remain a part of a brexited Britain and there’s a petition to start secession

    This is London, we’re a big city. Our votes should carry more weight because we’re not in the back blocks. We’re more important.

    The petition that has started and will be presented to the UK government that says any referendum that has a winning vote percentage of LESS than 60% with a total voter turnout of LESS than 75% should be declared invalid and done again.

    George Soros, the billionaire who ‘broke’ the Bank of England, wins big from Brexit, win reputed to be $2 Billion

    Crispin Odey, boss of Odey Asset management, gave financial backing to the Leave campaign and bet about £7.5bn of his firm’s assets on Brexit happening. He has reportedly made more than £220m personally as a result of the vote to leave.

  36. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes, cornlegend. Brexit was obvious in spite of the neoliberal freemarket bookies’ odds.

    Brexit would happen anyway coz people come to their senses after 2-3 decades of a rotten regime.

    Byebye Thatcherism.

    Hello Jeremy Corbyn!

    Yes Corbynism with decency and diverse socio-economic equality.

    It will spread to Australia too.

  37. Trish Corry

    I was just listening to ABC radio. There is a lot of pressure for Corbyn to resign from the Labour party. If Ed Milliband would have won, none of this would have happened! (The Ed thing is tongue in cheek from a self-confessed Milifandom geek). I have no way of knowing what would have occurred with any different leadership. Both sides are blaming their respective leaders saying they did not put forward the argument strong enough. It shows how important compulsory voting is and how dangerous apathy can be.

  38. cornlegend

    Apparently there is a meeting of Labour Party MPs set for tuesday to move a no confidence motion in Jeremy Corbyn as they all “Bregret”
    “Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn has been sacked from the shadow cabinet amid claims he was encouraging ministers to resign should Jeremy Corbyn ignore a vote of no confidence”
    Senior Labour sources also told the BBC that a significant number of shadow cabinet resignations were likely if Mr Corbyn were to ignore the result of the confidence vote
    Labour MPs Dame Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey submitted a motion of no confidence against Mr Corbyn

  39. cornlegend

    Poor old Jeremy is copping it now Bregret is taking hold
    Eleven members of the Labour shadow cabinet have resigned and one has been sacked
    Resignations include shadow health secretary, Scottish secretary, transport secretary and education secretary
    Hilary Benn sacked from shadow cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn
    Shadow Leader of the House of Commons Chris Bryant resigns

  40. corvus boreus

    I agree.
    No doubt the distorted factoid ‘the Animal Justice Party are homophobic’ is doing the rounds of twitter and facebook.
    The AJP should probably counter this with some active advertising to counter the misrepresentation, or at least make the effort to clarify their actual policy/position on the party website.

    Personally, I also think that when people hear an anecdotal ‘someone something somewhere’, they should make the effort to undertake some basic research (eg 2 minutes on Google) to validate the claims before rushing to react or repeat.

  41. Nicola

    Your article includes a lot of mistakes. For 1, peference voting has been abbollished. Parties can only try and convince you to vote for other parties second, third ect. And Animal Justice party has nothing to do with Liberal, they “recommend” you vote AJP #1, Greens #2 & Labor #3 in order of parties with the best animal welfare polices.
    It seems like anyone can sound like they know what their talking about on the internet.

  42. Rosie Melba

    While I have in general found this summary to be helpful, I have also, in the process of doing my own research, discovered that some of the information given is incorrect, e.g. Animal Justice Party preferencing the Liberal Party. I would strongly recommend that if people feel strongly about a particular issue that they check the party’s/candidate’s website to check what their actual position is before deciding not to vote for someone based on this summary.

  43. Ron Evans

    You forgot about the Veterans Party

  44. B Barry

    Well that does it. If we believe everything we’ve just read about all of the candidates and parties there isn’t one of them worth a vote. Might as well paly golf on polling day and leave the country in the hands of the existing nut-cases

  45. Sonke

    Animal Justice Party do not preference Libs, they siding with Greens…

  46. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Animal Justice Party got some of my preferences below-the-line for the Senate, Sonke.

    Good animal welfare cause, good people and good brains in siding with the Greens.

  47. Kaye Lee

    AN Animal Justice Party candidate claims the Orlando shooting massacre was staged by the US government, another has resigned after declaring gay marriage wasn’t natural and a third has chosen to take a Pacific holiday instead of campaigning this week and won’t be here for election day.

    The Greater Dandenong Leader yesterday revealed Mr Leith, the AJP candidate for the federal seat of Bruce, made a series of Facebook posts claiming the massacre, which killed 49 and injured 53 at the Pulse gay nightclub on June 12, was a government conspiracy and the people involved were actors.

  48. Dan Rowden

    AJP – bunch of stuck up vegetarian zealots whose idea of an education policy is to teach kids not to eat meat. Do not preference these people. There are heaps of far better options.

  49. Jennifer Meyer-Smith gives some insight into what the party itself stands for and how they are judged by animal rights organisations.

    Giving them some electoral support below-the-line should not be seen as cancelling out other high priorities such as education, health, housing affordability, equitable access to socio-economic programs and so on. Showing some humanity to animals is not a big turn off.

  50. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear re Paul Stevenson. Good man.

  51. Freethinker

    I am really disappointed with Bill Shorten when again today said, quote: “I can promise Australians we won’t be forming a Coalition with the Greens.”
    It is a complete lack of political maturity IMO.

  52. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I agree Freethinker.

  53. cornlegend

    They have been saying it for zonks, Bloody hell, there’s a conga line of ALPers, ALP Premiers, Tassie rank and file Shadow Ministers saying it continually

  54. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    that’s no excuse for their stupidity.

  55. cornlegend

    no, but I’ll excuse you that

  56. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Gee thanks. Labor needs to wake up.

    You might be so kind as to pass on my message to their backroom gals and guys. 🙂

  57. Michael Taylor

    Weasel, this has been a great source of referefence. Not just for me, but for many people. Although the article is over a week old already close to 3,500 people have referred to it today.

  58. Diana Rickard

    Thanks, Weasel. I didn’t look at your article until after registering my pre-polled vote. Love the humour! I’m a veteran voter who usually researches the candidates (even if I haven’t run myself). and where the parties you mentioned were standing here in the NT, you’ve just about hit it on the nose. I’ve been handing out how-to-vote cards for various people and parties most elections but decided to stay home and read a book this time – knowing that 1 July followed by 2 July would just about kill any love of humankind I have left.
    July 1 was designated as NT self-government day. Firecrackers day and night and every day and night until the next self-government day! In my 40-odd years of residence here, I can’t for the life of me understand what people are celebrating – except neo-colonialism, racism, destroying nature, shooting wild birds and annoying the sh*t out of neighbours wanting to sleep. With cracker night pending and the NT CLP government defending it, I voted below the line in the Senate – as I always do. Mostly independents on the Left then second Greens candidate, then second Labor candidate, etc, etc. Because of the 12 candidate option, I didn’t have to vote for the Christian fringe loonies or the CLP (19 candidates in all here for 2 senate positions).
    I’m not really disappointed with the outcome so far because thinking people have actually thought before voting and the Greens vote is up across most electorates. Shame not more Green people will get in around the country but their strength is undeniable.

  59. Sly Gryphon

    A couple of comments on parties I know well (I can’t really add much for parties I don’t know).

    In your description of the Liberal Democrats you mention “Modelled after the American Tea Party”, except that the Lib Dems were formed in 2001, and the tea party movement didn’t start until 2009, so this is just wrong. (The tea party is also generally a conservative movement, and the Lib Dems has a very different position on many social issues.)

    Also, your “as long as that means” list of individual liberty is also missing some key issues: such as same sex marriage (one of the parliamentary bills was from the Lib Dems) and drug decriminalisation. For example, in Queensland their two preferences in the recent election went to Drug Law Reform and Marriage Equality.

    (Also, spelling mistake: Leyonhjelm)

    The Pirate Party also has a similar limited description, describing them as a “single issue party”, when they actually have a fairly well developed platform (probably even more than the Sex Party or Lib Dems). They are part of an international movement that is likely to form government in Iceland later this year.

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