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200 million reasons you should not vote for Malcolm Turnbull

By James Moylan

Our Prime Minister may have as much as 200 million dollars stashed away in an overseas tax haven. He admits to being worth at least 200 million dollars – but why have secret offshore bank accounts unless you are hiding money?

So for the sake of argument let’s say he has another 200 million dollars squirreled away. I may be wrong. It might be as little as 80 million; but unfortunately you and I will just never know. (I will immediately apologise if he gives me access to his overseas accounts for just long enough to add up all the columns).

You and I are being asked to believe that a man who once owned his own bank, his own Law Firm, dozens of companies, was a full partner in Goldman and Sachs USA, who owned and sold Ozemail, and represented Kerry Packer, is worth far less than Clive Palmer? Scepticism is the only rational response.

But regardless of the exact dollar sum that is deposited in these offshore tax-havens: how is it possible we can we allow someone who is so grossly conflicted to run our country?

Surely no-one who has half a brain would dare assert that having millions of dollars in an overseas tax-haven will not influence an individuals opinions regarding taxation and corporate governance? But this is exactly the argument that Aussie voters are being asked to accept. While our press regularly take us all for mugs; this is plain insulting.

We are being asked to believe that PM Turnbull has such a depth of character that he is able to run our country on behalf of the average taxpayer even though he has a massive fortune hidden away overseas in secret bank accounts.

We are being asked to believe that Mr Turnbull will be willing to crack down on those who are avoiding tax – despite the fact that any such crackdown will have direct personal implications.

We are being asked to believe that Mr Turnbull will be willing to force our banks to abandon their habit of ripping off their customers despite having made much of his fortune while running an international trading bank that was at the epicentre of the Global Financial Crisis.

We are being asked to believe that Mr Turnbull will force industry to be more respectful of our environment even though he made a fortune in the 1990’s as chairman of Axiom Forest Resources, which was responsible for conducting clear-felling operations all across the Solomon Islands.

We are being asked to believe that Mr Turnbull will be willing to manage the NBN on behalf of all Aussies despite having made millions of dollars as the owner of several private telecommunications companies.

How can it be possible that our PM is allowed to continue in his role despite being so obviously conflicted? Perhaps it’s because Australia is owned and controlled by big business.

In most comparable first-world economies the corporate sector was tamed following the great depression. In America (for example) anti-trust laws were introduced to ensure that no corporate entity could become ‘too-big-to-fail’ or so large that it might be able to corruptly influence legislatures – and although this does not seem to have stopped the American Banks from wreaking havoc on the global economy, there is no doubt that the Government of the USA is in charge of the American economy. While in Australia the Government is just another department of Big Business.

Australia is the land of the government enforced monopoly. Our country is run by our politicians on behalf of four banks, two giant retail outfits, three massive mining houses, and two large corporate media conglomerates. Aussie voters simply do not matter.

While many readers may protest that this sounds a little strident; just have a look at our recent political history and ask yourself: ‘Whose interests are the government serving?’

A carbon tax? Abolished. (Obviously a threat to the power and profits of our rulers).

A mining tax? Abolished. (Cannot be allowed as it will reduce profits).

A banking Royal Commission? Ruled out immediately. (Dangerous because it will destabilise the economy).

Instead we get a Royal Commission into the Unions on the basis that the Unions are holding the Australian economy to ransom?

How long is it since you have seen or heard anything in our press about reducing the monopoly ownership of our Press Barons? Twenty years ago this topic was a vital concern worrying everyone in our political class. Today it is not even discussed. Which is understandable. After all; if any Aussie politician did decide that the monopoly ownership of our press was a topic that might be in the public interest to discuss – then the issue would not even make it into our Press. However any politician who was so rash as to raise the issue would certainly be pilloried on our television screens and in our newspapers, and would almost certainly lose their pre-selection. Which just demonstrates that it’s plain stupid to criticise the boss in public.

Am I overstating the case?

Consider that during the last two weeks the Courier-Mail in Queensland has just about refused to even mention that 94% of the Northern Barrier Reef has experienced bleaching and that more than 40% of the reef will die due to the bleaching. A group of 56 scientists have even had to pay for a full page advertisement just to be able to get the issue into the paper at all. Does this look like a media that is acting on behalf of your average Aussie?

Consider that half of our media is constantly banging on about how Climate Change is a myth – despite the vast majority of Aussies believing that we urgently have to address the fact of climate change. Does this look like a media that is acting on behalf of your average Aussie?

Consider that while the vast majority of the readers believe that we need to reduce our coal exports – virtually all of our media are constantly telling us that if we don’t continue to export coal then thousands of starving people in the third world will have to go without light, heat, and cooking facilities. (Even though the Indian government has been loudly vocal about its huge stockpile of 94 million tons of coal and the fact that they intend to eliminate all coal imports within two years). Does this look like a media that is acting on behalf of your average Aussie?

We have lost control of our politicians and the recent changes to the Senate voting rules were enacted so as ensure that the Australian population cannot once again regain control. From here on if you want to get elected to government in Australia then you have to be a member of one of the big political parties, the very same big political parties that are owned lock stack and barrel by big business and other vested interests. So if you have 200 million dollars hidden away in a tax-haven then you are more than welcome to join the ruling class. But if you are an average Aussie dependent on an average wage then forget about it.



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  1. FreeThinker

    A great article James.
    For Malcolm Turnbull to govern in the interests of the wider Australian population, he would need to negate the character and the substance of his earlier life’s work.
    It won’t happen.

  2. Michael

    Ahhh, the virtues of transparency – 1 vote = 1 value has a 4 minute life it takes to complete a ballot paper after that it is collected and traded for money in parallel universe while we are hoodwinked to remain blissfully confused and ignorant.

    The challenging catch cry? Its ignorance, stupid (in the nicest possible way)

  3. Klaus

    The best article I have read on AIM and there are many good ones. Very gutsy and true. Malcolm has, without any shred of a doubt, more stashed away than he admits to. Aussies are like sheep. They don’t ask questions at all. Here is a PM with many conflicts of interest. He has personally taken care of turning the NBN into an inferior technology where the full damage will become apparent in the next 5 to 10 years time when other countries perform remote surgery because the speed allows this to happen. Very sad and nobody but the techno heads give a damn. He destroyed it out of blind ideology. He is dangerous for the country and must be stopped. He will introduce a GST, will privatize Medicare, will take care that every government service will be paying itself. These are vast, hidden tax jumps coming towards us.

    Poverty is on the increase, private bankruptcies are on the increase while corporate ones will be bailed out by tax payers.

    The reef is dying and more coal mines will be approved.

    The coal ads are still on TV.

    Apparently now we also pay for his botched innovation ads whilst slashing school funding and deregulating unis.

    It all will come to pass if this mob is voted back in.

  4. Loz

    Unfortunately many people will elect Malcolm because “he seems to be a nice man”. Someone gave me this answer about our current NSW Premier. They had no idea what he represented, that he was a banker in previous life and very much a man of the religious right.

  5. Lee

    Yes found the leadership machinations quite dysfunctional but under Rudd and Gillard their government quite orderly and functional only the MSM’s ravings painted a picture of chaos and mayhem, can’t we fight these doomsayers.

  6. Michael

    Not a coincidence we inherited poorly understood defamation law (better say nothing) and both Freedom Of Information and Government Information Public Access has become an art form in opaqueness?

  7. helvityni

    Loz, are people in NSW very unhappy about having Baird as their Premier?

    I know that many Australians will be extremely unhappy if Turnbull wins the race, and not just the Labor voters, but also many Liberals.

  8. Backyard Bob

    Not sure what the standard for “just about refusing” is …


  9. townsvilleblog

    Those of us who are chronically ill and relying on the pension will die early because we simply cannot pay for pathology charges which arrive the day before the election. The payment for blood tests, Pap smear tests, X-Ray’s etc, just can’t be afforded out of the humble pension. Has Australia lost its humanity and care for others that they will vote these ultra right wing tories back into power, knowing what they want to do to us with GST increases and the rest, while their mates in corporate Australia, nearly 40% of who have not paid a cent in tax since the LNP were elected in 2013? The unfairness of the situation is stark if you are in my position, believe me.

  10. Michael Lacey

    Turnbull is a neoliberal and he will never attack his base! They will deliver austerity for the poor and banquets for the rich. It’s evident in their policy ignoring tax escapes by the rich which will continue, downgrading superannuation for working people, defunding social infrastructure like education and universal health care, attacking unions and leaving bank fraud untouched! He is doing just what the cheap labor neoliberal conservatives wish him to do. They work for a very small percentage of the Australian population!

  11. Gangey1959

    We can Lee, but they won’t like us when we do. It’s the only way we are going to feel good about ourselves in the morning though.
    Nail rupert and his mates to the wall and let t graffiti artists sort them out.

    RIP PRINCE. It will rain purple forevever.

  12. robyn

    agreed he has no idea how the pensioners live, he wont be getting my vote.

  13. James Moylan

    Backyard Bob: 5 stories of which one was all about how the bleaching would not stop the reef from being a tourist attraction – about one of the most significant natural disasters ever to strike Queensland. However this aside, i was simply reiterating what the 56 scientists who took out an advertisement in the Courier Mail had to say about the coverage provided:

    “One of the reasons we placed the ad in the Courier Mail was that we’ve seen very little coverage of the coral bleaching event in that paper and in fact there was a front-page story that said the coral bleaching event had been wildly exaggerated,” said Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, director of the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland and one of the signatories of the letter.

  14. Keitha Granville

    you’ll be interested to know townsvilleblog that my MP called me after I wrote him a stinging letter attacking the pathology changes. My husband had been in to have some bloods taken for which he will be required to pay $119, and they told him that after July 1 there’ll be NO bulk billing. The MP was furious, telling me this is nonsense and a complete lie. “The pathology companies are all mega billionaire corporations who are refusing to absorb between 1.50 and 3 dollars per item which has been withdrawn from govt support. Ergo, bulk billing for THOSE items will be withdrawn as we’ll have to cover the difference.” I wait with bated breath to see if he is right.
    As for the pollies and their money, and the media and their bias – we are all doomed. Until we as a nation of individuals decide that we CAN take the power away from all of them, it will be the same into eternity. The Senate changes can be completely outfoxed if we ALL – every man jack of us – vote for individual candidates BELOW the line. And the same in the Reps. Vote for Independents wherever we can – have a house full of individual men and women and just a few in parties. They’d all have to talk to each other, come to agreements on issues – gosh what a novelty.

    It’s a pipe dream, most people are not interested in the whole nation, just what’s in it for them.

    When the planet is dying, it’ll be too late.

  15. James Moylan


    I agree that we have to stand up and be counted.
    I am pretty sure that I will be running for the Queensland senate during the coming election on behalf of the Renewable Energy Party:

  16. Michael

    James MoylanApril 22, 2016 at 11:09 am

    that must be the Courier Mail’s desperation business model

    ignore facts and wait for paid adverts ………

    ahh, the depths we have reached.

  17. Ken McGrath

    Democracy dies behind closed doors, did I just here a loud click coming from Canberra?

  18. Michael

    helvityniApril 22, 2016 at 10:41 am

    I live in Manly, Baird’s electorate, as Premier he is by definition neutered – can you see him “thumping tables” and “breaking doors down” to stop mining and coal seam gas??? – I am not represented.

  19. Alan Raby

    So what about the force in Australian politics- The Greens? You make no mention of them. Reason being?.

  20. Jexpat


    Australian defamation laws really are appalling. In practice (and by design) the operate as a cudgle by corrupt individuals and what amount to oligarchs (both writ large on the national scale and smaller sorts in their own local fiefdoms).

    Such being the case, I see little chance for responsible reforms for at least the next several years- if not a decade or more.

  21. James Moylan

    Alan: What sort of a force are the ‘Greens’ in Australian politics? What function do they fulfil in the bigger picture?

    The Greens will never form government and they know it and so do all the other parties. So for as long as they stay in parliament they act to ‘inoculate’ the Aussie political body against the need to adopt any actually progressive ideas. They provide a ready excuse for any Australian politician to remain ideologically distinct from ‘the crazies on the left’ and so ‘stand in’ for progressive politics whilst simultaneously being no more progressive than your average Aussie politician.

    They provide a contrast (at least we are not left wing nutters) – they provide an excuse (we are representing the ‘middle ground’) – they represent an alibi for rational voters (I am on the side of the planet because I vote Green) – and also ensure that no actually progressive parties can ever gain a foothold (ie parties which are happy to call themselves socialist or radically progressive). Their constant battle to ‘tone down’ the language of the left acts to misrepresent what progressive politics is all about.

    We need to be talking about socialist ideas out in the open, all the time, rather than cringing and redefining our language so we don’t scare people. We do not need to be apologetic or careful with our speech. ‘Socialism’ is not a dirty word. ‘Democratic socialism’ is the middle ground. It is where we should be as a country and where we were when we were Federated. It is the vested interests who are the ‘radical’ element in our midst who have stolen our democracy. And for as long as we (the progressive elements of the Australian population) are constantly guarding our words to fit in with the sensibilities of the crony capitalists we are losing the fight to regain control of our society.

    The Greens simply represent soft and fluffy capitalism. They are timid and apologetic capitalists. They spend forever whispering in the ear of people who should know better that the ups and downs of the capitalist system can be smoothed out and tempered. In other words raw capitalism is not the problem – its just the way that we are using it.

    Whereas the boom and bust cycle is not a fault with capitalism: it is capitalism.

    Having a very few rich people dictating to the rest what is moral and what is valuable is not a fault with capitalism: it is capitalism.

    Democratic socialism is all about not allowing individuals within the society to own too much stuff.

    Democratic socialism is all about tempering the power of corporations, getting rid of the stock-market-as-casino mentality of bankers, redistributing and decentralising money and power, and providing access to social services equally and for free.

    Democratic socialism is not a difficult thing to argue for but there is nobody in the Australian political scene who is even willing to talk in plain terms let alone actually represent progressive ideas (ie a CommonWealth of Australia).

  22. Michael

    helvityni April 22, 2016 at 10:41 am

    Sorry, I missed the coup de grace – Baird wanting to fine me $5,500 and/or 7 years’ goal if I protesteth too much against these vile activities.

  23. Michael

    Jexpat April 22, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    I must acknowledge all contributors to AIMN for unravelling the mysterious ways our “democracy” is practiced, whether by accident or by design as you have alluded to.

    Either way, what can be “accident-ed” and/or designed can be “un-accident-ed” and/or redesigned – let’s start today!

  24. Jexpat

    James Moylan wrote:

    The Greens will never form government and they know it and so do all the other parties. So for as long as they stay in parliament they act to ‘inoculate’ the Aussie political body against the need to adopt any actually progressive ideas.

    I’ve heard a lot of knocks on the Greens, some quite valid, but that take (and similar statements that follow) is about the more irrational I’ve heard yet.

    Even assuming that the Greens will never form governent on their own, neither will the Nationals- and yet they are a coaltion. And Joyce :rolls eye: is from time to time, acting PM.

    As for the rest: codswallop. Disproven by the parliamentary record and by official Greens policy (which is avaliable online, in detail, for anyone to see).

  25. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    James Moylan,

    I’ve been advocating The Alliance of Left and Centre Labor, the Greens, upcoming Progressive Parties and sane Independents since we were inflicted with the disease of the Abbott/Turnbull LNP Governments 2 1/2 years ago.

    I have done this because I’m not convinced neo-liberal Labor has the will or heart to bring about progressive and alternative change alone.

    I have done this also because I wonder if the Greens’ philosophy can be believed by enough people to represent their interests despite the wide acknowledgement of their admirable advocacy for the vulnerable on Welfare and in Detention, as well as the Environment.

    I am very interested in the upcoming alternative, democratic-socialist, alternative Progressive parties and the sane Independents like Mark Dickenson, who will be running for the Senate in Victoria.

    I would be interested to hear your feedback to my proposal that aligning the interests of these different political forces is something to work towards in order to provide an invitation to voters in the short term for progressive change, which will automatically annihilate the LNP out of government and then provide the foundations for the roll out of wide-spanning representational and institutional change thereafter.

    Like all alliances, this Alliance will need to operate on mutual obligations, mutual respect, negotiation, debate and agreements of priorities, policies and procedures for the political representation of the People. What are your thoughts?

  26. James Moylan


    Greens policy on cannabis? (more of the same for recreational PLUS set up a huge bureaucracy to protect the public from medicinal cannabis)

    On nationalising banks? (would never dream of it)

    On banning coal mining? (ask one of them in public)

    On greater democracy? (all for it except no small parties or individuals please)

    On using the ‘s’ word? (ask a Green politician if we need to redistribute wealth, cap earning, institute death duties etc like we once did back when we were a ‘socialist democracy’ and then ask if they are a ‘socialist’ – what will they say? They will instantly redefine ‘socialism’ for you.)

    And you really want to compare a right wing capitalist party getting together with another right wing capitalist party (L-NP) to a (supposedly) progressive party allying itself with capitalists?

    If the Greens record is so good – why is our country currently exporting record amounts of coal and opening up more mines than ever?

  27. David

    The trouble is, folks, and James is right, it’s an actual plutocracy we live in, dressed up as something far finer. The pollies dance about on the strings held by the puppet-masters, the entitled at the big end of town. The revolving-door of parliament-boardroom-big bank-ASIC etc simply reinforces the wall of secrecy and moral bankruptcy with which we are confronted. Even when a whistle-blower does his or her thing about the latest act of bastardry, the undeniable is denied. Then the avalanche of mealy-mouthed blather which constitutes an obviously insincere mea culpa is trotted out, time goes by, and on we go until the next scandal, and the next and the next…….until the public eventually becomes inured to it all, pretty much.

  28. Jexpat

    “If the Greens record is so good – why is our country currently exporting record amounts of coal and opening up more mines than ever?

    Not sure how anyone can pin that on the Greens. It was after all, the Greens who spent a lot of political capital (and lost some considerable good will) by insisting on carbon pricing (which btw, has proven so successful in British Columbia that some very unlikely groups are lobbying to increase it.

    The Greens are (and hav been) on the front line of nearly every anti-coal and coal seam gas movement in Australia.

    At present, of course, they don’t have balance of power in federal parliament (or much sway with Queensl;and Labor) so I’m not sure what more anyone might ask them to do.

    We could go on with the other issues raised, if wish, but it’s probably best not to hijack the thread, since your lead article is an excellent indictment of Turbull’s LNP, with keen insights on the monopoly/oligopoly -or indeed, oligarchal nature of present day Australia.

  29. Joe Taranto


  30. Anomander

    We get to vote once every 3-4 years. Those with the money get to vote every single day.

  31. nurses1968

    An excellent article and I must agree with the bulk pf your comments.
    If I lived in QLD you would get my vote

  32. nurses1968

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    I have watched with interest your efforts for a Coalition.
    Has anything at all progressed with your concept, and if so, where can I read the details, and are you aligned with the small parties and Independents affected by the Senate changes?

  33. James Moylan

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    anything that promotes more voices in parliament is to be applauded

    if we all educate citizens during the time betwixt elections then these sort of alliances should spontaneously form like little lumps of congealing sanity in the midst of ideological lunacy

    a free press would help

  34. Keray

    I believe our biggest hope is for Bernie Sanders to win the USA presidency and start to make changes that may flow on to us or at least wake more of us up.

    Now I’ve written that I realise it may have the reverse effect and cause the multinationals to go harder in markets like ours and other similar countries.

    Oh no….

  35. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I think you have hit the nail on the head. I’m supporting Bernie Sanders because he is a breath of fresh air for all grassroots people.

    James Moylan,

    we need to be educating people now (and yesterday for that matter!), so we can incrementally and continuously change over short and medium periods knowing it’s all moving in the correct Left direction.


    if you attempt to quote my concept, call it The Alliance. Please refer to my response for James Moylan. It might enlighten you.

  36. diannaart

    @Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Whenever I have tried to discuss an alliance between progressive, people always think I mean something formal like the LNP coalition.

    I don’t see the need for such a structure.

    I am thinking of a more relaxed alliance – around specific issues that concern progressives such as climate, education, health, equity, long term nation building and so on.

    Another coalition even from the left would simply devolve into a 2 party system – hardly democratic and look where our former 2 party system has got us: 2 powerful political parties who are beholden to big business.

    Yup, I’m still voting Labor in the LH – coz there is no strong cooperation of progressives – yet.

    The current players need to change from 20th century laissez faire economic ideology, we need people who understand, can work and negotiate with others. Instead, we appear to be moving further away from collaborative leadership, if we keep voting in the same old retrogrades.

    We expect professionals to be highly trained in every aspect of their fields – EXCEPT politics (and parenting – but I won’t go further with that topic).

    A degree in commerce or law is not adequate – we just get more of the same.

    Hoping this makes some sense – tired of the lot of them.

  37. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Eloquently put, diannaart.

  38. diannaart

    Thank you.

    Am particularly irritable right now – my autoimmune illness having its wicked way because I dared to do some gardening earlier in the week!

  39. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I’m sorry to hear that, diannaart. I hope you can find some comfort.

  40. nurses1968

    Sorry for misquoting your concept Alliance, but you missed my point.
    I am well aware of the repeated posts you make on this subject, but as I work shift work I only visit spasmodically.
    I did read at some stage you were meeting with representatives of some parties and my question was has it progressed any or still just a talking point
    I did read that a large group of parties and individuals opposed to Senate changes met and formed a coalition/alliance
    Did your Alliance have discussions with that alliance?
    My obvious question is, where is it at? {Your Alliance, that is}

  41. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    No nurses1968, my Alliance was not the same, although there are similarities.

    My Alliance is my plea to Labor, the Greens, alternative & Progressive micro-parties and selected, sane Independents to form an effective front against the LNP first and thereafter against neo-liberalism full stop.

  42. nurses1968

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    So, let me get this straight.Your “Alliance” isn’t an entity or a group or anything other than your wish that sometime somewhere groups will talk and cooperate?
    “My Alliance” as you put it, is just your wishes out loud?

  43. corvus boreus

    In 2010 ‘Labor, Greens and some sane independents’ sat down to negotiate constructively and, through finding consensus based on commonality of core values, managed to form an effective minority government.
    A repeat of this achievement (preferrably an improved variation) is not an especially infeasable or unreasonable ‘wish’.
    I applaud and support all Jennifer’s tireless efforts in turning her ‘wishes’ into goals and petitioning various representatives of the relevant parties towards forming such an ‘alliance’.

  44. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks corvus boreus.

  45. Kronomex

    Thank you for a good article. At the moment I reckon that Turnbull (who I bet has a lot more than $200meg stashed away) and the other greed monsters will be looking into new methods of hiding their money as the Panama Papers situation starts to bite. You didn’t mention the J. Edgar Hoover of the Australian media, Rupert. To my mind he is a bigger threat to this country than most of the corporations that the LNP lets them use as bicycle stands.

  46. nurses1968

    corvus boreus

    “petitioning various representatives of the relevant parties towards forming such an ‘alliance’.”
    Maybe I didn’t explain my request well enough
    what has been the response, if any of the “various representatives of the relevant parties towards forming such an ‘alliance’.”?
    Good on Jennifer for having an idea but is it past thhe idea stage or just a talking point

  47. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    The response has been what you’ve seen, nurses1968.

    Getting beyond the talking point stage takes people like you joining in, contributing ideas building and providing commitment to making it happen.

  48. paul walter

    After Sco-Mo dole- bashing on teev this morning, the read of this yesterday came straight to mind.

    Talk about Heart of Darknes.

  49. Michael

    Let’s all practice what we preach and join the Democrats !

  50. G. H. Schorel-Hlavka (@INSPECTORRIKATI)

    As a CONSTITUTIONALIST I on 19 July 2006 in the COUNTY COURT OF VICTORIA (exercising federal jurisdiction) successfully appealed two convictions for FAILING TO VOTE upon the grounds that it was unconstitutional to compel any elector to vote.
    I hold that any DOUBLE DISSOLUTION would be unconstitutional in that since the Parliament since 4 February 2016 for the second time in the Senate refused the Bills then this was the DOUBLE DISSOLUTION trigger and where the Government then didn’t seek a DOUBLE DISSOLUTION but carried on then the Bill must be deemed abandoned. The fact that is was reintroduced on 18 April 2016 cannot satisfy s57 of the constitution to achieve a DOUBLE DISSOLUTION. As section 57 includes failing to pass, as it did, then the refusal on 18 April 2016 cannot be used to justify a DOUBLE DISSOLUTION and the Bill neither had the 3 month period required since last introduced.
    Just consider that if the political parties were to engage in a multi million dollar advertising campaign expecting this to be funded by the primary vote, but the electors hold a VELVET REVOLUTION not to vote, as I will, then those political parties will all have millions of dollars of debt. And we may face also that INDEPENDENTS candidates may be elected. Use the “right” to vote as not to vote.

    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention)
    What a charter of liberty is embraced within this Bill-of political liberty and religious liberty-the liberty and the means to achieve all to which men in these days can reasonably aspire. A charter of liberty is enshrined in this Constitution, which is also a charter of peace-of peace, order, and good government for the whole of the peoples whom it will embrace and unite.
    HANSARD 17-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates
    Mr. SYMON (South Australia).- We who are assembled in this Convention are about to commit to the people of Australia a new charter of union and liberty; we are about to commit this new Magna Charta for their acceptance and confirmation, and I can conceive of nothing of greater magnitude in the whole history of the peoples of the world than this question upon which we are about to invite the peoples of Australia to vote. The Great Charter was wrung by the barons of England from a reluctant king. This new charter is to be given by the people of Australia to themselves.
    See also my blog at

  51. Frank Saez

    Couldn’t agree more on your description of Zionist Malcolm Turnbull and his corporate agenda. Five years ago I predicted Malcolm would be PM…..didn’t figure that he would be unelected, but I’m sure it makes a lot of sense to those who own and control him. With respect to Climate Change I hope you didn’t mean man-made carbon dioxide causing global warming. Climate change is as old as the earth itself and anyone with half a brain knows that the climate is constantly changing. A little bit of research will convince even the dumbest to accept that historical rises in temperature have always preceded rises in carbon dioxide levels. There is no doubt we should strive to curb the industries that pollute our atmosphere, but to introduce a carbon tax, or any other levy, is as ridiculous as it is ineffective. Has anybody stopped to consider the amount of carbon dioxide that is added to the atmosphere by the action of hundreds of volcanoes year after year. It makes our contribution look ridiculously insignificant. The Global Warming Hoax was introduced to raise revenue and to make humans feel guilty about their contribution to the problem………and as 95% of the humans on this planet are actually sheep they will continue to believe the mainstream media dribble. My definition of stupid: people who are comfortable with their ignorance or too brainwashed to challenge their perception. It is comforting to realise that the large majority of the alternative media recognise the global warming hoax and understands the reasons behind it.

  52. diannaart

    @Frank Saez

    Has anybody stopped to consider the amount of carbon dioxide that is added to the atmosphere by the action of hundreds of volcanoes year after year.

    Yes, they have, they are called scientists:

    The solid Earth contains a huge quantity of carbon, far more than scientists estimate is present in the atmosphere or oceans. As an important part of the global carbon cycle, some of this carbon is slowly released from the rocks in the form of carbon dioxide, through vents at volcanoes and hot springs. Published reviews of the scientific literature by Mörner and Etiope (2002) and Kerrick (2001) report a minimum-maximum range of emission of 65 to 319 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Counter claims that volcanoes, especially submarine volcanoes, produce vastly greater amounts of CO2 than these estimates are not supported by any papers published by the scientists who study the subject.

    The burning of fossil fuels and changes in land use results in the emission into the atmosphere of approximately 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year worldwide, according to the EIA. The fossil fuels emissions numbers are about 100 times bigger than even the maximum estimated volcanic CO2 fluxes. Our understanding of volcanic discharges would have to be shown to be very mistaken before volcanic CO2 discharges could be considered anything but a bit player in contributing to the recent changes observed in the concentration of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere….

    …Volcanoes can—and do—influence the global climate over time periods of a few years but this is achieved through the injection of sulfate aerosols into the high reaches of the atmosphere during the very large volcanic eruptions that occur sporadically each century. But that’s another story…

    Recommended further reading on CO2 and volcanoes can be found here: Terry Gerlach in Earth Magazine ; USGS

  53. maxpowerof1

    The carbon tax was a stream of revenue to invest in the development of increasingly sustainable technology.

    A stream of revenue that could maintain independence from the fossil fuel economy.

    That is, any particular process/componant of manufacture that causes the majority of pollution in that particular method of manufacture, will via a “carbon tax”, pay for the development of its increasingly efficient replacement componant. The process continues with the next most pollutive componant in a given process of manufacture.

    Every dollar would have contributed to an improved society. From funding research and development, to implementing the developed product. A gainful purpose for tertiary education, research industries and manufacturing. (That is innovation.)

    It was difficult for any government to explain this, hence a simplified sales pitch of carbon dioxide emissions.

    It was a brilliant tax.

    Volcanoes were always counted as part of the carbon cycle.

  54. Frank Saez

    Well I’ll be buggered……they’re called scientists. Do they all follow the scientific method or are they funded by governments who follow the corporate agenda? Scientists like Tim Flannery look so foolish today because of their silly, alarmist and inaccurate predictions……and who pays him? You will find Prof Plimmer talks much more sense. Let’s not get into an email war here. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how inaccurate it may be.

  55. diannaart


    When you pick yourself up after the buggery, why don’t you READ the links I provided AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF?

    (accidental caps – but decided to leave as is)


  56. Frank Saez

    Seems to me you fail to understand how the world works. If you took the time to research you will find that those who control the finances in the corporate world control everything, and you will have an appreciation of how everything in politics and economics falls into place. The sciences have been compromised and corrupted to fit into the agenda of those in control…….that should explain why many independent scientists don’t back the alarmist Global Warming theory and, in fact, back the evidence that we are moving into another cold period or Ice Age. Many years (25) of research have revealed the truths of our reality. It’s a pity that the global perception is controlled by those who pull the strings behind mainstream media. That should explain why the mainstream media supports the Global Warming/Climate Change myth. Let me say again that I accept your opinion, I just don’t agree with it.

  57. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    How can you say that, Frank Saez,

    when much of Australian media is controlled by Uncle Rupe and he is a Climate Change denier!

  58. paul walter

    “None so blind as those who will not see..”

    Frank Saez, what do you bring to the discussion as to scientific qualifications?

  59. Frank Saez

    What Murdock says and what he does are two very different things. Like the LNP, they disagree with a Carbon Tax but will consider a “cap and trade” levy. What’s the difference it’s still based on the same myth. And of course the little guy is the one who ends up paying for it.

  60. diannaart


    Crawl back under your rock of ignorance: we have work to do, people to chat with and places to go, while planning for the long term.

    You want to believe that pouring extra carbon (and other gases) into the atmosphere, thus increasing load of greenhouse gases, is a big myth made up by a massive consensus of climate scientists and backed by weather bureaus around the world, NASA and other scientific organisations – you do that.

    I am not interested in your unsupported opinions.

  61. Frank Saez

    Paul Walter, I hope you are not suggesting that in order to have knowledge and understanding you need to have scientific tertiary qualifications. Because if you do, I suggest you contact Prof Plimmer and request from him an explanation as to the evidence he has for his conclusions. I’m sure he would be only too happy to set you straight.

  62. Frank Saez

    Your brainwashing is complete. It’s a pity you are unable to challenge your perception outside of your belief system. Real research comprises lots more than a collection of opinions that agree with your own. But don’t worry too much, one day when you understand how the world works, you will wake up and recognise how silly and manipulated you have been.

  63. diannaart

    one day when you understand how the world works, you will wake up and recognise how silly and manipulated you have been

    Projecting much there, Frank.

  64. Frank Saez

    When you repeat what has been stated and suggest that the author is projecting it means you have run out of ideas and your argument has collapsed. So that’s it for me, no point wasting any more time with fools.

  65. diannaart


    Call me a fool for believing the scientific consensus on global warning?

    Oh the shame, the crocodile tears, some man I know nothing about has called me a fool – this gettin’ you all hot ‘n sweaty, isn’t it Frankie, you called someone a fool – wow, you really know how to get off, go go go go goooooooooooo……

    Now run along you’ve had enough attention and you need to wipe up…

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