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1000 days, 1000 delays. I won’t let them get away with it.

This week marks 1000 days since the Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised Australians an integrity commission.

In that time, the Prime Minister has done almost nothing to live up to his word. The truth is, this Government does not want an integrity commission before the next election. Especially one as robust as mine.

There are no two ways about it – the Prime Minister has broken a key election promise. Government officials themselves have even admitted it in Senate Estimates.

Thanks to you, we’ve shone a light on this Government’s unacceptable inaction on integrity. The thousands of letters, phone calls, social media posts and petition signatures from you have kept the heat on the Prime Minister. I’ve seen it up close myself in Canberra.

Without you, the Government would never have even revealed the details of their dud model for an integrity commission, which would investigate politicians and over 80 per cent of Government officials in secret away from the public eye. There’s a reason experts call it “the nation’s weakest watchdog”.

There is only one way we can have a robust integrity commission before the next election. We need to tell the Prime Minister to let Parliament do its job, and vote on my gold-standard Australian Federal Integrity Commission bill at the next sitting in October.

I know getting the Prime Minister to act on my bill sounds like a tall order. But we’ve forced his hand before. And we can do it again.

You can start putting the pressure on him today by sharing my op-ed on social media, and telling your networks to do the same.

Australians have put a whole lot of faith in this Government during this pandemic. It’s time for the Prime Minister to live up to his side of the bargain, and restore our faith in Government. No more rorts, no more lies.

The next election could be called any day now and is set to be extremely tight.

If the Government thinks it can count on crossbench support in a hung parliament, then they need to demonstrate they’re serious about legislating a strong integrity commission like mine. That goes for the Opposition too. How they act now on this issue will have consequences in the 47th Parliament.

Thanks for your support. I can’t do it without you.

Helen Haines MP

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  1. pierre wilkinson

    Integrity, like empathy, is a word that is anathema to the man previously known as promo; it is a virtual unknown in his universe of deceit, corruption, calumny and outright falsehoods

  2. ajogrady

    It is very ironic as much as it is suspicious that a government and a party that prides itself on being the party whose ideology revolves around that the premise of choice is good, has only offered one plan or strategy for Australias Covid-19 future, the Doherty Institute plan. People could reasonably assume that the Morrison government went institute shopping and found an institute that came up with modelling that fitted the governments needs for a plan and strategy that fitted their ideology rather then offering a few alternative modelling, plans and strategies from other reputable institutes.

  3. BB

    “If the Government thinks it can count on crossbench support in a hung parliament, then they need to demonstrate they’re serious about legislating a strong integrity commission like mine.”

    IF if if if if… till the cows come home. Please get a grip Helen, there is no IF with this lying bs RW government headed by the duplicitous Morrison who has consistently DEMONSTRATED he couldn’t give a rat’s arse about any integrity whatsoever!!!

    You and Independents, Greens, Labor, etc etc etc., need to stand firm as the opposition, and get rid of the bastards full stop!

    1000 days eh, 1000 delays, sure, well it’s now been 3000 days Australia has had a L/NP government. How many more 1000 days is Australia able to tolerate before it becomes a basket case? That is if it’s not one already!!! Which is highly debatable…

  4. Mr bronte ALLAN

    Integrity? This word is unknown not just to the Slo Mo, but ALL COALition persons as well! This piece of lying, scum bag, happy clapping, robo-debt rubbish, sports rorts, car-park crap, flat earth, climate change denying, lying fucking dick head MUST go! The sooner we elect the Labor lot, the sooner we will be rid of this vile, lying piece of shit, the failed at marketing Morrison!

  5. Ross

    I doubt anyone in this federal government can spell ‘integrity’ let alone know what it means.

    “The Prime Minister has done nothing to live up to his word, ever”, fixed that one.

    “The Prime Minister has broken a key election promise”, it would be a shock if kept just one.

    “No more rorts, no more lies” your having a lend, the coalition government would fall apart.

    “Australians have put a whole lot of faith in this Government during this pandemic”, doubtful statement. From comments sections of reputable sites the reverse would be true.

    It’s plain as the nose on your face Morrison is focused on the next election and only the next election, the pandemic is just an uncomfortable inconvenience to his plans.

  6. GL

    “I doubt anyone in this federal government can spell ‘integrity’ let alone know what it means.”

    They can’t even say the word for fear of their heads spinning around while spewing pea soup at the same time.

  7. susan

    Well said BB!

  8. Brad Black

    There is another way we could have ‘a robust integrity commission’, join the Ross Jones organised ‘FIN’ party (Federal ICAC Now). With the aims of prohibiting corporate and union donations, independent investigation of corrupt behaviour, preventing MPs from stepping into jobs in the fashion of the christopher pynes, etc., the FIN party has the required 500 members, BUT recent electoral amendments will require it to have 1500 members! If you feel inclined …
    Disclosure – I am a member.

  9. Neilw

    As Chris Hedges says about Stalin, all those letters to ‘Uncle Joe’ went unaddressed. Scott is a drongo, it’s a waste of time expecting more. Just get him out.

  10. Arnd

    … and restore our faith in Government.

    Helen … – are you quite certain that a an integrity commission, especially one with teeth that can bite, dragging government sins and failings, both of omission and of commission, from their hiding places in the murky depths of the Big House On The Hill, into broad sunlight, for all to see, is a good way of restoring faith in government?

    (Asking for an anarchist friend.)

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