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10 Million

Sometime over the next couple of days we’re going to reach what we reckon will be a fairly impressive milestone: AIMN articles will welcome their 10 millionth reader.

Ten million, in just three years.

We are privileged that so many people come to The AIMN. But why shouldn’t they? Where else can they read who we proudly believe is the best collection of bloggers/independent journalists in the land?

Some people might say: “Ten million. So what. The large media sites get that in a month”. And so they do, but they are not getting a lot of readers who have now turned to independent or social media. Their ten million loss is our ten million gain.

Someone recently confided that her husband works as a journalist in the mainstream media, and whilst very critical of the Coalition Government is ‘ordered’ to write the complete opposite. Is it no wonder that readers are now turning to alternative sources of information? People no longer want to be told how to think or be barraged with sensationalism masquerading as truth.

But here at The AIMN we are not told what to write. Our writers are free to give their own opinions without the influence of owners, sponsors, or any funding bodies.

We are very proud of all our writers. They bring a vast variety of expertise from a variety of fields, and many of them are considered experts in those fields. They are the reason why we are on the cusp of ticking over the milestone of ten million readers.

The march to ten million took a bit of a hiccup with the demise of Tony Abbott (which meant it was good that people were coming to The AIMN to get genuine opinions about him) but gained momentum again as people realised that his replacement, Malcolm Turnbull, is, to put it simply, just as incompetent and directionless as a prime minister. And he also leads a government incapable of governing.

With 2016 being an election year we are gearing for a super year. And you know where you can find the best independent articles? Here. Still.

The people who take the time to read The AIMN or to leave comments are special to us. It is from you who we draw our inspiration and dedication. Thank you for being a special member of the ‘ten million club’.


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  1. Carol Taylor

    Congratulations Michael, authors, contributors and readers. In just a few short years we’ve seen things change from ‘it’s just a blog’ to be a true alternative to the mostly uniform narrative of the msm. Well done all!!

  2. flohri1754

    Yes, congratulations to you all …. sometimes I hear about things first right here on AIMN …. or get elaboration that is difficult to run across in the MSM ….. all the best in the future ….

  3. Wally

    Congratulations on a very notable achievement.

    Keep sticking it up them.

  4. Matthew Oborne

    yes it was noticeable that Tony Abbott off the scene meant writers were having a harder time, but they have risen to the occasion, in reality news was different in Abbott times, if you were murdoch based you had to find a way to defend and find moral ground on the latest abbott brainfart, if you weren’t you merely outlined the abbott government brainfart of the day and explained why it is completley mad.

  5. You can't be serious?

    Good to know there are so many getting alternative PsOV not available in the MSS. I hope the 10m includes some of the swinging voters and they have (surely by now?) seen the light!

  6. Kizhmet

    Congratulations AIMN on a huge achievement. Your articles are eminently share-able for the value they offer to readers of all political persuasions. Love your work!

  7. brickbob

    Congratulations AIMN, great stuff and well done to all, how about 20million in 6 years or less.”’ Years i mean.”

  8. Garth

    Congrats AIMN. A quality site run by quality people publishing quality articles written by quality writers. Did I mention Quality??
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the sane pill to the current madness disease running (ruining?) our beautiful country.

  9. jim

    Great stuff AIMN Personally I prefer this site to the now ABC also most folks HATE LIARS especially dinky die Aussie folk.Cheers. Heres to the next TEN MILLION>

  10. John Lord

    As a writer for THE AIMN of three years standing I am often taken aback by the intelligence of the comments people make. Invariably they always add something to my writing that I hadn’t considered. Often they disagree but always in a positive. Unlike other writers I don’t always join the conversation unless I think I need to defend myself but I appreciate immensely all the comments people make both critical and complimentary.

  11. Bacchus

    Excellent work Michael & Carol, your regular and occasional writers, and all the behind the scenes people (admin & technical support).

  12. David (other)

    Onya team, love the site and the posts

  13. Matters Not

    Only ten million. Settle down. Australia’s population approaches 24 million and it follows therefore that less than half of Australia reads this blog. ? There’s some way to go.

    In addition to excellent contributors, the ‘technical’ capabilities (ability to edit and the like) are without peer. Congratulations to all concerned and in particular to the site host(s). More power to their arm. ?

  14. Steve Laing

    Woohoo! Great work – thanks for providing the voice that the MSM won’t!

  15. lenbotterillapollo13

    I’ve only been following AIMN for a short while ( my loss), but I am very impressed with the quality of the writers and the insightful commentary that is given. Glad you guys are around to give independent viewpoints. Please keep up the good work. You are writing blogs that I would love to write if I only had the time.

  16. Jagger

    I’m with MN on this one , “there’s some way to go” but with the dedication and passion I’ve seen with the bloggers on this site it’s certainly achievable, good luck.

  17. mark

    growing up,the abc was my refuge of sanity,now the aim is,thanks,mark.

  18. Glenn K

    yes….well…I have fallen in love with Kaye Lee’s intellect and view on the world. If I could transport her to my living room for an hour every evening my passion for intellectual discourse would be totally satiated. She claims to be only a mother in jammies, but she is a most brilliant contributor to AIMN and my deepest respect goes to her as one of your star contributors. I would make the same comments to you John Lord, but you’re not a mother in jammies and therefor that costs you five points. 🙂

  19. michaelattoowoomba

    Congrats every body involved with the greatest site for REAL insights on whats truly going on.I just donated $10.Not much I know,guess ,if all viewers dropped in a couple of beans,it would help.Michael.

  20. Caroline downs

    Congrats. I hope the 10 million will decide on a better future for the world. Your’re popular because you offer an intelligent, rational voice that no longer exists in mainstream media. May have something to do that Murdock owns 70% of out mainstream media. Thank forgot AIM.

  21. margcal

    Talk about an impressive effort …… Congratulations and Thank You!

  22. Jackie Deacon

    I love TheAIM and Ive learnt a lot from it, thank you for all of that. Ten million is amazing, and from prior comments I can see you are doing a great job of improving the mental health of Australians! Starting with myself. I thought I was going mad until I discovered TheAIM.

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks AIM for providing informative articles by interesting writers and opportunities for engaged commenters to express their points of view. This is essential for grassroots people’s voices.

  24. diannaart

    Congratulations to all the team at AIM – from the writers through to those persevering souls who cope with the admin.

    As with many others, this site has become my little oasis of sanity – even the disagreements are inspiring – well with a couple of notable exceptions who shall remain nameless. 😉

    Cheers to all.

  25. stoo70

    I can’t start my day without reading the excellent articles you guys post here. Congrats and keep up the great work.

  26. Slapsy

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of AIMN. I have been reading it now for nearly three years,and have found it to be the most reliable source about what is going on in this country.
    Please keep on keeping these bastards honest.

  27. Loz

    Thank heavens for independent media. Keep going AIM.

  28. Sir ScotchMistery

    I’m looking for a shrink who understands my need to be here 3 times per day to keep up with the Jones’s and the Brownses and the idiot trolls. If anyone knows of such a person, please call.

    Congratulations Michael and the crew. You do a great job, and even if I sometimes feel like I’m preaching to the choir, especially when some no-knuckle accuses me of being drunk at 9:00 PM, I’m in no way a rightist, ergo, I don’t drink and post.

    I guess I will always feel we are missing out here, because the people that don’t get in here and bitch are either too dumb to read our stuff, or too stupid to know there are alternatives.

    The comment today about the woman married to a “Newscorpse” journo misses the point, and while I understand the pre-occupation with eating and having a house, it doesn’t make it easy, for example in Queensland, as the proof gathers for a new Moonlight State, we don’t know who to talk to to provide proof of huge corruption in law enforcement, and law enforcement oversight.

    It’s only something like this that gives us a place to start the calls for a federal ICAC that can look at states, like the FBI does in the USA (not that I hold that lot up as any paragon of virtue.

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