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Mums For Refugees Urge All to join Home To Bilo rally in Sydney Saturday

Mums4Refugees is calling all families in Sydney to join us on Saturday 19th June at the Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park North for the family-friendly event as we urge all Parliamentarians to get behind the growing list of government MPs who are saying “enough is enough” and publicly calling on Minister Hawke to bring Priya, Nades and the girls home to Biloela.

QLD-born Tharnicaa won the nation’s heart when she was evacuated from a Christmas Island detention centre to a Perth Hospital with sepsis and pneumonia, days before her 4th birthday.

But instead of ending the cruelty once and for all and letting Tharni, her sister Kopika, Mum Priya, and Dad Nades come home to Biloela where they are loved, wanted, and needed, Minister Hawke has sent this family – in Priya’s words – “from jail to detention” in a Perth suburb, 4,300km from their Biloela home.

Public pressure has seen the government re-unite dad Nades and sister Kopi with Tharni and her mum Priya in Perth. but instead of letting them heal and recover in Queensland where their Biloela friends are waiting to welcome them home, Minister Hawke has once again thrust Kopi and Tharni into an uncertain and distressing environment.

With Nades and Priya and Nades denied the right to work or volunteer and their freedoms greatly limited, Mr Hawke is stopping this family from living the quiet life they had in Biloela.

“As a mum I can’t just wait for politicians to find their moral compass and act, I need to use my voice and call out this government to end the cruelty, the waiting and allowed this family to go back home.”

“If Covid has shown us something is that Australian community is powerful and resilient and we will get this family back to Bilo” – Dulce Muñoz National Convener, Mums4refugees.

COVID SAFETY: We ask everyone joining this family-friendly, COVID-safe event to show care and respect for each other and the healthcare workers caring for Tharni by wearing a mask and maintaining a safe social distance of 2 square metres per household group. Please help to minimise the risk of airborne/droplet transmission by showing your enthusiastic support for the family with creative signs and posters rather than chanting or shouting.

Image from ‘Mums 4 Refugees’ Facebook page

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  1. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    This family MUST be “allowed” to return to Biloela NOW!! This effing useless, lying mob of bastards called the liberal party should ALL hang their heads in shame! Good luck with your protest Mum’s4 Refugees!

  2. Terence Mills

    The government have run out of plausible reasons why this family should not be allowed to go back to Biloela and resume their lives in a town where they are wanted.

    Their phony claims that the boats will start up with hoards of asylum seekers heading our way has been shown up as nonsense, aptly pointed out by the Shovel :

    Australia to be Swamped By People Wanting To Be Tortured On Small Island For Three Years

  3. New England Cocky

    The EWhite Supremacist Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment have failed in their duty of care to Tharnicaa by allowing her medical condition to deteriorate without treatment before the onset of sepsis.

    Now add this to the crimes against humanity by Benito Duddo, Scummo & the Hell$inger Choru$ and you have a major unAustraian disgrace created by unChristian politicians.

    Send them to settle in Biloela and get on with their lives in peace.

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