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West Papua – the silent genocide

The following short video, set the Simon and Garfunkel classic, “The Sounds of Silence” reveals a compelling insight to ongoing exploitation and human rights abuses in West Papua.  Their legendary hit is covered by heavy metal band “Disturbed”.  The video is short, but very powerful, giving the viewer a brief journey into the tragedy that is West Papua.

The Australian government and the international community, including the United Nations, have recieved ample information that there is a genocide happening in West Papua today, but fail to act.

Indonesia has been criticised for many human right’s abuses in the past which includes the mass slaughter of communists in 1965 in Indonesia itself, the invasion of East Timor in 1975, and now it’s illegal occupation of West Papua.

Indonesia guards West Papua aggressively, not allowing journalists, diplomats or human rights workers into the country.  And it’s no surprise – the massive US owned Freeport McMoran gold and copper mine in West Papua is one of the Indonesia’s largest taxpayers.  Australian companies also own a number of mines in West Papua.

Australia a quasi military ally of Indonesia through the 2006 Lombok Treaty (which was itself based on suppressing international support for West Papua), will find itself in an increasing awkward position: a self proclaimed promoter of human rights, yet a supporting actor in an occupation entailing crimes against humanity and genocide.


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  1. babyjewels10

    This has to be perhaps the worst injustice in a world filled with injustices, today.

  2. puffyTMD

    An outrage, an injustice, and nobody will do anything because money rules. We even send asylum seekers from this horror back there. Poor fella West Papua.

  3. madhouse

    Fantastic video to help raise awareness. Such a shame Australia won’t help these poor people.

  4. Susan

    What a brilliant video of such tragedy.
    While there is still gold in West Papua they will never be safe ?

  5. Phil

    I am Australian. I am deeply ashamed of my country’s political leaders for their failure to act decisively and decently at this, the West Papuan’s time of need for justice and humanity. Australia for its political complicity and Indonesia for its outright and covetous aggression, deserve global condemnation for this genocide.

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  7. Gangey1959

    So who runs Australia ?
    The septics, who have been stuffing around with our politics since the Catalpa incident in Fremantle back in the convict days, and they need somewhere south of the equator, near asia, and from where to keep an eye on things, but who don’t feel it necessary to tell us what is going on between our two countries?
    The kiwis ? Heaven knows there are enough of them here, but they can’t even pronounce the word CHIP correctly.
    The chinese, who seem to think that if they buy enough of the land and import enough of their laborers they can call the shots too ?
    The poms, who are puppets of the septics and europeans anyway, and just hope that we don’t dice the queen before willy gets to the throne ?
    The indoneseians, just because they think there are enough of them to invade if they think we might not be looking ?
    Or Australia, and the people from all kinds of world heritages who were BORN HERE ?
    It’s got nothing to do with religion. It’;s got nothing to do with what our parents indoctrinated us with as we grew up.
    It’s about taking hold of what WE ARE, and it’s about time WE stand up AGAIN for what Australia has always stood up for, the downtrodden and less fortunate. My grandfather owed his life to the fuzzy wuzzy angels in New Guinea in WW2 when he was there with the RAAF. It’s time to repay the favour. With interest.
    Let’s tell the indons to piss off out of OUR back yard.
    PNG is our protectorate. Lets protect it. WE already have forces over there.
    Pull the guys out of the futile fight in the middle east, and let them do their job closer to home.
    That video is so great, but it doesn’t need the MLK/KKK bit in it. It’s not about that. And what a brilliant version of SoS.

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