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Turnbull & Morrison Tax Consultants

Turnbull & Morrison are Australia’s leading tax minimisation consultants, specialising in reducing the tax obligations of some of our biggest companies.

In the 2014/15 financial year, Turnbull & Morrison helped 679 public and private entities with combined revenues of $462,143,275,019 pay 0 per cent tax. We’ve have helped over a third of Australia’s largest companies pay no tax for the last two financial years.

Our specialist consultants will work with your business to reduce your tax liabilities by cutting staff and resources at the ATO, freezing wage growth, removing penalty rates and safe working conditions, and regularly distracting the public with sensationalised stories of dole-bludgers, welfare cheats and Australia having a problem with spending rather than revenue.

We are proud to have helped make Australia a nation where corporations pay an average tax rate of 16.2 per cent, less than a working nurse.

Some of our largest non-tax paying clients include:

News Corp, who paid less than 1 per cent tax on $2.7 billion in reported income in 2013/14 and no tax at all on $2.8 billion in 2014/15.

Qantas, who have paid just over $200,000 tax on over $30 billion of income over the last two financial years.

The Tech industry, where last year Apple paid 1.7 per cent tax on $8.3 billion in revenue, Google paid 2.7 per cent on $438 million, and Microsoft paid 4.9 per cent on $639 million.

The Resources and Energy sector, with nearly 60% of mining and energy companies paying no tax last year. We’ve also helped the industry by giving them over $4 billion a year in taxpayer funded subsidies, abolishing carbon pricing and ending competition from the renewable energy sector.

Other satisfied clients include Virgin Australia, Bluescope Steel, Treasury Wine Estates, Nine Entertainment, Downer EDI and Wilson Security.

Turnbull & Morrison are proud sponsors of the Murdoch Trust, who are also proud sponsors of us. We are grateful for the opportunity to support the Murdoch Trust’s philanthropic work promoting corporate-friendly policies in governments around the world.

At Turnbull & Morrison we’re working hard to reduce the burdens of transparency, accountability and responsibility. You won’t find a better team to keep your expenses down, your obligations to a minimum and your loopholes wide open.

So if you’re a public or foreign-owned company with a total income of $100 million or more, a private entity with a total income of $200 million or more, or one of our mates at the IPA, contact Turnbull & Morrison today for an obligation free quote. Our friendly innovative team will be sure to exceed your expectations.

At Turnbull & Morrison wealth always comes first.


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  1. Keitha Granville

    umm, I am assuming this is meant to be satirical – but how can it be when it is totally true.
    Is that a contradiction in terms ?

    I suppose with those two in charge anything is allowable.

  2. Andreas Bimba

    I think the corporate sector should have a $50 billion tax cut so we can have more ‘Jobs n Growth’ – for the top few percent.

    Now I can better appreciate how Australia’s Aboriginal people must feel when their land is stolen, they are denied participation in the economy and they are denigrated for their poverty.

  3. zoltan balint

    This is exactly why we must lower the company tax rate to the multinationals so the figures you are talking about do not sound as big. If we can lower it to zero then Morrison and Turnbull can say they have collected all the tax multinationals should pay. Oh sorry forgot that business is trying to claim they should be payed for operating in Australia and workers should work for nothing or even pay them until workers can prove they can do the job.

  4. Carol Taylor

    This is clearly the reason the budget emergency lead to the idea of the GP co-payment, after all granny should do her bit too to ensure that News Corp, Apple et al don’t get overburdened, doing all the hard yards to keep the country (not) going.

  5. wam

    if we had only lowered the company tax for renewables in johnnies 12 years we may be rich. If we had only reduced the company tax for telstra instead of selling it we may be rich it we only reduced the company tax on gold we may have kept the 167tonnes johnnie sold

  6. jamess

    Lock them all up for stealing from the Australian people. Criminal activity by fraudulent means.

  7. Jaquix

    Well done to the author for giving this outrageous, sordid subject a refreshingly new angle, which all senators should read. They are the ones who will allow these proposed gifts to companies get through parliament.

  8. Matters Not

    Not questioning the figures which are on the public record and there for all to see – which most won’t – but to make a suggestion re the firm of Turnbull & Morrison and their speciality of tax minimisation and how to expand. Any ‘good’ company is always on the lookout for an M&A (Merger and Acquisition). Inside info suggests that a potential takeover, or merger target, will be Cross and Cross.

    The new firm will be known as Turnbull, Morrison and double Cross. (Just a prediction of what Morrison will do to Turnbull or vice versa).

    Sure to do well in the current environment.

  9. Deidre

    Runaway corporate greed aided and abetted by our govt.
    We need a Labor/Green govt. Labor to develop and implement policies for the benefit of the people and Greens to be their conscience and pull them back from the centre right.

  10. Egalitarian

    This Ideology will never cease until this country is on it’s knees.The idea to tax the poor and minimise tax for the ruling class is their current policy.Their will be no money left to fund the unemployed in 2 years time, This is their current policy and to quadruple Labor’s debt by then. Labor left debt due to some polices being badly implemented which uncured waste and over spending.Though they did have plan.
    The 2 puppets photographed above may as well have had lobotomies.They both know their time is short and know this ship is headed straight for an iceberg .They both know they have lost control of the ship.Big Brother Ideology ie Big Business is now in control.If they were smart both men would jump ship early.Their ego’s will most probably prove fatal for them and they may go down with the ship.It’s a disaster waiting to happen.And these 2 are just having too much fun with their faces in sun.

  11. Kaye Lee

    The staged photo shoot with over-sized graphs casually strewn across the table and the Vogue touch of the red teapot – give me a break!

  12. Jack Straw

    That’s a bit tough Kaye they both have their jackets off and they look like they are ready for business.Or their next photo opportunity?

  13. Jack Straw

    Deidre: The groundings; meaning you me and the lamppost need to convince the disillusioned voters to alter their votes in the meantime.

  14. helvityni

    …a blue teapot would have drawn attention to Scottie and his BLUE tie. All eyes must on the main event: Mal.

    ( a bloody awful looking teapot, if you ask me)

  15. Gangey1959

    Australia is not f*cked. It’s a ”Lifestyle Choice”

  16. Jack Straw

    Meaning we are collectively all effwits !

  17. helvityni

    ‘It’s like she’s a three-year-old’: What life’s like when your children never grow up

    Twin girls Kara and Jenna may be 24 years old, but due to their intellectual disabilities, their parents Sue and David Hillier still have to care for them as if they’re small children.

    By Margaret Burin ABC News

    Read it , and weep, there’s something very heartless and cruel about this country; my mentally ill brother- in -law and his parents were saved when he was taken back to Holland for a proper care..t

  18. Max Gross

    I laughed until I cried….

  19. Kronomex

    “Turnbull & Morrison Tax Consultants” Ooh, where’s the vomit bucket?

  20. townsvilleblog

    The largest tragedy here is that the PAYE workforce pay every week/fortnight on a regular basis, and small business also pay (they think that they are playing the same game as big business) these foreign multinational multibillion dollar corporations are not taking responsibility for being able to trade in Australia, like working people do. Working people should be marching in the streets against this blatant disregard for the responsibility to pay your fair share of tax to the country from whence you gain your huge incomes, and if these irresponsible corporations fail their responsibility then the government of the people should pull them into line.

    It seems that we don’t have a government of the people for the people, rather a government of big business for big business, when will the Australian people stand and demand “enough is enough” we want this abomination fixed and we want it fixed now, this tory government goes on about union corruption, why, to divert attention from the real corruption, c’mon people the L&NP/LNP have to go, we need to elect a party that will do something about this ripp-off of the everyday Australian.

  21. Terry2

    There is very real concern being generated at the prospect of the Trump USA having a corporate tax of 15% and the apparent need for other economies to fall in line or go even lower. Ireland, that has benefited from a 12.5% corporate tax rate is deemed to be a tax haven by major US corporations but Ireland may be forced to go even lower to maintain an edge, as will Singapore and others.

    This does not auger well for Australia with a nominal corporate tax rate of 30% and close to 40% of corporations already making no contribution to the national budget. The Turnbull government will be using the US model to sell their corporate tax cuts and we will soon be hearing from Morrison that we have a massive spending problem and services will have to be further chopped and the PAYG taxpayer is going to have to pick up the slack : GST will be back on that much maligned table.

    This race to the bottom is going to increase the gap between the haves and the have nots and this government has no plan for the future; it’s going to get rough.


  22. Phil

    It’s satire like this brilliant piece that frightens and angers those it targets. Let them feel the rising heat.

  23. Andreas Bimba

    Multinational businesses do not set up here because of the tax rates but because of customers and sales. There is no need to match Trump’s stupid 15% corporate tax rates. Just keep the corporate tax rate at 30% AND ensure it is paid with no loop holes and evasion AND for companies that misbehave the government must step in a deny access to the Australian consumer.

  24. Alan Baird

    You mean that if we imposed a 5% corporate tax rate and enforced it on the entire corporate crowd there’d be a threatened exit of half of the corporations in Oz? Regularly and with a straight face Chief Hologram Malcolm Turnbull would warn of their departure. News (Very) Limited would earnestly repeat this vital message. Why, we’d get to miss out on their tax dollars… Or not…. And yet there are scads of knuckle draggers out there who repeat this rubbish. The ABC would get someone on the breakfast news from the IPA to repeat it. This message has been regurgitated for 30+ years. If this wasn’t Oz there’d be riots in the streets. s’not important. It’ll get less coverage than the latest fake news.

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