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Morpheus’s Draught

“Now fable night hath with her ebon’ robe,
Darken the Surface of this earthly Globe,
And drowsy Morpheus, with his leaden Key,
Locked up the doors of every mortal eye,
Come, let us fall into our wanton games…”
“Thus I tamper Poison for myself; but, were I sure to drink the baneful Draught …” (from ‘The Harleian Miscellany’).

For too long has the educated working-class, through deference to a more erudite, well-dressed and long-winded educated upper middle-class, stood to one side while those rhetoric-driven managers have manipulated the levers of governance to steer us now down a cul-de-sac of an economic and social dead-end. It is the wealthy upper class; the likes of Murdoch and Gina etc. who operate and manage the conservative politics in Australia.

Do the majority care about the working class?

I grew up, as I suppose many of you likewise, fulfilling the expected role of a many generation working-class family, slipping easily and comfortably into a trade. Others around me of the same demographic group also went into skilled trades or labour.

Very, very few came from families familiar with or able to afford tertiary education. It was within those trades  that many of us after several decades gained a knowledge of system and structure of our particular workplace, be it health, mechanics, government administration and others, or like mine; building / construction. We gained a depth of knowledge and more importantly; a nous of how we “fitted” into the structure of management.

Many of us came to understand that there was an “outside force” that had the call of employment or sacking over us, and this “management group”, backed in all encounters by any conservative government resented the presence of union representation of the working-class. They resented it because Management knows through intense education from an early age that power x a few, is no match against power x legion!

However, these isolated cases of a factory or group in conflict between union representatives and corporate management came and went outside the general concern of the majority of the population of working people. There was rarely any “bringing together” of the combined strengths of the unions to call a general strike against a government or corporations.

The attacks on working people

There must be an awakening from a sleepy acceptance of conservative governments continual attack on the working people of this nation. This includes those who are now made redundant through corp’ / govt’ outsourcing and the incompetent closing of large manufacturing enterprises. This combined with the sabotage and destruction of high-speed broadband delivery, equitable education scheme and winding down of universal health schemes demonstrates an ineptitude toward social responsibility and democracy (remember: “Of , For and By the people” ?) by an out of touch government and corporate class steeped in the theories of an out of date, foolish  and now educated to imbecility upper middle-class.

We have slept too long from the effects of “Morpheus’s draught. We – the educated working-class need to awaken and step forward to take our place at the helm of leadership of the nation. There needs be more evidence of “blue-collar” and less “white-collar” behind the navigator’s post.

By “educated”, I do not necessarily mean those multiple degrees in this or that tertiary discipline, I mean a well-read and concise knowledge of one’s “trade” gained through years of study at the foot of that most severe of mentors and masters; Labour. We need those who know and understand the complexities of domestic management on limited monies, of begetting and raising children in a safe environment of a “owned” home on limited monies. We need those who while doing this have a broader knowledge of the workings and machinations of a national psyche and of the needs of those engaged in production of goods and services outside or allied to their own workplace. This knowledge is a complimentary addition automatically gained through contact over many years with those trades allied to one’s own.

United we stand – Divided we beg

For too long have we drunk the “advising” poison of the entrepreneurial / speculative upper middle-classes, who with their blind faith in an idiot’s ideology, have driven our economy, our society, our international reputation and lastly and most damagingly our cultural spirit and our overall good nature into the depraved depths of their own personal hell!

Labor needs to stand solidly on a level dais alongside the unions and the working / producing (yes … we must begin to encompass that other side-lined working peoples; the inter-generational family small farmer/orchardist / dairy farmer ) class, and wrest back control of the nation from a merchant money-grubbing upper middle-class more interested in selling this nation and its workforce to the lowest bidder and then shifting such selfish profit away from fair and equitable taxation to an overseas tax haven most suited to their “robber-baron” status.

It’s time for the working-class to nominate those representatives more and better suited to make laws, regulations, trade agreements and governance OF, FOR and BY the many ethnic and cultural diverse peoples of this nation.

It’s Time … once again … It’s Time!

This article by ‘Jaycee’ was originally published on Freef’all852.


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  1. Gangey1959

    Hear hear.
    Right on the money.
    The sooner the better, and Australia and its people, wherever they are from, can’t wait until 2019 to begin.

  2. stephentardrew


  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    It’s Time for change, that’s for sure. I agree with Jaycee that that change will come when People stand together.

    I also want much greater emphasis on grassroots based community consultations where grassroots people can contribute their knowledge of their own work/life experiences to advocate and support reforms that represent their estimations of what are needed and wanted for their communities and the systems that run them.

    When more and more grassroots people realise there are invitations and even expectations that they are involved in these grassroots discussions and decision-making processes, many of the lethargic amongst us will wake up out of their slumbers, so that they don’t get left behind, while others whom are already active, will see it as great opportunity to take back control from a sterile, neoliberalist system.

  4. trishcorry

    Well Done Jaycee! A very passionate piece indeed.

  5. Frederick Froth

    I quite like the reference to Morpheus.
    However I wish to point to Morpheus and Neo plus their small group of subversive conspirators in the Matrix Trilogy. And of course Agent Smith whose function was to reinforce the dominant trance-state in which the well adjusted dreadfully sane zombified normals “lived”. Agent Smith principle function was to hunt down and terminate any and every one who in way threatened the consensus “reality”, especially the appearance of
    the prophetic and potentially trance-busting figure Neo.

    How then did the now world dominant neo-liberal (or more correctly neo-psychotic) consensus “reality” in which we are now all trapped come about?

    It seems to me that one of the best very systematic exposes and descriptions of how this came about or invisibly morphed is to be found in the series of books by Australia’s very own Sharon Beder. Her most disturbing book being This Little Kiddy Went To Market – The CORPORATE Capture of Childhood.

    Needless to say Sharon is not very popular at the IPA or the CIS.

  6. brickbob

    If bloody Trump can resurrect Reagans ”” Make America Great Again surely Shorten can do the same with Goughs ”’ Its Time.””””””

  7. @RosemaryJ36

    One small correction – coming I think from olde world spelling – it is more likely “Sable night” than “Fable night” – sable being black in old heraldic terms. But that does in no way reduce the relevance of the sentiments of this excellent article.

  8. freefall852

    @RosemaryJ36…Yes..of course..rather remiss of me not to convert the old “f” to the modern :”s”..thanking you for that..J.

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    So that must mean fables (as in stories) were/are recognised to have black or dark meanings.

  10. Michael

    Amen, the blindingly seductive amwayisation of democracy is almost complete = multi level politicisation entrenches the gravity defying (exemplifying conscious systemic design) trickle up from each of us to a torrent at the top.

    Unless we get smart and come to the inalienable realisation that the source of power at the top can only come from each individual – the real, raw power of (a) vote, (b) when, where, why, what, who and how we spend our time and the oxygen of capitalism, money, and (c) the practice of civics – looking in and seeking the same direction at the grass roots level, with feet on the ground (time for stupid white man customs to learn what a people have been practicing for the past 40,000 years?)

  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    your Amway analogy makes sense in what has inflicted our People for 3-4 decades. How many of us have family or friends or even ourselves, who have tampered in Amway economics of trickle down pretend rewards?

    I confess I considered its stupidity at my expense. Same with that Herbalife bullshit.

  12. Michael

    Same here, but thankful for the lesson.

    MLM is a process which can be applied to any product (all you have to do – use whatever tactic/s work – is get others to do the work, selling the dream, for you while you sit back and on the basis of turnover watch it roll in and be recognised (???)) – who would have thought it applying to democracy today.

    I comfort myself in viewing democracy as a work in progress, a feedback loop if you like, and as such the current happening is a lesson which we collectively are destined to experience and hopefully, just hopefully and gratefully learn, once we realise where power originates and how seductively we have been hoodwinked into surrendering it for 3-4 years after each polling day.

  13. freefall852

    ” One small correction – coming I think from olde world spelling – it is more likely “Sable night” than “Fable night”…” Y’know..thinking on it..I prefer “fable” gives the line a “mythical” connection.

  14. David Spry

    Stirring stuff! But current Labor, particularly at the Parliamentary level and in State politics will have to undergo an enormous change to achieve these dreamed of ends.
    For more than 20 years Labor leaders have immersed themselves in facilitating the corporate sector at the expense of the general public. There is too much self interest and sycophancy and the protection of personal power for them to be objective or rely on principle.
    If we are to achieve a return to the Gough era it will have to start at the grass roots and be powerful enough to prevent negation by the Parliamentary members. Labor has to regain trust, which it has lost through its own conduct as much as by press attacks.
    I live in hope.

  15. wam

    WTF The majority are the working class. The fact that no liberal government can get elected without the blue collar vote answers your question.
    Slogans work on the workers, anti-unionism is rife in tradies and we believe the ideas the msm show us.

    Educated working class is the key but where is the education? Little billy’s is good on making a crap press release and hoping it will be discussed. WTF it is lucky if anything more than ‘negative’ is noticed.

    His caucus.lot hit and are hit by the ABC. Who watches it? How many see snippets of little billy’s ABC errors when they are replayed on the commercials?
    Who rings the shock jocks? Workers?
    Have you been in a workshop and heard the radio piped in?
    Have you talked to the blue-collar about dole bludgers, asylum seekers, refugees or the economy?

    It’s time is nearly 50 years ago, so who gives a rat’s arse?

    Shorten is no whitlam and if the question ‘what about the workers’ is asked. We all know shorten’s answer.

    How can billy reach the blue ears?
    Where are the workers? I know they are definitely NOT on the $$@%@$ ABC.
    They walk past labor office window, they go to BBQs, school fetes, footy, netball, watch 7/9 before work.

    Why labor politicians can sit still and play a collegiality card whilst the lnp lie their arse off is beyond me.
    Why are we not laughing at an arsehole who says he doesn’t consider centrelinks 20% error in recovering money is serious enough to shut sown the system??
    Surely the msm would go for him like they did to susson everything, even if he is a man? Why is labor not posing the questions to nudge the msm against tudge?????
    He is reinforcing the idea that labor is lazy and short on guts.

  16. lawrencesroberts

    The Great “Comeuppance” is almost upon them!

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