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The LNP Welfare Card: the true facts exposed. Corruption disguised as philanthropy!

By Michael Griffin

The Liberal National Party (‘LNP’) Welfare Card programme resembles a LNP rort for the benefit of the Liberal and National Parties and their members, donors and supporters. Indue Pty Ltd, the corporation awarded the contract to manage the Welfare Card programme and to operate its underlying systems, is a corporation owned by Liberal and National Party members and that donates to various Liberal and National Party branches around Australia. The former chairman of Indue is none other than former LNP MP Larry Anthony who is the son of former Liberal Country Party Deputy Prime Minister Doug Anthony. Anthony now holds his shares in Indue in his corporate family trust managed by Illalangi Pty Ltd. Other companies now owned by Larry Anthony, or by the corporate trustee of his family trust, Illalangi Pty Ltd, work under ‘sub’ contracts for Indue itself and make their profits from dealings with Indue in the course of Indue performing its contracts with the LNP Government. These corporations are SAS Consulting Group Pty Ltd – a political lobbying group that counts Indue as a client – and Unidap Solutions Pty Ltd – a digital IT services corporation that provides Indue, as well as the current LNP Government directly, with various IT services. Larry Anthony is also current president of the National Party of Australia, that is, the ‘N’ in ‘LNP’.

Setting up networks of corporations and trusts is standard practice for those wishing to conceal their involvement in an enterprise or operation and is often engaged to shield the identity of those involvement in that enterprise.

This is the real purpose of the LNP determination to adopt and expand the Welfare Card programme, that is, to obtain donations for the financially stressed LNP and to aid its supporters, donors and members. Donations to the Nationals have been waning over the last few years and the Liberals had significant amounts withheld from them by various Australian electoral commissions in 2016 due to their failure to properly report the political donations they received. The Liberals have shown a propensity to manipulate electoral donation laws as their recent dealings with the various electoral commissions in ‘the Arthur Sinodinos Affair’ and Joe Hockey’s ‘North Sydney Forum Affair’ indicate. Likewise, previous Liberal scandals involving the use of tax payers money to attract donations to the party and its candidates include Turnbull’s $10 million tax payer funded grant in the Rainmaker deal to a supporter who donated to Turnbull’s personal Wentworth Forum and John Howard’s and Julie Bishop’s involvement with the Austrade grant for donations deal in the Firepower affair. More recently we have seen the Liberals embroiled in electoral allowance scams which evinces a flagrant disregard for proper management of, and accountability for, public financial resources under their stewardship. Moreover, it is common knowledge that the Liberals also need to repay their current parliamentary leader, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the $1.8 million he loaned to them for the 2016 election campaign – not to mention other loan amounts he has advanced to them in the past. The Liberal Party is reported to be in debt to the tune of approximately $39 million.

Consider these facts.

  1. The Welfare Card programme does not produce savings for the government but adds another level of administrative bureaucracy and cost on top of the current welfare payments system. In fact, the new look Welfare Card, which is a revamp of the former Basics Card, costs upwards of $4,000 person to implement and manage and the previous Basics Card cost $6000 per person. That is, for every person compelled to use the card the Government will also pay Indue upward of $4,000 each. That’s $4,000 that could have been spent on that person directly or as a contribution toward the provision of services to communities with health, educational and employment needs or on reducing the alleged government debt. If every person receiving unemployment benefits were placed on the Welfare Card the cost to the tax payer of the administration of the card alone, not including the actual welfare payments made, would be approximately $3.2 billion more than the cost of the current welfare payment system. That money will be paid to Indue, or to any other private card provider or crony of the LNP Government that it wants to lavish with public funds, but not to those in need. That is $3.2 billion that could have been used to reduce the budget deficit or spent on health, education and work programmes for all Australians. If the recipients of other types of benefits, such as pensioners and family tax benefit recipients, are also compelled to participate in the card programme, then the cost to the taxpayer and Government coffers would be billions more again. Remember, these are additional administrative amounts on top of the welfare payments that need to be made to recipients and that these additional administrative amounts per person are paid to Indue as the manager and operator of the Welfare Card system and not as income support or on services to those who need it.
  2. While incurring these additional costs, the card programme does not displace any existing welfare costs to the Government or taxpayers because Centrelink and Department of Human Services staff, who are responsible for welfare payments, were retrenched en mass years before the Welfare Card was introduced. Despite having this reduced staff, the Department still managed to maintain welfare services and payments without the need for intervention by a private operator such as Indue. On that basis, the card programme is more costly than the current system it is intended to supersede and replace as it requires the Government to pay high per person administration fees to the private operator Indue without displacing any existing costs sustained by the Government. Rather than reducing the alleged budgetary deficit, the card programme in itself worsens the budget deficit and creates no savings for the government at all. With this in mind, it is now clear that the true purpose of the $4.5 billion amount that the LNP Centrelink ‘Robo-Debt’ claw back campaign is targeted to recover from welfare recipients is the cost of implementing the Welfare Card across the whole country to recipients of welfare of all forms and not just to the unemployed. The cost of implementing the card nationwide is more or less proportional to the estimated savings generated by the ‘Robo-Debt’ claw back.  This clawback would enable the Department of Human Services to balance its departmental budget by offsetting the increased outgoing administrative costs of the Welfare Card paid to Indue with reductions in outgoing payments to welfare recipients. These administrative costs are funds from the Department of Human Services and welfare budget that were obtained from Government coffers for the purpose of providing income support to the people who need it and not for the purpose of passing those public funds on as profits and fees to private corporations and individuals with close connections to the LNP.
  3. Under the LNP, Government contracts are now being awarded on a ‘limited tender basis’ at a frequency greater than they have ever been in history. This enables the LNP to award Government contracts to their crony mates on ‘commercial in confidence’ terms, and, thus, with an immunity from freedom of information laws, who then donate some of the profits earned from those Government contracts back to the LNP as tax deductible donations. The multinational KPMG is a major beneficiary of public funds under Government contracts, a major donor to the LNP and is also involved in the Welfare Card programme. The latest Government contract to Indue was with the Department of Human Service for $850,000 worth of ‘benefit cards’ for the whole of 2017. This is an amount of money that could produce cards for all unemployment benefit recipients with some left over. The latest contract between the Department of Human Services and Indue was awarded on a ‘limited tender basis’ sometime before 1 January 2017, that is, before the trials for the card had concluded and been assessed. In fact, it was awarded without any tendering at all.
  4. The contract for the issuing and management of the card was awarded before the trials for the card programme’s operation were completed and before the merits and outcomes of the card programme were assessed. Hence, if the real objects and purposes of the welfare card programme were positive health and social outcomes as claimed, then the trials would necessarily need to have been completed and their health and social outcomes assessed before the recent contracts to Indue could be awarded. This is not what occurred. Rather, the contracts were awarded to Indue before the trials had even been completed, let alone before their outcomes were assessed. It is open to conclude from this that the Government contracts were going to be awarded to Indue regardless of whether the purported health and social outcomes and objectives of the card programme were achieved. This indicates that the positive health and social outcomes stated for the card programme are not, and could never have been, the actual purpose of the card programme nor the reasons why a Ministerial decision was made in late 2016 to award contracts to Indue for 2017.
  5. There is no evidence that the health and social outcomes claimed for the welfare card have been achieved. Despite touting cherry picked colloquial ‘evidence’ about declines in poker machine use and alcohol sales in areas where the card programme has been tested, reports of increases in other serious crimes in those areas, where robberies, break ‘n enters and assaults have increased by up to 200%, have been ignored and gone unreported as desperate people seek cash or valuables, such as jewellery and electrical goods that can be traded for cash, to make necessary purchases.

In the light of the facts raised above, the question is then, ‘what is the real purpose of the Welfare Card programme?’ There can be little doubt that the answer to this is the provision of donations to the LNP and to benefit its members, donors and supporters.  Larry Anthony continues to benefit from the Government contracts with Indue even though he is no longer its chairman as he shares in the profits earned by it and other companies that he has interests in, SAS and UniDap, by way of their dealings with Indue.

In effect, LNP members and supporters are obtaining benefits from government funds that are intended for the welfare of Australian citizens. Public money is being transferred to private individuals and corporations with deep connections with the LNP in exchange for no apparent benefit to the public and in exchange for donations to the LNP. Given that the legal definition of corruption includes the conduct of a public official who uses his position to procure some benefit for himself or for another person, contrary to his duty and to the rights of others, and that may involve collusion, it is open to conclude that the LNP Welfare Card programme is little more than that. That is, corruption.

Unfortunately, with the very weak democracy we have in Australia, there is no way to hold those involved in this scam to account or to have any corruption independently investigated or prosecuted at a federal level. No federal ICAC or anti-corruption body exists. Only the Federal Police can investigate corruption as the criminal offence of defrauding the Commonwealth. Given that the Federal Police are controlled by the LNP Government and beholding to the LNP Government for their funding, and given the LNP and its cronies are the beneficiaries of the card programme, any such investigation by the Federal Police is unlikely to ever occur.

However, the Ministerial decision to award the contract to Indue is not excluded from review under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 (Cth). It may be possible to challenge the award of the contract to Indue under that Act on grounds of ‘unreasonableness’ and, perhaps, ‘bias’. The decision was ‘unreasonable’ on the basis that the trials were not completed or their outcomes assessed before the contract was awarded to Indue. This means that the decision to award any contract to Indue at the time it was awarded had no factual basis or evidence to support the alleged purpose for the card programme or, hence, to provide any reason to award a contract. That is, no reason existed or relevant facts regarding the appropriateness of the card programme were known by the decision maker when awarding the contract to Indue. On that basis, the Minister’s decision to award the contracts to Indue was ‘unreasonable’ at the time the Minister made it and, on that basis, that decision should be reversed. The decision was ‘bias’ because no open tender was used to award the contracts and because Indue is a donor of the Liberal Party and its members are LNP members or supporters. Hence, when awarding the contracts for the issue, implementation and management of the welfare card programme, the Ministerial decision-maker preferred Indue to other possible suppliers due to the association of Indue with the LNP, that is, the political party in which the Minister for Human Services, Allan Tudge, who made the decision to award the contract to Indue, is also, necessarily, a member. As is Larry Anthony one of the beneficiaries of these contracts.

This is not a proper use of Commonwealth revenue and the Australian people would not support such conduct. IT IS CORRUPTION DISGUISED AS PHILANTHROPY!

Michael Griffin

2017 ©

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  1. Jaquix

    My God is there no end to this government’s dodginess? Are there no repercussions for this blatant thievery and deception? Many thanks to the author for his painstaking research. I will do what I can to share it.

  2. jamesss

    Maybe the SAS could remove all of the fraudulent offenders in the fashion they are trained for.

  3. etnorb

    What an enlightening article! Well said Michael! This so-called liberal party is just a rabble of lying, inept, obscenely over-paid, snouts-in-the-trough lot. There is not one of them with any real care & consideration for the rest of the Australian population, just so long as they & their obscenely wealthy mates ALL get huge tax-cuts–a bit impossible to fathom when a great majority of the companies etc that they are giving these tax cuts to, do not pay ANY or very little tax now! WTF?? This scenario will only get worse until such time as they are kicked out of “leading” (sic) this country & the Labor lot get back in & try to restore some sort of “order” in all this liberal-created chaos.

  4. @RosemaryJ36

    I would like to see Kaye Lee’s comments on this.

  5. Anon E Mouse

    Where is Bill Shorten on this?
    Labor needs to stand up and fight this, or it will look like they are siding with the tories.

  6. Norma in Ngunnawal country

    “There is not one of them with any real care & consideration for the rest of the Australian population”

    I read a comment that said that the LNP see the Aust population as ‘about 50,000’ and the rest are just livestock.

  7. keerti

    I am wondering how much it takes to get australians to stand up and fight! Anywhere else this level of corruption would be cause for demonstrations and hints of revolution. Australians raise barely a whimper!

  8. Tina

    Contrary to LNP government propaganda and Indue’s own FAQ’s information page, Ceduna residents are reporting that the Cashless Welfare Card is not in fact operating like a credit or visa debit card but more along the lines of a gift card. A gift card that can be used only at high end or expensive shops and with the dearest service, insurance and utility providers. (Eg Budget Direct Insurance is not on their list).

    Many people are not aware that the card is not only for people on unemployment benefits but for all people who receive any kind of government benefits including carers pension, family income support, parenting allowance, disability support, youth allowance, sickness benefits and so on, only aged pensioners are excluded (for now).

    Please sign this petition for the rejection of the Income Management Card.


  9. Tina

    For all people on the disability support pension and at risk of being put on the Governments Cashless Welfare Card now or in the near future.

    I am on the disability support pension due to illness and money is always tight. Buying what groceries I can, especially fresh food and vegetables, cheaper in smaller local market style shops is essential for me. The problem you ask? They take CASH only. This scheme would force you to spend your money at the big supermarket chains like Coles and Woolworths etc, which are much more expensive. After buying food I transfer the whole of the rest of my fortnightly payment onto my visa credit card where all my bills (phone, electricity etc) are paid via direct debit, this saves money on interest while I’m trying to pay off a credit card debt I incurred while ill. This would now be impossible. People can’t pay off any credit card debt they might have as you are not allowed to transfer any money from the welfare card to credit cards.

    Not being able to access 80% of my fortnightly payments in a manner best suited for my individual circumstances would compromise me financially. Many second-hand stores for household goods and clothes are cash only. You can also forget about garage sales, gumtree, the trading post and e-bay. Instead you will be punished and unable to manage a very limited budget to the best of your ability.

    You also can’t save up for bigger items over time and earn interest on your money (they keep that), then if say you’ve spent a couple of years saving up maybe two and a half thousand dollars to get yourself an old car you can’t buy one privately. You would have to go to a rip off car yard and pay double the price.

    The small percentage of people having trouble with managing their money are still going to get around the system, either that or turn to crime. If you read the reports you will find out that this is what was shown in the trial areas, it made no difference to the problems it was trying to address. It just caused unnecessary hardship and distress for everyone else.

    No one has the right to assume that all people on any kind of benefits are drug and alcohol addicts or spend money on tobacco and gambling and therefore should have their money controlled.

    And in case you are still thinking I don’t ‘deserve’ to be able to manage my own income, I worked full-time for nearly twenty years as a Social Worker before illness took me out of the workforce.

    It is NOT a good thing for ordinary people on benefits, it’s a total invasion of privacy and governmental control over your life. Why are government assuming that all people on benefits buy drugs, tobacco and alcohol? Who are the government to decide what else are ‘non-essential’ items?

    A message to our Government: Many people struggling on benefits try to be responsible with their budgeting and making their little bit of money stretch as far as possible by buying as much of their groceries, fruit and vegetables as they can from market stalls and smaller local shops, they buy second hand goods via op shops, garage sales, gumtree or e-bay. NONE of that is possible via the cashless welfare card, you’ll be forced to support big businesses instead and blow your budget in the process. Good one Mal. ? And how are you supposed to pay off any credit card debt you have when money can’t be transferred to credit cards.

  10. Matters Not

    Re the ‘Headline’ – The true facts exposed. See any problems re ‘true facts’? Perhaps you mean ‘relevant facts’?

    As for the article, I see lots of assertions, lots of allegations, lots of speculation but no links that I might follow up to check the veracity of same. Perhaps you could provide those links?

    If not, then why not?

  11. PW

    @Matters not

    Here are some of the links you are after:

    RE: Pokie use decline… SA State Government that the statistics for pokie usage covers the entire region and can not be isolated to just Ceduna and are in there words “volatile” I quote “A spokeswoman for the Attorney-General’s Department (South Australian Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, which sits within the Attorney-General’s portfolio in the South Australian Government) warned that the department could not provide the level of detail for gaming expenditure for Ceduna specifically.
    The figures she could provide — which covered the total spent on electronic gaming machines across the combined Ceduna, Streaky Bay, Le Hunte, Elliston and Lower Eyre Peninsula Council areas — showed a 13 per cent drop in April, but then a 9 per cent rise in May.
    The Department spokeswoman also warned these figures should be interpreted with caution, as there can often be large fluctuations in spending from month to month.”
    Note that overall pokie revenue in the area is down from the previous 12 months… I quote “Tony Hogan, Manager at the Streaky Bay Hotel Motel, said he had 22 poker machines in Streaky Bay, and estimated there were 40 in Ceduna and five in Port Kenny.
    He said that there had been an overall downwards trend in pokies expenditure for his business over the previous financial year.”

    And frankly this is just a manipulation of an overall decrease in gambling across the state… and cannot be attributed to the card.

    Source for quotes:



    SAPOL’S Crime Statistics are at odds with Tudge’s anecdotal evidence (which amazingly also contradicts Ceduna resident’s anecdotal evidence). We note from SAPOL that figures were only provided at the Service Area level and the database could not provide figures for Ceduna specifically… that the Service Area stretches from Whyalla to the Western Australian border, including Port Lincoln, Port Kenny and Streaky Bay…
    December 2016
    Murder 100%
    Serious assault not resulting in injury up 5%
    Robbery and related offences up 100%
    Aggravated robbery up 100%
    Non aggravated robbery up 300%
    Blackmail &extortion up 33%
    Serious criminal trespass up 25%
    Serious criminal trespass residential up 40%
    Serious criminal trespass non residential up 1%
    Theft Illegal use motor vehicle up 3%
    Receive or handle proceeds of crime up 4%
    Other theft up 7%
    Fraud & deception up 25%
    Obtain benefit by deception up 29%
    Property damage & environmental up 4%
    Other property damage up 9%

    Source https://www.police.sa.gov.au/about-us?a=5765.

    The report by the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW found that:

    Taking the results as a whole, the conclusion is that there is no evidence of any consistent positive impacts on problematic behaviours related to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and financial harassment, in the extent to which financial hardships and stresses are experienced – for example, running out of food, not being able to pay bills, or on community level outcomes such as children not being looked after properly, school attendance, drinking, and financial harassment. (p.307)

    Despite the magnitude of the program the evaluation does not find any consistent evidence of income management having a significant systematic positive impact. (p.317)

    Data on spending point to continued major problems of diet and poor levels of fruit and vegetable consumption, in particular for Indigenous people living in remote communities. There is no evidence of income management having resulted in changes in spending or consumption, including on alcohol, tobacco, fresh fruit and vegetables. (p.317)

    they do not recommend continuing the program in any of its current forms.

    From Ceduna alcohol use was already declining from local already implemented program that the LNP had defunded prior to introducing the card was working to address the issues…
    Thus logically as stated by the Aboriginal leaders “if the Government focused on strengthening existing underfunded community support programs and resources, to develop up programs tackling the issues they could be addressed right throughout the region.”

    Then there are the closing the Gap reports

    Linda Burney Basic Card and income management a failure

    The Healthy Welfare Card is also being trialled in the Kimberley town of Kununurra, and drunken violence is on the increase there.

    ALSO I quote “there may have been an increase in burglaries since the trial began, with children allegedly breaking into houses to get fizzy drinks, and in some instances alcohol for their parents.” AND “the card could be fuelling a thriving black market for cash.” http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-08/concern-over-welfare-card-black-market/7824944

  12. PW


    Senator SIEWERT: Thank you. Can I go to the media commentary at the moment, in particular comments by the minister and Mr Forrest about the trial and some of the results. Could you please table the results so far that both Mr Forrest and the minister have been quoting, the full set?

    Ms Bennett: We will take that on notice.

    Senator SIEWERT: Why do you need to take it on notice?

    Ms Bennett: Mr Tudge has used his own contacts and discussions with the leaders and we will have to go back and source the information that he has provided in media interviews.

    Senator SIEWERT: He has been quoting numbers and so has Mr Forrest. Why are you not able to table that?

    Ms Bennett: I do not have it. We will take it on notice.

    Senator SIEWERT: Do you not have the report?

    Ms Bennett: There is no report.

    Senator SIEWERT: What numbers is he quoting to say that there has been some progress?

    Ms Bennett: I think, as Ms Mandla said, the department has an arrangement with state governments on providing some information. We have some information and we agreed with our state colleagues that as some of the trends might emerge we would share them with Minister Tudge. In addition, he has regularly met with some of the leaders and he has been provided information from them about what they are seeing on the ground. I will have to go back and ask him for that information and we will take that on notice.

    Senator SIEWERT: Do you have anything in writing from the states

    Ms Bennett: That I can table right now, no.

    Senator SIEWERT: Beyond having it with you right now, do you have any in a form of a report or any of those statistics that have been quoted that can be interrogated by those of us that do not have access to it?

    Ms Bennett: I will go back and have a look at what we have got and how we have received it. We will take that question on notice. I will also approach Minister Tudge about the information and we will provide what we have got available.

    Senator SIEWERT: This smacks of the intervention where exactly the same thing was done and in the longer term was proved to be false. More food was being sold from the stores, et cetera, but it turned out that it was not true.

    CHAIR: We will keep going with questions.

    Ms Bennett: I will take it on notice.

    CHAIR: The officer has agreed to take it on notice.

    Senator SIEWERT: Thank you. Has Mr Forrest had access to this information?

    Ms Bennett: Not provided by us.

    Senator SIEWERT: Not provided by you.

    Mr Pratt: We do not know.

    Senator SIEWERT: You are telling me that you have not provided the information to Mr Forrest?

    Ms Bennett: No.

    Page 80


  13. PW

    Limited tenders are on the rise during The Turnbull govt
    Limited tenders are when Govt only asks who it wants to tender for a contract. It would seem iNDUE IS A CONTINUAL RECIPIENT of these types of contracts.




    The Company in the middle making millions…

    Buying Alcohol on the card…


  14. Pingback: The LNP Welfare Card: the true facts exposed. Corruption disguised as philanthropy! – » The Australian Independent Media Network – Papuq's Snippets

  15. Piste

    Yes, there is a need for a Federal ICAC. The behaviour asserted here is not the exclusive domain of one party. The comments of outrage and indignation are partisan and not particularly helpful in the context of supporting an independent corruption watchdog. The real challenge is to get enough electoral momentum so that both Liberal and Labor acknowledge that the community expect them to jointly establish a bipartisan approach to the establishment of a Federal ICAC. This is the real political challenge that our politicians face and one that will require us, the people, to drive. Noting the level of disengagement with the political process by the majority of voters, this will be a big ask.

  16. Michael Griffin

    Page 17 of this 2014 Indue report. https://indue.com.au/…/IND-1269-Annual-Report-2014_v8.pdf

    Look at the bottom of the page at this link and at entry at 5. http://lobbyists.pmc.gov.au/register/view_agency.cfm?id=227
    Australian Government Lobbyists Register

    unidap | Clients

    AusTender: Contract Notice View – CN3398456
    AusTender provides centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans, multi-use lists and contracts awarded.

    last par at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Anthony
    Larry Anthony – Wikipedia
    Lawrence James “Larry” Anthony (born 17 December 1961)[1] is a former Australian politician. He was a National Party of Australia member of the Australian House of Representatives representing the Division of Richmond, New South Wales, from the March 1996 election until his defeat in the 2004 electi…

    Look at the bottom of the page at this link and at entry at 5. http://lobbyists.pmc.gov.au/register/view_agency.cfm?id=227

    Australian Government Lobbyists Register
    The biggest risk comes from within – SAS Group
    Whether you are targeting politicians, policy makers or the wider public, we’ll ensure your communications drive the results you need.


  17. Lorraine Stansfiewld

    This rort needs serious investigation!!!!

  18. Henry Rodrigues

    The rorting that is being undertaken by the party that professes to believe in accountability, frugality, is just criminal. The myth that the media and that bastard Murdoch, keeps foisting on ignorant people who suck up their BS, of ‘good economic management’ and smaller government is there for all to see. Turdball never tires of accusing the unions, welfare receipients of fraud whilst his own party indulges in the most despicable acts of cheating the system. Great expose of the real LNP crooks and why we have got to get rid of them. And every single one of these creeps professes to be a good christian and is seen at church every sunday. A plague on them and their houses.

  19. stephengb2014

    Where oh where indeed is the Labor Party?

    Perfect storm for the Plutocrcy, low wages, high unemployment, even higher underemployment, highest household debt since before the Great Depression. Couple this to a government intent on punishing the poor and low paid for being poor and forcing austerity on the low paid, the poor, pensioners and sick . The result is an insecure work force, compliant general workers and a population of scared little people!

  20. michael lacey

    Good article Michael that needs to be highlighted!

    The cheap Labour conservatives have always been about socialising any risks that might interfere with their club from stealthy accounting to downright scams, it is standard practice!

    This ‘socialisation of risk’ is happening by stealth also in Europe on a massive scale! Vast liabilities are being switched quietly from private banks and investment funds onto the shoulders of taxpayers across southern Europe.

    The Club Med bloc of Germany, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands reaping the benefits.

  21. Richard creswick

    I wonder if this can be referred to the High Court?

  22. Wayne Turner

    The mafia criminal’s in government.Corrupt to the core.

    More proof we must have a federal ICAC.

  23. Harquebus

    Businesses who donate to political parties should be disqualified from being awarded government contracts.

    The push for a global cashless society is in full swing and is a desperate last ditch effort by central banks to save their failing fiat currency ponzi scheme. If implemented, it will be spend it or lose it.
    My opinion is that, without energy security it can not succeed.

    Search criteria: cashless society


  24. PopsieJ

    What you are seeing here is a government totally out of touch with reality. Our PM is todays Marie Antionette. And whether you like it or not the One Nation party will be the Donald Trump,Nigel Farage,Marine Le Pen, Gert Wilders factor in the next election.
    BTW , do readers here really think Malcolm Turnbull with his Goldman Sachs Vanguard investments really gave 1.7 million of his own money to get LNP re elected.
    But where is the ALP ?, Bill Shorten has as much anger in him as a wet lettuce leaf.

  25. Wayne Turner

    “Businesses who donate to political parties should be disqualified from being awarded government contracts.” – For sure.It’s a BRIBE by the business.Just look at the no job providers,many of those companies were awarded contracts after BRIBING the LNP eg: Sabrina Russo.

  26. Umberto Ledfooti

    Superb article.

    Thank you for confirming everything I have suspected. After the wingnuts appointed Piggy Forrest to oversee this initial stages of this farce, it was inevitable that a typically Tory lamentable rort was immediately to follow.

  27. liz

    I would like to see Michael Griffins facts and then encourage him to seek legal advice to see if we, the People can sue the LNP for extortion and any other charges under the law…and Michael, if you want to take these fraudsters to court, please say so and supporters would not be hard to find. I imagine that you have concrete evidence to write this story…..LET’S BRING CORRUPTION TO IT’S KNEES…..please.

    Iceland and Spain just locked up their corrupt bankers recently….It would be awesome for us to lock up a few corrupt politicians and confiscate all their assets….

  28. Michael

    Roy. The amount sought to be clawed back from the robo debt scam is $4.6 bill. $300 mill is what they have got back so far. Heres a link verifying. independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/turnbulls-desperate-cash-grab-from-the-needy-via-centrelink,9905

  29. Michael

    Here here wayne

  30. Matters Not

    Written a long reply but it won’t post. I’ll try again.

    Nope – Page not found. I’ll try again.

    Page not found again. Once more into the …

  31. Matters Not

    I give up. Michael Griffin, thanks for your links but I am not convinced that there’s anything there for Shorten to pursue. And I can’t see why the MSM would be bothered.

  32. dan

    liz @ 1:14pm on this – ” BRING CORRUPTION TO IT’S KNEES” – good idea.

    Crowdfunding a kind of Peoples’ ICAC might work. The average voter has had enough so funding is not going to be a problem. Earlier systemic rorts involving politicians that relate to childcare, job service provision/ vocational training funded by taxpayers might be worth investigating also.
    MSM are worse than useless and need to be kept out of the loop.

  33. Trixie M

    As one of these on welfare who could soon be targeted with this card, I am raging. I am NOT in debt. I pay my rent and all my bills on time. I shop between stores and markets to get the best value for money. I run a little old car that occasionally needs repairs or tyres etc and am able to put a little away for when these come up. In other words, I live within my means. Oh, I’m sorry. I do smoke and I have a drink now and then. Is this a crime? It is nothing compared to what these politicians rort from our taxes. Yes, I paid mine!

  34. win jeavons

    Foolishly ,I always thought that “liberals” did not believe in social engineering. How blatant can these ugly beings get ? They are not deserving of the titles ‘man ‘ or woman’ , but are out and out rogues, who have hijacked our democracy for power and wealth . OUT, DAMNED LOT!!

  35. Matters Not

    SAS – accused above – was the creation of Anthony and Con Sciacca a long-term servant of the ALP. A HoR rep for more than a decade Their latest ‘partner is Malcolm Cole – a long term supporter of the Liberals.

    Yes it is a political lobbying firm but to suggest its a subset of the LNP is just crap.

  36. Matters Not

    Indue is now chaired by Dawson Petie – also with strong links to the ALP.

    This article makes accusations and innuendoes that simply can’t be sustained.

    Am I in favour of this ‘card’ – absolutely not. But let’s not forget all sides of politics once supported it.

    If Indue donates to the LNP – I would like to see some numbers. And if they donate to the ALP as well. Not unusual for companies like this to make political donations.

  37. Gary

    Every Australian citizen should read this article right till the end. I like many believe the new social security card has it’s merits. Unfortunately when the wool is pulled away from our eyes all we see is more corruption by the Liberal National Party (LNP) Each card issued is going to cost the government $4000.00 to administer! Yes that’s $4000.00 per card per year?? The LNP has vested interests in the company (Indue) who has been awarded the contract for the new cards. All I read is corruption, corruption, corruption! No wonder the Turnboil government is penalising ordinary Australians with their ‘robo debt’ system and trying to raise $3 Billion to $4 Billion. The new card system is going to add over $3.5 Billion to the Social Security debt! WOW! Click on the link and learn how corrupt the LNP really is…

  38. Florence nee Fedup

    A welfare card would be a wonderful tool for those working with dysfunctional families to have. Would be useful in children at risk before the court. More so if offender agrees voluntary to use card.

    They are useless when used by this government across the board. How one spends their benefit should be of no concern to this government. If they gamble or drink money away, is their problem.

    All the cards do is take away what little control these people have over their lives. Are unnecessary. Are expensive.

  39. Florence nee Fedup

    What the card says used as it is now is that all on benefits are responsible for their plight. All are irresponsible.

    If this isn’t true, why continue with them.

  40. John


    A motion “That the Senate supports the establishment of an independent federal anti-corruption commission to oversee federal members of parliament and the public service” moved by Di Natale was voted down on 8 Feb 17.

    It would have passed if Labor hadn’t voted against it.

    (link posted elsewhere on AIMN today)

  41. halfbreeder

    SAS – accused above – was the creation of Anthony and Con Sciacca a long-term servant of the ALP. A HoR rep for more than a decade Their latest ‘partner is Malcolm Cole – a long term supporter of the Liberals.

    Yes it is a political lobbying firm but to suggest its a subset of the LNP is just crap. The owner of SAS is Larry Anthoiny…the president of the National Party. Hope it is simple enough for you to see the connection now Matters Not. Or does that matter not to you?

  42. Matters Not

    The owner of SAS is Larry Anthoiny (sic)

    If you read above, (with any rational understanding), you will appreciate that Larry Anthony is but a part-owner of SAS – as is a well known Labor stalwart known as Con Sciacca. If you want to establish some ‘corrupt’ connection between SAS and the National Party with ‘political donations’ in mind, then you will have to do much, much better than that.

    Exactly, what are you (and others) actually alleging? Just askin …

    Where are the ‘numbers’ – the dollar amounts – and all that?

  43. Stephen Griffin

    Who owns this cesspool is irrelevant. The damage done will soon outweigh the cost.

  44. Michael

    So Matters Not it matters not to you that over $4 bill in tax payers money will be provided to a private corporation with no indication that the purpose for which it is advanced to that corporation will be met? Nor does it matter to you that that expenditure is a further amount on top of welfare payments and the existing budget estimates – that is, that it is more debt? If not what other numbers would satisfy you?

  45. crypt0

    Matters not …
    It seems to me that it’s the LieNP govt. in charge of this card.
    Also that the LieNP have close links to Indue Pty Ltd,
    They should be investigated.
    Now if the ALP also has links to Indue Pty Ltd,, then fine, they shouldalso be investigated, preferably by a federal ICAC.
    Which major party is in favour of establishing a federal ICAC?
    So i guess there will never be a federal ICAC, and Indue Pty Ltd, will never be properly investigated.
    Par for the course in Oz these days.

  46. Matters Not

    Also that the LieNP have close links to Indue Pty Ltd,

    Where is your evidence to make such a claim? That Larry Anthony was once a Director and Deputy Chairman? And if he was using that Deputy Chairman position to funnel funds in the National Party – again I ask for evidence. Please.

    Here’s the current Board Members of Indue. Check them out and tell me which ones are National Party plants. Talk about a beat up.

    I should add that Dawson Petie, the current Chair, was sacked by Campbell Newman from the Board of Queensland Rail. Hardly in the business of rewarding the NATS is Dawson Petie.

  47. Mitch

    Larry Anthony is president of the National Party and now co owner of SAS who count Indue as a paying client. Indue pay SAS and hence Larry Anthony from funds it gets from the contracts it has with the LNP gov. Larry Anthony undertakes paid work for the Nationals and unpaid work for the National Party by donating his time and labour to it. Even if unpaid work were all he did, the value of his time and labour is a donation to the LNP. Now MN explain how that is not a donation when the dividends and profits Anthony gets from SAS through its lucratve contracts with the LNP Gov make it possible for him to have the time to do unpaid work for the Nationals? The ball is back in ur court MN but i can probably anticipate ur unimaginative reply.

  48. wayne117700@gmail.co (@0265712695)

    this garbage has to stop doug and larry Anthony are involved in this fraud each card that gets sent out these criminals get 4 to 5 thousand dollars each this is wrong and most of this money will be funnelled into the lnp coffers all they are is fraudsters and scam artists I have notified bill shorten of this

  49. halfbreeder

    The legislation for the welfare card requires the welfare payment to be placed into a ‘BANK ACCOUNT’ yet the government’s determination of which bank account is to be used for the welfare card scheme chooses Indue. But Indue is not a ‘bank’. The scheme is contrary to legislation and the determination in favor of Indue is invalid and contrary to law. See section 5 below appointing Indue as the ‘bank’

    Social Security (Administration) (Welfare Restricted Bank Account) Determination 2016

    Social Security (Administration) Act 1999
    I, ROSLYN BAXTER, Group Manager, Families Group, as a delegate of the Secretary of the Department of Social Services, acting under subsection 124PP(1) of the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999 make this Determination.
    Dated: 11 March 2016
    Roslyn Baxter
    Group Manager
    Families Group
    Department of Social Services

    1 Name of Determination
    This Determination is the Social Security (Administration) (Welfare Restricted Bank Account) Determination 2016.
    2 Commencement
    This Determination commences on the day after it is registered on the Federal Register of Legislation.
    3 Cessation
    This Determination ceases on 30 June 2018.
    4 Definitions
    In this Determination:
    Act means the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999.
    Excluded goods or services means goods or services specified in item (5) of Schedule 1 to this Determination.
    Indue Limited means Indue Ltd (ABN 97 087 822 464).
    Trial period means the period specified in subsection 124PF(1) of the Act.
    Welfare restricted bank account is a bank account of the kind referred to in section 5 of this Determination.
    5 Welfare restricted bank account
    For the purposes of subsection 124PP(1) of the Act, the kind of bank account to be maintained by a trial participant or voluntary participant for the receipt of restrictable payments is a debit card account established with Indue Limited.
    6 Terms and conditions of welfare restricted bank account
    For the purposes of subsection 124PP(2) of the Act, a welfare restricted bank account is subject to the terms and conditions set out in Schedule 1 to this Determination.

  50. Michelle Wardley

    Say good bye to all the home cottage industries, markets, charity organisations, musicians, artists, community & cultural events, local sports, public transport users and say hello to more and more dispirited, ill, desperate, dangerous behaviours. You mob really have NFI do ya?

    Just Rack Off so some people who actually understand HUMANITY can step up and have a go.

    Your behaviour in & out of the senate is DISGUSTING.

    You are not AUSTRALIAN! Go & live in Trump land seeing you are behaving so much like it.
    We’re done with you!


  51. Michael Taylor

    Michelle, I thought you were talking to us, then I saw your Facebook page. Oops.

  52. Florence nee Fedup

    We are heading for the welfare of centuries ago. One of poor house, alms for the worthy poor. Prisons for bankruptcies. One where it will be a crime to be poor.

  53. TB

    The country appears to have been hijacked by a business enterprise Liberals Pty Ltd !

  54. Coral Freeman

    Does no one realise that this has already been passed? Have a look at Hansard to see the few, very few who voted against this…only the Greens said ‘Nay’. Lambie, Lazarus et al passed it…we will have no choice now, no manner of petition will change the legislation, only politicians can do that, and let us face it NONE of them are there FOR the people…

  55. Josie Parker


  56. halfbreeder

    This issue set to become more prominent due to predicted expansion of the card in the budget.

  57. halfbreeder

    share this artical as it will be important for the budget

  58. Max Gross

    Guillotine Day guaranteed!

  59. Gary Fallon

    Only problem with this article is that Indue is owned by a large number of community credit unions, not as falsely stated by conservative party supporters. This fact is painful to confirm – individual credit union annual reports have to be analysed as Indue is a private company. But investigation and verification is what journalism is about. But let’s not let the truth get in the way of sensationalism! Very disappointed at AIM for publishing this.

  60. Halfbreeder

    nonsense fallon. Indue is now owned by a hong kong corporation and has never been owned by comunity credit unions as you state. read its online annual reports. shame that crtics cant check facts. obvious where our sympathies lie.

  61. halfbreeder

    Stargroup buys Indue.

    From Stargroup website. Stargroup are not, as the post above claims, a ‘communuity credit union’ but a privately owned Hong Kong corporation listed on European stock markets and that has interests in casinos in Australia and Macau. Suggest you check your facts Fallon before opening your mouth.

    ASX Release

    11 April 2017


    Financial Technology and ATM machine company Stargroup Limited (ASX : STL) wishes to advise it
    and its wholly owned subsidiary, StarLink Pty Ltd, have made the part payment of $2,600,000 to Indue
    Limited in relation to the acquisition of its Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”) switching, settlement,
    processing, telecommunications and reseller business which was required to be made on or before
    14 April 2017.

  62. Matters Not

    shame that crtics cant check facts

    Oh, the irony on display.

  63. halfbreeder

    Gary Fallon: When the facts themselves are sensational there is no need for a journalist to embellish them with further ‘sensationalism’. These facts are sensational. That a Government agency, whose purpose is to enhance the welfare of the people it purports to represent, awards contracts to multinational corporations with interests in gambling is sensational enough without needing any further embellishment

  64. Halfbreeder

    update on welfare card. As of 2 May 2017 Stargroup the multinational corporation with gambling interests has now completed the purchase of 100 % of Indue the australian company to whom the LNP granted contracts for the management of the anti – gambling welfare card. Indue aka Stargroup will now be paid $10K per participant in the card programm that it is free to use to expand its gambling interests in Aust and elsewhere. Before the last election Turnbull stated in interview with the Wall Street Journal that the welfare payment and medicare payment systems would be privatised. The welfare card is how it is happening. Soon all australians will be on the welfare card, pensioners, family tax benefit recipients, farmers on farm relief, any one who receives a payment from the gov.

  65. Mysay

    Sigh. Another bad social policy from a Government that is completely out of touch with the voting public, and also apparently at war with them.

  66. Gypsyrose

    Scary, once not so long ago. Australians were against what Russia was doing with rations for the ordinary everyday person by rations. It’s exactly the same those rations ars for places that will support the Government interests.

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  68. Ric Glass

    But for the slip of a surgeon’s knife relegating me to a pension for over seven years. Prior to that, I had almost 25 years in “Retail”. I was a Company Executive, and “Employer” in Companies and my own Businesses, and almost 20 years in Security and Justice Industry. I had a MVA which I collected workcover for a few years, never recovered from that, but up to 2005 I had never drawn “unemployment” only workcover, which I had paid back, “every cent” of workcover, sickness and pension benefits (Insurance settlement) during the previous “35 years of working”. It has been a hard ten years since 2005 when a complete mental breakdown (caused by family matters) and that catastrophic surgery fail, but right now; I have a job application in at 62yo, I am running in the next Qld State Election. I still accounted for 35 years from 1970 to 2005 working fulltime, (part time since) but fell on hard times “no fault of my own”! I’ll be voting Labor and a vote for me will be a vote for Labor

    LNP and Keith Pitt “want to put me on a Welfare Card”?

    This is just one example (LNP mentality) why I left Liberals after almost 30 years of supporting them. Small “L” liberals like me, swing vote and cross the floor, they are leaving LNP in droves (like me). I’ll never be back, ever, after the last few years of witnessing them in action in Burnett and Hinkler

    Moore Park Beach voters may have recognised me a “Booth Captain” for LNP Ken O’Dowd MP, in the 2016 Federal Election. I had many friends in Rocky/Yeppoon LNP Branches. Never again


    Ric Glass. there are messages for all of us in Rics post and situation. The LNP will abandon you if it suits their purpose or the interests of their greater donors. They cant be trusted. OPPOSE THE MAJOUR PARTIES.


    Greg. turnbull sees the cashless card as fitting within his innovation policy. Whom it affects and how much it costs is irrelevant to him because its not his money

  71. Coral Freeman

    @ Ric Glass IMO all the major parties will agree to this card! the beat up of the unemployed by politicians has done a fantastic job showing our faults and that we are not human, well not in the same category as politicians anyway. It is the bureaucrats that decide these matters – we need to get rid of them to obtain a ‘fair go’ for welfare recipients.

    Thanks for that info Greg.

    @ Oppose the Major (can you check your spelling?) Innovation? he has an innovation policy?? I think I must have the wrong meaning of innovation.

    IMO while the politicians are mainly lawyers we will not have much compassion or empathy.

  72. Greg

    It has also just come to my attention that Indue is now listed as a bank with Ibank

  73. Matters Not

    Can anyone explain that, while the Aboriginal population of Queensland is less than 5%, 40% of the children in foster care are of Aboriginal descent? Who is responsible for this outrageous figure?


    matters not. the simple answer is ‘ white people’.

  75. Matters Not

    Please explain? Perhaps something beyond your simple answer? We are talking about 8 times the ‘expected’ figure.


    Coral Freeman. please excuse my bad spelling as bad eyesight and poor fluencing.

    ‘majour’ is a correct alternative spelling to ‘major’ although it is now largely obsolete due to the pervasiveness of phonetic style american spelling. check a reasonably good dictionary.

    there can be no doubt that both parties blame the unemployed for being unemployed rather than their own economic strategies and policies. it is the majour parties and their policies that have caused unemployment not the unemployed or the under employed. blaming and demonising the unemployed by governments is just shifting the blame for the failures of consecutive governments. it distracts attention away from the gov’s own failures and rests on the false assumption that there are plenty of jobs available to be had or in other words that the government is sucessfully creating jobs and managing the economy. they are to blame and the un and under employed are the victims of their perverted neo liberalist free trade glovalist strategies and agenda. OPPOSE THE MAJOUR PARTIES

  77. B Stephens

    Matters Not “while the Aboriginal population of Queensland is less than 5%, 40% of the children in foster care are of Aboriginal descent? Who is responsible for this outrageous figure?”

    OTMP is correct, ‘white people’ are responsible in the sense of the original invasion and the traumas unleashed 200 years ago. Since then it’s been a case of pass the parcel. To receive a ‘parcel’, it seems all one need do is be born into a family that has a direct link back to one of the invaded parties.

    The past can’t be fixed but the present can be, at least in respect of showing humanity to survivors. To understand how NOT to apply humanity to another person review footage of the media on the weekend and their ‘hunt’ for Corby. MSM, idiot savants.

  78. Matters Not

    B Stephens re

    past can’t be fixed but the present can be

    Agree! So what needs to be ‘fixed’ so that the numbers of Aboriginal kids in care and the many more destined to be there in the years ahead can be reduced?

    Or do we claim it’s not a problem and simply look the other way – and do nothing. If action is required – then what? After all, we are talking about children here – not adults.

  79. B Stephens

    MN, that is the $B question, How to fix dysfunctional settings?

    I’m not at all close to the situation, I know of no-one in foster care or anyone going that way.

    As a complete outsider what to say? Children embody the future and are influenced by surrounding conditions now. If we want a good future treat the children properly now.

    If any child is in a precarious position who is responsible for a good outcome? Surely at the end of the day it’s the broader community, or as you say, do we “simply look the other way” and hope parents grow into their role as they pass on their inherited torture techniques to the child?

    Solution? Don’t know. More of what is actually working now I guess – good foster families and identifying problem situations ASAP. It’s taken over 200 years to get to this point so even if we had a working model today it’ll take decades to clear it up substantially.

  80. Min Khin Kyaw

    democracy is good
    party politics can leech on it!

  81. halfbreeder

    Coral Freeman: ‘the beat up of the unemployed by politicians has done a fantastic job showing our faults and that we are not human’,

    The ‘beat up’ of the unemployed is to distract the public’s attention away from the failed government globalist policy that has caused the unemployment. By beating up on the unemployed the government is impliedly saying ‘jobs are out there, our policies are working but the unemployed just don’t want to take those jobs and are, therefore, just bludgers.’ Beating up on the unemployed blames the victim of the failed government policies instead of identifying the real culprits – the major political parties who have engaged in free-trade and neo-conservative globalist policies since 1972. It is simply not true that sufficient jobs exist or that government policy has created any jobs. The number of unemployed and underemployed grossly outnumbers the amount of jobs available at any time by almost 20 to 1. Both the major parties have betrayed the Australian people and wasted countless amounts of talent and money by their absurd globalist agenda and caused immeasurable suffering to the Australian people. They are TRAITORS and should be taken outside, leaned against a cold brick wall, blindfolded and summarily executed for their treacheries. OPPOSE THE MAJOUR PARTIES.


    Could Twiggy Forrest’s embrace of this unhealthy welfare card be related to his interest in preventing aboriginal Australians bringing legal actions against him? After all they need money to run their cases and he lost a big one recently. They would be unable to attend courts in capital cities far from their homes without cash to purchase tickets for transportation or maybe even get any legal assistance

  83. Diane Sparkes

    I have a question re:outstanding debt…and this card. Over ten years ago I had a loan with GE(Parent company USA, started out as a munitions manufacturer it seems) anyway it was covered by unemployment insurance, which happened during the workchoices attack on workers I was one of those non existent false claims of being sacked under that system, so informed the GE people, only to find out that during the process of claim being assessed by Jan, it was sold off to India/Repcol ?, now I know there is a limit on how long they can harass me with letters saying they will waiver the debt if I send X amount of dollars to them ????? something just does not sound right here. Jan was no longer available as she had been dismissed????? Can the government take the amount out of my account savings under this card?

  84. Diane

    It will destroy small business, and it is going to cost….the taxpayer again!


    Diane Sparkes. ‘Can the government take the amount out of my account savings under this card?’ Not sure what you mean. Do you mean can the manager of the card (Indue) take the debt you owe to another person or business etc from the amount managed for you by Indue? Is that what you mean?


    dianne. i think something like this happened to people in the ceduna trial. they owed money to local businesses on the tick or on credit and the businesses could no longer get paid because people on the card could not authorise a payment to the business. it may not be the same tho. you can get some info on the anti cashless welfare card facebook pages. theres a few of them you can contact via facebook.


    LNP policy is that this card will be extended to all welfare recipients. family payments, youth payments, student payments and newstart

  88. Florence nee Fedup

    The expenses this govt has accrued by $10 billion. Cost New Start alone. All for negative returns. Failed Robo system sending out fraudulent claims. The cash card that punishes all for no return. Now drug testing that has failed wherever tried, including NZ.

    It is about controlling and demonising the lower class. Putting blame not on neoliberalism but back on the victims themselves. Is getting more blatant.

    Imagine the results if the money was invested in health and family welfare?

  89. Ron Chandler (@RonChandler6)

    Not to gainsay a word of this excellent article, but the hegemons’ dream of a cashless and helpless citizenry is way bigger than a Liberale-Nazionale Partei rort. And have no doubt whatsoever — it will be for ALL.
    A cashless people is easier to subject to neo-liberal scams, more easily inhibited/prevented from competing with the licensed leviathans and this is a known plank in the New World Order agenda of totalitarian control and total enslavement.
    Sorry, you can pull out all the usual ”conspiracy theory” CIA-created barbs and bourgeois cynicism, but this, along with bail-in theft, is the plan. Bail-ins have already been perpetrated on the people of Cyprus (as certain Russian oligarchs and targeted Kremlin personages were supposed to have stashes there) but bail-in legislation IS agreed to by all slaves of the Bank of International Settlements, the ‘central bank of central banks’ and it is on the LNP’s agenda. A cashless system will hand over the entire economy to these riggers and shysters.

  90. babyjewels10

    It seems Labor thinks this is fine and dandy. How do we get this before the High Court? That this has been known for 6 months with nothing in the media, and no major outcry, is gobsmacking.

  91. Anon E Mouse

    Agree babyjewels10. Surely somebody has contacts within the upper echelons of Labor.
    I heard Bill Shorten say that there are some positive aspects of the card. From what I see of it, there is nothing positive in it as it is now.

    Maybe Labor could look at it being used at the discretion of welfare/child safety/judicial organisations for particular clients, with a clear pathway to appeal. It should only ever be used with ongoing support for those on it, because it is a cruel and harsh measure. In this way it could even be used as a way to help wage earner problem gamblers/drinkers.
    Labor should also be calling the cards out for what it is, a move to privatise welfare (so the rich can make heaps more money off the poor).

    I am disappointed that Bill Shorten and Labor appear to be following the Libs in their demonisation of the poor by not howling down this abomination of a card. Bill is doing a Beazley with his me-tooism over this card.


    Ron Chandler. You are correct in saying that this cashless card is a part of a wider neo liberal globalist agenda. It will soon be applied to all welfare recipients including family payments for working people. Then it will be applied to public sector workers and then to government contractors. The cashless card and cashless economy enables complete control and tracking of people and limits the ability of people to challenge decisions made against their interests. For example, I believe Forrest’s real interest in this card is in its ability to restrict aboriginal people making claims against him and his mining company as their ability to retain lawyers would be severely limited by this card. Why is the card area of operation also in areas where his mines are located? The reserve bank is working towards full implementation of the cashless economy. The unemployed are merely the guinea pigs at this stage being used to try out and perfect the system that will inevitably be introduced. Notably it is 12 private financial institutions that are implementing and developing the system and Indue who runs this card is one of them. http://www.apca.com.au/about-payments/future-of-payments/new-payments-platform-phases-1-2


    Babyjewels10 & Ano E Mous. The Labor Party will not help you. Do not depend on them. They are part of the problem not the solution. They jointly caused the current unemployment in this country with the non-reciprocal overly zealous free trade strategies and ‘competition policy’ they, with LNP support, subjected the Australian people too. More than that, they have no idea about how to resolve any of these problems and no plan to correct political and social imbalances in the corrupt capitalist political/legal system they uphold except for a bit of redistribution. That will only leave you vulnerable again when the Liberals inevitably get back in. That’s the two party political system game. They have no plans for a bill of rights, no plan for job creation, no plan for legal reform. In fact, it is the ALP strategy to take you to the precipice and then let the LNP push you over. Beasely said as much when Opposition Leader. They benefit by leaving people vulnerable and dependent upon welfare and hence upon them. You don’t save a sinking ship by rearranging the chairs on its deck. Likewise, you won’t save yourselves or your country by voting labor – you are merely delaying the inevitable.The only way is to OPPOSE THE MAJOUR PARTIES.


    Greg re the $35 mill you quote.Given the drug testing of 5000 unemployed people, some or many of those tested will most likely be put on the cashless welfare card. To place 5000 people on the card would be a further $50,000,000 to Indue (5,000 participants x $10,000/participant). That would be at least $85 mill paid to Indue in addition to the amounts paid to them for other trial locations where the card will be operating.


    GREG. It’s $210 mill to Indue of tax payers money so far not $35 mill. Don’t know where you got your amount of 35 mill from but according to the government contracts page Indue has now received about $210 mill from Tudge and Porter. That does not include the most recent contracts which would push it closer to $250 mill OR 1/4 Billion dollars. THIS IS NOTHING BUT A RORT!

  96. Ron Emmerton

    NIMA0204092017: This is a scandal that is so carefully planned in the ironic secrecy within the political party consortiums of cabinet that the laws being created by these criminals seems so powerful, they all gloat with sicking arrogance. To create a system that is structured around the individual self worth and gain of government members is not by mistake, it is a truth that exposes our weakness for greed. This filthy Australian government is all about the selfish ambitions of the individual.

    It is the limitation of fair hearing and justifiable fear of the tyrant that limits real contest thrives and very few that understand this are surely persecuted with its evil injustice.

    Just imagine how safe and affordable Australia could be if we achieve a unified consensus that understood and genuinely honoured our Nations Sovereign Democratic Independence.


    Ron Emmerton. Brilliant comment Ron.

  98. Dick Baker

    Well I was shocked by the Card thing. So shot a letter off to Luke Harsyuker my local member. Interested in his reply? Liking your angle. just subscribed

  99. kate

    please join the Australian Unemployed Workers Union and help fight this corruption which puts people on the bottom under unbelievable ongoing distress.

  100. HKW

    They are all the same following their Masters ( Donors) instructions. Corporations are their government, and their lapdogs are our government. They ALL need to be voted OUT !!! GET UP FROM YOUR KNEES AUSTRALIA !




    pauline hanson and One Nation have expressed support for the widespread roll out of the welfare card to all categories of welfare recipients.

  103. Egalitarian

    I think it is the ideology of the government to blow out the budget so as to put pressure on welfare.

  104. Pingback: The 2017 Australian parliamentary eligibility crisis is a piece of shit and so is your face.


    BARNABY’S BRIBE. More LNP corruption.Barnaby Joyce accepts a bribe disguised as an award from Gina Reinhardt of the coal industry and only when he realizes he has been caught out on camera for the whole nation to see does he seek to hand it back. More LNP corruption. Reinhardt buying government favours. What does this say for democracy under the LNP? LNP politicians are bought by vested interest groups the main one of which is the coal industry. He will put the water rights of all farmers’ at risk to give water and favor to those who ‘donate’ to him and his inglorious political career.



  106. Florence nee Fedup

    The Farmers Federation kicked up a fuss, forcing Joyce to reject the cheque. Organisers for the inaugural Farmer day knew nothing about the stunt.

    Pure corruption.


    Gina Reinhardt is the promoter and sponsor of the event. How could her administration not know about the ‘award’? I don’t believe that story one bit.

  108. Rogan

    I read somewhere that one of the banks, maybe ANZ, offered to provide this type of card and the service for a two or three hundred dollars per card. But the contract went straight to Indue, who charge heaps more.


    Rogan. $10k per participant to indue to administer. do u have any further info on the ANZ offer?


    Most read article at AIMN for 2017. Has had a significant role in bringing the card to the attention of the public. Good work all.

  111. Florence nee Fedup

    I am now watching series 2 episode 6 of Victoria. Foxtel I am afraid. It is dealing with the potato famine in Ireland. Good insight into how the ruling class of the past, the neoliberals today think.

    Should be compulsory for all.

  112. Trevor

    Corrupt and criminal. This is what the Abbott/ Turnbull Liberal Governments have bought to Australia. Led by Australia’s leading Offshore Tax Avoider with a congaline of arseholes as Ministers for Personal Profit, inescapably corrupt. The Labor Party led by Shorten is oblivious to the reason for its existence as the workers party. Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber, the product of Australia’s failed experiment in Representative Parliamentary Democracy. Dont vote! It only encouraged them. Shut the f#ck up with your inane garbage Matters Not.


    questions. can someone tell me if rent can be paid using this card and if welfare recipients over 60 are on the card in Bundaberg Harvey Bay area? The reason i ask this is because newstart is higher for single people over 60 than it is for those singles under 60. hence the 80 % of preserved income for singles over 60 (and for couples) on newstart would be a higher monatry amount than it would be for singles under 60. the question is why would the expenses of a single over 60 be more than one under 60? this could be the basis of a ground of review for someone over 60 on the basis of unreasonableness or inflexible application of policy.

  114. halfbreeder

    Award Winning author. The author of this article has won multiple awards as a screenwriter including winner at the Brazil International Film Festival Short Screenplay competition and second place at LA Shorts International Film Festival and approximately 13 other nominations and awards.


    Award Winning author. The author of this article has won multiple awards as a screenwriter including winner at the Brazil International Film Festival Short Screenplay competition and second place at LA Shorts International Film Festival and approximately 13 other nominations and awards.

  116. Coral Freeman

    As I understand it rent comes out first…
    Newstart is higher for over 60’s? I haven’t found that – but centresux constantly stuff up with my pay and information, for instance, I received a debt for May to June 2017 ($75 and odd cents), I paid this after not getting any explanation no matter who I asked…then in JULY 2017 I had $124 and odd cents put into my account, when I queried this I got the 3 monkeys thing, the staff could not talk to me, could not hear nor see why I felt this was a problem…
    What amount of $ is it? maybe it could help pay for the current 11 different supplements that I need to take…I don’t think it will stretch enough to help with the scripts or ops I need though :/
    Why would ‘someone over 60’ ask for a review? good god I would be to worried they would decide to take it off me!


    Coral Freeman. At this link it says newstart for singles under 60 is $538.80 and for singles over 60 is $582.80. Seems odd & unreasonable that the monetary amount with-held from someone and placed on the card for someone over 60 (being 80% of their payment) would need to be more than the monetry amount of someone under 60. Thats what in practical effect happens if someone over 60 is on the card and having 80% of their money placed on the card. Why would someone over 60 need to have more money quarantined on the card than someone under 60? They wouldn’t. In legal review terms this is either unreasonableness or an inflexible application of policy and could even be considered a failure to consider relevant facts. The grounds for reviewing the decisions of gov ministers and agents can be found at ss 6 & 7 of the Administrative Decisions(Judicial Review) Act.

    The gov can not discriminate against someone on the basis that they have taken legal proceedings against it. That would cause the Gov even more problems.


  118. Mike

    Time for a class action – Breaching legislation is inconsistent with the constitution; Paragraph 75 of the constitution is quite clear that breach of contract is a matter for the High Court, not Centrelink, to determine if a breach has occurred.

    Para’ 51 (xxiia) of the constitution requires the gov’t to pay benefits to those who need it.
    On 8th May 2013 a welfare recipient who had been prosecuted by Centrelink fought back and the high Court tossed out legislation that had no means.

    Some 15,000 prosecutions dating back to 2000 are now legally invalid.

    This means that by not paying them, welfare recipients will one day SUE and at the moment the legal liability is about $1 Trillion for the ‘Breached Generation”. Are you happy to help pay that rising or do you prefer to help pay for a basic benefit?

    PRO BONO is a legal term to describe lawyers who act in the public interest.

    The reality is that when they do, they take a percent of the win, usually 20-30% and with untold BILLIONS up for grabs, once lawyers get to grips with the scale of the problem, i.e. the TORT, the race will be on to win the prize.

    Try thinking $3.2 MILLION per death and restitution (with compound interest) for having been breached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQucXm33d28

  119. Oppose the major parties

    Although I agree with ur argument and sentiments Mike, i think u might b misinterpreting the Contitution a bit. When u say ‘Para’ 51 (xxiia) of the constitution requires the gov’t to pay benefits to those who need it”. & ” Breaching legislation is inconsistent with the constitution; Paragraph 75 of the constitution is quite clear that breach of contract is a matter for the High Court, not Centrelink, to determine if a breach has occurred” u r not correct. Section 51 only empowers the gov to make laws about subjects listed including welfare not compel them to pay it. They can make laws not to pay welfare. Breacing legislation means that a decision made under that legislation is invalid and inoperative. The High Court is only the court of appeal on contrat matters from State Supreme Courts unless the Cth is involved and welfare is not paid under a contract. Welfare is not a right in Aust such as a contractual right but an entitlement payable on terms set by the gov.


    Larry Anthony’s conflict of interest


    The article that just keeps on giving


    “Being a part-owner and director of a lobbying firm, while concurrently serving as president of the National Party, creates a clear conflict of interest,”


    In the case Unions NSW v State of NSW the HCA said that legislative prohibitions against donations to political candidates and parties was unconstitutional. However, that does not mean that legislation prohibiting donors to political parties and members of Parliament from entering agreements and contracts with gov for five years before and after their donation is also unconstitutional. Ban donors from obtaining contracts, agreements and grants from Gov. OPPOSE THE MAJOR PARTIES

  124. Elaine Barrett

    To Ron Chandler
    Post Sept 2, 2017

    I have just been readn all comments and having read yours i have to say that everythng you say is spot on, conspiracies aside i have been seeing evidence of major change in a global way as well as here..Google east brunswick stout label for nwo is one thng..and anyone with com bank visit the atm and slowly scroll each page very carefully you might see the insignia possibly page 1, very tiny so im told i dont do combank so carnt look and anyone out there thats interested in this subject have a night off and watch dvds Elyssium, Transformers The last knight, another hard to see or in this case one has to be listening and listening hard to get it.. there is a number of these dvds out there very interestn and all of them are telln a story of our very near future.
    Quite insidious all round.


    Top 5 read article for 2018 after being top read in 2017.This effective article started the rot for the LNP


    NOT ENOUGH EGGS IN THE WORLD. There are simply not enough eggs in the world for me to communicate the contempt I feel for the corrupt LNP.

  127. Rita

    I admire the research that has gone into this article and, after spending some hours in incomplete research, I have no real reason to doubt its claims. I strongly believe the stated rorts should be thoroughly investigated. We desperately need a federal ICAC.

    However, why is the writer ‘Michael Griffin’ not properly identified by AIM beyond simply a name? Is the writer concerned about repercussions for making these claims? If so, why is that not made some mention of.
    And why are there no links on the article itself to verify his research and the claims made. Both would provide so much more authenticity to his statements.
    Quite frankly I find it odd to see an article in the AIM that is obviously written by a non-professional .. ie not a journalist or an identified professional – and I believe any thinking person would feel the same.

    From trawling through these many comments I came across helpful links and some clues to the writer’s identity. However, due to the sensational nature of these ‘rorts’ (not discounting how logical they appear to be), it could still easily be questioned as conspiracy for the reasons I questioned above.
    I therefore do not feel comfortable in sharing it. That is a real shame as we need to get information like this out to the public .. but without expecting everyone to spend hours, days, weeks in establishing their own verification through their own research.
    Quite frankly, very few people would be prepared to spend the time in doing so.


    Author’s name seems to be identified in the same way names of authors of other aimn articles are. No grounds for suspicion there and the author probably has no control over that as it would be the publisher’s decision.

    The article is not academic research it is citizen initiated journalism so why are u expecting the referencing standards of academic work? That standard is not even applied to mainstream journalism – so why here?

    Some facts have changed since this article. For instance, the administrative cost of the card referred to is that stated by the department in senate hearings etc. The ABC made freedom of info applications to the department and found the actual costs of administration of each card was $10,000 per person not the lower amount used in this article. Others say it is closer to $12,000/person. Indue and the gov are claiming that costs have now come down considerably. They havent put up any evidence of that. Perhaps that’s where your own research could start – testing the gov claims of the reduced administrative costs of the card.

    Great to see this article still raising interest & keeping people motivated to hold the gov to account.

  129. Robin Alexander

    I have read all above! Can see most comments are from 2017/18 I myself as 82yr old pensioner widow who now lives solely on pension? Imagine my shock when May/2019 immediately before federal election I watched media interview with minister Paul Fletcher advising that all social Security payments including Aged &Veterans pensions included! Commencing in 2020! I have been depressed with worry and the indignity for me and the thousands of other very elderly being dismissed as garbage with this card? We are not addicts which that is reason Card was introduced for that reason alone in NT where alcohol was serious problem? Fair enough! But government does not have mandate to do this to Aged & Veterans? We were told decades ago we workers of this nation would always be cared for for life for our hard physical work & fighting for our country was a well deserved reward labor set this all up even Bob Menzies said it was a just reward to the workers? Now this total control of our money where/how we spend how much allowed no direct debits bank accounts credit card direct debits? Now they are thinking of refraining placing the 20%of pension in our savings account? No cash! What utter humiliation? I my self since May have put this information on twitter &Facebook for those to be aware! Notified 4labor ministers to offer assistance objections! no replies? senator Rachel Seiwart greens battling Newstart in Senate ferocious fighter must say watching her! Labor is for workers! we are workers? where are they? Many aged don’t bother with Facebook etc have no idea what Awaits? Just how will they ever cope? with conditions vast changes to how they pay their bills? having to ring Indue for permission for everything pray they advance payments as you request! Reading others experiences they fail mostly? This must become public discussion This government must stop this introduction to 80/90yr olds? Atrocity!


    This card may be unconstitutional as it breaches the prohition on the gov on compulsorily acquiring property of the citizen unless it does so on just terms. Once a decision has been made that a person has an entitlement the amount of the entitlement becomes the property of that person.

  131. Miss J Tedmanson

    Thank you I’ve researched all this myself you’ve condensed it very well.

  132. Pingback: Cashless Welfare cad expansion intention draws fire - The Pen


    This card will be the biggest rort in Australian history and will feather the nests of the major political parties.


    The welfare card is set to be imposed upon pensioners.

  135. Michael Taylor

    That will kill small businesses. It might also be the end of the LNP.


    The LNP is a criminal enterprise registered as a political party whose primary intention is to steal the collective assets of the Australian people and take the benefits of those assets for their mates, their donors and themselves.

  137. paul walter

    Interesting, OPPOSE THE MAJOR PARTIES, it seems this is another piece of problematic legislation they are trying to push through right at the moment.

    We were told when it was first trialled on a couple of outback communities that it was just to see how it works and by all reports it does not do too well and it has spread right through aboriginal communities, to the extent that in their case,they cant access money when they need it.

    No doubt the card is part of a paternalistic reaching to totalitarian idea to further remove agency for the individual and is about, ultimately, disempowerment. It is something derived of American Libertarianism, a new subspecies called “state capacity libertarianism” which looks like it might have been cooked up by the John Birch society.

    John Quiggin just had a post up “Climate change and the strange death of libertarianism”


    The huge TNCs and individuals like Rinehart and Murdoch are above the law when it comes to tax dodging, but heaven forbid someone on welfare should pocket fifty bucks for mending neighbour’s taps, for example.

    TheCEC is not everyone;s cup of tea, but they have interesting stuff some times a fair bit like this:

    RBA, KPMG & Treasury are perpetrating a great fraud on the Australian people.

    Ok, so that is not coming up.

    Basically about the cashless society and I though it interesting as far as it went. It had nice things to say about Sen Alex Gallacher, who now has cancer.


    Putting it in an ideological context gives an interesting perspective Paul.Thanks.

  139. paul walter

    OTMP, and the psychology. Very bewildering to understand what drives these people and certainly the type of ideology works in with the pathologies. It is a very sad thing, people really fail to see the forest for the trees as to life processes, is both funny and tragic.


    Pensioners Beware! Morrison is now looking to extend this card to all welfare recipients.

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