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LNP dirty tricks?

Image by

Image by

There has been some gossip that Tony Abbott went on a buying spree after the election; buying Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers to boost his public profile, that is. Has Queensland premier Campbell Newman adopted a similar strategy? AIMN reader John Fraser seems to think so, as this guest post articulates.

You must read this article first to follow the rest of the trail: . . . and reprinted here . . .

Now that could be put down to one “exuberant” LNP supporter.

And this could be the same person stuffing up again . . .

Google that image and this is what comes up:

Haralee Weintraub is CEO of her own company (“ Sleepwear” ) and as of 28 July 2014 lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Next we have “kateryan”:

Google that image and there are only 2 results:

. . . appears she is an American who does a lot of traveling, as yet no mention of visiting Australia.

The other is a Link to a porn site.

Once could be put down to exuberance, twice to stupidity . . . but 3 times makes it look like a concerted effort.

Of course there is always the possibility that this is not an LNP dirty tricks program and the owners of the ‘Comments” are using photos of people who are not public figures, but may be using them without authorisation.

Or on the other hand it could be that Newman’s LNP have started the dirty tricks campaign early.



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  1. bighead1883

    JF I have to admit you are onto conservative skullduggery.
    Your detective work is excellent and proved a number of things real fast,trolls do it relentlessly and are brazen and bold as brass.
    2012 Election lead up in the US saw the GOP take social media trolling to new never before seen heights.
    They couldn`t actually hire them up front per se but the issued grants.and College students did the social media trawling.
    I wrote of it in the past as to my chalky daughter getting a blow by blow from her friends and colleges in the US.
    Rudd used this to good effect in 2007 and we all know in 2013 it went into the twittersphere.
    They`re all doing it and the troll army has grown in number and sophistication where even this old Lefty warhorse has now joined the Twitterati.
    Thanks for the interesting piece,it does open eyes.

  2. bighead1883

    This is off your subject John but the horrendous genocide in Gaza by Israel has the blood boiling.
    Here`s my latest meme about that conflict.

  3. corvus boreus

    Love the explanation by ‘Holly Watson’.
    ‘I was copping abuse, so I chose to use someone else’s image so they could be targeted instead’.
    ‘Holly Watson’, or whoever is behind the persona, is a dodgy earsling.

  4. Kaye Makovec

    🙂 🙂 🙂 To misquote Churchill. “These days the truth gets halfway around the world before a lie has a chance to put its pants on.”

    PS. It wasn’t just gossip as many have seen it in relation to the Federal LNP too, commented on it and spread it 🙂 Was pretty obvious when they all followed the same script and we all know who likes to follow the script 🙂

  5. john921fraserJohn Fraser


    Without doubt the best laugh this weekend …. from the Murdoch sycophant …. one of Bolts "nuts" … Des Houghton.

    Des Houghton thinks the 25 Queensland Supreme Court Judges should resign because they are wrong and newman's toady Carmody is right.

    newman catapulted Carmody into the Chief Justices position after first catapulting Carmody into the Chief Magistrates position.

    The last time this type of "catapulting" happened was this :

    " Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen insisted on Lewis's appointment."

    With any luck newmans gang will be filling out their 40 job applications next March.

  6. Florence nee Fedup

    When have we seen 25 judges previously refusing to attend such an event. I believe one turned up. How is the man to work with his colleges, when they so publicity denounced his appointment.

  7. Stella

    Can I encourage everyone to always check the Facebook profiles of the right wing commenters? I’ve noticed that about half of them are obvious fake accounts and I make a point of calling them out as fakes. Mostly they then disappear but I think you have to be persistent or they’ll just keep coming.

  8. Matters Not

    Joh of course demonstrated under cross examination that he didn’t understand the concept of ‘separation of powers’. That concept is a little confusing in the Westminster system because there already is significant overlap with the executive and legislative functions.

    All Newman is doing is simplifying the concept of ‘government’. In his ‘future’ there will be no separation of powers. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial functions will now be situated under the one umbrella. No need for oversight! No need for ‘balance’! We will all sing from the same song sheet. Utopia.

    And he’s very keen to ‘reform’ the education system as well. Hilarious.

  9. John Fraser


    @Matters Not

    Did you know that Queensland had a "Strategic Monitoring Team" ?

    Did you know that it was run by newmans ADF mate Bill Mellor ?

    Did you also know that the "Strategic Monitoring Team" ran their own "survey" and came up with the answer that newmans VLAD laws were now much appreciated by a majority Queenslanders.

    Police Commissioner releases crime figures that have not been independently verified by anyone (Bureau of Statistics for one) …. just before a by election.

    Theres no longer any pretence that Queensland has returned to Joh days.

    And just as in the early 1980s the American owned "Courier Mail" is supporting it.

  10. Matters Not

    John, I heard the ‘findings’ on ABC News Radio this morning. I didn’t know that Bill Mellor ‘commissioned’ the survey but I am not surprised. Nevertheless, I still don’t know which agency actually did the interviews, whether they were face-to-face, telephone, robiotic or what. There is no detail as to what questions were asked, the sample size or any other elements one would expect in a legitimate survey.

    Seems to me that the survey is as dodgy as most of the current Queensland government’s activities. Perhaps the respondents were simply following orders delivered by the ex Brigadier?

  11. Bob Evans

    This from the LNP doesnt surprise me one little bit. Manufacturing approval.

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