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It’s Christmas in Malaysia

AIMN reader mars08 is currently in Kuala Lumpur and writes that . . .

Wandering around the shopping centres my eyes and ears are bombarded with religious symbolism. It’s hard to escape the assault. Yes, it’s December and the fanatical fiends have got Christmas decorations all over the place. And those carols are blasting!

So, how is the general public coping? Well, I’m seeing tons of Malay Muslims having their photos taken in front of Christmas trees. I see a group of Middle East Muslims doing the same thing. “Oh how peculiar?” is what many of our countrymen would think . . . if they did occasionally think.

It’s something our media will never show . . . bearded Arab men and women wearing their hijabs, chadors . . .  or whatever . . . posing with Christmas trees. Meanwhile, in the background, a speaker blares out something about that “Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day” or “Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time in the city.”

I have a very difficult time reconciling what I see with the anti-Muslim hatred, ignorance and fear I see expressed every day in Australia. I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur plenty of times and this is how these people do Christmas. And I’m sure it’s probably the same in many “Muslim” countries around the world.

Now, I simply cannot imagine the wider Australian public responding to a Muslim holiday with the same joyous, relaxed attitude.

Tell me, who are the fanatics? Who are the angry barbarians?



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  1. Ian Saffin

    Same in China.

  2. Douglas Pye

    Indeed ….. and we express ‘shock & horror’ about ‘ Oppression elsewhere ‘ ! ….. whilst our information access is carefully monitored … oppressed … restricted … specifically scripted …. particularly in the current Conservative regime !

  3. Sen Nearly Ile

    Islam accepts jesus christ as a prophet whilst christianity has neither knowledge nor respect for the prophet of islam besides xmas trees are just pretty for most Australians?
    Good one, Ian. The Chinese know their profit.
    A look at the picture shows no hijabs or saris. QED.

  4. Sen Nearly Ile

    the lead up to anzac day showed a family day celebration in turkey. just happy men, women and children playing, not a hijab, chardor, niqab, burqa in sight.
    No follow up by tv autocuists because, just as bling sells in kuala, anti-islam crap sells in Australia.
    But why did the religions fail to show such family at play?

  5. Kaye Lee

    Asia has recognised the commercial opportunity. Unfortunately, paranoid Australians will not allow Australian businesses to do likewise with halal food.

  6. mars08

    ­I’m now about 36 hours into this visi­t and nobody has attcked me for being in­ flannel, infertile, a fennel… or whatever tha­t halal word is…

    The hostel I stay at has an arrow shaped sticker on the ceiling of the to rooms. The arrow says “Kiblat”… the Malay/Indonesian word for Qibla. Seems this hostel caters for worshippers of Islam!!!! Oh mylord, I’m surrounded!!!

  7. Ro Bailey

    My hairdresser is a Muslim from Iran but since coming to Australia she loves celebrating Xmas. She asked my advice on how to cook a turkey some years ago and has cooked Xmas dinner ever since.

  8. Chris

    Great photo to use mars it looks very much like Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life Christmas in Heaven.
    ….less plastic boobs maybe ?


    Have fun.

  9. mars08

    @Chris… That’s not my photo.

  10. Michael Taylor

    We had a young Muslim guy in our department. I was chuffed when he said he wanted to arrange that year’s Secret Santa.

  11. Chris

    mars ok…..so not necessarily in Malaysia ? I’m glad I asked. I somehow didn’t think it would have been the sort of photo you would choose. I was being flippant with the ‘great photo’ thing to make the point about the Monty Python connection with the least amount of typing. (me hands are bad when it is hot….43.6degC y’day and didn’t drop below 30 all night…40ish the day before too).
    Good to know these things (about the photo). Stay safe and have fun.

  12. mars08

    The Reclaaam Straaaya buffoons would shit their undies if they were here in “Arab Season” (roughly June to September). There’s all sorts of Middle Eastern Muslims crowding the joint on holidays. Abayas and dishdashas by the boatload (ooops sorry) and not an Aussie flag to be seen. Scary stuff indeed.

    Many times my daughter and I joined them in their bars and cafes… but my daughter can only take so much of their music. She really likes the food though. I usually wash mine down with a pint of Tiger, followed by a Vodka and coke while the youngster has dessert.

    Never even experienced as much as a harsh look from the Muslims… they’re usually too busy laughing or dancing. But… we are damn lucky to still be physically intact… apparently…

  13. silkworm

    Christmas is the time of year when people of all faiths come together to worship or Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (Bart Simpson)

  14. mars08

    Last night I went to a friend’s birthday party… I ended up with a small group – including an Irishman, a Bangladeshi, a Russian and a Spaniard – discussing world events. Let’s just say that the attitudes expressed were quite different to what you’d hear at an Australian party.

  15. Chris

    I guess that is encouraging…..

  16. mars08

    It confirmed that the Australian public… and politicians… are in lockstep with America..

  17. mars08

    After several days in southern Thailand, I am still mostly intact. Apart from the sunburn, that is.

    That painful self-inflicted injury meant I got no sleep last night. None. But at least I was awake to hear a Muezzin call the faithful to prayer at the nearest of the local mosques. It’s only a few hundred metres up the road, but I never noticed the call until now. No doubt the citizens of Bendigo will still be able to sleep in peace.

    So, it’s bacon andd eggs for breakfast… surrounded by Malay (or Indonesian) tourists. Surprisingly., none of them have tried to sharia their halal in my face.

    Now, remind me… what’s all the fuss about?

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