Tony's Golden Rule: When Trying To Be Inclusive,…

Interview with Chris Uhlmann, ABC AM | Prime Minister of Australia …

Let's tell Bill Shorten a few cold, hard…

Last May when Labor endeavoured to boast what they stood for, the…

My Favourite Movies

This blog in the near future will broaden the category of Literature…

What is independent media and should more people…

One of my Facebook friends by the name of Corrine Harrison is…

You Bloody Idiots!

There is madness in the air and to deliberately mis-quote George Santayana,…

The Magnitsky Act

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian tax accountant who acted for an American…

The G20 Is There To Help Us All,…

A few years ago I wrote a play that examined the taking away…

Where is Labor?

The despair at the inaction of Labor is growing louder. The groups…




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