Review Signals the Beginning of the End for…

By Hugh Harris The recent Queensland government review of the “Connect” Religious Instruction…

Violence – 21st Century Style

By Annie Byam Writing this article (framed partly as questions) is aimed at…

All they want is a chance

To the politicians of Australia, Let’s simplify the debate here. Hundreds of thousands of…

The State Theory of Money: Your shortcut to…

By Iain Dooley What the Fiat?! What you have created is a currency with…

Are governments ready for the coming economic and…

By Ken Wolff In 1930 John Maynard Keynes predicted widespread technological unemployment ‘due…

Using The Same Logic, Tony Abbott Was A…

Ok, consider this argument for a moment: We've spent more money on jailing…

Timor-Leste: Allies for Peace?

Denis Bright invites discussion on the future place of Timor-Leste in Australia’s…

The art of schmoozing

Last Friday, I by accident caught a show on Sky hosted by…




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