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Want to end terrorism? Then stop Western Imperialism.

By Christian Marx

Sadly once again, yet another suicide bomber has acted his revenge on innocent people in Manchester. The predictable Nazi sock puppets are out on behalf of their corporate backers, screaming for more surveillance, greater military, and an increasing attack on the Muslim community at large. Same old crap, same old conservative hatred and spin.

The elephant in the room is Western Imperialism. It has completely decimated the Middle East, via bombing indiscriminately vast amounts of people, killing Iraqi children with drones, and deliberately poisoning their drinking water. Very few have benefited from the gross destruction in the Middle East. Iraqis haven’t, Syrians haven’t, Palestinians continue to be wiped off the face of the earth for the sick ideology of Zionism (corporate dollars hiding behind a nationalist/religious front).

Let me tell you who has benefitted … “people” such as Murdoch, Rothchild and Dick Cheney, via their Geanie Energy Company.

So it really comes as no surprise that all the Murdoch automatons are frantically trying to hide Murdoch’s Middle Eastern meddling and trying to put the blame on Muslims in general. The same old Nazi tactic. Use a minority as a scapegoat to protect the real criminals.

Let`s take a look at why Imperialism has created this hatred for the West. Yes, some disaffected radicals are using insane violence to target innocent people. How did it come to this? It all began after 9/11. When Iraq was first invaded, the people were decimated on a lie. The U.S government openly LIED to the world by claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This was the excuse they needed to topple Saddam. He was not playing ball with the U.S financiers, so they needed a pretext to overthrow him. Viola, “Weapons of mass destruction”.

This is the same nonsense being played out against Syria … a democratically elected government who is in conflict with U.S financial interests over gas pipelines. But oh no, the mainstream media continues to perpetuate the lies and half truths that Assad is more evil man (than he probably is). The same garbage they used in order to rid us of Gadhafi, whose greatest crime was to drop the U.S dollar in favour of a new African currency.

The real evil emanates from Washington and the dozens of coups, assassinations and dirty wars they have fought over the past 70 years: Vietnam, Chile, Cuba, Al Salvador, Panama, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia … the list goes on.

Anyone remotely cognisant with foreign policy knows the majority of the information coming out of Western-backed media is complete garbage. Non-corporate owned, independent media is much closer to the truth. Unfortunately, Nan and Pop grew up during the cold war and have a hatred for anything remotely socialist. They were conditioned at the time to believe in the mass media and their own government. We also have the problem of those who are insecure and have a hatred of foreigners. Perhaps their own life is not going too well, they may have suffered a job loss (Neoliberalism) or they feel threatened by the prospect of equity (Conservative propaganda fed to them daily).

Ironically, many of their problems stem from conservative government policies … limited access to universal education, job losses, earning potential diminished, cuts to mental health services etc. Unfortunately, the very people that are destroying them via Neoliberalism are the same people who they trust. The only way the far-right can indoctrinate these unfortunate people is via fear. Ironically, terrorism is largely created by conservative foreign policy.

As revered academic, Noam Chomsky once said, “You can’t bomb your way to peace.” He is correct. Let’s put a hypothetical scenario forward. How would you as an Australian feel if the U.S decided that they want to take our resources and indiscriminately dropped bombs on your family and friends? Would you be angry? Is there a chance it would unhinge you and you may seek revenge?

Not only are the United States and by extension the Australian government killing innocent citizens and raping the national resources from Middle Eastern countries, the U.S are indirectly financing ISIS. (See more here).

So to recap, the conservative manifesto includes Neoliberal austerity, cutting healthcare and social services, demonizing minorities (while attacking and stealing their resources overseas), and financing all sorts of rebel groups linked to ISIS.

Conservatives then have the gall to blame an entire religion for the acts of some extremists who were damaged by the Imperialism of the U.S.A. … which they fully support.

The hypocrisy and deceit is breathtaking.

The author makes no justification for the absolute horror inflicted on Western citizens by these radical ISIS psychopaths. But, if the U.S stopped rampaging through dozens of countries like marauding thugs we would not be in the situation we have now. The fearful and the less-educated have got to start doing their homework. This isn’t about Islam: ultimately this is all about hatred and revenge for what the West has done to the Middle East. Before the first invasion of Iraq, these terrorist attacks on the West were far less frequent.

These disturbed individuals are using “Islam” as a tool to recruit disaffected youths, much like the U.S uses “Christianity” to go to war with foreign nations and recruit disaffected American youth to fight the rich man`s battles.

Make no mistake; violence will just lead to more violence. Kick a dog all its life and it will become a vicious beast and attack you back. If one wants to get to the root cause of these terrorist atrocities, then one must expose the elephant in the room. That elephant is Western Imperialism. To ignore this is to become complicit in state sanctioned, corporate murder, which makes you no better than a supporter of ISIS. Unplug from the matrix!

The far-right agenda of the Turnbull government strikes again

By Loz Lawrey

The Australian well of public debate has been truly poisoned by the hatred, bigotry and racism spewed forth daily by right-wing commentators and politicians.

Now the ABC has succumbed to their onslaught of unthinking vitriol over a well intended Anzac Day post by broadcaster Yassmin Abdel-Mageid and terminated her excellent Australia wide program.

The most disgusting aspect of this whole affair lies in the fact that Yassmin’s call for our Anzac Day remembrance to include other victims of war cast no disrespect towards either our veterans, our fallen, or their survivors.

We’re happy for Vietnam veterans to march on Anzac Day. Why not remember other victims of war as well, at the same time?

It is clear that the howling wolf-pack of haters calling for Yassmin’s sacking are driven by Islamophobia and racism.

Today Australia’s ABC has shed its mantle of decency, fairness and inclusion.

Today we face the reality that our most trusted source of reliable news and information, our beloved ABC, has been stolen from us by the same toxic far right agenda which underpins everything the Turnbull government does.

Our very democracy is being subverted and dismantled before our eyes as Australia under the Coalition government becomes a nastier, less tolerant and overtly racist nation.

On Turnbull’s watch, how much more global shame must we endure?

The public comments from the sociopathic Immigation Minister Dutton calling for further sackings clearly demonstrate the foul unbalanced (one might say insane) attitudes promoted daily on 2GB radio, which is the amplifier of every far right idiot’s hatred.

Let’s face it, this disgusting government wants to privatise the ABC and turn it into another 2GB.

Then Australia can truly reflect the quality of its leaders and be the disgusting nation they want it to become, an intolerant nation of unthinking bigots which has lost sight of its own humanity.


Your Say: the 1967 Referendum

From Gary Pead

It should be remembered in Referendum Week ​that in 1967 Territorians (ie, citizens of the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Jervis Bay) ​along with Aboriginal people were also not full citizens. Only after the 1967 Referendum were they also accorded the ​full right of a citizen​ to vote in referendums.

The Canberra constitutional ​elected ​representative for the people of Canberra was my father Jim Pead MBE​ (late Gold Coast resident of Broadbeach).

It is embarrassing to those of us who care that that full citizenship recognition for white Australians was fixed so quickly ​in 1967​and yet the non-inclusive constitutional recognition of First Australians remains un-fixed​.

​​Particularly galling is the almost complete ignorance of Indigenous​ Gold Coast stories which should be the told as an integral part of the developed tourism package. What a pity such inclusive vision is blocked by a high-rise building or a cruise ship.

“Baa, baa, black sheep …”

By freef’all852

(Warning: This article contains words and language that may offend the LNP and the “genteel class” who claim the right to rule over us all).

This simple nursery rhyme portrays so succinctly the relationship between the expectations of the ruling orders and the serf, the presumed rights and satisfaction of the needs of the Liege Lord and the slave. They are still there now, in this day and age, here in Australia … but now they call themselves “politicians” and they mostly live in the ivory towers of the LNP.

But it is their treatment of anyone taking refuge from war-torn places that most marks out their tyranny, their bastardry. They have claimed a presumed “ownership” of this nation which their profiteering pirate ancestors stole at gun-point from the Indigenous peoples and now they claim ownership and call this part of the Earth: “Their Nation”.

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Yes, one for “The Master” and one for “The Dame”.

Allow me to tell you a little known piece of information from back in the 2nd world war about those internees held in camps along the Murray River in locations like Loveday in South Australia. Many internees were used to cut mallee wood and burn charcoal in camps scattered around places like Blanchetown on the river. If any of you have been to “Brookfield Conservation Park” up near Blanchetown, you may have seen the signs directing you to the charcoal pits there. Those pits there were part of a large contingent of Italian men and some of their families held there as “enemy aliens”.

I know of these things because my father was one of them, as were a couple more of my relatives. Once the war in the Pacific really kicked off, there was a shortage of men to cut wood and burn the charcoal so Italians were transported there and worked in several camps in the Mallee.

My mother met my father near there when she worked at Portee Station on the Murray River as a servant girl. He came to the river to get water for the camp. My mother’s parents who were Cornish/Irish and her younger siblings were also at another “charcoal” camp where my grandfather worked the machinery. My grandmother looked after and taught by correspondence her children. She was a well-educated Irish woman who came to Australia in 1922 from the end of the Irish civil war in Bandon County – the “most murderous place in the British Isles” at that time in history – when the Irish rebellion was in full swing. She worked in Bandon City as a legal clerk for her father’s office, and her script writing – until the end of her life in her eighties – was the most beautiful flowing writing you’d ever want to see.

It was this skill and her legal expertise that came into good use out there in the Mallee, when an Italian internee, brought down from the Northern Territory, came seeking help from her to write a “legal letter” in his favour.

Before the war broke out he owned and worked a farm at Katherine with his Aboriginal wife. He had an Australian foreman and a couple of workers also. When he was interned as an “enemy alien” and transported to Loveday camp, his foreman in collusion with a local govt’ administrator sought to get control of his farm on the pusillanimous grounds of he; the Italian, being an enemy alien was not permitted to own land and his wife – being Aboriginal –  also was not permitted to own property and so they sought to have the ownership of the farm forfeited to them.

Evidently, my grandmother summoned all her jargon of “legalese”, constructed a “legal argument” for the distraught Italian and succeeded in scaring off the culprits. Which brings me to the point of this little missive …

Let us ask: Just who were the real working people who built this nation? Who in reality were the producers and strugglers who physically built this country … this country we hear the likes of Mr Abbott, or Mr Turnbull or Mr Dutton et al wax so lyrical about in protective terms like it was their own personal fiefdom or that of their social class or ethnic demographic?

Let us in all fairness analyse just who were the real Australians who made this nation what it is today. Because, you see, what was neglected in that little yarn about the Italian farmer and his Indigenous wife was how could it come to be that an Australian man and his partner in crime could presume to claim what was not theirs? How could they presume to drive through a process to deny a fellow human being and his wife their dignity and their rights? I’ll tell you how they could and it also shows how Minister Dutton can presume on the dignity of the refugees in this time to do the same:



AND THIS is how it still stands with the Anglo fascists of the LNP to this day!

THIS is their claim of legitimacy!

THIS is their perceived presumption!

THIS is their perceived right of ownership of the land, the country and the people of the nation!

Well, SCREW YOU, Mr Dutton! And YOU, Mr. Turnbull and ALL YOU Anglo/ethnic fascists! You are not worth the piss of their bladders or the shit of their bowels … you are rubbish!

It was the immigrants and working class who built this nation. The more “privileged” and upper middle-classes moved straight into “administration” (shorthand for “command and control”) and pretty useless at that! No, it was the Irish, the Germans, the Greeks, the Italians, the Indigenous peoples, the Baltic and Balkan nationals … and not just a few Asian peoples who migrated here seeking a safe and better life that “built” this nation … from the ground up, with their skilled trades small business and hard work. THIS is the base truth of the story of Australia. The story of the migrants and refugees who poured their blood, sweat and tears into the earth of Australia, to be mixed with the sorrows of the Indigenous peoples who built this nation to what it is today.

And then we hear bastards like Dutton pour his vile shit from his vile shitty mouth these vile shitty policies of an effing vile putrescent LNP. It is enough to want to make one reach for a horsewhip.

Henry Lawson wrote:

“They lie those men who tell us for reasons of their own,
That want is here a stranger, that misery’s unknown …”

The first line of his “Faces in the Street” was changed by George Robertson, owner and publisher of The Bulletin … for reasons of his own to:

“They lie those men who tell us in a loud decisive tone …”

It was changed because it “reflected upon the authority of the day” (or words to that effect). Well the “authority of the day” has not changed its spots … it seems to be still offended by its own guilty treatment of those fellow humans.

I know of the treatment my Italian relatives received from the “administrators”. I know of the treatment many ethnic groups received from the “authorities”. I know, YOU know WE ALL know and we know also who interests those “authorities“ represented … THEN and NOW.

So let us stop talking falsely and take a calming look at what must be done to rid us of these lying filth that presume to govern for the “good” of the nation. In an age gone by, a different sort of revolution would have sufficed – as we saw in the aforementioned Irish Rebellion – but such is very destructive to both blood and infrastructure. No, it is the ballot box for these times, but it is by a vote most decisive and most damning that will remove this vile pestilence from the governance in our lives. And we must make social media the means to promote the truth and expose the lies of the LNP. Let our anger overflow from the blog sites into the ballot boxes that decide our political future.

The Murdoch press is the main propagator of the attacks and vilification of all parties and individuals in opposition to the LNP. We cannot touch Rupert Murdoch, for he lives in another country, a foreign national of another country. But his creatures, through which he propagates his foul mind and policy are amongst us like a festering wound whose scab is continually knocked off, they live and breathe the foul air of the Murdoch lie. These woeful scabs are the ones who most prosper from betraying our land, our nation. Let THEM feel the wrath of our anger. Let them be cast out of our company. Let THEM be PROSCRIBED from the security and comforts provided by us very citizens they continue to abuse and demean.

LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN NOW! And not end till we are rid of this vile pestilence of a government!

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“Now this Telstra plan’s a little bewdy, folks”

By freef’all852

“Now this Telstra plan’s a little bewdy, folks … only one owner; a little old lady who only used it on Sundays” … no doubt to slander Turnbull!

I don’t think I am breaking new ground to you all by saying that my telco; the “Big T” is doing some very, very strange things to my communication connections bill these last few months … from exactly December 2016, to be precise, when our usage account suddenly almost doubled and our monthly bill soars to $5oo+ and hasn’t gone down.

Our usage habits haven’t changed from before that time; we still have days when we are not even home to use the internet, and this past month my own computer was away being repaired and so I was off-line at my desk for over a week. But no difference to the bill and I am the most prolific user of the internet in our house.

Now here’s where the “strange things” come into play …

I will start at the beginning of our internet woes. Go back a couple of years, and we were on the wireless network, our modem then was one of those big “Gateway” things with the three aerials on the back and it served us well for quite a while. Then one day it suddenly stopped working … the weather was hot and we concluded (with a Telstra tech’s agreement) that it was cactus … broken.

“That’s alright” the Philippine’s call centre person assured, “we will send you a new up-dated device that will improve your reception.” I presumed it was going to be another wireless modem and I must add I was given no advice it would be otherwise. And so we received in the mail a new “Advance 4G” (mobile broadband) modem.

I still thought we were on wireless when we used that advanced 4G. Why would I think otherwise? I’m no tech-head … I had no information it was otherwise from Telstra. There was nothing on the box says otherwise, and if there was some writing somewhere then it must be so small print, which my old eyes would have mistaken it for a smudge of dirt!

And it wasn’t until the reception got so much worse, us being in a mobile black-spot, I started to go to forums like “Whirlpool” and others to find out about the problem. It was on one of these forums that I read that the Advance 4G was so correctly described as no more than “a shit mobile phone with a shittier screen!” … and some went on further to describe how they got better reception hooking their Samsung smartphone up to their laptop as a modem instead and using the Advance 4G sim-card – until Telstra found out and threatened to block the service.

You see, out here in the regions – in the country – mobile reception is shocking/terrible/hopeless and up till now the only option has been Telstra.

Anyway, one day at a local govt’ meeting where two young “blades”, one from the NBN and the other from Telstra who spoke at a “information and update” meeting where I learned that the wireless network had been withdrawn from the more outlying regions (ours!) to be concentrated into the larger regional towns with a NBN fixed wireless tower to service the town. Sooo … THAT explained the broken Gateway modem and the Telstra offer of the Advanced 4G mobile broadband … a more unstable device I have yet to use.

The upshot was that we here in the more sparsely populated areas were unceremoniously dumped off the wireless network in a plan conjured up between the Turnbull government and Telstra to throw us upon the mercy of Telstra’s mobile broadband network. The shit had just begun!

Back then we had a plan of 4gigs data – strangely that now was never enough – so we were moved up to a 8gig plan and it was not long after that when the “extra data usage” started to go through the roof! And from December last year it almost doubled … and so did our bills to a point where it is now make or break time on what we can do.

I have made innumerable calls to Telstra over this extra data usage because I just cannot work out where it is going to. Is it being “piggy-backed” from our WiFi? Is it a data mistake at Telstra? Is there a continual upgrade of Windows 10 going on? All these were looked into, without the least help from Telstra except to give a little moral support and to suggest new plans. Well we tried those. Plan after plan to culminate in a new mobile modem; the best thing since sliced bread that can deliver up to 5G broadband: the Netgear “Nighthawk 5G modem” … except it did not work out here in a black-spot area.

We (Telstra tech dept) tried everything but to no avail. It was just a useless bit of high-class tech shit … it might just as well been a turd … it was useless, so we arranged to send it back, along with the new plan (and I will spare your patience the complexities of THAT fiasco!) and now we are STILL waiting to receive yet another new plan with a new sim-card for the old Advance 4G along with a postage return bag so we can return the “Nighthawk 5G” modem.

(I’ll tell you one strange thing I have “discovered”: my partner’s iPhone and a Samsung tablet “gifted” to us by Telstra before last Christmas as a “token of our appreciation of your loyalty” – which as an aside we are now being charged a plan, for which both devices have one plan each – YET, I can see that one of them, perhaps both, regardless of their own data allowance, appear to be “piggy-backing off the WiFi hotspot” (yes, I am learning the jargon) created by the Advance 4G home mobile broadband modem. Perhaps because of the mobile phone reception being so bad here).

We have been waiting for about three weeks and we have now got this month’s bill – again over $500 – with 13gigs of “extra data” usage. I rang Telstra … I was given a little moral support and was told the person there on the end of the line “would speak to my supervisor. ” And THAT is where it sits.

NB: I did go to forums again just now to find out about this extra data usage stuff – and I see there is a legion of customers – even on Telstra’s own “crowd support forum” that are having the same problem: extra data usage gone somewhere but God knows where! I don’t. Those other customers don’t. Even Telstra doesn’t seem to know. And I believe the Telstra management think it’s all our fault!

So hands up all you other bloggers out there who are having similar problems with this fantastic example of privatisation in action?

That useless Turnbull/ LNP … they betrayed us all.

(I can’t even get on the internet as I am writing this!)

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Why Western civilization is doomed

By Christian Marx

Humanity is an incredibly craven and self interested species. We pollute the atmosphere, go to endless wars for other men`s resources. Rape, murder, bomb children for the banker`s profits. We worship false idols, from celebrity pretenders with no substance to war criminals with the blood of millions on their hands. We celebrate the cult of greed and many snicker at the misfortune of the poor and the disenfranchised when reading the daily cesspool of manufactured news and propaganda.

Is there hope for humanity? Extremely doubtful. When a large percentage are happy for the universal health system in the United Kingdom to crumble, because vested corporate interests told them lies, hope is thin on the ground.

When minorities are demonized with sick hatred in a blanket of 24 hour propaganda in order to shift the problems of capitalism onto those who have no control or power to fight back, we as a nation have hit rock bottom.

When a man who has vested financial interests in the destruction of Middle Eastern governments for his oil and gas company, is permitted to spew his lies and hate and NOBODY on either side of government will stand up to him, we as a nation are terminal.

How did it get to this? Perhaps it is in man’s nature to destroy himself. This author believes this to be so. Have a look around you. Everywhere there is hatred and chaos. It all stems from the system of greed we call capitalism.

* Why do wars start? Answer: Another nation seeks to rape the resources and steal the wealth of another country.

* Why do social safety nets collapse? Answer: Big business refuse to pay tax and continue to bribe governments to destroy their own social services.

* Why does racism and bigotry flourish? Answer: Vested corporate interests constantly divide society over racial, religious and cultural schisms.

* How is it possible for many to willingly believe glaring lies? Answer: Many don`t care anymore, so long as the lies fit their own narrative.

* What is the driving force behind most of the dysfunction in society? Answer: Corporate greed.

What can we do about it? Sadly it is largely far too late to do anything. The majority continue to sleep in front of reality television, designed to rot their brain. Critical thinking is a thing of the past and hatred of those less fortunate has been indoctrinated into the collective psyche of hundreds of millions throughout the world. (Particularly in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom).

The constant myth peddled is that “we can no longer afford healthcare” or “our deficit is out of control” bullshit. The government creates all the money via its ownership of manufacturing the currency. In Australia at least the Federal Reserve is government owned. We cannot run out of money!

The biggest waste is the huge taxpayer funded subsidies for leaners such as Gina Rhinehart. Over 1 BILLION of government subsidies per year are paid to this monster. Imagine what the government could do with that sort of money to fix our health system, tackle our chronic unemployment problem, or alleviate the housing crisis.

But no, let’s foist the doctrine of Neoliberal economics onto the nation. A proven failure of a system, causing untold suffering across the world. Neoliberalism strips public assets and sells them for peanuts onto corrupt businesses, who then suck massive subsidies from the tax payer. They then run dysfunctional services and claim subsidies from the government. This IS criminal.

But lo and behold, the average citizen with a shoe sized IQ cares not! He has his Foxtel and has not yet succumbed to the rapid erosion of the job market. As soon as he does he will squeal like a stuck pig … but right now he is more interested in hating on Muslims, the unemployed, the homeless. Why? Because a spider named Murdoch tells him what to think and he feels comforted by the fact that there are others being kicked in the head. It makes him or her feel superior.

We are not doomed because our system is collapsing. In a world with critical thinking and some modicum of empathy and intelligence, this could be arrested and fixed. No, we are doomed because a large minority of people just don`t give a stuff.


Murdoch Media “Proscribed”

By freef’all852

To “proscribe” a thing or person is to forbid, blacklist, deny to, and/or disallow actions or substances to be given or taken by persons or person for their use or benefit.

So here we are suggesting a methodology to “proscribe” those Murdoch media personalities, backers and supporters who continue to promote hate and to attack the citizen body and individuals and selected vulnerable parties and ethnic groups as victims to persecute and abuse and vilify for reasons beneficial to their employer and the vested interests of themselves and their political supporters.

How can this be done?

First, I suggest we gather under a title worthy of instigating such a judgement on those criminal minds continually slinging abuse at those we hold respect for and look to as leadership ideals.

I will suggest as a starter; “The Citizens Judgement Tribunal” … where we can seek from the citizen body through social media a majority decision through “a volume of voices” that arise spontaneously over social media after another of the many and predictable outrages and pogroms instigated by the Murdoch media against any worthy citizen or ethnic group or demographic.

Using the “Citizens Tribunal” we can then suggest and “only suggest” through social media that those commentators or journalists so vocal in misleading information or abuse be denied services and assistance by all service industry trades and people when those Murdoch media folk call for help or assistance … in effect, they are “Proscribed” from affiliation and comforts with the citizen body of Australia.

Of course, one cannot deny vital health and/or essential health support services from these criothans, keeping in mind that even a rabid mongrel dog is worthy of some humane consideration and I don’t think it would be venturing too far into the realm of overt generosity to include those Murdoch creatures in such company.

However, if we go back over some history, and that “history” is very recent, we can read of those Murdoch people’s treatment of even an innocent question asked on a Q&A audience (indeed, it could be you or me asking the question) where he was hunted down like some cursed animal by those Murdoch dogs and vermin and even his family fortunes (and that again, could be you or me) and relationships were put on garish front page display by a totally unforgiving mob of the Murdoch press. And recall most recently, the relentless abuse of the Muslim ABC presenter and now a respected woman past Prime Minister. The list is growing.

So, OK … we will not deny the Murdoch media in Australia the right to take payment from a foreign national for their delivery of his agenda … from his media platform … to propagate his political allegiance to the LNP to destroy our infrastructure to favour his media sales … that is their choice. What we do protest to is their vilifying and bigoted abuse and racism toward the Indigenous, the refugees and other ethnic peoples who are either born here, who seek shelter here, who work here at all hours on all days in all weathers to simply get by and raise their families. What we are protesting against is their continual ignorance and stupidity and betrayal of the Australian people!

So I am suggesting we Proscribe the Murdoch Media and deny them the connections and services that give them comfort and security in their lives that enables them to betray those very citizens who make their lives “hassle free” so they can choose to hassle and hate us all.

And for them to learn that one vital lesson instilled in all races in all countries, in all domestic situations in all times …


Now, let us list those who we should start proscribing. I will kick it off with the ‘A’s:


Ackerman …

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“… and the loyal shut their eyes …”

By freef’all852

Every mature adult, at some point in their relationships, reaches a moment where certain discrepancies arise in either a financial or emotional connection where a discovery of dishonesty or deceit demands an explanation from one or other of the partnership. This can be achieved either under a calm agreeable and informative meeting where a simple explanation clears the air, or it can be obfuscated with more and egregious deceit that only delays the inevitable final separation.

WE, the people of Australia have reached this moment. There is grave doubt about the financial arrangements of the LNP Govt’ toward their traditional backers and multi-national corporations that needs some explanation. There is also a need for the LNP to explain the strange relationship between their ministers and the policing arrangements of the nation. There appears to be some direct influence to place the population directly and completely under the microscope and inevitably under investigation of the various policing agents of the state … now seeming acting on the politicising of surveillance of the entire citizen body by those policing agents. This is an act more in keeping with a third-world dictatorship or is it an intention toward a dictatorship in Australia?

Now we have to ask the question of those members of the LNP who hold to be loyal to the people and the state of Australia … :

ARE you loyal to the people and the state, or ARE you loyal to the multi-national business model?

This is not an impertinent question. It needs to be answered, as the direction and intention of the LNP is apparently solidly in the corner of foreign capital and foreign favour. Where even the leader of the LNP holds a vast sum of his private wealth and who knows how much else in an overseas tax haven. How can one declare for the financial security of the nation whilst shifting his own capital and that of his family to the shelter of an overseas tax haven? How can a political party call for vast amounts of capital to be showered upon huge, profitable corporations in the manner of tax easements when those same corporations lack intention to pay their fair share of tax in the first place?

The nation is at a crossroads. We are a so-called “first-world” wealthy nation with an enviable inheritance of natural resources and natural wonders. Yet our collective earnings from the sale of those resources be-lie the scant funding of social needs. Our natural wonders are being ransacked for profit by multi-national corporations  We look to the front bench of this LNP govt and we see members who, by any estimation of adult appraisal, lack a depth of political insight, led by a man with what must be one of the worst senses of political judgement seen since Alexander Downer and his “things that batter” moment.

These criothans of politics coming up against (too savvy) international corporations whose ledgers show “bottom-line” numbers greater than the GDP of most of the “legitimate” states in the world … against media moguls whose reach is greater than ANY legitimate state in the world and can influence or corrupt (they choose the methodology) elections on three continents, against corporate executives who have the ear and purse of many leaders of powerful nations who can start or stop wars on a whim that can make or break the lives of a billion innocent people.

And then to “defend us” we have the front-bench of the LNP who believes that if they give such like a boost of around $65 billion, they will be grateful and throw Oz a few projects and a few dozen jobs off their buffet-table of delight.

As an analogy, we citizens are like the trusting parent or guardian who goes guarantor with their home for a risky investment which fails and we find ourselves out on the street, our home sold from under us and our personal possessions in the hands of the banks bailiff … and then worse; we are arrested outside our own ex-home by the police for loitering and/or vagrancy..

And we hear that with that intention of providing those corporations with the taxation incentive to “create more jobs” … yet in a climate of huge growth in large company profits and record low wages, we have yet to witness any of these “job creation” projects … and we now hear of the govt’ having to step in to finance and project manage a new airport for Sydney.

Where the “Agile innovation” from this marvellous “free-enterprise” sector?

In truth, the entire “free enterprise” conglomerate is nothing but an auxiliary arm of state funded development…either through research grants or requirement studies of needed public infrastructure like road/rail transport or communications or defence acquirement funding etc. Then in some cases, particularly the utilities or through outsourcing govt depts, the “private sector”, through the “mate” network, will later, down the road after all the “hard yards” of development and structure is in place, picks up a nice little “package” of highly profitable EX-govvy infrastructure for a song. So then under the “guidance” of LNP / IPA policy of economic rationalism the circle is complete. So we come back to the Question that needs to be answered by those LNP members who declare themselves loyal to the people and the state … :

ARE YOU LOYAL to the people and the state?

Or are you just a part of that traitorous crowd being too cowered or too deep in the corrupt money cycle of investment/speculation rife in the LNP to want or demand the party change its policy direction..NOT necessarily to a decidedly Left-Wing perspective, but at least to one that reflects more honestly the needs of the people and the state?

For the title of this piece is taken from “The Histories” by Tacitus when he describes the treason of Otho against his Emperor … :

“So, as the disloyal were ready for treason and the loyal shut their eyes …”

Now, you LNP ministers and backbenchers, which ones are you?

Are YOU ready for treason, or will you continue to shut your eyes?

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A taxing time at Hillsong

By Tracie Aylmer

When one thinks about Hillsong, one usually thinks of mega churches along the lines of those in America: bright lights and a few celebrities dancing and singing along to rock star bands that get the hymn groove on.

I guess it’s all about the buzz, with the added bonus of being ‘included’ in something. It’s the way all churches have existed in the past, only without the rock sound.

What one doesn’t notice – particularly at first – is that Hillsong is claimed to be nothing but a cult that strips funding away from each individual without giving much of anything in return. It also has tax exempt status, and uses politics to reach its own end.

One woman, Tanya Levin, wrote a book about her experiences with Hillsong. While I haven’t as yet read it, her experiences after the book was published made me more interested in trying to get my hands on it. She was arrested for being in a public place. She received a move on notice, for which she complied with, and then shortly after was asked by a police officer to walk to him, for which she was arrested for unknowingly walking to an area that was part of the move on notice. Hillsong had then decided to pursue her case for two solid years, with her only recently being found innocent of the charges.

A number of politicians have attended the ‘church’. Among those has been Peter Dutton. Scott Morrison used to be a member, although now it appears he attends another ‘show-biz’ type ‘church’. Both have a very distasteful philosophy when it comes to refugees, perhaps bonding over a superiority complex.

I have attended one of these rock style type churches; more than 10 years ago on the Gold Coast. I remember it not doing much for me. I never saw the point in meshing rock and roll to church. It had very little substance.

Although some aspects of Hillsong such as finances are kept under the radar, one thing is now very well known – money is now God. These mega churches rely on making sure that people are bled dry. To be rich and successful means, to them, that one will see the kingdom of heaven. To be poor means that the person is unclean, and will go to hell. There are no greys in this black and white world.

Even the community service work is about how to increase membership. I have heard stories from a number of different sources where, if Hillsong entities help a person through any kind of dilemma, there is an expectation of giving back. A former business partner’s wife had claimed that blood wasn’t enough. Hillsong exacts literally everything.

There’s even talk of tithing from people’s income. Tithing has been around for centuries, although a successful church that passes the plate around on a Sunday shouldn’t be expecting to also receive 10% of the person’s income. Is this exactly what Hillsong expects from people? This is what ensures their expansion. Considering how much is made, the community service work (along with demands from volunteers) appears to be very little. Hillsong, in my opinion, are receiving much more than they are giving back.

From a former Pastor, the atmosphere is meant to be created in a certain manner to ‘please others’ instead of bringing spirituality to the masses. It has a component of mind control in it, which is meant to bring more and more people into the fold, and not let them leave quite as easily. It’s meant to show only the positives of happy happy joy joy, without the complexities of everyday life. It’s meant to ‘uplift’ with no other feelings or emotions. It’s as plastic as the chairs people sit in.

Leaving the church ensures isolation and ridicule. Tanya Levin has shown exactly how isolating it can get. Others have had similar stories where they were left in the dark by members. Friendships are cut automatically. The ex-member has to start their life all over again, but without the supports they used to be comfortable with. This can leave the ex-member with confusion.

None of their methods show real life or real spirituality. It appears to be all about the money. Anything less than the money is shown the door. It’s a cult. It’s a business. It seems to prey on the disadvantaged like a sponge soaks up water.

It must be taxed.


The Parliamentary Process

By Sir ScotchMistery

One of the disappointing side-effects of being underemployed through semi-retirement is the ability to forget things.

A case in point was when I got back in from taking my kangaroo for a run to find that the Parliament was being covered on ABC24, and one of the COALition tarts was throwing a Dorothy Dixer out at the member for morons; Peter Dutton MP.

Essentially the woman’s question revolved around a request for the Minister to update the house on the current state of Australia’s second genocide – against “illegal maritime arrivals” – via the good offices of “Operation Border-Farce”.

In answer to this request, the aforementioned Minister for morons began his blather with the following: “Australia’s workers have never had such a good friend as they do in the Turnbull government”.

Approximately 5 minutes later, after getting up off my knees, changing my trousers where I’d collapsed in a heap in a puddle of vomit and recovering my composure, I wondered what sort of “thought” goes through Dutton’s mind when he reads something like that which has been written for him?

I understand that members of the COALition don’t believe that members of the Australian public either a) listen to the Parliamentary broadcasts or b) watch the Parliament on the television, but I find having the television on tends to quieten the kangaroo a little bit, so I can get on with the important business of reading the Australian Independent Media Network, and working myself into a lather over my responses. But even a kangaroo can only take so much. So while she was shaking her head in disbelief, I had collapsed, thrown up and then recovered (sort of).

What sort of insane mind actually says something like that and thinks people will believe it? Why is it that nobody has identified that Dutton is as mad as a meat axe? Why is it that over the last couple of months we have frequently heard threats of Dutton becoming the next prime minister? What has Malcolm Turnbull done to upset Rupert Murdoch?

The answer is most likely “none of the above”. Even the lower intellect of the Liberal/National COALition would understand that Australia, or at least those who think, would never stand for it.

Or would we …?


Winter is coming. Here’s $75 to keep you warm at night.

By Lurline Hanna

I’ve just received the fantastic news that Mr Turnbull is going to pay me a bonus of a massive $75 to help pay for my heating costs this winter.

When I received my first gas bill in this property, before using my one gas appliance – a heater – it was a bit under $17, for 10 days. Admittedly almost $10 of that was for them reading the metre when I moved in, and $6.70 was the supply charge: the charge for merely having access to gas at this property.

I thought how nice it was of the LNP government to pay my gas supply charge over Winter and – being pretty smart – thought that I was on a winner. But turns out it will cover the charge for 111 days. Nothing to help pay for the gas I use on these cold nights (currently in Autumn) that regularly have a “feels like” of under 0 degrees. Nothing towards electricity or its supply charge for the heater in the bedroom so Spencer D (assistance dog) and I can sleep at night.

I know I should be grateful for all the “free money” I receive from the government for having medical conditions that make it impossible for me to hold down a job. And believe me, I’m incredibly grateful my DSP was approved in 1999 before it was decided that mental illness isn’t really an illness, and that everyone who is on, or attempting to get on the DSP is scamming the government. I’m even more grateful I’m not under 35, because then my pension could be reviewed and I could be kicked off it if I’m judged capable of working at least 8 hours most weeks of the year.

However at this stage of my life – I turn 50 next month – after my rent, regular bills, and moving costs are repaid, I have $70 a fortnight to buy food, medications, fuel, clothes, haircuts, entertainment (ha ha), plus food, vet bills and medication for my assistance dog – a medical essential.

Admittedly, in two fortnights that will increase by $110 a fortnight. If it wasn’t for a very understanding family member I would be looking for help from the charities.

So thank you so much, Mr Turnbull, I’m incredibly grateful for your largesse. I just hope $180 a fortnight is enough to pay for my above costs plus the gas and electricity bills. I’m sure it will be, because of course I can afford to lose weight and my mental health and osteoarthritis, and insulin dependent diabetes don’t need me to try and keep on a healthy diet, and an in-water exercise regimen in a heated hydrotherapy pool (which doesn’t come free either).


The Arpeggio of the Traitor

By freef’all852

An arpeggio is the playing of single notes in a rising or falling scale in music either together to form a cord or singularly like as the “do-ray-me” of the scales in music.

The political traitor will take what words are familiar to all of us (as the musician takes those basic arpeggio notes in the scale) and twist and turn them up the scale or down one at a time into a discord of reason and logic to persuade people to heed to his/her tone of betrayal. Their words then become more a comfort than a confrontation. We are ALL familiar with the honeyed words of a friend, confidant or lover who has betrayed our trust. When we look back over their language of persuasion and denial, we wonder how we could have been so taken in and the blush of foolishness colours our heart.

It is the language used that does the trick. The language, or the “harmony” of the traitor. There are those well trained in both language use and delivery of the persuasive vernacular in both media of the spoken and the printed word, relaying what was in voice, as Rebecca West states in her examination of ”The Meaning of Treason”:

“ … a great many people had experienced that hideous novelty, for it was easy to chance on Joyce’s (Wm. Joyce; aka; ”Lord Haw Haw”, convicted traitor in WW2) wavelength when one was tuning in on the English (radio) stations, and there was a rasping yet rich quality about his voice which made it difficult not to go on listening, and he was nearly convincing in his assurances … ”

The mellifluous language of the trained BBC radio personality of that era is in contrast to the rasping strine of a more egalitarian Australia of today but the intent is the same; persuasion. Persuasion with the use of jingoistic/nationalistic “trigger words” and slogans. While the svelte-voiced BBC personality may reach an aspiring middle-class audience, the Aussie “oi, oi , oi” shock-jock is reaching to an audience more familiarly attuned to sports broadcasting and the use of the vernacular, sprinkled with colourful colloquialisms and more than a touch of that other national pastime: racism.

It is no wonder the political hopeful with a vocabulary rivaling a grade 3 reader can reach out to many sympathisers … and while she may plead with the halting tremolo of a unconfident choir-girl, and claim to be “the voice of the people”, she is far from it – myself a mutli-generational working-class person can tell a liar and aspirational middle-class traitor when I hear one – and her faltering steps toward political recognition can be sheeted straight home to the very class of society she hungers to be a part of. But be warned, madam, while they will use you, flatter you, take you into their “house”as a claimed “friend” … it is only as a useful tool, an amusement to own like a trinket or an executive toy to show their friends, that you will be tolerated and displayed. You will NEVER be one of them … n-e-v-e-r … and betrayal is your prescribed destiny.

This is the manner of the traitor, to embrace as a friend, gain the confidence as comrade and then lead to a dark place for the coup-de-grace.

The Murdoch media is the main player at this game at the moment in Australia. You can tell that when the brand’s CEO has chosen his side, the collective members of employed servants and sycophants demonstrate quite quickly and uniformly that they too have chosen their victims. It can be as benign as an audience member of a Q&A television show, or a collective of unemployed or the suspicion of a disabled “malingerer” on a pension … it is all grist to the mill of that medias “journos” who set to with a passion so vicious, so targeted and so relentless across the entire media platform of their foreign master as to drive their victim to the point of suicide or even over the edge. It is of no concern to those Quislings, well-housed and protected behind the pay-wall of their foreign national master … their pay-packets and “extra-base-hits” bonuses regularly paid into their bank accounts to pump-up the many investment rewards for their treason. Not for them the struggle of their fellows, nor the uncertainty of job security as long as there is a nation and its peoples to demoralise, destabilise and manufacturing and vital infrastructure to vocalise against with the aim of destroying any disadvantage to their paymaster and owner.

Again to Rebecca West:

“The stories told (of the traitors) have behind them a second story of huge unproductive expenditure ( of their activities), of life-long labours which do not add one single grain to the worlds resources … the grimy small fry which circulate around the likes of (Murdoch) … are maintained by the honest people who teach, doctor the sick, till the soil, work in factories or scholars and poets and scientists … ”

Those working people are the productive entities of society who maintain and support those traitors so well-versed in what is good for Murdoch et al is good for the nation. These vile bodies are not worthy of the spit of the people, not deserving of the protection of their Australian passport that allows them through the US to swan about cock-a-hoop with all the over-confidence of a swindler of the vulnerable and helpless.

Well, they say that every dog has its day, and their days are numbered and declining swiftly … we have their names and we have seen their perfidious behaviour in past elections, where the skill of deceit and slander lay comfortably on their tongues like a sweet-drop, where their bullying and coercion are worked as swiftly and confidently as an engine drivers steam whistle. It is time to turn off their supply of hot air!

There are state elections coming up in the next year, and we have to be aware that the Murdoch traitors are starting even now in South Australia to search out and propagandise against the Labor govt’. These “journalists” working fist-in-glove with the Liberal Party to portray the Wetherill Govt’ as either incompetent or uncaring … the Liberal leader wheeled out in unison to any “investigative exclusive!” to put on a show of a “figure of strength and style” suitable to lead the State … but I see it as rather more like a stumbling display of a “Stan Laurel blinking into the camera” moment.

Federally, we have that egregious assortment of a combination of the barking shock-jocks, the harping television commentators and the blathering nonsense of the political columnists, all at the beck and call of the most degenerate media mogul that ever hungered salaciously after women half his age. A character fit only for the negative side of the ledger of human dignity … A person declared unfit to purchase a news service in one country, unfit to retain citizenship in his birth country and unfit to gain the respect of a majority of honest people in another. THIS is the person, who with covert agents would allow the tapping of a dead girls phone and then blame his subordinates for such slimey behaviour which they must have learned at the feet of their master and owner.

These are the traitors born to our country that reap fine reward for the demonising, demoralising, destabilising of their own nation, whilst sheltering under the protection of their Australian passport. We know their names, their faces … the only thing left is for them to own their own treason before a tribunal of the law.

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The Race Towards Feudalism

By Christian Marx

The ultimate conservative manifesto has always been to make the rich wealthier.

This can only come at the expense of weakening the middle class and attacking social services. The extreme side of the conservative party (in Australia at least) is run by the hard-right crypto Fascists. This rag tag bunch of psychopaths is primarily supported by the free market, hard right “think tank” the Institute of Public Affairs.

These zealots call themselves “classical liberals”. They believe in virtually no government beyond defence and protecting private property. Classic Liberals believe that mankind is egocentric and coldly calculating. Classical Liberals were the architects of the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834. This drastically limited the provision of social assistance. They saw poverty as a weakness and inevitable. “They believed the population would outstrip food production and they regarded that consequence desirable, because starvation would limit population growth”.

One can see from the above that these people are evil. They care absolutely nothing for those who may fall on hard times, and indeed are actively engaged in the decimation of social services in order to transfer wealth to their corporate backers.

Below are the chief ways of wealth transference in the race toward Feudalism.

Erosion of Social Services

We see this in almost every Western nation. Lies are spread about the government being in horrible debt. (In Australia a government can NEVER become insolvent as it owns and controls the production of money). The media also propagates this ruse in a bid to get people to vote in extreme austerity policies. These include huge cuts to healthcare, education, and the stagnation of unemployment benefits, pensions and carers’ benefits.


More and more labour and services are being outsourced. This is largely at the behest of large corporations in order to source and exploit cheap and unethical labour. A first world country cannot compete with a third world country like India, so this becomes a race to the bottom in terms of wages and conditions. Interestingly CEOs of said companies are earning ever growing amounts beyond the realm of sanity. Some of these spiders could earn enough to feed a third world nations populace for a year!

Added to this insult is the fact the CEO gets paid more for attacking his own workers conditions and wages as this increases the bottom line for the company’s shareholders.

Privatization of Public Services

This is a huge wealth distribution mechanism. Politicians work in conjunction with key players in big business to weaken and make public services inefficient by starving them of government funding. This in turn makes the populace bewildered and angry, leading to them blaming the government and actively voting against their best interests in favour of privatization.

As a result of the failing services, together with the mainstream media propaganda machine, big business is able to deceive the public into believing that private ownership will save the service and make it more efficient. This is a total lie, as history proves time and again that when a public asset is sold, prices skyrocket, maintenance is nonexistent and executive salaries balloon. Added to this, profit is the sole motivation as opposed to the community good.

By running a service into the ground, the government then sell the very valuable asset to a private company in a fire sale. Not only is the business usually a major donor or staunch supporter of the political party who sells the asset, they also are involved in the THEFT of a public asset, knowing full well that the average voter will be paying far more for a service, which they and the government deliberately destroyed in order to make huge profits.

The sale of the Commonwealth Employment Service is probably one of the most brazen examples of this unethical practice. Australia now has a completely dysfunctional job search system with dozens of job agencies sucking MASSIVE profits and subsidies from the taxpayer. America has also been decimated by the privatization of government run services.

Smashing of Unions

Unions are now just a shadow of what they once were and the results are disastrous. Wages have stagnated and are now no longer even keeping pace with inflation. Working conditions are precarious, particularly with the huge increase of casualization and zero contract hours.

More industrial accidents are happening as a result of lax health and safety laws and the workload of many organizations is crippling, with many employees facing burnout from an increasingly hostile and competitive working environment.

Creating a Housing Ponzi scheme

Housing is now completely out of reach for the young. In the major capital cities in Australia, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, a house is now up to 14 times the average wage (if working fulltime).

This has been caused by a number of factors, including the ludicrous Negative gearing scheme, whereby a property investor can buy a house and rent that house out at a loss. (The rental income does not cover the mortgage repayments). The loss is then subsidized by the government, via taxpayer’s money! This is unheard of in other countries.

Australia also has one of the laxest laws in the world when it comes to foreign ownership. Foreign citizens are able to purchase multiple properties, thus shutting out young first home buyers from the property market.

Finally, rentals are horribly unaffordable in the major cities of Australia. It is almost impossible now for a person to rent a small unit on unemployment benefits or any kind of disability allowance or pension. Melbourne is now full of homeless people. Many are elderly or disabled and are unable to afford even the most rudimentary accommodation.

These key strategies are the arsenal in the conservative manifesto. Together they are used in a brutal and systematic fashion in a bid to transfer wealth from the majority, and shift the power and wealth to the corrupt and unscrupulous minority. It is unethical, barbaric and downright ugly and ultimately if taken to its full potential will lead back to 19th century type poverty and destitution. Pure, free market capitalism is in essence a race to Feudalism. Be alert and VERY alarmed.


Oh, sugar

By Tracie Aylmer

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a friend about fruit juice in the major shopping chains. He suggested that there should be fruit stalls for which fruit bought instore could be juiced for a nominal amount. This would reduce the amount of sugar (which is in most packaged fruit juices) and thus be a far more healthier alternative.

It’s a fantastic idea. I wish it could come to fruition.

However, the reality is that these major shopping chains most likely won’t take up the idea. They would probably prefer for sugar – known for its addictive qualities – to remain in fruit juices. And big sellers can provide good profits.

The conversation then turned to sugar. My friend told me that the highest selling product in the major shopping chains was Coca Cola: a product well-known for its sugar content.

Many years ago, I worked on a contract basis for Coca Cola. It is public knowledge the amount of sugar that goes into the products made by Coca Cola. Where I worked, one would just have to hang around on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. On Mondays and Wednesdays a sugar truck as large as an oil tanker offloaded the sugar at the factory. On Fridays, it would be one half the size of an oil tanker.

There has been some talk about sugar the past couple of years. Parliament started talking about finding ways to reduce sugar intake by taxing sugar. For many, it sounded like (and still sounds like) a good idea.

While many know and understand the health risks of sugared products, less is known about the effects of sugar on mental health. Large corporations do not care about the health of their consumers. If they did, they wouldn’t be in business.

What are the health effects on excessive amount of sugar in the diet? An examination of medical and mental health effects become necessary.

Medical effects

Research has noted a number of detrimental effects on quality of life. Some conditions include heart conditions, increased weight gain, diabetes, and tooth decay to name a few. Research that has been conducted over a 15 year period has noted that even a 10% increase in added sugars can increase conditions such as heart disease even with someone who doesn’t appear overweight.

Mental health effects

Not much is noted in today’s media about the psychological effects of increased sugar in one’s diet. It must be confronting to know that one’s diet can cause the types of health effects that could put someone into deep emotional trouble. However, this is exactly what happens.

Added sugar in the diet can cause an increase in anxiety and depression. Sugar is so utterly addictive that it can cause withdrawal symptoms to leave it cold turkey. Turning off added sugar products can cause intense pain for many trying it. Mood swings can happen.

In order for us to counteract the detrimental effects of high sugar products there would need to be education surrounding those products. Of course, many people swear off it, but with the high intake of sugar, it’s obvious that most people simply can’t. Weaning someone off Coca Cola would be like weaning someone off Ice (although Coca Cola is much cheaper and much more readily available, and of course legal). Also, corporations like Coca Cola would prefer to keep people within this status quo. The health of the consumer will never be their concern. Their own profits are their only concern, so pushing the product into the market and advertising the product will be their only agenda. It’s the same with all high sugar products.

The media is, of course, no help at all. Trying to explain to the general population that their high sugar intake – and their love of Coca Cola – is killing them, can be quite difficult.

For me, I have noticed at least two people who used to be in my life that were addicted to Coca Cola. Both had depression. Neither could stop drinking it. Both had medical issues. Both behaved in a similar manner towards the product. They had to buy it, no matter what.

Here the government has a ‘war on drugs’, or ‘terrorist’, or whatever. If they actually wanted a war, perhaps they should be serious about their sugar tax, or whatever other objective they could find in order to reduce sugar intake with our population. As I see it, the corporations are too massive for the government to actually try anything seriously.

We therefore have a major problem. If only the supermarkets were willing to listen to my friend. He could be one of many able to find a solution.


Taking (too good) care of business

By freef’all852

Turning government responsibility from service provider to one of social cohesion.

The entire premise of granting public monies via infrastructure grants or tax relief to big corporations is that THEY; the corporations and businesses are the “creators of work and jobs via a “trickle-down-effect” to benefit, eventually, the workers of the nation.

This is bullshit.

It has been a lie long promulgated and promoted by the vested interests who most benefit from this great big bag of govt’ monies, because if we break down the process of: Job – Business – employment, we can see that given the multitude of jobs that turn the wheels of industry are, will be, and have ever been those in existence since the dawning of humanity, ie: the necessity to satisfy the basic needs of survival; food, clothing, shelter, then ALL other industry is an extension from those necessities that multiply as the world population increases … transport, communications, health, agriculture etc.

So let’s draw an indelible line under that old furphy of “Business creates jobs”… finished!

Now let us look at how we can create a better model of social confidence in lasting employment and continuity of production. I will keep my theory to one subject as that will. I hope. Stop me from running off on a tangent that leads to confusion … and we can allow that one subject to set the example of how it could be extended to many other platforms.

The collapse of the car industry in South Australia … Holdens.

We all saw the harrowing exchange between those “free-market” ideologists; The LNP/IPA during the first heady weeks of their election victory where GMH (Holdens) was dared to leave the state and curse them for seeking “industrial welfare” in a free-market political environment …

Holdens called the LNP bluff and are leaving the State and leaving tens of thousands unemployed, multiple allied small businesses in the wilderness, with whole suburbs now on the brink of unsustainability … well done, LNP you! … for just a measly $50 mill’… it could have been averted. Here’s what I suggest …

With such vital industries as auto/machinery manufacture, and the multi-various small business and steel production that feed this “machine”, the Govt’ takes control of administration, finance and unit number production. This would leave the actual physical component of production-line manufacturing and assembly to be sub-contracted out to a manufacturer…BUT ONLY THE FUNCTIONAL PROCESS OF PRODUCTION OF THE PRODUCT … the admin, finance and post production sales would be kept firmly in the arms of government.

This would allow the small businesses allied with the industry to continue to quote for and maintain a certainty of production … it would allow the main manufacturer of the production-line (say; GMH) to concentrate on the production of the units and would give job security to the employees as they would be backed by the Govt’. There would not be a profit motive in the overall industry, as the Govt’ could run it on a break-even principle, thus allowing a lower price per unit on the sales floor.

Such a new form of public/private contract would see the main resource for ownership and security and managerial administration shift from private enterprise to social capital. National interests and job security would be maintained by government securitry of the financing of these enterprises. This would keep the administrative component in the public eye and under public observation allowing for a transparency of cost/expenditure.

Of course, there will be outrage at this proposal as it reeks of socialism … well, I would counter, what the hell do we have now? Private industry seeking govt’ bailouts, private industry seeking tax breaks or not paying tax at all, private industry seeking govt’ grants for research, development, and infrastructure without any govt’ interference in the management of those financial inputs … if that isn’t “industrial socialism” then nothing else is either!

The cry will be: “Govt’s are not profitable”… so what … if there is job security maintained, then the employees will feel more confident to spend and use credit to expand other industry and so more employment and tax will be gained.

“Govt’s are too slow on the pick-up in new technology!”… Give us ALL a break! … after the interference and total f*ck-up of the NBN by private vested interests like Murdoch and main Hi-Tech players like Telstra, there is NO argument for that bullshit, coupled with the above abandonment of a budding production capability of self-drive cars and electric cars just waiting for mass-production to commence AND the inevitable expansion of renewable energy, we can see the short-sightedness of those “innovators of industry”: Big Business/the LNP/the IPA.

“Govt’ enterprises lose money hand over fist”. If this were the case, I have to ask (and I HAVE!): Why are there then so many private corporations queuing up to purchase public utilities and infrastructure? Well, we ALL know the answer to THAT question … because all the hard yards and the solid groundwork has been done and all is left for the “mates of the LNP” that buy them to do is to “gold-plate” the infrastructure, jack up the profit margin and thereby screw the public and the Govt’ for as much as they can. The rest is all bullshit!

If such a new idea for governance could be developed across a wide range of industries, it would leave the individual/small-business person and subbie to quote for a cut into the pie and allow their feel for independence to be maintained. Large scale industries could be managed and maintained with the reassuring guarantee of Govt’ backing as long as there was no sabotage by recalcitrant “free-marketeers” as we have seen in so many govt’ run utilities in the past … many of which end up after a few years in private industry hands having to be bailed out at great cost to the public purse. Why not keep it in the public domain from the start?

So I say; cut out the middle-management man and secure those industries and utilities most needed for the national interest and place the security of job certainty once again where it belongs: in the public interest.

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