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Simple minds

Politics is a complex beast. The vast majority of Australians don’t want to even think about how complex it is, let alone read articles about this complexity. Which I assume is why the vast majority of political journalists and commentators… Read More ›

Words matter

Words matter. When things happens in politics, the tone of how events are reported, the words that are used, and the way situations are framed are not organised by random. The mainstream media chooses the words they use very carefully…. Read More ›

My turn to wine

I have a brief statement: It has been brought to my attention that my evidence to the investigation into teacher corruption was incorrect. Yesterday I stated that I had no recollection of being given a bottle of Latour Rothschild 1949…. Read More ›

He Wouldn’t Dare

No matter what Joe Hockey says, he wouldn’t dare upset today’s aged pensioners…would he? As much as he would like to, the consequences of such an act would terminate his tenure as treasurer very quickly. Yes, he will probably increase… Read More ›


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