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2016 – Thank goodness there’s only one of them (Part 3)

Wednesday 3 January 2017 Part 3

(As I’m writing I come across a video on Facebook of Malcolm Turnbull with suitably modulated velvet fog voice running through the achievements of his government. It is absolutely full of lies, half-truths and omissions. So completely contrary to what I have been writing about for so long.)

Now back to where I was. The NBN has proven to be a major stuff up and unless immediate action is taken sometime in the not too distant future it will be necessary to rebuild the whole thing.

Peter Dutton as Immigration Minister showed the same absence of heart for asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru as his Christian predecessor Scott Morrison and in so doing we saw the death of yet another refugee. The number must now be reaching that justified to hold a Royal Commission like the one for Pink Batts.

With the lack of empathy shown we can only assume that Dutton doesn’t care. In fact Faysal Ishak Ahmed’s death suits his stated aim. That being a deterrent to others not to come, not to seek asylum in Australia. How many lives will continue be lost in the pursuit of what is only a political agenda?

We are entitled to an explanation of how this man died and the circumstances in which he did. If the Donald has a swamp Malcolm had a quagmire and if he were looking to drain it then Dutton would be the first to be lifted from the vileness of his policies.

His outrage that in his view we were losing Christmas and calling on protests in the streets to bring it back was indicative of a man lost in his tempestuous elitism.

Pauline Hanson made the comeback of the century and was elected with others of intellectual destitution to the Senate. She of course was welcomed by the far right conservatives of the Coalition. She goes on repeating the same old racist rants to those of the same ilk and ear, thus satisfying their ill constructed views of what Australia is and wants to be. Things looked promising for the new One Nation then Rodney Culleton quit and internal rumblings began.

Her election was history repeating itself and is a warning to both Labor and the Coalition that the public will vote for those they believe will speak up for them, even if like Hanson, their capacity to do so is limited.

Hanson has had great support from Tony Abbott who played a major role in seeing her sent to jail. It’s a strange game politics.

He said she was an “honourable exception” to the populism of the crossbench. He also said she was a “much more mature politician and parliamentarian” this time around.

Michael Taylor got it right when he posed this question in a post on this blog:

“Seriously, why would you want to vote for a person like that? Why would you want to vote for someone who says everything and does nothing?”

And what is the former PM’s word worth? Well you be the judge. She can’t even speak ‘proppar’.

If Morrison is a poor Treasurer, then Joyce is an imposter as Deputy Prime Minister, Pyne also a fraud as Mr. Fixit, Brandis must then be an idiot as the Attorney General.

We deserve better than self-interest politics but that’s what we are likely to get in the coming year as our Prime Minister has survival first and foremost on his mind. With the new year in its embryonic stages we see the New South Wales Rifle Association leasing prime property from the Government for under market value. Nothing much in that you might say until the name of Liberal Democratic senator David Leyonhjelm comes into play.

“It was a goodwill thing, it was also good from the Government’s point of view, they’d been involved in litigation with the rifle association, had lost twice and it was a very unsatisfactory situation,” he said.

“As a result of the negotiation I was happy.”

“I think it’s highly unlikely we would’ve got the happy outcome we have achieved, if it had not been for my intervention.”

Are “secret deals” being made with Senator Leyonhjelm? Just asking.

Although an NDIS scheme was a bi partisan policy it was not a natural ideological fit for conservatives. Already we find that:

Students with disabilities could miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funding because of serious concerns about the reliability of a landmark national audit into the number of school children with special needs.”

Disability advocates fear the questionable long-awaited study, quietly released on the Tuesday prior to Christmas, will be used as an “escape clause” for governments to again delay the delivery of extra funding for students with disabilities.

2017 will also see a 25% cut to Legal Services meaning that the availability to the law will be the domain of the rich and privileged.

There will also be a $1.7 billion dollar cut to the Dental Health Scheme.

So that’s it in a nutshell. This government has so many problems facing it that it would make a toilet flush. In 2017 things will continue as they did the previous year. How could it possibly be otherwise? For all his rhetoric Turnbull has achieved very little of substance and he won’t be able to whilst he is trying to put out grass fires all around him.

The Government is in ‘Turmoil’ and if Turnbull is still in power in June I would be very surprised. Julie Bishop will probably get the gig but she isn’t the answer either. The problem is with the personal. For all there hyped up educational degrees from the best learning institutions in the world none of them have the worldly instincts so necessary in politics.

They have gone so far to the right that if they went any further they would be in danger of falling off. But I doubt that either party sees in the Brexit, Hanson and Trump results, the oncoming storm of protest awaiting them at the next election.

My thought for the day.

“We never change until it gets to uncomfortable to stay the same.”


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  1. Florence nee Fedup

    I have no idea what is coming. My observation is many, maybe most are not listening, don’t care.

    My concern when the water becomes too hot, when they wake up, they will panic, jump ways that are not in their interest.

  2. helvityni

    Of course Dutton did not care that Faysal Ishak Ahmed died on Christmas Eve; he was pleased because people were busy shopping and would have forgotten this mere bagatelle by New Year’s Eve.

    They did forget, many did not even notice that two Iranian asylum seekers were bashed up at that time on Manus, by police…

    I cry for those young men but also for you, Australia, where are your morals.

    “We was looking at them fireworks, bloody best in the world…”

  3. Michelle Petrat

    In all this correct commentary, we forget the true and lasting damage this government is committing daily. Climate change, ongoing attacks on ‘welfare’ recipients, crimes against humanity (offshore detention), blind ideology in advancing the interests of the rich and on and on…

    The media or what is left of serious journalism has to wake up, before Australia descends into intellectual, social and economic poverty.

  4. corvus boreus

    Michelle Petrat,
    The governmental attacks on welfare are also being applied retrospectively to former recipients.
    Currently a large number of Australians (working or other) are being harassed for false debts because, in it’s ‘clamp-down’ on welfare, Government directed Centrelink debt-recovery to employ a ‘short-cut’ formula of annual income aggregation when cross-referencing records with the ATO, meaning that large numbers of people have received threatening notifications claiming money owing (often up to thousands of dollars, with threats of additional fines being imposed) based upon entirely erroneous conclusions.
    Cruel and incompetent.

  5. Keitha Granville

    We have the power in our own hands – keep writing these articles AIMN, keep responding to them fellow commentators, write to MPs and Senators about things that are seriously bothering you, write again. Keep up the pressure on those in government and those in Opposition so that they are in no doubt of the intentions of the educated electorate about the outcome next time at the Ballot Box. Sadly I fear we will not get an early chance to toss the tossers, but we must be ready to do so next time.
    The more we know the better we can fight against the lies and scaremongering.

    As for Dutton – how he can call himself a Christian is completely beyond me.

  6. Ian

    Hello. 2 small typos I spotted, personal instead of personnel. And there instead of their (both 3rd last paragraph.)

    Love your work as always, even if the subject matter usually unpalatable 😉

  7. Harquebus

    “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” -– Warren Buffett, The New York Times

  8. SGB

    John – from my perspective the political.left and right is best seen as a circle.
    I imagine the rim of an annolouge clock face, I see the 6 o’clock.position as the dead centre with the Centre Left at 1 second to 6, and the Centre Right as 1 second past 6.

    Then I see the 12 o’clock position as the full extremes of both Left and Right.

    So Labor are at 25 past 5 and the current LNP are at 15 minutes to 12.

    Therefore the Right cannot get so far Right as to fall off, but can only keep moving to the 1 second before 12 at which point it becomes a Facist Dictatorship.
    Mussilini’s Corperate dictatorship was aboit 1 minite to 12.

  9. John Lord

    Thanks Ian.

  10. Jack Straw

    Great Quote Harquebust

  11. helvityni

    Here’s one for Harquebus:

    “Politics is derived from two words – poly, meaning many, and tics, meaning small blood- sucking insects. ”

    Chris Clayton

  12. Tony Williams

    John Lord, I am an avid reader of all the AIM posts and almost overwhelmingly agree with what is written; but I take issue at some of you calling Morrison et al. “Christian”. Admittedly they call themselves “Christian” but they do not act as Christians should. I am not saying that I think Christians should be perfect: that is impossible. But, as you (& others) state, M. et al. are completely devoid of empathy (or sympathy) and, it would seem, any form of humanity. Consequently I would be obliged if you would refer to them in future as “self-styled Christians”, as calling them “Christians” is a slur on those genuine Christians who behave as such. Thanks in advance.

  13. abbienoiraude

    We are sad indeed.
    Asylum Seekers
    Legal Services
    Domestic Violence
    Public Education
    Public Hospitals

    Centrelink an offshoot of the ‘welfare’ ideal of Robert Menzies
    Asylum Seekers an offshoot of the lessons learned after WW11
    Disability a recognition of the need for those whose life was not of their choice
    Legal services a show of how those who could not afford legal representation could access help
    Domestic Violence a final show of how long how hard women have had it under controlling and abusive partners
    Dentistry slowly being recognised as being a part of the body and holistic health needs
    Medicare something that was introduced to make us a fairer, caring, egalitarian and reasonable Nation
    Public Education a basics of our future, a vision for egalitarianism for all
    Public Hospitals a recognition of the necessity of a healthy peoples means a healthy Nation.

    How sadly we are dividing.
    How drastic is our change.
    How awful is our blackened heart.
    How nasty is our Government.

    Shame to us all…we could have been, would have been, Great!

  14. John Lord

    Point taken Tony.

  15. wam

    Wow, Lord, an insight oft overlooked by the clever.
    ‘ the public will vote for those they believe will speak up for them”
    The most effective ‘speaking up’ is not on the ABC but is heard loud and clear on 7 OR 9 MORNINGS NOON AND NIGHT.
    Notice how easy trunbull, the rabbott, hanson and hinch can access 7/9.
    The second ‘speakers corner’ is in murdoch’s papers and his sky/fox news.
    All propaganda reinforced at bbqs, FB, pubs and clubs where the slogan sheep rule whilst labor sheep give an untrained, powerless bleat.

    That, for many of the 50% of Australians with below average intelligence, makes Hansen sound true.

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