Griffith Big Bash By-election is Just Not Cricket

There is a cricket team of candidates for the Griffith By-election on 8 February 2014. Nine of the eleven candidates represent registered political parties, but will electors really have any idea about who or what they are voting for in Kevin Rudd’s old House of Representatives seat?

The 2013 Senate results exposed some of the bizarre idiosyncrasies resulting from our compulsory electoral system: we have to vote and we have to allocate preferences to all candidates.

The party names will be written on the Griffith ballot paper so that should help, shouldn’t it?

Policy Bazaar

If you choose the Bullet Train Party, you’ll know what comedian Anthony Ackroyd will be fighting for if he wins. He may have to give up his impersonations of Kevin Rudd. However, it won’t be hard to take the mickey out of himself since he will be required to abstain from voting on any matters except the train. Now that’s taking a lot of taxpayers’ money for very little jam.

At least Family First’s candidate Christopher Williams could follow the example of former senator Steve Fielding who often made up policy on the run. In the absence of a hung parliament, he’ll have to rely on FF’s South Australian senator-elect Bob Day who doubtless will continue the traditional of backroom deals.

The Secular Party has lots of the policies you might expect: no religion in schools, support for an Aussie Republic. It stands for a carbon tax but against emissions trading schemes. Some voters may be surprised to know that they are pro-abortion and strongly favour Australia participating “in all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle, including power generation and waste disposal”. Presumably, these will not be located in Griffith’s backyard.

In order for ‘…new Australian citizens understand that their primary loyalty must be to Australia and its values, not their religion…’ the SPA’s citizenship pledge will be:

I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share, whose rights, liberties and values I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

The list of shared values will be found in an expanded Australian Values Statement. The secularists want “Evidence of compliance with the Australian Values Statement, such as witness statements, …before permanent residence visas and citizenship are granted.’ If you’ve forgotten or never heard about the Statement, you’d better rush to read it before you vote next. It involves ‘a shared identity, a common bond’ that all Aussies accept implicitly, don’t we.

Timothy Lawrence may be regretting the shaky status of his party’s name, which will soon change from the one on the ballot paper to the Sustainable Population Party. The thesaurus doesn’t have them as synonyms. The current name could easily be associated with right-wing anti-immigration parties while ‘sustainable’ has definite green connotations.

Ray Sawyer is wearing the hat for Bob Katter’s Australian Party, having gained only 1.92% as candidate for the seat of Fairfax in 2013. They directed their second preferences to Clive Palmer and his eponymous party, who won that by a nose, but PUP has squibbed this contest.

According to independent Karel Boele, “He supports needs-based education funding and an effective solution to climate instability, for example an ETS. He supports improved discussions and trade with neighbouring countries, and a no offshore processing by Australia policy for refugees.” He is independent. Or is he?  He runs the People Decide platform and will vote on Bills in Parliament directly through the Internet. Now that’s a real pig in a poke. He will vote on each Bill in accordance with the majority of votes. It’s a bit murky as to how he will vote on amendments.

Dealing preferences

The Pirate Party proudly claims to be “the first and only political party in Australia to decide all its candidates and Senate preferences by a party-wide vote”. However, the process in 2013 involved making deals with other parties for preference swaps that were then put to the members for ratification. How many of the party officialdom or membership were aware of the possible ramifications in the Senate is unclear. They responded to a tweet about whether they helped to elect the motoring or sports mob or Palmer’s miners to the Senate in 2013:

The Liberal National Party has put its faith in the reverse donkey vote in its preference allocation. Their preferences go from Bill Glasson, bottom to top.

Bill Glasson How-to-vote

At least one well-known Queensland Lib thinks independent Travis Windsor is worth a look. Could we stand another independent T. Windsor? Could make for some messy googling. He’s splitting his preferences but in each case The Greens are ahead of Labor or the Coalition.

Travis Windsor How-to-vote

The Greens have Labor ahead of the Coalition but behind five small parties. Anthony Ackroyd is their first choice. That was an easy call, as his party has no other policies to sift through. The Stable Population Party is second. Its policies line up with many of The Greens’ own goals but some commentators have argued that its motives are suspect. Malcolm King is one of them. Last August he argued:

The Stable Population Party (SPP) is using environmental and community groups to ‘green wash’ its anti-immigration message and split the Greens vote at the Federal election.

Next comes the Pirate Party of Australia, which shares lots of policies with The Greens and their other fancied micro-parties. Nothing illegal of course, PPA’s core business is not piracy, but freeing up copyright. However, they could be labeled copycats on many other issues, as could many of the others. It’s good to see so much agreement with marriage equality, climate change trading schemes, and humane treatment of asylum seekers.

Their other two Greens’ preference choices fit that bill. However, The Greens can’t be jumping for joy over the Secular Party’s nuclear stance. Karel Boele is a policy loose cannon for a different reason, as he’s going to follow direction from voters online. Nevertheless, they’re happy to put him ahead of Labor.

The ALP’s Terri Butler has The Greens second on her how-to-vote card, and then just numbers down the ballot paper. Less informal votes that way. There is no potential controversy as could arise if we had One Nation progeny in this field.

Terri Butler How-to-vote

Now if you fancy any of the other candidates, please see what you can discover online. If you don’t know to whom Katter’s mob or any of the others are giving the nod, good luck finding out. Their preferences may well decide the result!

The policies of the two main contenders are not canvassed here, as the residents of Griffith are no doubt sick of leaflets, phone calls, SMS, and knocks on their doors. There have been suggestions of unethical and perhaps illegal push-polling and anonymous automated calls.

Train travellers are also well serviced by political candidates, if not necessarily by governments. The Bullet Train Party, which is not directing preferences presumably because Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t running, at least has a trainspotting video.

Given the disillusionment with the major parties (including The Greens) and the complexity of the voting system, it’s no wonder that nearly 6% of ballots cast for the House of Representatives in 2013 were informal. In addition, nearly 7% of enrolled voters did not turnout. The Australian Electoral Commission also estimated that more than one million eligible Australians are ‘missing’ from the electoral roll, approximately 7%. So nearly two in ten did not exercise their right to vote.

So much for compulsion! People are dying around the world for democracy. Some Australians are just lying low.

Presumably, aspiring Members of the House have been visible at the Gabba lately supporting the Brisbane Heat. However, many electors doubtless believe that compulsory, preferential voting is just not cricket.

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38 replies

  1. <

    @Kevin Rennie

    If you are taking the piss with Queensland's candidates I will report you to newman.

    Jokes are not permitted.

    Apart from "Griffin" uttered many times by Bishop (the younger) …… unfortunately the Queensland audience didn't get the joke.

  2. Micro breweries, micro parties, why not have ten micro elections with the candidate with the fewest votes dropping out each time. I known that is how the distribution of preference in the House of Reps works but with 10 micro votes people could change their minds and try to back a winner.

  3. I might take the mickey sometimes, but never the piss. Julie must have been thinking of the lake. Let’s hope our foreign minister doesn’t have that problem overseas.

  4. At least in the House of Reps (Disreps) we don’t have the quota preferential system used in the Senate. I bet the percentage of Australians who really understand how it works would be even less than the % vote received by the sporting chance, I mean sporting shooters, or the motoring mob. At least the victorious Liberal Democrats in NSW received 9.5% of the primary vote, even if many of those voters were a bit muddles about which party they were or their policies.

  5. <


    That's burly of you to defend Bishop (the younger).

  6. <


    Once again I think you mean the newly renamed SPP who under their old name garnered 0.19% of the vote.

    And when talking about Aussies knowledge of Senate voting I think the above % would be high.

  7. I don’t think the Secular Party (or anybody) is “pro-abortion”. That suggests they want people to get abortions. More accurate to say they favour the legalisation of abortion.

    Those who are not anti-abortion are not pro-abortion by default.

  8. I believe the term is pro-choice

  9. Do we have fair elections, will the government represent all the people, the figures I am using are 98% accurate, just to show the electoral system was created to ensure the LNP and ALP are the only two parties that will ever form a government, imagine we have one polling station 2138 people turn up and vote 61 LNP, 77 ALP,, 87 IND, 1097 GRN, 703 PAP. 133 KAP, these figures are meant to show just how many people have to vote to win one seat,,
    First preference votes divided by seats won show only 61.946 votes to claim a LNP seat, $1,097,444 votes to claim a GRNS seat, This has to end, maybe sooner than later.

  10. The ‘Malcolm King’ mention in this article has been slandering the SPP for many months now, and has been outed as a PR man with vested interests in the immigration (inclusing foreign student) industry.

    His self-serving agenda is to discredit the SPP with assertions for which he has no evidence whatsoever.

    I suggest people look at the fact that The Greens (a range of whom know the SPP national committee personally) have peferenced SPP at #3.

    Many people see population as a key sustainability issue, including David Attenborough, Kelvin Thomson, Dick Smith, Tim Flannery, etc.

  11. <


    The Dick Smith article on population growth was replayed on tv recently and I am still laughing at it.

  12. SortItOut: For clarification, the Secular party’s policy is, ” that abortion be removed from criminal law in all states. Furthermore, it is our policy that all medically approved surgical and medical abortion procedures and medications (such as RU486) and all contraceptives be available under Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme”.

    Liam: You may be right about Malcolm King but it is part of the political debate that electors are entitled to explore. The Greens preferences are not necessarily everyone’s progressive cup of tea cf. the last Senate elections: The Greens’ right-wing preference strategy in South Australia has come home to roost with a re-elected Sarah Hanson-Young gifting Tony Abbott’s good mate and conservative Family First candidate Bob Day the Senate balance of power.”

  13. Fortunately, I don’t live in the electorate so, I won’t be voting. I agree with many other comments that the system needs changing. During any election, I don’t care how well-intentioned “volunteers” may be, ANY phone calls attempting to persuade my vote are considered push-polling (I need one of those really old black phones so that I can hang it up with a very satisfying SLAM!), and ALL mail that attempts to sell a candidate gets binned just like any other junk. Did anyone out there actually bother to look at Clive’s Facepalm DVD?

    Once an election has been called and all candidates “locked in”, there should be a SINGLE piece of mail from the Electoral Office that lists local candidates, their party of origin (citing basic election policies), and their (former, if any) party affiliations (particularly if standing as an Independent). There should be NO DIRECTION OF PREFERENCES.

    For the Senate Tablecloth/Bedsheet (e.g. 15 groups), there should be a list of the groups/parties with basic election policies (as per above etc.). Where a person in the group varies from the above-described information, such variation should also be cited. We should be allowed to vote from 1 – 15 across the top of the ballot paper so that there is NO DIRECTION OF PREFERENCES. While we have “1 above the line” with party-affiliated preference deals, I will persist in filling out all 246 little boxes to ensure that the most dangerous candidates are moved to the bottom of my list.

    Let’s face it. Unless the voter is driven by ideology, I believe that most votes are for the “least disliked” rather than the “most liked”.

  14. <


    On the day of the election there should only be AEC people at the voting booths, no one from any political party should be allowed within 500 metres of a polling booth, no signs no nothing, just a sign showing the way to the voting booth.

    The AEC can have the how to vote cards for the political parties and people can ask for them.

    Just like N.Z. get the political parties away from the polling booths on the day of the election.

  15. @John Fraser
    My approach is tougher. Every candidate, regardless of party funds, gets equal representation on a “factual” basis.

    For those whose English isn’t great, the AEC can forward the information to the potential voter in the preferred language (I’m not going to get into an argument about minimum language standards for Citizenship.).

    The so-called “media blackout” should be extended to seven days, and should include ALL PRINT AND ALL ELECTRONIC MEDIA.

    It’s time we introduced Computerized Voting where a voter MUST produce ID entered into a computer not just crossed off a list. The voter then receives a CARD as a receipt for attending This stops multiple voting. The person then approaches a local Terminal and using touch screens (which are way cheaper than the market would have us believe) to “drag” the Candidates into preferential order. This terminal produces another two CARDS. The senate voting terminal works the same way — sort the groups into order, or sort the 246 Candidates, issuing another two CARDS.

    The voter leaves with three CARDS (not just thermal paper): An Attendance Card, a Local Card and a Senate Card. The duplicate Voting Cards get deposited just like an existing paper vote. The Voting Cards are to be machine readable so that if a recount is demanded the retained cards can be computer scanned to replicate the voting actions of the people who produced those cards.

    The computer counting system should be operated by at least three Independent IT units, all answerable to the AEC, and each capable of reading a card produced by a different unit. All units will run Open Source software, and it will be the aim of each unit to find fault with the other two (or more). Voting “kiosks” will move from cardboard boxes to library computers, Centrelink computers, and Post Office. These terminals would then be free to run “other” software as they do now in those listed locations. There are so many versions of Linux that can boot from a CD, recognise hardware, and find a Net connection faster than pre-installed Windows can do from the HDD, so the voting software can be distributed on self-booting CDs, leaving the terminals as standard ‘Net surfers for the rest of the time.

    If an Electoral Box goes “missing” when a recount is called the voters in the affected Electorate can return and have their Receipt Cards rescanned.

    This means that “Postal Votes” can be performed at any Post Office in the lead up to the Electoral date, and the earlier voting data is stored by ALL the competing IT units in encrypted form, but able to trade enough data to ensure that all counting servers remain in agreement with each other.

    Using such a system, by the time the last voting location in WA closes, the full results of the election including all Senate seats should be available within half an hour.

    Even if the “cards” are laser printed A4 paper, the amount of material consumed by conducting an election in this manner would cost considerably less than the current mailbox bloated with expensive glossy print campaign brochures (and glossy print is NOT environmentally friendly).

    By using an odd number of counting servers, if there is a minor deviation in the results, the best of 3 or best of 5 (assuming they agree) can be used. If there is a major “glitch” then the server in disagreement with the others can be purged of the affected Electorate and the Voting Cards can be rescanned.

    Obviously, these systems (mostly software) would have to be developed entirely in Australia to keep the likes of Diebold out of the mix, i.e., ALL staff must be Australian Citizens (only), accountable to higher standards than the average politician, and ALL such IT units should UNDER and ANSWERABLE to the AEC.

    I didn’t intend writing a Thesis but I have put a great deal of thought and number crunching into a functional model that would conform to these and many more protocols.

  16. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your comments appreciated, and appreciate your debate.

    Alot of thought, research and consideration has gone behind the participatory democracy model of PeopleDecide, to ensure an informed vote we have a people’s forum, the New Democracy Foundation has done alot of research and found if you get a small random selection of public and give them a Senate hearing on or put them in front of experts on bills they come up with a reasonable interpretation of what the people want, that will be used to inform the vote, in our constitution there are clauses to interject if there is clear evidence of rigged voting or lobbying having an impact going on vote and there are two houses of parliament so if a bill gets through the first the people generally have months to consider it again in the next house, that said we need to be in govt for that to matter.

    Even if we just had a few MPs and / or Senators this would bring alot of accountability and transparency to the system.

    Lastly this is an experiment and that is what I find most beautiful about it, I have studied this, I have opinions but as a candidate I have to vote with the people, and you know what if we were in parliament I hope one or two things get through the people don’t want because they then couldn’t blame the politicians, that will create more engagement by the public with politics, a serious issue we have at the moment, it will create greater awareness and education.

    Vote occurs at final vote in each house after amendments and if elected I will be sitting in parliament. Can you please tell me where you got the quote [he] “vote on Bills in Parliament directly through the Internet.” or did you just put it out of context? Budget, supply and confidence, executive have been thought of.

    Again, thanks very much for your comments.


  17. “Some voters may be surprised to know that they are pro-abortion”


    Is this America?

  18. Karel Boele / PeopleDecide: The placement of quotations marks are a clear mistake so I’ve removed them. Voters can read your proposed procedures here. It’s an interesting experiment in democracy.

  19. edlax: Please see SortItOut’s comment. To spell it out – the Secular Party’s policy on abortion is pro-choice. It is much more detailed so please check the link to their policies for more.

  20. “You will be able to vote on Bills in Parliament directly through the Internet. He will vote on each Bill in accordance with the majority of votes.”

    Slightly different.

  21. <


    "The so-called “media blackout” should be extended to seven days, and should include ALL PRINT AND ALL ELECTRONIC MEDIA."

    Not on ! …. that's censorship and even more open to abuse than the current 24 hours.

    Will get back to you on the rest.

  22. Mic: I wonder how you would censor the internet. Perhaps we could take lessons from China or Senator Conroy.

    Small parties and independents need all the access to voters they can get, given the dominance of the big 3 (or 4 if you count the Libs and Nats as separate) in the media and in advertising.

  23. No worries thanks Kevin

  24. Kevin Thanks for highlighting the complexities of the Griffith Bi election.
    I am batting for Terri Butler because she is so formidable and such a strong advocate for workers and the needy in society.
    I thought that Glasson was going to be Too tough to beat but I am now of the opinion that her honest and down to earth advocacy is superior.
    Glasson has been very successful on the back of Medicare for 30 years so it is rather contradictory and perverse that he would support any changes that impact on the patient.Frankly I think now that anyone who would back ABBOTT and co needs to get their screws checked.
    Butler outgunned him markedly when interviewed on Foxtel agenda. She has the goods to be one of the most competent of parliamentarians up there with Penny Wong for clarity.
    Greens have preferenced the micro parties so I understand. Labor has had the decency to preference the Greens.
    Saturday’s outcome is AWAITED with great interest as a litmus test for public opinion about the ABBOTT governments ATROCIOUS management in their first few months in office.
    Who are they kidding?
    It is BASH everyone from BUSINESS to welfare recipient to unionists to LAbor to asylum seekers to BASH EVERYONE WHO IS NOT STINKING RICH.
    AND that is certainly not cricket.
    TIME TO RETURN the favour at the polls with BASHION. ( apologies a very BAD pun)

  25. Dissenter: Never apologise for a pun. In another life I moonlight as an ALP life member (that just means I got old). I understand why lawyers like Terri want to be parliamentarians as hopefully they want to make better laws. Why are former heads of that ruthless union, the Australian Medical Ass [no pun excused], so keen? They never make a better health system. But that’s all for another post that is best left to Queenslanders.

  26. John Fraser, the media “blackout” only applies to campaigning, not the genuine reporting of “news”, even if News Corp pretends to be ignorant of the difference.

    Kevin Rennie, “Small parties and independents need all the access to voters they can get, given the dominance of the big 3 (or 4 if you count the Libs and Nats as separate) in the media and in advertising.”
    The AEC data packs mailed out (or even emailed) to every enrolled voter ensures EACH candidate gets EQUAL representation.

    I was one of those passionately opposed to the totally unworkable Conroy filter. I am proposing that “authorized” campaigning sites be taken down by their owners so that people like our good selves can spend seven days rationally discussing the issues that really matter without the muck-raking that we constantly see and hear. At least one threads like these, we do see the behavioral etiquette of “Attack the post, not the poster.” If I run around town putting “unauthorized” stickers and signs that encourage people to vote for Arnold J. Rimmer, the current law requires that said stickers and signs be removed and if I can be identified as the culprit I can be heavily fined. I know that in these modern times the average politician wouldn’t be above a good dose of spam, just to upset the equilibrium. I guess I’ve talked myself into a corner here, because gagging the shock-jocks for a week WOULD be a form of censorship, wouldn’t it? Oh, no! I’ve just unleashed the “cash for NO comment” scandal!

  27. Thank you for your response Kevin. Now we wait with bated breath.
    As a life member I do not know if you have the sway to influence anyone but they are missing a trick.

    The Labor mass produced advertising signage etc is too sanitised by itself. Sometimes it is just the colour that separates it from the others.
    They need to PEP it all up with the use of the fabulous memes and artwork freely available on other sites like IA and other places.
    If they were to use those images all they need to do is large format a few every day for posters, That way they can add variety to their message and keep people interested.
    For letterboxing too the same. Most people just throw the election stuff out THAT COSTS so much to print because there is nothing there to give them a laugh like a cartoon or meme might.
    It is worth pursuing.
    It is fundamentally important because the bulk of the population are NOT TURNED on by politics and this is one way to GET their interest.
    Memes and cartoons can send a strong message and are something people might take to work and put on their desk or post on the fridge.
    All important as the groundswell of opposition HAS TO BE BUILT. Gail

  28. @Kevin,
    I was impressed yesterday with Sharman Stone’s stance and vigorous advocacy for SPC.
    Last night I realised why I was quite so impressed. This is the FIRST HARD HITTING OPPOSITION that we have seen.
    That is deeply disturbing for me.
    Why have they chosen NOT TO BE ADVERSARIAL when they are in OPPOSition they have to be?
    WHY have they taken the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE?
    I respect that some have been active and that the advocacy has been by portfolio BUT BUT where is the NOISE?
    All labor supporters EXPECT TO SEE AND HEAR THE NOISE.

  29. Gail (Dissenter): Vic ALP Opposition leader Daniel Andrews is putting maximum pressure on the State govt who are playing catch up. Bill Shorten visited SPC on Monday but got minimum coverage in the mainstream media. When he used the ‘lie’ word it was ignored. Try Shorten’s Facebook page for details. For some of the local pamphleteering, check out Daniel Hurst’s tweet A sample of the attack flyers arriving in Griffith voters’ mailboxes.

  30. Thanks Kevin.. Good It is the SKEWED news not sh sh shorten. Good news. NOw all we have to do is get a TV station for the Labor and UNION movement and labor radio in every state.
    That’s easy.

  31. PS Kevin I am on their Facebook pages every day- all of them Looking for signs of life.Sorry I have to say that.

    IT is going to take SUPERHUMAN EFFORT but THEY HAVE TO GET SOME TRACTION in the media.until they do they will be SHOT TO PIECESand so will AUSTRALIA.
    I am not impressed by the pamphlets because they are not visually interesting. THey need to be otherwise people treat them as trash.
    THE LNP ONE IS GOOD – a simple message illustrated. IT works so much BETTER.

    Pope has drawn ABBOTT as a lemon this morning in a cartoon and that is the kind of thing that is needed.
    IT WILL STICK IN THE MEMORY and the vernacular.
    People would KEEP THAT and put it on their desks at work and on their fridges for a laugh.
    Thanks for your response.
    Much much more work is needed IN THAT LABOR MEDIA DEPARTMENT.
    I have been told that the Gr campaign is very NICE NICE.
    Can’t be. NICE NICE will never defeat the likes of ABBOTT with the msn behind him and a VASTLY superior propagandist and the money to make it work.
    ATTACKS have to be MEMORABLE AND VISUALLY powerful and simple
    TSUNAMI of unemployed. ABBOTTOIR OF CUTS, TONY THE LIE< TONY THE LIE straight from parliament to you, Just imagine the pictures
    LEMON TONY, EVERY CUT BLEEDS, Pope just calls his SPC cartoon Canned.
    I was only a teacher not a propagandist but they need to up the ante to get SOME more traction in the wider community.
    THe other point I will make is that I donate quite a lot. i have been asked 3 or 4 times to donate for Griffith alone and I have to be honest I object to paying for red T shirts and balloons.
    Tell all the workers to bring their OWN and spend the MONEY on what counts!!!!!! COTTON on has red t shirts for 1 or 2$.
    THere are another3 elections up and coming HOW MANY MORE TIMES AM I GOING TO BE ASKED TO PAY FOR T SHIRTS and balloons.?????
    VERY SOON I WILL STOP DONATING. WHAT COUNTS IS the message NOT THE COLOUR. IT is better to keep the public interested with different slogans and renewed images and posters and cartoons than keeping the publiC BORED SHITLESs.

  32. ABBOTT the LEMON PM is better.

  33. Gail: The labour movement used to have a radio station in every capital city on the mainland; not sure about Tassie. Sold off when the era of economic rationalism and neo-cons brought a bran nue dae. Couldn’t agree more that Labor needs to lift its message and its media game, especially online. Social media impact is often dismal. Offers of assistance always ignored, especially if you were born in the year that 4KQ came on air for Labor.

  34. Well they need to get that media back and they need to sack all the people in charge of Labor media NATIONALLY and that includes every state and grow another team altogether.
    I would actually work for free for them for years if it meant getting a better job done. ANd there are others who are doing brilliant memes and cartoons and slogans too who are getting ignored. SOme on IA right now.
    They need those radio and Tv stations.
    Even if only broadcasting for 2 hours a day. AUstralia wide.
    Unions should be able to afford these and LETS FACE it the Unions as a whole and the union movement NEED to have the media to RESTORE their image and membership.

    THe attacks are only going to get worse.
    Kevin If you have contacts and can pull some strings please get something rolling.
    I am struggling and it is all apparently falling on DEAF ears.
    THere are people who believe Australia is finished if we can’t get this happening. As you said Shorten can’t even really get any coverage.
    Please Help. It has to be from the grass roots up because the TOP is otherwise engaged apparently.
    sh sh sh Shorten has his own problems and in the states well there are quiet labor oppositions so it seems and the conspiracy to kill labor inSA and aTas. This is imperative. Gail

  35. @LiamPomfret from the Pirates has tweeted: “The way you’ve phrased it in the article appears to imply that preference deals came before any vote, which was not the case.” & “Full info on the PPAU website at

    As I understand it, their process has 5 steps: The committee decides on a tentative order, members vote online, deals are done, members vote on the deals, committee makes variations as it sees fit.

    The result of this process is their Griffith How-to-vote card. Family First are last. The rest is a democratic dog’s breakfast or psephologist’s feast. Griffith voters can decide.

  36. Request from Ray Sawyer campaign [Another split ticket] Greens are last!:

  37. Well, it’s all over bar the crowing, even If Glasson hasn’t conceded. Would need 60%+ of remaining uncounted votes.

    It seems that the donkey vote in Griffith is worth about 0.5 – 0.7% Timothy Lawrence increased his vote by approx. 0.68% compared with his second place on the ballot paper in 2013. Sherrilyn Church, who did not run this time, got 0.48% on top last time. Turns out to be smaller than the oft quoted 1.0 – 1.5%. Perhaps a lot of people did reverse donkey vote. I can’t resist observing that the Pirates stole the prize for the micro-party vote – a whopping 1.6%.


  1. Griffith Big Bash By-election is Just Not Cricket | OzHouse

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