ABC Shows Bias In Their Reporting of Shark Cull!


Let’s be quite clear here. Sharks are attempting to enter this country without a visa, so it’s clear that they’re illegal entrants. Some on the Left are attempting to argue that, being part of the animal kingdom, they have no way of obtaining one and that they have a right to swim in the ocean. But this is the sort of nonsense that’s led to the situation we now have.

Once sharks come within a certain distance of shore, they’re in our territorial waters and that that gives us the right to do what we like to them. If they don’t like it, they should stay where they belong. After all, it’s not like they have faulty navigational equipment to blame.

These things are obvious to all Right thinking people.

And yet, the ABC, rather than support the government who are attempting to protect our borders, chooses to report the views of those who support the sharks. They even quoted Sea Shepherd spokesman, Jeff Hansen.

I’m not going to repeat the quote because I don’t want to join in the treason of the ABC. After all, it’s the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day coming up, and it’s worth remembering that people gaves their lives so we could have freedom in this country. Of course, freedom doesn’t mean that we should repeat things from people who don’t support everything the government does. If people don’t appreciate the free speech that they have, then they should shut up! Of course, while free speech is very important, it’s more important to ensure that the national broadcaster doesn’t repeat the views of those who are undermining our efforts to keep our borders safe.

One only has to look at Q&A to see how the ABC loves to humiliate the government. Their constant use of Liberals such as Sophie Mirabella and Christopher Pyne is a deliberate attempt to make the Coalition look ridiculous.

And, of course, they have form. When we invaded Iraq, some of their reporters had a very cynical tone when questioning people about the WMDs, even suggesting that there was little evidence that they existed, before it was clear that there were no WMDs.

Then the other day, they reported the death of Pete Seeger without reminding us that, during World War Two, he supported the Russians.

No, the ABC jumps at any chance it has to embarrass Abbott and the Liberals.

It has been pointed out to me that the shark cull is nothing to do with the Federal Government. My overall point still stands because I believe that they’re the sort of people who should join the ABC staff in being sent to camps for re-education. 

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  1. I wouldn’t be too worried about the Shark Illegals… it’s the bigger predators like the IPA that are circling dangerously…But I will miss “Pit-Bull” Mirabella on Q& A… I felt intelligent and very normal.

  2. You felt “intelligent and very normal”? And you’re not worried about the sharks?
    Mm, are you sure you belong in this country?

  3. Good to see support for the ABC on the AINM after some of the abuse hurled at them during the election – and, incidentally, anyone who thinks they have a leftist bias need only listen to the Breakfast News and Virginia Triolli to be put right. (no pun intended) Similarly, anyone who thinks the ABC has a right wing basis need only listen to Late Night Live with Philip Adams.

    This country, more than at any time in its brief (white) history needs an independent media that is not bullied and intimidated into doing less than articulating a range of views but also being prepared to highlight those that are beyond the pale in any rational person’s mind.

  4. Let’s face it, the creatures of Abbott won’t be satisfied until the national broadcaster becomes an organ of government and joins in their campaign to destroy the union movement . . . . oh, wait ….

  5. You won’t see anything like this on commercial tv.

  6. Back in the old days when surfing was just getting really popular, when legs ropes were for poofs and one fin was enough we learnt that one of the best ways to clear the water was to start talking loudly about sharks. There was always a level of fear and loathing – fear of the next huge set out the back and loathing below in the shadows and of shark fins on the surface. These days four thousands will sit on the shore (they wouldn’t go in the water) to protest for the sharks. Its a strange world when there is so much to complain about that saving sharks generates as much moral outrage.
    But I guess its good to see something get people off their arses.

  7. There was a glimmer of hope today – heard on an ABC news bulletin (its the (mostly foreign) news reporting that I complain so much about – programming is a different matter) Abetz’s outrageous claim of an avalanche of looming wage rises was followed by a contradiction from another. They should do this more often. Rather than just reporting some comment as news – they should start taking them apart, mock them for their stupidities for all they are worth.

  8. I think the most interesting thing about the ‘unpatriotic ABC’ view is it’s a new slant on media bashing. Now most media comes in for criticism from those who don’t accept its political presentation as being balanced. But this faux ‘patriotism’ is a new one to me. I don’t remember any calls for similar censorship ‘for the security of the country’ when Labor was in government. Of course, in those days information would have been reported justifiably because we had such a useless government, and they deserved to have their security compromised – or something.

    Accusations of compromising national security by merely doing their jobs, secret operations that can’t be revealed to the public because we’re at ‘war’, makes you wonder what other tricks they have up their sleeves.

  9. RBL, although it is not possible for the Federal Government to discuss sharks, because it is an on water matter, the reference is most apt, because we were sharked at the last election and have ended up with a Federal Government full of sharks.

    I suggest that every employee of the ABC drape themselves in the Australian flag and the flag is hung from every possible parapet on ABC buildings, because flying the flag is proof-positive that one is Australian. In addition, all ABC board members should wear military uniform or military medals of their relatives and ancestors, just to show that they are true patriots. I’m going out to hang out my flag just in case the local Liberal MP arrives to deport me.

    PS. Thank you for the humour, RBL, and also to John Fraser and olddavey for the video comedy.

  10. I don’t agree Rossleigh. You are treading in dangerous waters (excuse the pun) when censoring what can and cannot be reported on. Clearly it is a current issue, as is the crocodile hunt, so naturally it would be reported on. To say that the ABC has a bias towards labor is simply nonsense, as a media outlet they should not have any loyalty to any party in power. Q & A, the Insiders, etc all gave labor a difficult time over various issues that were of interest to the public, they are not showing a bias, they are simply reporting the news.

  11. I think that’s sort of the point, cassilva.

  12. Should send them to Nauru or Manus Island. Bloody queue jumpers!

  13. Come on, Ross, those sharks have been there for at least 60,000 years when the first settlers of the country brought them here. They were supposed to be pets but that didn’t quite work out and, now, all Right thinking people feel that the same thing is happening with the ABC. Time to ramp up the next cull!

  14. Only ALP members gave their lives at Galipoli. Tories were all under their beds shaking like the craven slugs they were then, and are now. Can you imagine fat Joe going into battle. Screams like a little girl, wets himself and runs. Much like George Pell’s darling boiled lolly recipient currently masquerading as the prime mincer.

  15. Actually it is appropriate to link the shark cull to the Federal government. WA needed an exemption from federal environmental laws in order to carry out the cull. As we have seen on multiple occasions (although, to be fair, not all) the Liberal state governments and the federal Coalition act in lock-step on a great majority of issues.


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