Adam Goodes Australian of The Year, but Some People Think it Should Have Gone to An Australian…


The comment in the image above says: ??? Accepting an Award given on Australia Day, which we have just been told is not recognised by Aboriginals ????

It’s ok, this Facebook identity – it’s not  the person’s actual name. So when I point out that “Aboriginal” is an adjective, I’m not actually humiliating an actual human being.

That comment was one of many on the ABC website. Most congratulated Adam Goodes on being named Australian of the Year. And we could have a long conversation about whether he was the worthiest winner and whether sportsman are given too much prominence in today’s society. We could even speculate about whether there was a bit of tokenism involved…

We could even have a very long conversation about the nature of awards, and whether singling out one person diminishes those very excellent people who are “merely finalists”.

But I just want to concentrate on that simple comment.

Because it shows just how racist Australians really are! Re-read what this scumbag said…

Now, if you’ve responded by saying how unfair I’m being, because not all Australians made that comment…

Good on you. They didn’t. Any more than all “aboriginals” told us that they didn’t recognise Australia Day. I certainly don’t remember any statement from Adam Goodes along those lines. But isn’t that what racism is? Lumping all members of one race together and presuming that they are the same! That they all agree.

Of course, we could also have a long, long discussion about whether being “Australian Of The Year” means that you aren’t allowed think that calling January 26th “Invasion Day” is more appropriate. After all, we’re all meant to be against boat people now, aren’t we?

But I’m not going to have any long conversations tonight.

I’m just going to say, Canpeg Deb. You idiot. It’s January 25th! Australia Day is tomorrow.

Congratulations Adam Goodes!

And Happy Rum Rebellion Day for tomorrow, everyone.

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  1. If you follow Tracey Spicer on Twitter you can see the barely literate racists come out in her praise of Goodes.

    A similar thing happened under Howard, though he would deny he was in anyway racist, it was undeniable they felt emboldened with him as leader to become more vociferous and public in their blatant racism. Same is now happening with Abbott as I read increasing like comments like bring it on plate heads in response to Indonesians protestations against Abbott and his woeful government.

  2. Sorry for the double like, hit post to quickly.

  3. @Möbius Ecko

    Its certainly happening under this government.

    My federal member, and all around low life, Jamie Briggs on the ABC 891 breakfast show in Adelaide in response to a question on the possible closure of the Inverbrackie detention center said that he expected the center to close soon because under the LNP ‘ the stock, … people won’t be coming.’ There is no way you can accidentally associate those words or view this as other than a racist comment. I suspect this is how asylum seekers are referred to by the LNP behind closed doors.

    I emailed Abbott and asked if he considered this comment from a member of his cabinet acceptable and what he was going to do about it. I subsequently sent him two follow up emails and strangely though some months have passed am yet to receive a response.

  4. allenmcmahon
    Dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jamie is also my member, I get his offensive news letter sometimes in my letter box, Had great fun giving them to my next door neighbour who uses them for her cats littler box. We both think they end up in the correct place. covered in cat s@@t.

    Downsizing and thinking of going to Pyne’s electorate, so I can add more anti Pyne vote. Might have a chance this time to get rid of him.

    I complained to the 891 morning show about Briggs comments, also did not get a reply .

  5. Had a heated argument with a pedant on a chat line run by a qld academic. He insisted that the aboriginal inhabitants of Australia did not warrant a capital letter. I lumped him in as an ignorant racist because ” the aboriginal inhabitants of Australia were Aborigines”. He was greatly offended by the ignorance jibe and, as is often the case in academia, the lesser scribe leaves. I think of him every time I see a tirade against ‘aboriginals’.
    ps ausgaia you will have fun in with petty pyne. I have a couple of good friends in his electorate, recently retired teachers, who went to his electorate meeting and his spinner announced that pyne would take no questions on education. She complained in writing and got back a sop that the meeting was for electoral matters.

  6. Adam Goodes is a hypocrite accepting the award.

    “Adam Goodes, Australia Day is a time of mourning: ‘It’s a very sad day for a lot of our mob.’”

    Was there ever any doubt he would NOT be receiving this award though, he ticks all the pc boxes, this is right up there with Bob Hawke being named “Father of the Year”.

    I actually respected Goodes up until the moment he, as a six foot something strapping athlete effectively bullied a 13 year old girl who consistently maintains she wasn’t using the word ‘ape’ in the racially motivated way as Goodes interpreted.
    I tend to believe that, because I have used the word “ape” to describe white bogans displaying moronic behaviour, but anyway, all that is a moot point, because I have also been called a “white ‘c’” by some delightful little indigenous scallywags as I walked past with my shopping (although every passer by was copping the same) who were around the 12-14 mark.

    There is NO WAY I would have stood over those kids in such an intimidating manner and do what Goodes did, that would make me worse, as an adult, than those kids, let alone the fact I am not a 6 foot something athlete in my prime.

    I know a Koori lady who organises breakfast for the not so well off; goes out of her way to help all and sundry; works bloody hard and constantly strives for ambition and accountability within her Indigenous community who would be far more deserving of this than Goodes.

  7. …this is right up there with Bob Hawke being named “Father of the Year”.

    And PM Howard receiving the US freedom medal for service to peace when he illegally took us to war. or the Queen awarding him the Order of Merit for stated reasons that were the opposite of everything Howard was or did.

    Jay. Sorry but the reverse racism rationalism doesn’t wash with me as there are worlds of difference in how some of the other races, especially Aboriginals, are treated by white Australia. Most Aboriginals grow up with that racism against them day in and day out along with stories of racism against them handed down from generation to generation. No wonder there’s open and verbal resentment against whites by black children.

    Do you believe those who called you and other whites passing by a “white c”, if they, their parents, great grand parents were treated the same as white kids, and not figuratively constantly spat on and treated with contempt as being inferior?

    There are always exceptions in everything, and apart from an exceptional few, more deserving recipients can be found for most awards, but it doesn’t make Goodes any less deserving.

  8. The trouble with the 13 yo girl’s story is that the word “ape” wasn’t all she used. Now, I’m a Collingwood member, but that’s not the only way I had the actual words she used confirmed to me.
    However, whichever Australian gains the award, people can always find someone they consider more deserving.

  9. @Möbius Ecko, sorry I disagree. There is no such thing as “reverse racism”, it’s racism pure and simple. It doesn’t matter why or where it manifests itself from, it is ‘racism’, non colour coded, where it can be utilised by anybody of any colour; gender and age.

    “Do you believe those who called you and other whites passing by a “white c”, if they, their parents, great grand parents were treated the same as white kids, and not figuratively constantly spat on and treated with contempt as being inferior”

    Actually, I grew up in an environment where 10% of population was white and the remaining were Aboriginal, so yes I was treated by many, but not all, from that community, as were my Parents etc, just as you described actually in a small town in remote NSW.
    There would be NO EXCUSE for me to EVER give me a free pass for racist or mean spirited behaviour and commentary towards any l person Aboriginal or not. My children certainly haven’t inherited an generational racism because there was none to learn from my side, because growing up within that community was a good thing for me.

    Generalising and colour coding words were powerful learning tools. I tell you what was really sad, having a Koori girl tell me she was too black to fit in with the white community and too white to fit in with the black community. Being told they were concerned she was too ‘white looking’ to qualify for an Aboriginal only job she had applied for and it shocked me out of my generalised way of thinking when she said she was treated worse by her ‘black side’ (her words). I mean, I never actually thought that black on black racism was even an issue and maybe I spent too much time being told that racism belongs solely to the white population, when it clearly does not. It certainly didn’t for this girl anyway.

    Disliking somebody based upon the colour of skin would have to be one of the mystifying and bewildering stupid things I’ve ever encountered.
    I mean dislike somebody because they’re mean; rude; cruel; abrasive; egotistically narcissistic; lazy….I sort of grasp that, but disliking somebody because they’re white; black whatever, I just don’t get.

    Any way, what I did learn was not to make assumptions how other peoples lives may or may not be or assume somebody’s brand of suffering is less or worse than anybody else’s, because truth be known, unless you walk that mile in their shoes, you never really know.

  10. “Now, I’m a Collingwood member . . . ”

    Rossleigh, there goes your credibility. Out the window. :mrgreen:

  11. Well, not in this case…
    And in my defence, I still think that Eddie Maguire is only slightly less annoying than Christophe Pyne!

  12. You’ve now redeemed yourself. :)

  13. @rossleighbrisbane. Interesting, but in the end it was a 13 year old girl having a six foot athlete effectively standing over her aggressively. That in itself, is bullying behaviour. I’d have no issue with Goodes acting like that towards a similarly built adult man, equal platform but he clearly had the intimidating advantage, physically and psychologically over that girl, it was cowardly. I would say the same thing if the girl was black and Goodes was white.

    There is no way I would EVER address a minor that wasn’t my child with a problem I had actually, in the end I am the adult with supposedly the experience; maturity and hopefully intelligence to handle a situation age appropriately without descending into an aggressive screaming type of behaviour.

    I had a Mother, wrongly, attack my daughter for sending an abusive email to her daughter (14 at the time) and I contacted her. Once it had been established that the email was in fact sent by somebody else, I only became truly angry when this woman said she had every right regardless to attack my daughter. I’ll spare you the details, but basically when I said well put your daughter on the phone and I’ll have a word with her, that I could get my point across that it was wrong.

    Hands up here, that regardless of the situation, if you had a 13year old that you would not only stand by and watch a large powerful man scream and point at your child? I bet not one of you would be as that kid’s parent, “Oh well said Adam, you give it to my kid, she really deserves that.” and clapped as your child was escorted from the field then handed over to Police for questioning.
    The old two wrongs don’t make a right in this instance.

    If my strapping six foot son did that to a 13 year old girl for calling him a name, I’d be furious with his response!

    Lastly if this, for arguments sake was a six foot white man calling out a 13 year old black girl in the exact same manner would you feel the same and would the headlines be the same. I may be wrong, but somehow I think it would be all different.

  14. Why are you alleging that Goodes stood over her and screamed at her. At no stage does he do anything except point her out to security. There are plenty of videos of the incident.

  15. I’ve often been the victim of some form of discrimination. There comes a point where you’ve simply had enough. The tolerance level has been reached and the anger spills over, and no matter who the perpetrator is, you respond. I think this might have been the case with Adam Goodes, and if so, I can’t blame him. It’s unfortunate that in this case the person at the other end was a young girl. I wish it weren’t.

    On a side issue, what sort of parents would create an environment that encourages a young daughter to exhibit racist attitudes?

    And on another side issue, getting back to Eddie Maguire, he really didn’t cover himself with glory in the aftermath of this incident.

  16. I only said, “slightly less embarrassing than Christopher Pyne”, Michael.

  17. Seriously surely there is a professor or a charitable person out there who thoroughly deserves australian of the year. If that moment with the collingwood fan didnt happen, we wouldn’t have heard anything from him all year. As an afl player he engaged in rough conduct, tripping and was suspended. Previous recipients have had their award taken off them for previous engagements that have been unfair on others. He is a good person and I admire him, although 2013 was a big year of breakthroughs, one which hopefully doesn’t go unrecognised.

  18. Australians are willing to lose their cultural and ethnic identity to accommodate multiculturalism, more than ANY other non-Western country is doing, and you still have the temerity to point it us as racists?

    Anti-racists seem to never be satisfied. They aren’t satisfied that White people have accepted the end of the idea of a ‘white nation’ with barely more than a whimper. No, you concentrate on those few whimpers and blow them up. Because thats all you have. You’ve got nothing to rally against, thats the problem.

    I walk down Melbourne and see mostly diverse people. Pray, tell, good sir, what population in history would have allowed themselves to donate their country to the other so easily and so readily? Since when have a nation of people been willing to become a minority, without going to war? Yet this is happening, and the people tolerating this unprecedented change are STILL made out to be the most evil, intolerant people in the world.

    It makes me think whether people who fight against racism really have a problem with racism, or simply have a problem with white people.

    You win your war against white australia with barely more than a few remarks here and there, and still complain, bitch and moan.

    Meanwhile, Aboriginals elsewhere are suffering due to poor living conditions, alcoholism, poor education. I would have thought the Australians who are trying to help them, actually life peoples lives up would be more worthy than someone who bravely fought a teenage girl over a comment that may not have even been intended to be racist in the first place.

  19. All awards, when it gets down to it, simply provide the recipient with an opportunity to further their cause. I hope that he WILL use the platform. If not I would be disappointed. Adam Goodes is articulate and from my perspective impressive individual. Am not one who gets excited about nationalism but I congratulate him and hope that he can make a difference.

  20. Jay • 8:27 am

    Well put, I stand corrected.

  21. Why wasn’t our great and glorious Prime Minister afforded the Australian of the Year Award?

    Tone’s the No.1 man in Oz now, so that puts him in the running surely? He done us proud with that ball-tearing speech about economic stuff and free market thingies in Sweden or Switzerland wherever (who cares – it’s f@ckin’ cold and it snows there).

    Tone’s stopped them boats. Well, he must have because I don’t hear anything on the Tele about them filthy illegals coming here and stealing our jobs.

    Tone’s standin’-up for us little blokes and our electricity bills – against all those stupid scientists who want to destroy our economy and live in caves. He’s also said he’ll put a stop those useless solar panels and windmill thingies that are a blight on the landscape. We’re much better-off with those big coal mines and gas, so we can sell ‘em off to the Chinese for top dollar. Haa Haa!!

    With Tone getting’ rid of that shocker of a mining tax and all the environmental restrictions imposed by those stupid, ignorant tree-huggers, I reckon I could pull a great job working in the mines. A mate of mine working’ there says their payin’ mega bucks, and all ya do is sit around on your arse for 12 hours, waiting for somethin’ to happen.

    Tone’s gettin’ rid of all those shiny-arsed, oxygen-thieving, sponging public servants in Canberra, which is good ’cause none of them would have ever done an honest day’s work in their lives. He’s also said me missus is gonna get a shitload of cash when she drops another kid, so I’ve put her on the books of my business as a subby on $150k a year, that’ll see us $75k better-off and because there’ll be nobody left in the ATO, we won’t ever get audited!

    Tone’s already set out plans to teach kids good Christian values instead of that lefty Luvvie rubbish about the science and smashin’ atoms ya can’t even see and about the Earth being billions of years old and us descendin’ from monkeys. Yeah right! If that’s the case, why are there still monkeys around? Pah! Lefty idiots!

    Tone has also smashed those filthy poofs undermining the blessed union of marriage. Ewww! Next thing ya know they’ll be makin’ it compulsory. I wouldn’t want those sickos in my church.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong – I’m not a racist. Goodsie’s OK,at least he’s a bloke who plays footy, but he hasn’t done as much to deserve the award as our great leader Tones.

  22. A curious phrase, Michael. How do we “lose our cultural and ethnic identity” when accommodating multiculturalism?

  23. Jay, if my child spat out a racist insult at a football match that was loud enough for the players to hear, I would welcome reprimand from the players for such an act. It would then teach my child the repercussions of that kind of behavior. I like to raise my children in the real world with real situations instead of cosseting them in cotton wool and telling them that everything they do is right and no one should tell them otherwise.

  24. Michael Kennedy, do I take it from your comment:

    “Anti-racists seem to never be satisfied. They aren’t satisfied that White people have accepted the end of the idea of a ‘white nation’ with barely more than a whimper. No, you concentrate on those few whimpers and blow them up”

    that you are therefore, pro-racist?

  25. Congratulations to Adam Goodes.

    Award ceremonies like these tend to be in a way opportunistic & symbolic. No need to get hung up on it.

    Are there many deserving anonymous people who do considerable things in their communities who may have been more worthy recipients? Probably. Again no need to get hung up on it.

    The fact that Aboriginal Australia is comprised of individual Aboriginals and therefore there are as many different Aboriginal Australia’s as there are individuals may come as a surprise to some.

    Also just because Goodes has previously brought attention to what Australia Day may mean to some with Indigenous heritage does not negate him from rightfully receiving his Australia Day award.

    The Conversation ran an article of the historical context of “ape” as insult –

    The Drum also had a contribution at the same time –

    Australia – the country where nuance went to die.

  26. Aboriginal Australians, also referred to as Aborigines, are people whose ancestors were indigenous to the Australian continent. What’s so hard about that! The adjective “aboriginal” used as a noun could indicate Aussie laziness or perhaps closet racists?
    I use the term racist above in its extreme form of “racial hatred” as IMO everyone is racist to some extent, the mildest simply meaning a preference, e.g. people give preference to their families over strangers.
    I don’t think Goodes did himself any favours by creating the 13 year old girl incident, as a Collingwood supporter she would not know any better, but Goodes as an adult should have.
    “Australian of the Year” ….. a farce ….. pure tokenism.

  27. I completely disagree that Adam Goodes bullied that young girl. It was important for her, and others, to understand how it made him feel, and he went very public in defending her.

    “Goodes said he is not blaming the girl, saying she deserved to be supported and educated about why the racist comment was unacceptable. Goodes announced on Twitter about an hour and a half later that the girl had been in touch.

    Just received a phone call from a young girl apologizing for her actions. Lets support her please#racismitstopswithme #IndigenousRound

    — Adam Goodes (@adamroy37) May 25, 2013

    The two-time Brownlow Medallist was adamant that he was sure the girl did not understand the implications of what she said.

    The 16-season stalwart has received an outpouring of support on social media from players and fans alike, but said the girl at the centre of the storm deserves just as much support.

    “I’ve had fantastic support over the past 24 hours,” Goodes said.

    “I just hope that people give the 13 year old girl the same sort of support because she needs it, her family needs it, and the people around them need it.

    “It’s not a witch-hunt, I don’t want people to go after this young girl.

    “We’ve just got to help educate society better so it doesn’t happen again.”

    “It’s not her fault, she’s 13, she’s still so innocent, I don’t put any blame on her,” he said.

    “Unfortunately it’s what she hears, in the environment she’s grown up in that has made her think that it’s OK to call people names.”

    “I guarantee she has no idea right now how it makes people feel to call them an ape.”

  28. Ian and,

    A curious phrase, Michael. How do we “lose our cultural and ethnic identity” when accommodating multiculturalism?

    This is from my own perspective, but it is when a language or religion is actively discriminated against. In spite of discrimination post-War Greek migrants for example, were allowed to build Greek Orthodox churches to enable them to practice their version of Christianity. Many children after finishing school for the day would head off to Greek School to learn Greek grammer, history and culture (I know, I taught many such children at Burnley Primary School). Certainly “wogs” were discriminated against but there was no law against it.

    On the other hand, Aboriginal children were actively punished for speaking a language other than English, were forbidden to participate in ceremonies, were taken from the land, their people.

  29. Hi Michael Kennedy – I ask that you go back and read your post slowly and analytically. Do you see how you still refer to yourself, and those who you assume agree with you, as ‘Australian’ yet others (even though they may be born and raised here – because you cannot tell just by looking at them) you refer to as ‘diverse’? You also appear to assume an ownership of the country and that, by extension, you have agreed to ‘donate’ access to the country to other non-white people. You write with a tone of seething anger that belies your claim to be ‘tolerating this unprecedented change’. You also display a strange grasp of Australian history to think of diversity in its population as unprecedented. Considering that, since European settlement, it has had nothing but constant immigration, what do you believe is unprecedented? So you ask what anti-racists want. Well for a start stop using the ridiculous term ‘anti-racists’. They don’t exist. We are just humans who believe that all humans are equal and deserving of equity in life. And, in case you still haven’t got it, you come across as really racist.

  30. Hope his gets his aborigine friends to start taking care of their children, Give up drink and go to work.
    He is Aborigine of the year, How about a Cancer Dr or someone good Australian of the year,

  31. How charmingly ignorant and racist of you, Sue. It takes a huge amount of willpower to be so simplistic and narrow-minded in the face of so much evidence of the complexities of human existence. Well done you.

  32. ..all of which makes me think: Why wasn’t Eddie McGuire named Aussie of the Year?

  33. or Sue maybe some remedial English classes for you?

  34. Michael Kennedy: what cultural and ethnic identity are you talking about? Australia is a new country with an early history of genocide and let’s not forget, it is also an ex colony composed of hundreds of ethnic groups.

  35. No-one living today had anything to do with the English ‘invading’ Australia.
    Kevin Rudd had the guts that John Howard didn’t have. He apologised, FULL STOP. Done and Dusted. Over Red Rover!!
    What is Adam Goodes going on about now? Don’t take the award and then whinge. We are really sorry that the English invaded Australia and gave you the choice to play footy. We are so sorry you don’t have to live in a cave anymore. And you should be man enough to say sorry to English descendants for having to listen to the endless rhetoric. Everyone in the country has equal opportunity. You have proven it Adam Goodes.
    Move on. For heaven’s sake move on. We are all Aussies now. Move on.

  36. So Ian the racism should go on and Goodes should just accept there are racists, put up with it and shut the eff up.

  37. Hey go easy Mobius. I’m not a racist. Read my last line. We are ALL Aussies now. Who has apologised for putting my ancestors in chains for stealing a loaf of bread??? I’m not saying that the aboriginal people weren’t mistreated. What I’m saying is get on with it and stop the whinging. SORRY has been said. Someone earlier said that there are many nationalities in this country and there is no room for racism.

  38. I’m not calling you a racist but totally disagree with you that Aboriginals should stop speaking out against it. One sorry did not stop the Aboriginals being denigrated and marginalised because of their race, it still goes on and as long as it goes on good people like Goodes should speak out against it.

    To stop standing against it is to submit and admit the racists are right. That must never be allowed.

  39. Mobius, Obviously I’m not sure how old you are but I went to school in the 50s and early 60s. I am not aboriginal, I am of Scottish, English and Irish descent but I was continually harassed and humiliated, pushed around by a minority of bullies, burned with cigarettes, pushed off a wall and my wrist was broken. At least once a week, I was caned by my teacher (Mr Broadhurst – if you’re still alive) in front of my class for not getting my sums right and then walking back to my seat while all the other kids laughed at me. I was caned quite often for things that I didn’t do in class. I was set up. I could write a novel on it but I’m not because it’s all in the past. Fortunately today, teachers would be gaoled. I had aboriginal, Greek and Italian friends and I didn’t treat them any differently. You don’t have to be Aboriginal to be harassed. You think it’s bad now, go back to then. The more you fight back they (the racists) get louder. Unfortunately a minority of people make it bad for everyone. Verbal abuse is as bad as physical abuse and should be treated the same, using the legal system. I’m sorry Mobius but the sorry thing has past it’s use by date. It just gives the bullies (racists) ammunition. Personally I am sickened by the racist rednecks who call themselves Australians. They are weak and when they are on their own, away from their fellow rednecks, they are cowards.
    I am proud to be an Australian. I am proud that this country is so multiculturally diverse. I have no time for cowardly rednecks who wave our flag around like they are defending our country. They don’t deserve to hold it in their hands.
    Anyway, that’ll do me on this topic.

  40. Adam Goodes is a fuciing ape. Julia Surowka of Gippsland for PM!!

  41. Okay you people, who told Sue about this place. I thought things like her were kept in the back shed under the wood pile. Certainly were in my day. Only ever saw them when mum was away and dad had a hard day at the office.

    For one of Sue’s fr.. sorry someone who knows Sue can you please tell her that she will find the comments area she is seeking at


  42. @Mobius – totally agree.. one sorry was a start, not a solution. First you have to convince backwoods, redneck liberal voters like Sue, that if she finds it offensive that I refer to her as a racist white c*** she has a picture of what we white folks of all denominations have done to the First People, since day dot.

  43. @perplexed

    January 26, 2014 • 11:20 am

    “Jay, if my child spat out a racist insult at a football match that was loud enough for the players to hear, I would welcome reprimand from the players for such an act. It would then teach my child the repercussions of that kind of behavior. I like to raise my children in the real world with real situations instead of cosseting them in cotton wool and telling them that everything they do is right and no one should tell them otherwise”

    I call bs on that one. You seem opinionated enough to be the type not to meekly (as I would not)accept a six foot something powerful man to aggressively scream and gesture at your 13 year old girl, while you sat there and went “well that will teach you dear, well done Mr Goodes!”, waving cheerfully as she was led off by burly security staff; detained and interrogated by Police. Yes, right. I tell you something, I would certainly find ways to teach my child not to act like that if I got wind of it, but a six foot large man aggressively schooling my child in his fit of anger..ah ..hell NO!

    Again, let’s say that the girl did in fact use the word ape in a racially motivated way (which by the way she denies), what’s that say about a man who clearly has the balance of power well and truly weighted in his favour, to act in an equally inappropriate, abusive manner. Man vs girl, yep can see how that’s an equal match.
    He not only stooped to her childlike idiotic behaviour, but then took it to a whole new low level with his over the top bullying response. Adam, being the adult here, you would think would have the maturity, intelligence and experience not to have an out of control brain snap response. Moreover, he gave control of his emotions/anger to a 13 year old girl, for god’s sakes. Actually, in my opinion it said a lot more about his character than it did hers, because thankfully I’m a hell of a lot different than I was at aged this girl will be. Adam, a grown, worldly man with a vast wealth of life experience behind him vented on a 13 year old girl in a completely out control manner.
    Let’s give him an award for that grace and dignified action, oh wait we did, “Australian of the Year”.

  44. Jay, if you can point to any part of the video of incident where Goodes screams at her and does anything more than points her out to security staff, please do so. You keep accusing him of behaving “aggressively” and “being out of control”, but I’ve rewatched the video and there is no point where Goodes engages directly with girl concerned.

  45. Ian I also grew up in the 50′s and 60′s, being born here of Dutch parents who came over in the post war European immigration push by the Australian government.

    My story in some ways is similar to yours, with a brick thrown through my bedroom window whilst I slept and many other instances of racial abuse, mainly against my parents, who were often told to go back to where they came from.

    But where I differ is to my shame I became a racist and fell in with a bunch that would racially vilify wogs, mainly Italians, but sometimes Greeks as well. We would go out “wog baiting” to get them to retaliate so we could get into fights and brag afterwards how we gave it to them. I smashed many a house and car window belonging to Italians and engaged in vandalism of their property, once ripping up a mini-orange orchard, the pride and joy of an Italian.

    Lucky for me this period was short lived because of a great teacher and then being put next to an Italian girl in class who I later went out with, brother escorts and all. But going to her house for dinners with the family opened a new world for me, one I’ve never looked back from.

    From that short period of attacks on the Italians and Greeks and then seeing the attacks on the Asian immigration after that, one Howard spoke out against when he was a young politician and later when in opposition, I have never believed in not fighting back against racism. To not speak out and fight against it is what gives the racists their voice and bravado to become more vociferous and public in their racism. It’s no accident they are very quiet during governments that speak out against racism and promote multiculturalism, but they come crawling out of the woodwork when governments like Howard’s and Abbott’s gain power, often on the back of marginalising other races. Even that wouldn’t be too bad if the now emboldened racists were yelling into the wind, but that’s not the case as they get air time, publicity, a multitude of fora and media mouthpieces to spread their hate and that spreads their racism to poison young minds and others.

    Sorry for the Aboriginals was a good start, but it was always understood as just that, a start, a first step to better things and greater steps. Remaining mute and not continuing down that road now the gate has been opened is to roll up in a ball and give in and again shut the gate and locking it up.

  46. Jay, it takes a village to raise a child.

  47. Every year the same thing happens; you have to be a sportsman and/or a BIG mouth to become Australian of the Year – no wonder Adam Goodes won it this year, he’s are both! AND in addition; he’s half-aboriginal too – that went well with current political agenda of trying to appease Aboriginals in anyway…

  48. Actually, Junk Yard, I think the current political agenda is trying to appease people like you!
    But I guess you feel that Junk Yard suits you. So do I! :)

  49. God this post has certainly attracted its share of strange comments. Like Jay, who’s clearly prejudiced against Adam Goodes. And it’s ok, Jay, like the 13 year old girl, I meant that in a non-racist way.

  50. What a waste of “Australian of the Year”- representts .2 of the population ; attacks a 13 year old white girl ; what few of “his people” actually remain& we celebrate his racism – what a joke.

  51. well done adam goodes, racism should be stopped, but its a 2 way street. im aboriginal and im man enough to say that my people are just a racist as the white man. adam goodes can lead our people to become model citizens/true Australians united as 1. adam is rich, famous and has a good life, he worked hard for it just like any other aussie black or white. we are all stuck with each other so lets get along, white man faught for this country in majority and our mob would of been wiped out if it wasn’t for them fighting for our land.
    Im disgusted when I here my people use the colour of our skin to cry foul everytime something doesn’t go our way. my family come from the stolen generation and we have moved on and worked hard to give ourselves a good life, its painful what happened but life goes on and we must unite to heal and move forward as Australians, my family have pledged not to drink and get an education which we have done together, we bought our own cars and home and provide for our family with no government help, just like the white man has to, so why cant my people do the same? we often travel to our remote community to help educate my people.
    the white man has tried hard by appoligising, they have recognition in the afl by indigenous round, we get many welfare handouts and there are more funded programs to help my people than there are for the white man, we need to focus more on teaching my people not to be racist against the white man, they are their to help us and we should appreciate how they are trying to bring us into society. stop using our skin colour against the white man as it takes steps back on the hard work and progress that is made!!!!

  52. I don’t get this? How can “Australians” or “Indigenous Australians” be racist or non-racist? INDIVIDUALS either have, or don’t have, those characteristics. I am an Australian of British descent, and I do not necessarily agree with every other individual of the same racial make up (Tony Abbott being an obvious example here!) Groups of people do not all think or act alike.

    Concerning Adam Goodes, while in general I disagree with the award going to high-paid, rich, famous sporting personnel (an ability to hit or kick a ball accurately might be admirable, but it doesn’t actually benefit anyone else) one has to admit that apart from his sporting achievements, Goodes has made a large and useful contribution to Australian society by his work with the GO Foundation which provides scholarships for Indigenous Australians. And surely anyone who was born in Australia and lives here is an “Australian,” whatever their racial background or their opinions on the invasion/settlement that Australia Day references.

  53. @rossleigh; For somebody who doesn’t like “judgemental” type people, you are excelling at being just that.

    I don’t like Adam Goodes’ behaviour, I thought he showed poor judgement and made even worse choices in how he handled himself towards a thirteen year old child. I lost respect for him as a man, as opposed to a “black” man.
    I am prejudiced against cowardice and bullies but feel free to attempt to play a race issue into it if pleases you so. One of us is colour fixated and I can assure you, it’s not me.

  54. As I said, Jay you are clearly prejudiced against Goodes. As I said I meant that in a non-racial way. You haven’t at any point told me what he did that was aggressive or bullying. He didn’t confront the girl or yell at her. You seem to think that pointing out the girl to security was over the top and that he should have just ignored what she said. Ok, you’re entitled to that point of view.

  55. What a brilliant post above by Chris, the indiginous Australian. Chris, I salute you for your courage and wisdom. When the British landed in 1788 they found a race of people who, due to total isolation from the technical advances enjoyed by the rest of the world, were still living in the Stone Age. While this landing of the British did not bode well for the original inhabitants it could have been much worse. Can anyone imagine the outcome if it had been another nation with the maritime capability to reach here such as the Portugese, the Spanish, the French or the Dutch? One only needs to look at the state of current nations that were originally colonised by the British as opposed to nations colonised by the others mentioned above. Compare now the economies and quality of life of the Peoples of Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Australia, and others to that of say Indonesia, Timor, The Philipines, Vietnam and others. Vastly different.
    In 1788 our world was a world of conquest and colonisation. This was just the way it was and nobody then knew any different. It has to be said though that I, for one, am glad it was the British and none of the others that decided to land here. While my heart goes out to the Indiginous Australians, it also goes out to the children on thos ships who were trussed in chains for the simple crime of being hungry and sent to a remote land on the other side of the planet. They too are Australians.

  56. Goodes simply pointed out the girl to security. He did not approach her, threaten her or abuse her in anyway. In fact, I don’t believe he even knew it was a young girl until after the game and when he found out he immediately left the field. Channel 7 reporters who saw him in the changing room whilst his team mates remained outside reported that he was devastated that it was a young girl, that he was visibly shaken and close to tears.

    Goodes said: “I’ve got no doubt in my mind she’s got no idea what she was calling me last night. It’s not a witch hunt. I don’t want people to go after this girl.”

    He also tweeted repeatedly after the event asking people to leave the girl and her family alone, that it was over.

    It’s disgusting that this is being twisted back on him now, simply because he’s an Aboriginal man who received the Australian of the Year award.

  57. @ Michael Kennedy

    …a comment that may not have even been intended to be racist in the first place.

    Kind of makes the entire point actually. That a 13 yo girl, in todays society, could be unaware that what she said, obviously parrotted from ‘adults’, would be considered a racial slur is a sad indictment of how far we have still to go in terms of education and attitudes.

    I’m old enough to remenber when a Tiger was most defineately NOT what you caught by the toe when reciting ‘Eeny Meeny Miney Moe’. Thank God we’ve at least come that far

    @Jay – you’re an idiot

  58. Hey Chappy, you don’t seriously believe that Indigenous people are just talking about 1788 do you? Because your last lines about the poor kiddies back in 1788 is almost as patronising as your opening comments to Chris. Further, you may well point to the thriving economies of former British colonies but how does that track with the situation of Indigenous people in this country? Also, as far as the British taking credit for those thriving economies why have you failed to mention the influence of ethnic Chinese people who live in those countries and their contributions to wealth? And I don’t think you could argue that the British contributed to the wealth in parts of India. In fact it seems India was being held back by its British oppressors. And what of the terrible state of affairs in which the British left parts of Middle East and Africa? Guess that doesn’t fit your great white saviour narrative.

  59. Jay, why is that you have not come back here to offer an explanation for deliberately and repeatedly misrepresenting the events at the football game being discussed? Given that your entire argument (and the supposed proof that your dislike of Adam Goodes is not racially motivated) is based on a proven (time and time again) untruth, where is your explanation?

  60. Hey jesswana, are you also referring to the huge contributions of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, The Philipines, Timor and Vietnam?
    Whatever contribution they could have made was decimated by systems that permitted rampant corruption. Many could also argue that the British left India in better shape than they found it, including many Indians. I also wonder how the indigenous population of Australia would have fared in 1942 had nobody landed and they were required to defend themselves against the Japanese with spears & nulla nullas?
    I am referring to the system of control left by the British that stood these countries in good stead ever since. I was in no way patronising but we all know that there are parasites that have created lush grazing pastires for themselves from the defence of the so-called downtrodden in Australia and are rabid in their protection of this income. Could you be one of these?

  61. Oh Chappy! I must address your reference to the Japanese in WWII. Why would the Indigenous people have had to defend themselves against the Japanese? By your own logic they would have been living primitive lives and therefore not involved in the war. I really want you to explain your reasoning on that point because I am interested in how you see logic in your argument.
    As for India and ‘many could argue’ – well of course they could argue – one can argue anything – but you’ve provided no evidence – just your opinions, which are not facts.
    And how is it not patronising to metaphorically pat someone on the head by saluting them for their ‘courage and wisdom’? Who (really who?) do you think you are to be bestowing your approval?
    And ‘rabid in their protection of this income’ – what on earth are you talking about? Was that some crappy metaphor? Or are you trying to insinuate something? Perhaps you’d be better off just speaking plainly.
    ‘Could you be one of those?’ – if by one of ‘those’ you mean a person who can spot a racist in the first sentence then, yes.

  62. Surely no one can dispute that Adam Goodes looked like an ape on that game day with the unkempt beard he was sporting. A thirteen year old yells a descriptive comment at a footy match, when adults are yelling all sorts of nonsense. Goodes and do gooders assume she must be racist and the 13 year old girl deserves it, way to back up the bully and reward him. These guys get paid enough to cop the crap slung at them from the sidelines and Goodes getting precious about that comment is a joke. I just retired from country football where players get horrible things said to them, I never heard any of our indigenous players get racially abused in ten years of football. Goodes and do gooders are trying to create an issue where none exists, and real issues are overlooked.

  63. Jesswana state categorically here and now that you derive no income whatsoever from working for or with any indiginous or inmigrant group or individuals because you sound like you are pushing your own wheelbarrow. And how dare you insinuate I am racist. You know nothing about me yet you retreat to the tactic of stiffling dialog by howling “racist”. You use words like “islamophobia” and “racist” to stigmatise well meaning people because it’s the last defence you have. You appear quite articulate yet it surprised me how quickly you stooped to it.
    You really should understand the true meaning of the word “racist’ before you arbirtarily cast it about.

  64. Nathaniel if my 13 year old daughter called any adult an ape regardless of their creed or colour I would be very disappointed in her as I would take it as a reflection on the way she was raised.

  65. Chappy, are you serious? I will not tell you where I work but it has nothing to do with Indigenous or migrant peoples. Why is it so hard for you believe that people actually give a shit about others? I find it baffling that you can even imagine, let alone believe, that money is the motivation for social justice. From where does one even get that idea?
    I believe your outrage is based on the fact that you and your opinions probably don’t get questioned too much, least of all by yourself. You may not be racist but your comments read like those of a racist so perhaps instead of blustering at me, you go back and re-read some if them. Do a bit of self-analysis and try to see where your words might come across as those of a superior white man.
    There was nothing arbitrary about my use of the word racist by the way. True I don’t know much about you but you have chosen to post your opinion on the internet for anyone to see. Those comments are what you show of yourself to the world. Perhaps you should think about how people will perceive you.
    I do not believe that calling someone out on racist comments is ‘stooping’ either. Again, you posted on the internet. If you don’t want your opinion (and you’ve still produced no evidence) questioned then quite literally keep it to yourself or share it only with those you know will agree with you.
    Also, I did not ‘howl’ anything. I did not use the word ‘Islamophobia’ and I most certainly have not tried to shut down or ‘stifle’ any debate. You will note this because I am actually still communicating with you.
    Finally, if you feel ‘stigmatised’ because of what I wrote about your comments then perhaps it’s because you’re starting to realise that your definition of ‘well-meaning’ is not the same as others’.

  66. Jesswana you have directed the word “racist” at myself and other posters here on no less than 3 occasions.
    You have labelled me as a “great white savioir” and a “superior white man”. What makes you think I’m white? Would that do it for you if I was?
    You have referred to others here as “ignorant”, “narrow minded”, “simplistic” and “racist”.
    Every one of your posts is disparaging. Not one good word for anyone.
    You are correct Jesswana, “these comments are what you show of yourself to the world” and judging from your posts everyone can see you are holding up a very big flag.

  67. I’m sick to fucking death of 9 out of 10 people feeling sorry for aboriginals. Why should I feel sorry for aboriginals, provide endless support and funding, not look at them in the eye, feel unsafe when walking down the street with a mob of them walking the other way? Why cannot I have an opinion or feeling and not be labelled a fucking racist? Why is EVERY SINGLE white person a racist, but it’s ok for an aboriginal to call someone a ‘white dog’ or ‘white c$&@’? Aboriginals complain and complain and claim to be so hard done by when they are so removed from even THINKING about doing something for themselves and providing THEMSELVES with whatever they want in life? Why would it be racist for me to create a ‘white TV channel’ (a la NITV). Why are there no white only schools? Why the big divide for a group of the community who are apparently crying out for equality. Aboriginal children are not disadvantaged, they get more than any other kid at school, they just choose not to take advantage of the advantage they are given! Why must we weep over the aboriginals living in substandard housing (which is only substandard because they fucking destroyed it!!)? Why do we acknowledge aboriginals have it hard when they are clearly pissing away their free, unearned money without a care or responsibility for themselves or their kids. WHAT FUCKING WORLD DO WE LIVE IN TO ACCEPT THIS SHIT? I’m seriously at my wits end with this. Why should I work my arse off to support these or any other lazy fucks. This country is absolute bullshit. Can anybody seriously argue my points? Does everybody else not see what I see? Why was Adam Goodes not pulled up on this rubbish he spouted? Invasion Day, fuck me.. Proves my point. Fuck him, useless piece of shit.

  68. Michael, please scroll up and find this guys (another chris, not me) post and have a read mate. Not everyone is as you describe.

    Find this blokes post about 18 posts up. Worth a read.
    January 27, 2014 • 8:55 pm

  69. Chappy well said, if any child of mine said what that young girl said they would be dealing with me as well. I would have no qualms whatsoever if she or he received the same kind of public reprimand that girl received, it’s a harsh lesson but I’m sure one she may think twice about repeating again. Now, all that being said, congratulations tot his guy that won asutralian of the year, I can honestly say I had no idea who he was, but after seeing what he has done, congratulations for being such an honorable human being.

  70. Perplexed. Exactly. I ask everyone to go back over the list of AOTY awards back to 1960. All are not undeserving of the award except the possibility of the odd unscrupulous businessman.

  71. Everyone has an opinion. Fact is…we can’t speak the truth without being labeled racist !.

  72. Opinion. Fact. Evidence. Truth.
    Opinions, if not based in fact, supported by evidence, cannot by definition also be the truth.
    Yes you are entitled to your opinion. But if your opinion is not based on fact, but based on racist lies then yes, your opinion will be called racist. Why? Because there is a difference between truth and opinion.
    If, in the face of facts and despite evidence to the contrary, you continue to hold and publicise your racist opinion, then you will be correctly called a racist. Why? Because you would in fact be a racist.
    Get it now?


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