Abbott Solves World’s Problems! G20 Shocked About How Badly Labor Did.

tax prosperity

Scene: Davos.

“Hello, Hans, did you catch that Tony Abbott’s speech?”

“No, unfortunately I was delayed. Was it good?”

“Was it good? it was brilliant. I learnt so much. Did you know that this World Economic Forum at Davos has been an important contributor to global progress for over 40 years?”

“Has it? No, I didn’t know that. Wow, I’m sorry I missed it. That would have been really worth hearing. Was that all?”

“No, he was quite an expert in economic matters. I mean I knew we’d have some extraordinary minds here, but this Abbott’s insights were quite breathtaking. For example, did you know that as soon as people have economic freedom, they create markets.”


“Yes. He went on to say that growth would solve all the world’s problems. And he told us that profit is not a dirty word because success in business is something to be proud of.”

“That must have made all the business people rethink things. I mean, many of them so are ashamed of their success that they hide their profits in places like the Cayman Islands.”

“Well, thanks to this Abbott person they can now be proud again.”

“Such a shame I was late. This sounds like the sort of speech that will prevent a global financial crisis from ever happening again.”

“Yes, according to  Abbott, that was not a ‘crisis of markets, but of governance”. We need to strengthen governance without suppressing the vitality of markets.”

“And how does one do that?”

“He didn’t go into much detail. But a man as brilliant as he is would surely have a plan. He then went on to explain how the previous Australian Government really messed things up by not going into recession, and started spending their money on drugs. Or something like that. I wasn’t paying attention. After all, Australian domestic politics is of little interest to me. I’m just interested in seeing that ideas like his are spread as widely as possible.”

“Well, I must go and see if I can meet this Herr Abbott. I understand he is quite an expert on mountain climbing too.”

“Yes, he knows that there are a limited number of mountains and you can’t climb what isn’t there!”

“Well, thank you for catching me up on what I’ve missed, Rupert. I may see you later.”

(For those of you who don’t get the mountain reference, see clip below.)

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  1. Shame on abbott…airing our dirty linen ….blaming labor for overspending…does this man or so called man get it !!!!!! how embarrassing ……..WONDERFUL AMBASSADOR FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ….what a dickhead…..who writes his material ??????.

  2. I think you have covered it all. I wonder how much this cost Australia to permit Mr. Abbott to enlighten (??? or maybe lighten ?? ) the world

  3. You missed his adeptness of being able to string a whole bunch of slogans together one after another as though that constituted an insightful speech. Sheer genius being able to get all your old slogans used whilst in opposition, some rehashed early in government, and then put them all together as though they formed one coherent statement. Saves you having to come up with anything original, and so did acting like an opposition party on the international stage by attacking the previous domestic government.

    Takes an inordinate amount of craftsmanship to be able to fill a speech in an international forum with anything but the main subject of that forum.

    Pity so many missed that as it appears that apart from some business representatives and a smatter of foreign government minor reps, everyone else had to go to the toilet all of a sudden and a near packed hall emptied when the magnificent Abbott got up to make his speech.

    Also some considerate diplomacy on show for when they finished their toilet break rather than interrupt what was obviously the greatest speech of the WEF, they all decided not to go back into the hall Abbott was speaking in but went and listened to Hassan Rouhani’s woeful speech instead, packing out that hall.

    Also was enlightening to see the breakfast news this morning reporting on Abbott’s victorious return to Australia point out the extremely important fact that Abbott was wearing a long thick overcoat and heavy scarf he had worn in the cold of Davos, yet Canberra was relatively warm so Abbott must be sweltering. But we can forgive our great and victorious leader for still wearing heavy winter garments after a long flight in a climate controlled VIP aircraft, that needs to be replaced with a more luxurious one to better suit his high position on the world stage, as his mind must have still been on ways to string together slogans for the upcoming parliamentary sessions since that worked so well on the international stage.

  4. Rolled gold. Rossleigh!

  5. Did you notice who was sitting next to Tony watching him deliver her lines?

  6. <

    I thought me commenting around the traps that Abbott was childish with his remarks about "baddies" and throwing domestic politics out there.

    Humble apologies to any children I may have defamed.

    But no ! … I did not hack your phone.

  7. <


    You are saying Abbott gave/gives everyone the shits … I can tell.

    Back in a couple of minutes.

    Honey do you know what I did with that Murdoch paper we picked up off the street.

    Oh ! … yeah ok I will look at the pretty pictures on the Sorbent roll.

  8. <

    @Kaye Lee

    It sure wasn't Margie.

    Or any of the Abbott handbag wanker boys hit squad.

    a few names here for your ammusement – just a few and the really funny thing is that this governments wants to put the big four accounting firms in charge of the tax system – at least they know how to move money around – but would you trust them?

  10. It’s a great day, for cats & golfcarts

  11. <

    Look this has been a lot of fun.

    Which is always sadly lacking on extreme evangelical right wing media outlets.

    Time to go and educate myself a little more.

    Something the right hates doing (see N.T. reducing funds to schools).

  12. @Mobius. Credit where credit is due. I’ve never thought of Abbott as a recycler, but here he was recycling his election campaign slogans.
    Still, I guess it would be hard to teach him a whole new list of things to say in just four months…

  13. Yes, Kaye Lee. But I could see her lips move, so she’s no Edgar Bergen.

    (Edgar Bergen – the famous ventriloquist who managed to convert his act to a radio show, which one would have thought took away one of the major skills of ventriloquism.)

  14. Good idea letting companies, well know for their caring and compassionate ways, have free reign as it will create a million new jobs. I am looking forward to my mega rich lifestyle after I start working for Rinehart at $2 per hour.

  15. Well done Ross. I laughed so much but then I suddenly started to cry because it’s so true. He is just so vacuous. Then they assign that intellectual giant, the rights answer to Adam Phillips, Amanda Vanstone (with her insightful response to her radio guests “mmmmm, . . . that’s interesting”) to the National Commission of Audit. Hang on guys, we’re in for a rocky ride!

  16. Beat me to it Anomander. Worth the read.

    Abbott’s Davos Moment
    By Mike SeccombeJanuary 24, 2014

    You have one chance to speak to the world’s most powerful people. What do you say?

  17. The point of the Economic Forum is to gather big people to consider big ideas. And Abbott’s audience in Davos heard not one thought-provoking utterance.

  18. Oh, big ideas! We thought you said they were gathering together to consider big ears!

  19. Er re um um we will wow you in Brisbane because there is a new man and no women there. Don’t worry boys, nudge nudge wink wink there will be girls. Oops well Angela, didn’t notice you there with the suits, but certainly are not just a pretty face, are you?
    Don’t bother to bring iPads, I am still struggling with dial-up and we like things written.
    ps there will be pencil and paper provided.

  20. Mr Rabbit in the spotlight….. Why didn’t anyone shoot!!?

  21. Patsy, what dirty linen. I am proud of what Rudd, then later Gillard did.

  22. Poor Fella, my Country.
    This is like the script for “The Mouse That Roared” except that was deliberately written as a comedy and the Liarbrils are serious!
    It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

  23. Davos, I believe, is all abuzz with revelations Mr Abbott has shared with the G20 delegates about the Australian Labor Party and its misdeeds whilst in office.

    Delegates were perplexed to hear of the “Pink Batts” fiasco orchestrated by the ALP as a stimulus measure during a global financial crisis which Mr Abbott confidently told delegates had never existed.

    In a closed session Mr Abbott regaled senior economists and world leaders with startling disclosures about the disastrous “School Halls” debacle.

    Delegates were seen leaving the closed sessions shaking their heads and mumbling : “who is this dickhead ?”

  24. Personally I think he is the biggest tosser ever to embarrass this country and make us the laughing stock of the political world and Abbott and his cronies should be put on the leaky boat the came in on and set adrift…we don’t have any dirty laundry, what Rudd did was a good job, he was a qualified diplomat compared to the childish and enuducated drivel that spews from Abbotts mouth every time he opens it….and I don’t think his speech writers and his entire party are educated in diplomacy, English, world events, humanity and the rights of said human beings… But are fully supported by big business and the wealthy why else would such a twit give anyone the go ahead to destroy the barrier reef…… Nope it’s official, there is nothing to celebrate this weekend about being Australian, we should all hang our heads in shame for those who voted the Tosser and his minions in to power and hang them in embarrassment for what they are doing..

  25. fed up…sorry if offended you but it was not aimed at rudd or Gillard…….I for one admit that I am a Gillard rudd fan……I meant abbotts dirty linen by being so vindictive towards a labor government he did not give himself a good image…of course labor did the country.a great deal of moving forward by their policies..but it looks like Vanstone and howards effort to keep us in the ice age…. which may soon return……if only we could be rid of all these morons…but alas this is their way to come in on target at the next election……destroy all the workers and the poor.and the policies….never seen so many ugly people in one place at the same time…shame on them all…….. abbott Rhodes scholar bulls twaddle didn’t give him any common sense…..which is of course is not so common……

  26. <


    Its a plane, train, car wreck and its happening all at once but at different speeds.

    To be expected when you have the moronic Abbott, the drinks waiter Robb and Joe "don't know" Hockey driving assorted vehicles.

  27. The film clip was very funny, but I’m afraid the joke is on us.

  28. Well done, Rossleigh.

  29. Patsy, rest easy, you offended no one. If you followed me over the years, I have been attacked by the best.

    I love to opportunity to defend Labor.

    He has even managed the Australian Day awards. Yes, talking about having a go, etc. The theme he began on Christmas and New Year.

    I cannot remember a PM that makes me cringe like this one. One seen the same look on the faces of those he cornered at the G20. Even the UK PM said it all. Body language had him sitting backwards, as far as he can from Abbott.

    I suspect it could be an Indigneous winner. If so we will have to endure the PM spawning all over them.

    As I am not a supporter of Australia Day, I feel like turning it off. Then that is not fair to those competing for the awards.

    I hope I never see him in fresh, as I am sure I will be so rude, I will be ashame.

  30. and the libs are calling themselves adults ? bloody hell spare me that dribble, he was like a little kid talking to that dude. I didn’t realize that abbortt was a SUPER IDIOT. I pissed myself laughing .

  31. Knock Knock who is there.??????? please notify if Abbott says something intelligent. When will the penny drop,. the L.N.P are really misunderstood. the truth is they know the Labour Party did a good job in Government.

  32. Spot on ME. I’m betting once they’d finished gagging at Liesalot’s slogan rich diatribe they took a vote to hit the pub in a desperate bid to forget that Australia had scored the biggest own goal in history.

    Australia is also trying to forget it has put a pack of morons in the driving seat. Hopefully, we’ll be adult enough in 2016 to rectify that MSU and to have avoided irreparably damaging relationships with most of the world.

  33. rupert does patsy…does abbott as well : ) !

  34. Just read more on Abbott at Davos and it turns out he left before Climate Day, the main topic of the WEF, where identifying and mitigating the risks of climate change were discussed.

    Why does that not surprise me.

  35. The WEF have identified income inequity and climate change as two of the greatest economic challenges facing the world.

    So Tony gets up there and talks about getting rid of regulations to pave the way for big business to make more profit. He proudly boasts about axing the toxic carbon tax, approving 400 billion dollars worth of fossil fuel mining, beats his chest saying “Me infrastructure”, and shows his caring side by spruiking his Paid Parental Leave scheme that no-one in Davos could give a toss about, and everyone here is panning as unaffordable and an administrative nightmare. No wonder he left straight after his speech!

    Climbing mountains is indeed a marvellous thing but Tony is digging this country so far into a hole that just getting back to ground level may prove insurmountable.

  36. Kaye Lee, I think everybody was so aghast at Abbott’s inept behaviour that they failed to notice Credlin’s presence.

  37. <

    Who would have thought a government without a science minister would be so stupid ?

    The same people who thought the intelligentsia would get recognition in the Australia day honours … above sportspeople and armed services.

  38. So, so true Kaye Lee!! Abbott admires George W Bush and what he did for th U.S. and is destroying Australia in a similar way. Do we have a Barack Obama in the wings???
    This damage will take at least a decade to repair. Any potential surplus will be absorbed by turning back the clock and all the undoing simply for the sake of it. With all of the videos of Abbott’s stupidity readily on view I still cannot fathom how so many Australians were trained to hate Julia Gillard so much that they honestly thought he would be better. It will go down in history as one of the world’s greatest political snow jobs.

  39. Kaye Lee. I noticed Peta Credlin in the video and thought she looked like a dance mom.

  40. He is an idiot , there is no other valid explanation for this moron.

  41. Yes, got on that plane straightaway. No press conference given. Also, what did he do there for three whole days before. Talking to 3 leaders is not that big of work load. A job by the way, he blew.

    Very little press coverage of the, was it six meetings he had. That included four heads of states.

    All we saw, was him walking out with the blonde from Dept. of Trade etc.

    Truthy has it correct. He was there to tell them all, they have it wrong when it comes to our first PM. He gave them a lecture, I am sure were glad to hear. That is if they took the time to listen.

    This man, was in a position of honour, as this country hosts tyhe next meeting. The impression one could get, is that most shunned him.

  42. By the way, did not even take time in those four d

    I wonder what the Dutch did talk about. Could not be man made climate change, I suppose. Hard to think what else it would be about. We will never know, as Abbott as usual is keeping the meeting a big secret. Why????????????

  43. Love that interview wit that family of new Australians, that raised the memory of Australia being among the founders of the UN.

    Yes, another great effort by a Labor PM.

    It looks like, PM Abbot is to be the one, that takes us out of that and similar organizations. In a time of great global change, he is putting up barriers around our coast.

    Sorry, we now live in a global world. Cannot close our country to the world.

  44. Mr. Goode, it not only indigenous people who have mixed feelings about the so called Australia Day. There are many others, who have ancestors, that came here early in the piece, that feel exactly the same way.

    Yes, Mr. Goode, people who love this land of ours a greatly. Love what it has become.

    Just not interested in the romantic ideas that are now aboard. Not interested in with white or black armbands views of history.
    Just interest in the history of Australian, that is factual and contains warts and all.

    It is worse, as well as the good that makes us great. Well, at least I think we are great.

    We are sure lucky to be born here.

  45. Religions are magical and mythical fantasies created to fill in the gaps of ignorance as well as to maintain power and control. That such madness has such a powerful influence reflects the lack of clarity and purpose by progressives to re-frame a contemporary paradigm free from sociological jargon, Marxist terminology and post modern drivel. Evolution, causality and material determinism do not negate subjective wishes hopes and desires for security and love. Progressives need to start with an appeal goodness for good’s sake and then frame a sensible science based paradigm that is inclusive of the need for metaphysical hope.

    Progressives who tie themselves to atheism are excluding the mass of people whose subjective desires are for happiness, sufficiency and hope. There are more than enough counterintuitives and paradoxes in science and physics, as well as the mathematics of infinity, to leave the door open to future potentialities. We have no idea at the moment how these counterintuitives emerge out of experimental evidence. A close look at science will demonstrate how little we do now and how profound counterintuitives and paradoxes are. Science should informs of facts.

    When physicists like the father of string theory Leonard Susskind, the late Richard Feynman et al state they have no idea what is going on with psychological time, block time, non-locality, particle wave duality, Cherise Cat experiments (recovery of paradoxes) particle wave state variability, dark energy, cold dark matter, many worlds, the multiverse,mathematical Platonism, and so on, then our assumptions about closure and finitism based in atheism is naive and preemptive. Many advocates of science based determinism and nihilism do not understand the complex imperatives underlying physics and cosmology and use atheism as an easy out. Without a cohesive theory of everything we are simply fishing in the dark.

    We progressives need a legitimate metaphysical paradigm that gives people hope of deeper meaning and context to existence while clarifying the actual facts of science. Material determinism does not support free-will or personal responsibility however subjective experience provides the grounds for imagination and creativity. If people do not create their realities, and life’s conditions are thrust upon them, then the notion of free will is erroneous. Freedom and volition are used in our cultures as tools of suppression and repression when in point of fact a determinist model is much more just and forgiving than religious ideology and atheist nihilism.

    Richard Dawkins and his ilk make unsubstantiated claims to absolute knowledge when all they have is epoch relative assumptions based upon incomplete knowledge and understanding. To bring people into the fold of progressiveness and social justice we must find ways to promote the facts of science while leaving the way open to metaphysical hope. Everything is an absolute necessity even peoples hope for metaphysical purpose. Our subjective brains are malleable enough to avoid harmful absolutes while expressing empirical facts that leave the way open to hope. How! is another story. That it needs to be done is urgent. One solution is to hold religions to love compassion and forgiveness while demonstrating that judgement, blame and retribution have no basis in a material determinist reality. What we do in subjective space will surely shape or severely harm our children’s future. The future may well demand multiple pathways so we need to frame a variety of theoretical models that support social justice and equity.

    Tony Abbott and conservative backward referral are the nemesis of a progressive paradigm shifts. We can prepare for exponential growth in technology, the implications of artificial intelligence and deeper understanding of mathematical and conceptual infinity. There is a marvelous web of possibilities that could negate nihilism, autonomic subconscious fear and the concept of death. Block time and Minkowski space is a prime example.

    Just a general presentation of ideas that could overcome sociological complexity and jargonism by helping promote progressive ideas more deeply founded in physical science and social justice.

  46. And here is the poem inspired by that very speech “Rewriting history!” :grin:

    Cheers :grin:

  47. Stephen, that’s fabulous. when do we get part two? If you don’t mind I’ll use that elsewhere.

    I don’t know why but this comes to mind

  48. Stephen Tardrew said:

    Religions are magical and mythical fantasies created to fill in the gaps of ignorance as well as to maintain power and control.

    Can’t really disagree with that, depending of course the meaning he gives to such concepts. Then we have:

    such madness has such a powerful influence reflects the lack of clarity and purpose by progressives to re-frame a contemporary paradigm free from sociological jargon

    Stephen of course has a paradigm free from ‘jargon’. (Not sure he understands what ‘paradigms’ are all about). But he goes on:

    Progressives who tie themselves to atheism are excluding the mass of people whose subjective desires are for happiness, sufficiency and hope.

    Yep! And then we have:

    We progressives need a legitimate metaphysical paradigm

    A quick question. Why do we need a ‘metaphysical paradigm’ at all? John Dewey, for example, didn’t have one.

    And while I have concerns about ‘sociological jargon’ I suggest that the average reader of this blog has problems with ‘metaphysics’ – philosophical jargon – perhaps?

    Actually the questions raised and the possible answers are worth a number of PhDs. And that’s on a good day.

  49. I still have so much trouble grasping the fact that this idiot is running our country. He should be stopped from going overseas. What a total embarrassment he is.
    No wonder Murdoch loves him, he actually really does have a braindead puppet he can manipulate to do his bidding. I can only but wonder what he is going to do and say next, he does always seem to manage to surpass his last blunder time and time again, he is you might say an expert at it.
    I await with baited breath for the next little gem of wisdom, if it all was not so funny you would cry.

  50. Mark thanks for the reply.

    There are ways to define the limits of knowledge that are close to Webber’s appeal to detached observation. We do not have a tradition of true detachment which has been alive in the East for millenia. If we start from the fact that the universe began with a quantum fluctuation then there are no grounds for an original cause, and if there are infinite universes, which now seems likely, the whole edifice of judgement, blame, retribution, sin, karma, reincarnation, free-will personal responsibility etc. can be negated in one fell swoop. I have no predilection for philosophers East or West however the great Indian thinker Nagarjuna proposed a non-dualist meta-theory by demonstrating that all judgements and human narratives are dualistic conceptual conflicts that do not reflect the thing-in-itself, suchness, nothingness sunyata. Many Western philosopher have tried to come to grips with Nagarjuna however they find it difficult to leave logic behind for pure unconditional witnessing without imposition of beliefs or values.

    Strikingly Einstein accepted that relativity theory leads to block time in which every moment in time is conserved in perpetuity which supports Nagarjuna’s claim simply because every probable and possible configuration of materialism, including objective and subjective mental states, are conserved in the block time meta-matrix. If so then every event is an absolutely necessary part of existence. Our biases and judgements are a product of unit volume complexity which enhances degrees of freedom through a process of complexification, self-organization, natural selection and post Darwinian directed evolution. Physicist have no idea what psychological time is or how to derive it from consciousness, nevertheless each one of us has a different pathway through the block-time matrix dependent upon gravity and acceleration. There is no universal time frame.In some very profound way each of our universes are unique and in some sense the universe is in us we are not in the universes and paradoxically more likely it is both. Recovery of paradox in the Cheshire cat experiment demonstrates that decoherence does not wipe out foundational paradoxes in micro-physics and the fact that quantum effects are involved in photosynthesis, bird navigation, DNA and neuronal microtubles demonstrates that micro-physical attributes do supervene onto phenomenal reality at room temperature. Paradox and counterintuitives infect both micro-physics and self-reference. Furthermore the mathematics of infinity has real application in calculus and several other mathematical domains and at the core of mathematical infinity are important paradoxes. In this respect logic is not immutable.

    Science abhors a paradox yet the edifice of science is built upon demonstrable measurable counterintuitives and paradoxes that are no better understood than when they were discovered over one hundred years ago. Leonard Susskind demonstrated how our 3D coordinate universe is a hologram that rises from two dimensions mathematical space. If this is the case then projective rotations (orthogonal projections) in 4D space could portend a domain of trans material textures that can rise out of the interface between mathematics and mind. Transhumanism and exponential growth in technology gives some idea of the possibilities.

    Furthermore the problem of symmetry violations at the origins of the universe, leaving a billion to one surplus of matter, suggests a weighted preference which is also reflected in the decay of kaons, B mesons and charm quarks. These asymmetries are reflected in the duality of fight and flight; pleasure and pain in which the majority of sentient beings opt for pleasure happiness, self-sufficiency and love.
    Neurologist Joseph LeDoux demonstrated that the connection between the amygdala and frontal cortex are much greater than the feedback connections from cortex to amygdala. Due to lack of tooth and claw early hominids required heightened autonomic responses and what was suitable to threatening environments is today completely over-reactive and that is why he suggest we need to dampen these responses. We are overly fearful creatures in an environment that is much more benign than in the past. Because evolution is slow it is difficult to extinguish these drives. So here is a sensible reason for intolerance injustice and inequity bound up in fear of life and fear of death.

    All negative attributions are reinforced habituated reflexive drives enacted by autonomic imperatives that are primarily subconscious. The only real choice is the weighted preference for happiness self-sufficiency and love which are universal sentient traits derived from initial symmetry violations. As Schopenhauer pointed aesthetics plays a vital role in countering fear and discomfort feeding back in to theories of beauty and goodness though I do not accept his atheist nihilism.

    In short Nagarjuna suggested that to gain personal insight all beliefs dogma and authority must be relinquished for non-judgmental witnessing of the thing-in-itself. There need be no religion spiritualism soul or God because all subjects have dualistic opposites dividing self an mind against its omnipresent self.This whole discussion is metaphysical simply because anything that humans do not understand .requires hypothesis development and these hypotheses, until proven, are metaphysical speculations. Philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn provided the grounds for scientific revolution and incommensurability by suggesting that new discoveries in science completely re-frame the old paradigm and in the case of paradoxes add metaphysical unknowns completely undermine traditional narrative. Yes Newtonian mechanics is still useful however relativity has completely superseded Newton demonstrating only partial facts that are incommensurable with the new paradigm.

    There is infinitely more to know and understand than a puny primitive sentient race can begin to imagine. The seeds of the vastness of potentialities are already redolent within our scientific experimental matrix. Cantor’s set theoretical infinity now has real application to the cosmological meta-matrix pleat with paradoxes and reflective of Godel’s incompleteness theorem. No time to go into it here but the mathematics of infinity, many worlds and multiverse have profound implications for our understanding of our place in existence.

    Given constraining fundamental laws and constants and evolutionary potentiality in infinite universes, plus the weighted preference to happiness, and love, it is possible to demonstrate evolution inevitably resolves in Absolute Love and a matrix of dynamic infinite (nondenumerable infinitely uncountable) potentialities.

    And the beauty about infinity is that it generates multiple pathways through the probability meta-matrix so there will be multiple solutions to personal insight. No single belief system or ideology can explain the infinite web of context that is omnipresent and foundationally non-dual. Closed minds are stagnant minds.

    Grasping at absolutes is the nemesis of direct insight and non-dual witnessing of the thing in itself. There are no beginnings or ends which is exactly what the quantum origins of the universe is telling us.

    As you can imagine there is more to this story however this is the best I can do for now.

    In Art and Love.

  51. Matters Not

    In a primitive epoch to assume anything absolutely is naive and arrogant. My understanding of paradigm comes from Popper (three worlds etc.) and Thomas Kuhn’s The Nature of Scientific Revolutions. Metaphysically all hypotheses that are not proven are metaphysical. Metaphysics is not religion. Yes we do need metaphysical paradigms desperately to counter absolutist claims to knowledge when we are demonstrably in the dark about much that is interesting in science. Every human being speculates therefore every human being has a subjective metaphysical opinion. The paradoxes and counterintuitives redolent in physics and self-reference deny any truth. Science only provides proofs. The truth as Kuhn demonstrated is value laden by personal prejudice. Old philosophers cannot solve contemporary dilemmas. There is much more than mice or men can, and do, know.

    In Art and Love

  52. I agree Pam he is a total embarassment. But if he were not allowed overseas, who would go to represent us? Bishop????? Frying pan to fire that one. It won’t be long and the rest of the world will abandon us as some sort of throwback arcane society at odds with the real world.

  53. ST you’ll be happy to know I’ve passed that on to some people who will appreciate


  1. Abbott Solves World’s Problems! G20 Shocked About How Badly Labor Did. | OzHouse

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