The parliament is in chaos

“The parliament tonight is in chaos.” Tony Burke

And with those words Tony Burke (Watson, NSW), the Manager of Opposition Business said what many were thinking.

That comment came at 10:27 Tuesday 10 December, when the Government used their numbers to gag debate, silence dissent and ram through legislation.

We currently have a completely incompetent government which is trying to tell us that “no” means “yes”, and this is damaging to our democracy.

The following exchange came barely 10 minutes after Mr Burke declared the parliament was in chaos. It is blatant example of the Speaker (Liberal MP, Bronwyn Bishop), changing reality to benefit the Government, of which she is a member.
Source of this exchange is Hansard

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59 replies

  1. Nothing like being able to show in undeniable form just what this gaggle of hopeless bastards is doing as their way of being the guvmint.

  2. Bronwyn bishop…..cant leave a reply…there is none …..I cannot believe this so called lady… can she get away with this?????????

  3. Bronwyn Bishop is not an impartial speaker and should be removed ASAP. Not only is she not impartial, she is having a lot of trouble with fast debate and verbal exchanges across viewpoints. She is simply not a fast enough thinker to follow the fast exchanges – mired in procedural protocols along with her partisan stance and unwillingness to cede to opposition points of order in their favour.

    It is unreasonable to expect someone – anyone – who has aged and spent all their life as a passionate advocate of a philosophy to suddenly be able to abandon that belief and loyalty.

    There is a massive need for wisdom and experience in every political party but the Speakers chair is not the best – or fairest – use of this resource.

    Australian politics deserve a fairer Umpire so it’s necessary IMHO for this Bishop to be retired ASAP.

  4. Look please excuse the language but really isn’t it about time every ALP member stood in unison and yelled out “Fuck You Bronwyn” ? I would if I was a member of the opposition, seriously

  5. Agree David. This farce needs to be escalated, and something like what you suggest might be the only way to get it into the public arena.

  6. Bronwyn as Speaker is doing exactly what she did in Opposition….trying to catch the Labor Party out. She is so focused on doing that she doesn’t listen, gets things wrong, and responds emotively when challenged. Not only did she condone the use of the name “Electricity Bill”, she has now joined the sledging directly.

    “At one point Ms Bishop referred to Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese as “the former leader of the house, who is now apparently the Acting Manager of Opposition Business”.

    When Mr Burke jumped up to protest, Ms Bishop tried to proceed with business.

    Mr Burke then moved a motion of dissent against her.

    “I will entertain your dissent motion,” she said.

    Mr Burke said it was OK for ministers to make a “half-funny childish interjection” but the role of Speaker was a higher position.

    “The comments that you made with respect to me would be interjections that were reasonable when you were merely in this house as Member for Mackellar,” he said.”

    Sadly I think we are stuck with her because, as far as I am aware, it’s up to a vote in the House of Reps which the Coalition would win, or she has to resign and that isn’t going to happen. She has wanted this job for a long time.

  7. it is time for a walk out if that is constitutional & no resumption untill Bishop has been replaced that woman is a joke & is turning the house into a circus she has to go ..

  8. We need to be more forgiving of a new Government. After all they don’t have much to choose from. It is just as well they put their most competent member into the Speakers position. I mean look at the delay in MYEFO, poor Joe has discovered he doesn’t have enough fingers.

  9. Could someone with political science experience/knowledge please tell me … under our constitution, when can the Governor General step in and declare that all is not right in the parliament??

  10. <

    Bishop (the elder) is an embarrassment to Seniors across Australia.


    On reflection …. Bishop (the younger) is an embarrassment to Australia around the world.

  11. Reblogged this on A Wombat's Web and commented:
    The Australian Government is rabble in suits.

  12. We have the parliament and government that we deserve. It is the duly elected government of the day and represents the will of the majority. It is a reflection of the engagement or disengagement of the voters. All our crazed ranting against them here will mean nothing…just make us feel better. What we need is informed debate and opinion building …not a slanging match like we see in parliament….

  13. Its A BAAAAD speaker getting worse , Total Joke, An Embarrassment to OUR parliament , Next she will bring out her Knitting

  14. Yesterday Bishop declared a “General Warning” to the Labor side of the house.

    Albanese reminded her that such a warning, as the name implies, is invoked to all members.

  15. Jules # 11:04
    The GG has “reserve powers” that include the appointment and dismissal of a Prime Minister. These powers are generally enacted in accordance with “conventions” (accepted rules of practice). Under the precedence of the Whitlam dismissal it may be possible to dismiss a PM who does not have control of both Houses of Parliament. However it would require for the PM not to be able to continue the process of Government. There is a lot of legal debate around this..

  16. CMMC – yes, which is why the ALP MPs were defiantly telling Bishop when she got snarky to “say my name”

    but not long before Bishop started 94′ing the ALP, Hockey (I think) reminded Bishop that it was about time to start chucking about the Labor MPs, and she did

  17. Time for the Governor General to step in and sack the Abbott lead farce that they call a government it is beyond any form of a joke.

  18. Last week Hockey held up a graph when making some point. When Bill Shorten then held up a Liberal ad Bishop immediately told him to resume his seat and warned him not to use props. When cries from the Opposition pointed out Hockey had just used a graph she belatedly said that applies to the Treasurer too…mind you she didn’t interrupt him when speaking or make him put the graph down or say a word until her double standards were pointed out.

  19. Sadly, the G-G has no power to simply sack a government on the basis that we don’t like it. Very specific things have to happen and none of them have (or are likely to).

  20. <


    I know I shouldn't have but that one from Bishop (the elder) yesterday had me ROFL.

  21. this woman has to go…every Question Time, she makes never-ending mistakes, can’t hear yes or no, loses her place, forgets names, speaks so rudely & disrespectfully to all Labor members who stand up and shows blatant bias towards her own team. She has NOTHING to offer in an unbiased way. She has been using her power in this top job to get away with anything in favour of her own political party which she is a member of. And…Porky Pyne is like that little dobber school boy brat we all hate that she pats on the head! take him out as well….

  22. Bishop, Abbott, sounds like the catholic church is taking over our parliament. Don’t do what is right, do what we can get away with. Unfortunately they have the numbers. Instant decisions without thought, believing scientific information that suits their purposes, i.e. dredging thee Reef is OK, global warming is BS. Roll on the next election. That is if we have any country left.

  23. Think we have problems now? Wait until John Winston Howard is made GG.

  24. What the Great Galah to compliment the galah in budgie smugglers ?

  25. We need a system by which a dysfunctional speaker such as Bishop can be called out and, if necessary, stood down. Our current system is too easily trampled on when a government has a strong majority and elects a partisan speaker. It should function on honesty and parliamentary values, but that is something that the Coalition doesn’t know much about.

  26. Bishop is a tired old dish rag who should have been discarded years ago. Abbott made her speaker because among the lack of talent team he’s got, she’s the standout. His contempt for the parliament as a whole simply didn’t allow him to recognize that this decrepit old fool doesn’t even belong in the joint, let alone running it. She is an embarrassment to the parliament, the country and her own rotten party. The opposition should keep piling on the pressure until she blows a gasket.. Can’t think of anything funnier than seeing her wheeled out to join her former inmates in the kerosene gulag.

  27. The poor old um… make that, evil old hag is totally out of her depth. Time for the old nag to be taken to the glue factory. This parliament would be great comedy to watch if the joke wasn’t on us.

  28. power hungry ,did the same with j.howard. got put back in her box and never heard of her again till this swill arrived

  29. I think the Speaker is suffering short term memory loss – perhaps due to early onset Alzheimer’s disease – and of course is in denial.
    I should feel sorry for her – but I can’t.

  30. The current speaker is a disaster. What the parliament needs is Judge Judy as the speaker. She would not stand for any of the childish nonsense and banter that is currently Question Time. Imagine how much might actually be achieved if those elected actually did some work.

  31. Peter Slipper might have been all sorts of a creep, but he was a better Speaker than Bronnie!

    And, yes, Greg story, I know all our ranting and raving won’t change anything, but it does make us feel better!

  32. I have never heard a more biased nor a more incompetent Speaker in some 40 years listening. She is disgraceful but then we all knew that

  33. Completely unrelated but can any one answer these questions (please excuse my ignorance)

    How is it that Peta Credlin is on the floor of parliament house?
    I don’t think I have ever noticed this before.
    I have never noticed an unelected person on the floor of the Lower House during a session?
    Are there rules against this?
    Has anyone else ever done this?
    It appears at times she is participating in the debate.
    Is this allowed?
    It appears at times she is “directing traffic”.
    Is this allowed.
    If she is breaking rules why is it allowed to continue?
    Why has the media not reported her presence and actions?

  34. This IS, after all, the “person” who stood proudly alongside that other shining example of womanhood, Sophie Mirabella, in front of signs declaring that an Australian Prime Minister, duly elected by the people, was another politician’s bitch.
    This “person” who now holds the position of Speaker in Her Majesty’s Australian Parliament is about as appealing a bowl of dog crap.
    A vile, bestial, snarling harridan with not a single redeeming feature. I can say this from experience when I had the pleasure of having to speak to then Senator Bishop in an official capacity for my company. She was wearing the most eye watering shade of acid yellow, matching perfectly her teeth, and her hair at that stage was as close to heaven as you can get. She was as unpleasant and rude and demeaning to others in the flesh as she comes across on the idiot box.
    She WILL rot in hell for an eternity, mark my words.

  35. There is only one way to remove this speaker, the Breaker Morant method (aka rule 303)

  36. i realised that bronwyn bishop actually died years ago…she is similar to Bathilda Bagshot and is merely animated and used by a greater evil.

  37. some of these comments are now just being nasty for the sake of it, lets criticise Bishops hair, clothes, voice, jackets, shoes, earlobes, glasses, how many ways can we fantasise about killing her….. oh wait, no thats what we did with Julia Gillard

  38. Give Bronwyn her gold watch and show her the door. She is an embarrassment to parliament. Outside Parliament Bronwyn you might be a nice lady, I have never met you so I cannot comment. I can comment however on the way you perform as Speaker. Bias, is the first word that comes to mind. When are you going to approve a Point of Order from the Labor Party, since watching Question Time this week, not one has been approved. I think a lot of noise comes from BOTH sides of the house, but its the labor side that gets the cane. Surely some person of high authority should be able to put a stop to this, it is a complete farce and will continue to be as long as Ms. Bishop is in the Speaker’s chair.

  39. Lachlan ,

    Have a look at the seating plan for the HoR:

    The ‘boxes’ to either side of the speaker, and behind the “front benches” of the government and the opposition, are the “Advisors’ boxes” this is where Peta Credlin and other advisors sit. I assume Ken Macpherson sits on the opposition side.

    They are not allowed to take part in parliamentary proceedings though, including interjecting (which Ms Credlin was chipped for when the coalition was in opposition).

  40. Thanks. Appreciated.

  41. TL it troubles me too when we degenerate into the slanging match. I understand where the frustration comes from but it does nothing to further the cause. This government is giving us ample things to discuss and we have more credibility if we stick to facts and analysis of performance rather than personal abuse.

  42. Kaye Lee, its like when people comment on Gina or Clives weight – like, isnt there a million things we could have a go at them for, long before we get to their weight

  43. I agree with David Somerfield,in the first few posts.

  44. If The L/NP can dump Peter Slipper when he became Speaker, why can’t they dump Bishop now she is speaker especially she is lying?

  45. Lachlan, re Peta Credlin

    “In February 2012 she risked permanent expulsion from the House of Representatives after heckling Prime Minister Gillard and Leader of the House Anthony Albanese from the political advisers box during question time (allegedly calling Albanese “an idiot”)”

    She should have been put in her place and permanently ejected then. Who the hell does this woman think she is.

  46. Thanks.
    Certainly looks like she should get back in her box and has again been overstepping her role but I suppose Madame Kerosene is unlikely to discipline her.

  47. “Call me Madam…” she said. And then proceeded to act like a tart…!

  48. Yes old, and I do mean old, geriatric Bishop has trashed the office of speaker, as this government is systematically trashing the country. :evil:

    Cheers :grin:

  49. Our Time Will Come and the way the LNP are going it should not be long.if you all stand up to volunteer at the next election.

  50. Thank god someone was taking notes- I’m sure I’ve seen Bronwyn on a broom in the Wizard of Aus

  51. Leave her alone. She is doing a good job for the opposition. Actually I don’t like the ageist comments.
    Totally agree with the rest.

  52. Exactly what I was waiting and hoping to see.
    Signed and shared!

  53. Labor have a few working on their side from the Abbott gang; Pyne is the number 1 Labor cheer leader; ably assisted by Abbott, Hockey and Hunt. It would appear that Bishop has just been inducted into this group.

  54. How many of you actually watch parliament in action? The Speaker said “I think the ayes have it” and then realised she had spoken in error and corrected it to “The noes have it”.
    Hardly a situation unique to this government or to Australian politics through time.

  55. I have watched parliament, have you. I have seen politicians including the Speaker make errors. I have never seen the Speaker ever get the vote wrong before. If one makes an error in a position of responsibility and authority, the correct response is to acknowledge the error and rectify it and move on. Madame Kerosene mad no such effort and instead became defensive and lacked any acknowledgement of her error and in fact was unpleasant towards fellow parliamentarians who attempted to correctly and politely notify her of her error. Madame Kerosene makes far and away the most amount of errors on a regular basis that I have ever seen by a Speaker in the Australian parliament. She is the Complete Bad Package of a bad Speaker and the only thing hat I can reasonably think of to stain her performance even more would be for her to fall asleep.
    Error rate is high= fail.
    Clear bias is constant = fail
    Total marks for he Speakin’s performance 20% and that is being generous = Epic Fail

  56. Oh, and I do apologise for my “typos”

  57. Clearly you have watched or listened to a different audio or video regarding a differen error or incident than is in THIS article as the above transcript matches perfectly with the video I have watched.
    As I have previously stated our current Speaker makes many many errors. If she has fouled up a vote on multiple occasions it is further evidence she is not up to this demanding and important role and must thus stand herself down from the role or be stood down from he role.

  58. Reblogged this on transitionyarra and commented:
    Democracy at work. Not.

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