An Open Letter to Abbott voters

ClimateRallyDear Australians who voted for Tony Abbott,

I’m seriously unhappy with you. You might think that you understand why this is the case. You might think that I’m disappointed because the Labor Party is no longer in power, and it would be a lie for me to say this doesn’t contribute to my dissatisfaction. But what’s more important, and what’s driven me to write this letter to you all, is something far larger than the people who get elected. My issue is with you. You personally, and your greed and your selfishness, and your decision to put a fractional increase in your electricity bill ahead of your responsibility to provide a sustainable future for my planet. The planet I live on. The planet I am hoping will provide my children and grandchildren with a place to live. Yes, I’m hoping you haven’t contributed to the death of my offspring. This is how seriously outraged by you I am. This is personal.

So you probably noticed, or more likely didn’t unless Kyle Sandilands/Stefanovic mentioned it, that approximately 60,000 Australians turned out on Sunday to rally for action to combat climate change. You know, climate change, that thing that you deny, discount, laugh at, and generally ignore every time you have the opportunity. And yes, if you’re an Abbott voter, I do believe it’s fair to put you in this bucket. If you even begin to tell me you want action to reduce the catastrophic effects of climate change and that you also voted for the man who vowed to ‘axe the tax’, the very mechanism that was reducing Australian emissions and contributing to a world-wide acceptance of the need to do something about climate change, I will tell you you’re a moron. A dangerous moron. And this leads me to my reason for writing you this letter. I want you to know that I’m not just pissed off with you. I’m furious* (*not a strong enough word). And I’m not pandering to you anymore. This is a call for those who share my anger not to pander to you either.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that climate change rally-ers have been out in the streets before, with similar rallies calling for similar action to do something about climate change. Yes, we’ve been out before. But I think it’s time things changed. I think it’s time to talk about what’s happened in Australia. I think it’s time to call you all out for what you have done. Australia had action and emissions were reducing. But now Abbott is undoing it, because you supported him to do this. Because you elected Abbott, you have brought about an outcome which equates to you personally choosing a few dollars in your pocket over the safety of the planet. You don’t seem to care about your taxpayer dollars being wasted on Abbott’s ludicrous tree-planting exercise, Direct Action. Nor do you care that every credible scientist – and most economists – know that this policy will not work. This waste of money scheme is going to end up costing you far more personally, through your tax dollars, than the Carbon Price would ever have cost you. And no one has yet been able to explain to me in words that make sense how you processed this decision into a rational thought.

I actually think it’s pointless that we, those who want action, rally quietly in huge numbers and then go back to our day jobs on Monday and tell our work colleagues that we were there at the rally and how it’s going to help. We’re talking to work colleagues who, in their majority, have used their democratic vote to empower a man who everyone with half-a-brain knows is a climate change denier, for the personally convenient purpose of maintaining his friendship/donor relationship with the likes of Gina Rinehart.

But that’s the thing about Tony Abbott. You people, the ones who voted for him, invented him. Like a disturbingly incoherent Frankenstein thug, you needed someone to tell you that climate change wasn’t a problem. You needed someone to maintain your comfortable status quo, to tell you that your pastimes of shopping and buying credits on your Candy Crush iPhone game were perfectly justifiable ways to spend your spare time and money. You needed this man to give you a reason to do nothing, and to campaign against action when someone tried to do something about the biggest problem our society has ever, and will ever, encounter, to make you feel like you’re not doing something wrong by doing nothing. But that’s the thing. You’re not just doing nothing. You’ve given Tony Abbott a mandate to undo the only action we had. The action we, the responsible Australians, rallied for. You’re the handbrake, you’re the ‘control z’ that could destroy the lives of my future offspring. You don’t care that people are already dying in countries you’ve heard of but never visited, as long as your electricity bill isn’t more than it was last month, which it probably isn’t because you spent half the month in Bali drinking 50c beers and buying $1 copies of Breaking Bad Season 2 so your plasma TV wasn’t on for 18 hours a day. And this is the point I want to make.

Climate change is not a debate. You have no right to an opinion on climate change. You’re not a climate scientist, I can guarantee it. Climate change is happening. It’s killing people now. Whether you like it or not in your comfortable little greed fest, we’re having more regular and more severe storms, droughts, floods and fires across the planet because of climate change, right now. People like me don’t go to rallies because we have nothing better to do on a weekend. And personally, I’m sick of the attitude that we, as a community of people who want to do something, should pander to people like you who refuse to listen, who refuse to understand what scientists are saying (note I say ‘understand’ and not ‘believe’ because this is not a fairy in the garden that you can choose to believe in or not). This is real. And it’s affecting those who want to do something about it just as much as it’s affecting you. But since you voted for Abbott, the coal companies are back in charge. Now we have a government who doesn’t even bother to attend the Warsaw climate conference, where the world is discussing plans to do something. Now we have an environment minister referencing Wikipedia to justify his denial.

So this is my statement: I’m not pandering to you anymore. I’m not pretending it’s a good use of my time to try to convince you of the completely and utterly proven fact of climate change. Polite diplomacy has not got us anywhere. You need to know loud and clear that you’re the problem. And you need to take responsibility for what you and your selfish lifestyle, and your prioritising of dollars on your electricity bill have done to the continuation of the planet we all live on, the same place where we all hope to see our children live without being destroyed by your selfishness and greed.

Your legacy is a country which convinced other wavering, weak societies that there was no point taking action, because it would just be un-done if they did. You will be remembered, and studied by future generations as the people who had the chance to do something, but were too selfish, mean, greedy and self-centered to sacrifice just a small amount for the benefit of the future. I don’t give a shit if this statement upsets you. You deserve to feel upset. You deserve to feel like total cowards. You needed to think of people in the future, and all you could think of was an insignificant sacrifice on your electricity bill which might affect how much, ever so slightly, you can afford to spend on your lifestyle today. You could have just made the easy and smart decision to cut down on your electricity usage, which was really the point of the Carbon Price in the first place. But this was an inconvenience to you. Your mindset is a complete outrage. You’ve democratically elected the most dangerous person you could possibly have voted for at a tipping point in the future of humanity, and you argue in favor of this disastrous decision with all your energy whenever you can. This is beyond wrong. Your behavior is reprehensible and it’s time we told you so.

Next time you’re in the tea room at work equating climate change to the Y2K bug, I think someone should tell you you’re a blight on our future. Next time you spout your bullshit about the science not being settled on my Twitter stream, or you write loony comments on my blog to justify why you don’t want to do anything about climate change, I’m not going to engage in a debate with you as this just gives you the idea you’ve got some credibility in the argument. You have no credibility. I’m going to tell you you’re selfish and greedy. And I’m going to bring up this conversation with you rather than letting you ignore it. I’m calling on others who are as concerned as I am about the path this country has chosen not to pander to you anymore either. This is not a debate. This is you choosing to play Russian roulette with the lives of my unborn children. It’s not time for me to try to convince you to do the right thing because you’ve already had the chance to do the right thing and you spectacularly didn’t do it. Those who are worried about climate change aren’t going to get anywhere by being nice to you people. It’s time to get angry. It’s time to explain to you the gigantic error you have made. You voted for Tony Abbott. Now you have to live with what that means. It’s time to pop your comfortable little bubble. You’ve done the wrong thing.

Yours sincerely
Victoria Rollison

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  1. For Taylor from Malcolm Turnbull

    “Now politics is about conviction and a commitment to carry out those convictions. The Liberal Party is currently led by people whose conviction on climate change is that it is “crap” and you don’t need to do anything about it.

    Tony himself has in just four or five months publicly advocated the blocking of the ETS, the passing of the ETS, the amending of the ETS and if the amendments were satisfactory passing it, and now the blocking of it.

    His only redeeming virtue in this remarkable lack of conviction is that every time he announced a new position to me he would preface it with “Mate, mate, I know I am a bit of a weather vane on this, but…..”

    Third, there is a major issue of integrity at stake here and Liberals should reflect very deeply on it. We have an Opposition whose current leadership dismisses the Howard Government’s ETS policy as being just a political ploy. We have an Opposition Leader who has in the space of a few months held every possible position on the issue, each one contradicting the position he expressed earlier. And finally we have an Opposition which negotiated amendments to the Rudd Government’s ETS, then reached agreement on those amendments and then, a week later, reneged on the agreement.

    Many Liberals are rightly dismayed that on this vital issue of climate change we are not simply without a policy, without any prospect of having a credible policy but we are now without integrity. We have given our opponents the irrefutable, undeniable evidence that we cannot be trusted.”

    Read more:

  2. Senate hearing now on NBN

  3. And Taylor, regarding your comments about the car industry, are you aware that is employs 230,000 either directly or indirectly. Are you aware that the banks and the mining companies get MORE assistance from the government that the car industry does? Why is our government being such a “nanny state” to companies that are making superprofits? Why should mining companies get fuel tax credits resulting in them paying 6c per litre fuel excise while we pay 38c per litre?

    “total budgetary assistance to the motor vehicle and parts sector amounted to $620 million.
    This compares with $700 million to the mining industry and $914 million to the financial and insurance sector.”

  4. Dan, I was being generous. Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Half blind.

    Maybe Taylor should turn into the senate hearings and see how clever Turnbull’s boy are when it come to the NBN. For experts, they know little.

  5. Taylor, you can hear these hearings on line. Just go to the parliament site.

  6. Taylor, just curious, what are you studying at university.

  7. NBN board not sure they need information from Telstra, on the state of the copper, to go ahead with their decisions.

    Still getting no answers. All taken on notice. No answers coming back.

  8. “Flipski”. Now that was worth a laugh. Loved it.

  9. Telstra are fronting the senate committee and Ziggy is saying the copper network is “robust” even though he only has “anecdotal” evidence and no study of the copper network’s viability has been done.

    In 2003 – yes, 10 years ago- Telstra fronted a senate committee. At the time, Ziggy was in charge. This is what they said then, TEN YEARS AGO.

    “A month ago, before a Senate committee inquiry into broadband competition, Telstra’s Bill Scales and Tony Warren rather let the cat out of the bag.

    Warren, group manager, regulatory strategy, told the committee: “I think it is right to suggest that ADSL is an interim technology. It is probably the last sweating, if you like, of the old copper network assets. In copper years, if you like, we are at a sort of transition – we are at five minutes to midnight.”

    A few minutes later his boss, Bill Scales, attempted to bury this bit of candour: “The only point of clarification, just so that there is no misunderstanding, is that when we think about the copper network, we are still thinking about 10 years out. So five minutes to midnight in this context . . .”

    Dr Warren (chiming in): “Doesn’t mean five years.”

    Mr Scales: “It does not. It could be 10 or even 15 years, just to get some context into that.”

    Trouble is, in world terms, Telstra is flogging a sick horse, if not quite a dead one, and the world is rapidly moving towards FTTH – including in Australia. TransACT has laid fibre to the home in Canberra; Western Power subsidiary Bright Telecommunications is doing it in Perth.

    Telstra’s spin is that it doesn’t know what the future holds. Warren again (to the Senate committee): “I think it is fair to say that everyone is thinking, ‘What’s the next network?’ and a lot of parties are trying to put down bets. Telstra is obviously asking: ‘Which bet do we put down? Is it wireless? Is it satellite? Is it fibre to the home? Is it whatever?’ ”

    It’s fibre to the home, Tony. You know it, I know it and Ziggy knows it. But it’ll cost $15 billion to cover Australia, and a third of that will never be economic because of the long distances of fibre with no one connected in between.”

  10. Another question for “Taylor”…

    What do you think of Tony Abbott’s government funded Paid Parental Scheme?

  11. Pope Francis has openly attacked capitalism in his recently released Apostolic exhortation, which for all intents and purposes is the Pope’s “manifesto”.

    While Francis has called for the radical decentralisation of the Vatican, and decided that gay people are not agents of Satan, it is his outcry against savage capitalism that creates the biggest interest. Much of it could have come from the hand of Karl Marx himself, minus the critique of ideology.

    Since his election to the Catholic Church’s highest position in March, Francis has set an example for a more modest lifestyle, living in the Vatican guesthouse and suspending a bishop who spent millions on his luxurious residence. He also chose to be called Francis after Saint Francis of Assisi, who lived a life of poverty. So, is the hierarchy of the Catholic Church finally living up to the teachings of Jesus?

    Calling for a more equal society, ……….

    Not the first time, that the church has condemned both Capitalism and Communism.

  12. Bacchus, I am sure that Taylor will all for that PPL.

    After all, I am sure he sees a well heeled wife in his future. A woman of calibre, that produces children in calibre. After all, we know it is all in the breeding.

    One would expect that Ziggy would be better prepared today, after their performances over the last few days.

    It appears he was at a board meeting yesterday, unable to keep up with the evidence, or lack of it, given up to now.

    Back to plastic bags. Waffling on about what happens years ago. Seems a little embarrassed.

  13. Pyne has had a hair cut. Very short. Wonder will it improve his brain power.

  14. 2,000 nodes a week? Anything is possible if you deny the science. #nbn #SenateCommittee #auspol— Repent Ye Whackos (@geeksrulz) November 28, 2013

  15. Settle the funk down!! The world is not about to end, the sky is not going to fall down tomorrow, the world has been ending since it created, all this apocalyptic talk has been around since man started communicating and writing scripture. As someone who works in the industry of researching business and future industries, the renewable energy sector is one of the fastest growing industries and will no doubt be future of energy. Massive cultural changes like this do not happen over night and can take generations to be fully implemented. Blaming the end of the world on Liberal voters is simply subjective and totally ridiculous. Global overpopulation is more of a concern to humanity than global warming, but you do not hear people talking much about that though do you?

  16. Looks like Taylor has gone bye bye,thank you God.
    No one I know or read from will ever say Abbott and crew will destroy the world,how can one give such an insignificant worm that much potency,hardly.But he and his mob in the last two months have managed to ruin years of hard work and sacrifice Labor have accomplished.
    As for generations to implement,what does that mean,60,90 120yrs,sorry,but NO,we must start to implement new,clean energy schemes yesterday.I am watching right now a Spin Dr for CSG mining manipulating with peoples minds saying FRACKING term is not used anymore we now refer to it as FRACTURE STIMULATION big difference,NO.Not just that,but also bullshiting how they can drill through aquefiers with”assured minimum damage”.
    You go and tell the hundreds of thousands of people whose Island nations will be under water within this generation that it takes generations to change.We have not seen a refugee problem yet.
    As for overpopulation,any one to have heard or read David Susuki is well aware and I can assure you many are aware.The suffering and poverty of many in overpopulated areas of nations is a Geo.political issue and a legacy of Western empires and nations due to past and present practices,mainly to satisfy our perceived
    needs,I call it wants.
    If you are imagining every family in the world in the not to distant future expect to have two cars,flat screen TV,computer,Xbox,etc,etc,well yes that would be a problem and it’s not going to happen.
    But people can learn to live together when,elimination of isolation beliefs,redistribution of wealth in a fair a just manner and the elimination to the glorification of greed would be a bloody good start.
    I don’t have the time right now to go into it but happy later if you wish,got animals to feed and walk,Cheers.

  17. I am sorry, but are you suggesting that global warming is only a recent phenomenon? In that island nations have only started disappeared until recent times?? The interesting thing you mention is that it needed to start yesterday and in fact it did, as an example, some of Australia’s biggest government funding into renewable energy came during the Howard years, remember that? The days when we had little to no government debt and could spend more money on important things such as renewable energy project and the future fund.

    Renewable energy has been around for over a 100 years, but due to advancement in communication and more public awareness about the dangers of CO2 emissions that was not previously known to the broader public, you will definitely see a continued growth in this sector. I do not classify CSG mining in this sector and made no mention of it, so I do not why you would mention it. Renewable energy is Hydro, Solar and wind and it already makes up as much as 13% of our energy sector and is growing fast. One important thing to note is that it will be the private sector that makes this change to renewable energy happen, primarily the existing energy companies who are actual experts in the field and are also helping to drive the change, so do not be surprised if you still see the likes of BP and Shell dominating the renewable energy sector in 100 years. We need to support these companies, do not forget, they live on this planet too.

    As for David Suzuki, yes I do know of his work very well, in fact he raised a lot of the points you mention when he was on Q&A this year. EVEN he stated that what he says is not exact science and just a theory and a point of view he is trying to put forward. Take a look at China, who see the problems with overpopulation and have tried to address their problems whilst being disconnected from the western world and influence. India and even the western world itself experience overpopulations issues, overpopulation helps to drive overconsumption exponentially. Sustainable population should be the true discussion of the day.

    As for the idea that every one on this planet will one day have a equal wealth and standard of living, that is a fairy tale and has never happened, will never happen, and it is not possible for the human standpoint. Humanity has evolved in too many different forms for it to be possible, so forget the issue of global equality.

  18. I fully agree with your comments. I think the Y2K bug is an unfortunate example which people use to try to illustrate that there was a lot of expert warning but “nothing happened” and this could be extrapolated to climate change. I was working in 1999 using a computer system which could completely crash the whole workplace (a public high school) if any process that included a date beyond 1/1/2000 was done. This was the Y2K bug which really existed. It caused a lot of problems and at first the way round it was to defer work that could cause it. The computer system (the Dept Education’s OASIS system) was replaced about September 1999, and we had no further problems.
    The point is that our problem was recognised, and rectified, and that process was repeated everywhere leading up to 2000. Therefore, there was no global collapse of computer systems. Obviously, had the technology not been up-graded and the millions of dollars spent to do this around the world, Y2K would have seen massive disruption/destruction.
    In the case of Y2K, the expert warnings were heeded and that is why nothing happened.

  19. Stop trying to twist reality and what I am saying,for a start Howard two weeks ago stated he does not believe
    humans have any significant affect on CC,and when he said he did it was politically expedient.The first time he ever told a truth.Abbott is his disciple and thinks the same,declared it was crap and still believes it’s crap,
    the only difference is Peta Credlin manipulates what he says to try and get him through the day,as he and his prissy mate are trying to do with Gonski.
    Don’t start spinning me stories about Howard years and spending money on renewable energy,if I want a story I’ll go to a library.
    Yes islands have been swamped,glaciers have been melting,but no where near the rate they are now.
    CSG I mentioned to illustrate the extent of manipulation that is happening today,it is worse for the environment than CO2.This is where you will see BP and Shell in the near future.They live on this planet to exploit as much as they can,and in every disaster they hide what they can.And your current Fed. Gov. is spending not one cent on development or research into clean energy,and don’t dare mention Direct Action,sounds good doesn’t it,about as good as Sovereign Border.
    This current Gov.wont even encourage research,remember,he shut them down.Now operating independent
    on donated funds.
    I understand we may never have equality,but we must have a universal or strive for a fair days pay for a fair days work.How is it that in the space age we have in countries paying workers $1/day selling shoes they make for $250 or more,giving a grown man $36/month selling his suits at $2000.Even in the USA the minimum adult wage is $7.25/hour.This is not simply global inequality,this is global corruption and it must be stopped YESTERDAY.

  20. Where are you Ritchie Rich,I cant see you.

  21. I must admit, for someone insinuating to be a Doctor, you do not develop a good argument. Most of what you have just said is just name calling and immature with no real substance or facts. Except for some minor wage quotes in your final paragraph, but that paragraph just proves you know little about macroeconomics and global currencies. What you say should be done is simply not possible, it’s not global corruption; it’s just macroeconomics at work. Learn your facts, Howard is correct in saying as humans we do not have a significant effect (even the original 1400 scientists from the UN had trouble proving we had an effect at all), but that is beside the point, the fact that we have an effect at all is the problem and thus why we should endeavour to change. Evidence shows that the planet has cooled in recent years compared 10 years ago, or is all this global warming have more to do with the Sun’s natural 11 year cycle than human impact? It will be interesting to see where the global warming debate goes when the current sun spots disappear. If you are wondering what that means (which it seems you will be), when the sun ends its cycle and loses its sunspots, it has a massive effect on Earth’s temperature.

    Hence, more to the story and settle down, we are going to be okay and you can go on pretending to be a doctor for many years to come.

  22. “In the case of Y2K, the expert warnings were heeded and that is why nothing happened.’

    Same as GFC. The action Labor took, prevented disaster in this country.

    Shorten telling it as it is at the moment.

    ABC 24

  23. Whoever you are, you are wasting my time and effort,Come clean now and be honest,you got me.Haha.
    You are Taylor aren’t you.Now bye,bye and please go,I am finished with you,I suggest you and your cashed
    up buddies get into mummies Mercedes and head for the city,go paint the town red,Ciao ciao bambino. IO

  24. Taylor,
    That God of yours is going to be mighty upset if you continue to make references to “socialism” and “communism” which show you as unread; and unfit to make the comment; and thus reckless with the truth. Scholar of Marx are you? Reads to me like completely ignorant twaddle. A little moral advice. Find out about someone before you make comment on them. Following the rabid pack of ignoramuses gives you no moral excuse.

  25. This rabble have no interest in the future or future generations or indeed the lives of others in poorer countries. The true fact of the matter is they are only interested in keep their obese (gone from fat to obese) mates making more and more profits. The ppl of Oz must now unite and tell this chaotic, lying conniving and tricky govt. that we will not put up with this nonsense like they have done with Gonski. No smart, tricky manipulation of language convinced anyone Abbott, it only convinced us that ur a complete and utter nut case.

  26. You are totally correct mate,and most new what they were like before the election,even so I was preying for a DD election,but as Dan Rowden pointed out in his post recently so did those who voted for them,and like Dan said,so why would they change their vote now.I agree with Dan I don’t now think many of them would.
    What must happen is for those that are not registered,and those that chose not to vote in the last elections
    have an attitude change,and realize that all our votes count.I know some,sad to admit even in my own family
    that had that attitude,but I can assure you their attitude has now changed and will be participating next time round.Cheers.

  27. Dear whiny blog writer,

    Make sure you suck a dick now, y’hear? :)

    Fuck your infantile beliefs that hurting australian industry will save the planet. How arrogant are you to think we matter at all.


  28. Quit prepared to leave the dick sucking to you and your pet poodle dog breath.
    So trying to make a more healthy environment hurts industry does it.Closing auto plant to save an extra $150 million a year with the total eventual retrenchment of 200.000+ jobs is beneficial to industry is it.
    I could go on but realize people like yourself that are unable to put three intelligent lines together are a waste of time,and arrogant enough to assume you are in the minority and hence,you don’t matter.
    Now you just get comfortable in front of your Fox TV,lick and suck you pet poodles dick,and leave the hard work to the adults,y’hear? :-)


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