Indonesian President Yudhoyono responds to Tony Abbott


The Indonesian President has taken to social media to let the world know exactly what he think of the actions of the Abbott-led Australian government. The last tweet in this sequence indicts just how much damage Tony Abbott’s bull-in-a-china-shop diplomacy has done to our relations with one of our neighbours.

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  1. <

    After Abbott's criminal visit to Sri Lanka and his support for a war criminal it now remains to be seen how India will react to Abbott's "gunboat diplomacy".

  2. Not in my Name A mr Abbott

  3. We all seen this coming but I don’t believe anyone thought it would happen so soon.

  4. His tweets are in English, they are not for Indonesians, these are aimed squarely at Tony Abbott and Australia

  5. Have you ever noticed how hard it is for conservatives to say sssss…..ssssss…..ssss…. Just ask our Aboriginal Australians.

  6. @Kaye Lee I am pretty sure the tweets have been translated into English, they were originally in Indonesian

  7. Uh, you are aware the surveillance was in 2009? That would make it Kevin Rudd’s watch. Abbott may be an unpleasant bullet-head, but even he is incapable of covering every act of despicable behaviour this country commits.

  8. Scrap that, they were in Englsih…

  9. franc – SBY said he felt belittled by a man without any remorse, not only about the spying, read what President SBY said

  10. Georgie, SBY posted them in both Indonesian and English.

    TonyAbbott is an absolute muppet.

  11. franc hoggle misses SBY’s point totally. It’s not just about the spying – it’s about the “response” from Mr Abbott.

  12. It would be so easy to say sorry as Obama did. Why not do it? If he wants to say “wasn’t me” then ok but Indonesia wants and deserves a response. Give them one. It ain’t that hard.

  13. 7 tweets in 3 minutes? Shit is getting real people.

  14. exactly Kaye Lee, but Abbott NEVER says sorry, he will blame the Indonesians soon for taking offense, it will be either “it’s all their fault”, or “who is to say who is right or wrong, what matters is, it wasn’t me”

    you don’t win diplomatic points by humiliating your bestest friends in the whole world, and that is what Abbott has done, belittled and humiliated another country

  15. Tony Abbott said today in QT that he “regretted any embarrassment caused by the story being in the media.” That’s like having your cheating husband say he regrets that your g/f told you what was going on.

    franc it’s kind of irrelevant when it happened or if other people have done it too. As has been pointed out, it’s the response that matters. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard didn’t order the forced removal of children from their familes but both of them gave the apology that these people deserved.

    We all know of Tony’s admiration for George Pell who recently attacked a ”persistent press campaign” and ”general smears that we are covering up and moving people around”, and suggested that abuse by Catholic priests had been singled out and exaggerated.

    I have also never heard John Howard apologise for Iran or children overboard.

    Instead of saying sorry it happened, Tony and his mentors say “sorry someone found out”.

  16. oops Iraq. oh for an edit button.

  17. Withdrawing their diplomat from Australia is just when one needs a diplomat in place to smooth the waves, created by the buffoons we have as our government. WW 3 is on the horizon at this rate, and Tony my prize idiot, “Shit WILL Happen”

  18. Why is it that whenever the US is around, trouble soon follows? Their shifting foreign policy to the Pacific region isn’t going to serve Australia well. All they want are our resources and geographical position on the earth’s surface. The sooner Australia wakes up and realizes they are “pretend friends” only, the better we will be able to protect ourselves.

    But while we have such a rAbbott as our PM – it won’t be any time soon. Abbott is no more than a stooge -and he’s not bright enough to know when he is being used because all he wanted was to beat Gillard at any cost – His ego simply couldn’t stand being beaten to the top post of our country by a woman- and we are the coin and collateral.

    SBY and Indonesia is understandably upset and is, IMHO, in the right to be so. “Do unto others, as you would have them do for you” is a good life philosophy for a peaceful life for everyone.

    Obviously the Indonesians spy on us too but they probably tell fewer people about what they find and Australia is a more technologically advanced Nation and so we are able to protect our secrets better.

    But what many don’t understand about the Indonesian and Asian way of life and culture, is the importance they place on the individual character of a person. Once that becomes questionable and untrustworthy – it’s a long, long, long way back – if ever.

    This Govt. has just destroyed their own position in Indonesia and other countries in Asia through ignorance and hubris. If Abbott or Bishop had the grace to apologize and admit our errors, we may have been able to salve at least a working relationship.

    Many Indonesians still remember what it was like to live under a colonial ruler and having America try to dominate them again is unbearable. Australians have always lived freely and don’t recognize the signs of American domination because we have submitted to the lifestyle greed of America – we have allowed ourselves to be compromised.

    Personally, I would prefer to live in peace and friendship; protected by understanding and kindness (as unprofitable money-wise as that may be) than always having to be afraid.

    I can’t speak for anyone else – but for myself – I sincerely apologize to SBY and the Indonesian people for Mr Abbott’s rudeness, ignorance and lack of empathy and understanding. I will try to elect a better time.

  19. Nice one Jan Smith. Like Like Like!

  20. We can all relax. Don’t you remember our Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, saying before the election that it didn’t matter what the Indonesians were saying in public – they had a nudge, wink, understanding and we’d have no trouble turning the boats back or basically doing anything we wanted and that their posturing was just for show.

  21. So, when they break off diplomatic relations, that’ll probably just be for show too.

  22. SBY go have cry. You should address same esp people smugglers when YOUR gov does NOTHING.

  23. When SBY wants to talk about Tony Abbott he turns to Twitter. When Tony Abbott wants to talk about SBY he turns to Alan Jones.

    I think SBY is reaching a far more intelligent audience.

  24. @toby: Please don’t insult the muppets like that. The muppets are amazing, they spread cheer, as well as messages of peace, tolerance and care.

  25. Jan I like your post except where you say we don’t need America. Look at their defence budget. It’s more than the next top 3? maybe 5? countries combined. Look at our defence budget and our geographical size and tiny population. We simply cannot defend ourselves. That’s the real reason we joined the war on terror. Our force was really a token, but it showed solidarity that the US wanted. We need a big brother, who else would you have us choose China?? I’d rather America even though it’s far from perfect.
    Would be nicer if every country just kept to themselves and no one needed a military, but that’s never gonna happen.

  26. Abbott needs to go to Indonesia ASP, crawl on his hands and knees and begged BSY forgiveness. this spying start with the Howard Government 2003 and not 2009 Tony is try to shift the blame once again on ALP.

  27. I think, if conflict does eventuate, SBY will be amazed to find a disunified Australia. Those of us who despise Abbott and all he stands for will not be prepared to defend him. We will campaign against hostility as he will not be doing it in our names. Abbott should apologise to SBY and do it soon. Oh, and while we’re there, let’s not forget Schapelle Corby is doing time in Indonesia and we have two Australians facing the firing squad over there, what sympathy will SBY demonstrate to two young men from a country that has offended him and he has recalled the Ambassador from?

  28. Abbott Has Proven to be a bigger clown than we all thought Possible, Less than 3 Months into the Job He has Insulted One Of OUR BEST FRIENDS To AUSTRALIA, Help a Dictatorship with Patrol Boats to Stop People fleeing Because Of Persercution, Our Great Leader has an Opinion So different to the the rest of the commonwealth Leaders Telling Us ” Sometimes Torture Has to be done ” The Indonesians Know they are dealing with a Fool and will screw him To Get Better deals, This same Clown after the Hung Parliament elections Could “nt Negotiate with the Three Independents , REALLY Can anyone Believe a word out of his Mouth ,

  29. All Abbott needs to do, is start acting as an Adult, as he promised.

    This is about Abbott’s behavior, not so much the revelations.

    Abbott needs to take A leaf out of Obama, when he dealt with a similar situation with the leader of Germany.

    Is really not that hard.

    It might surprise some, but Abbott needs Indonesia more than they need us, or him.

    The Indonesians have a election coming up. How their leaders deal with us, is important to many of their voters.

    Does anyone at this time really believe that turning back boats, is going to make any difference to those boats.

    Is Abbott’s ridiculous obsession with turn back the boats and TPV worth the cost to this nation?

    I cannot find any evidence, that it is.

  30. Greg, can one trust a word that comes out of his mouth, along with his mob.

  31. Along with many other people, I have watched the rise of Peta Credlin’s power with fear and trembling. NOW we have their advertising guru Mark Textor buying into the international diplomacy war. Who the hell do these people think they are?

    “”In a series of tweets aimed directly at the Indonesian president, Mr Textor lashed Mr Yudhoyono for tweeting his outrage over Mr Abbott’s response to revelations Australia tried to tap his phone.

    “What sort of head of state communicates with a neighbouring government by twitter FFS? That’s insensitive,” Mr Textor said in a tweet on Tuesday.

    In another tweet, Mr Textor wrote “I think he should sack his foreign service and just do twitter. Save on the drinks bill.”

    Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser later tweeted “should be sacked now” in reference to Mr Textor.
    Comment is being sought from Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office.”

  32. It was much worse than that Kaye. He’s since deleted it, but he was comparing the Indonesian Foreign Minister with a “70s porn star” :evil:

  33. It’s all about the correct protocol. Everyone spies on everyone else, all the time – makes no difference whether the particular instance of spying was on KRudd’s watch or JHoward’s – sheesh!

    How the incident is usually handled is how Obama has demonstrated – he made all the right apologetic noises and everyone returned to business as usual. That Abbott is too bog-ignorant to understand this most basic diplomacy does not bode well for Australia. But then, I already knew that and did not vote for the meat-head.

    Gawd ‘elp us – coz no one else will.

  34. Bacchus he should be sacked immediately. That is unforgivable.

    Of course he will just then devote his attention to his other endeavours which include lobbying for the tobacco industry. And Abbott calls this man an advisor.

  35. Yep – that was what led to Malcolm Fraser’s call for his sacking too.

    Follow this trail of excrement, if you have the stomach for it…

  36. While Crosby was federal director of the Liberals in Australia, the party accepted substantial donations from the tobacco lobby. Crosby Textor’s co-founder, Mark Textor, has been an adviser to the tobacco industry in Australia, fighting plain packaging.

    His clients have included Philip Morris, the owner of the Marlboro brand. His company, which has opened an office in London, Crosby Textor Fullbrook (CTF), has been on retainer for tobacco firms since the 1980s.

    CTF has also represented British American Tobacco. Mark Fullbrook, CTF’s co-founder, was also head of campaigning for the Tories.

  37. Julie Bishop on Meet The Press said “I point out we’re not seeking Indonesia’s permission to implement our policies, we’re seeking their understanding”….

    and this is how Liberals seek understanding:
    Mark Textor tweeted “What sort of head of state communicates with a neighbouring government by twitter FFS? That’s insensitive”

  38. This one would have gone over well too turnleft2013

    From Textor: “I think he should sack his foreign service and just do twitter. Save on the drinks bill.”

  39. Kaye Lee, Im hoping its a parody account, but it aint funny, so its probably the real thing

  40. abbott doesn’t deserve any better,and shorty can fuck himself,national security fucking shit,this is the yanks up in pine gap with nothing to do but play with their dicks.The Indo.Pres.wife FFS,what were they going to do,gate crash her tupperware party.
    If Aus.didn’t have such a lowlife attitude to people in need we wouldn’t be looking like the hillbilly pisshole nation we have become.

  41. Doc

    “If Aus.didn’t have such a lowlife attitude to people in need we wouldn’t be looking like the hillbilly pisshole nation we have become.”

    Yep, sums up the situation perfectly.

  42. Our idea of humanitarian aid is to give gun boats to torturers and to persecute any asylum seekers who may slip past the blockade. And NO we will NOT be taking any action on climate change, and I think the Filipinos are being overly dramatic. The devastation wasn’t caused by climate change and we aren’t putting any money into no stinkin’ climate fund or making any promises about the future. Get back to us after we make a few billion from the coal in the Galilee Basin and our uranium deposits. Oh wait…..we are getting rid of the mining tax. Scrap that….you are on your own!

  43. T.A.: Ooooh Bang Bang, I’m in a bit of bother. You see, before the election I promised the ignorant racists who voted for me that I’d turn the boats back. You’ve got to help me out; you being my new best friend. S.B.Y: We don’t want them and they don’t want to be here anyway.It will cost you Tony. Friendship only goes so far after all. T.A: Yes, yes, yes. Anything. I’d sell my arse. S.B.Y: Won’t be necessary, then we’d have to shoot you. No Tony, we’ll just distract them with one of the usual topics … maybe spying … and then we’ll give it a couple of months and come up with a new arrangement. Let’s say you’ll still sell us all the livestock to kill as we please.etc. etc. etc. etc. but we won’t help you with boats or people smugglers. T.A: Phew Thanks Bang Bang. I owe you.

  44. Always knew Australians were racist.

  45. Keep em coming folks surely some of these will get to the MSM.

  46. Posting via twitter in both English and Indonesian would suggest the there were dual purposes to the action. In Indonesian, for domestic purposes, in a lead up to elections. In English, chiding the Australian electorate for their choice, The LNP had shown little regard for Indonesian sensitivities in some of their announcements, not seeking permission but asking for understanding etc. Yudhoyono could really be emphasising that the relationship should be on a basis of equality, not a reflection of past colonialism.


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