A Lou Reed Song For Christopher Pyne

No doubt many of you will be aware of Pyne’s QandA attack on Lou Reed on the night of Lou’s death and his refusal to name his “favourite” Reed song, saying that nobody played Lou Reed in the places he went (?). He went on to attack the ABC.
So just for you, Christopher.

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18 replies

  1. Heard tell Pyne may have taken “a walk on the wild side” at Turtle Beach resort :P

  2. apparently , there was also a close-encounter [ the 4th. kind NOT the 3rd.] of the ashby kind . Throws a whole new meaning on ‘BEAM me ,up …’[ just to keep the sci-fi metaphor going ]

  3. All that nasty behaviour may come back to bite him in the arse. Woops, maybe it already has.

  4. All those years in the closet and all he can manage is an abba…

  5. not at all surprised……he is too posh to admit it….maybe he only knows benny hill songs

  6. The man’s (& I use that term advisedly not wishing to insult REAL men) a utter twerp, buffoon & hypocritical, pompous private school prat poodle,

    The apparently brain dead Liberal voters of Sturt have much to answer for.

  7. Pyne”The Whyne”, the perfect prat of a prefect!

  8. Hardly surprised Pyne not a Lou Reed fan – let alone Velvet Underground, just as brain dead as Abbott who could only name The Seekers when asked.

    When WERE these men born? 1930′s? With apologies to any people born in the 30′s.

  9. Forgot to add, great choice of track there Rossleigh.

    I believe “Venus in Furs” would apply to 99.9% of Liberal party that’s if you believe the song is about S & M.

  10. Pyne the cocksucker is not worthy to tie Lou Reed’s shoelaces.
    Pyne is a prissy out of touch closeted queen with a nasty mouth and apparently a wife and kids, although no one I know has spotted them.
    As a gay man myself, my gaydar went berko as soon as Chrissy Pyne opened his pie hole. Make no mistake….this “man” is a bumboy in every sense of the word.

  11. I would have thought Iggy Pop, would be his style. Perhaps” Kick It”, Fatherfuckers 2003

  12. This is no time to ignore warnings
    This is no time to clear the plate
    Let’s not be sorry after the fact
    And let the past become out fate

    - Lou Reed There is no time

  13. Geoff

    I am so glad you said that, I feel that Pyne is an insult to gays – how does one declare one’s contempt for the “Poodle” without insulting gays?


  14. Idiots. Lou Reed was a fuckwit.

  15. I guess ricky p is one of those – who like Pyne – is an Abba supporter. :)

  16. Dianaart…..thanks for acknowledging my post. yes it is hard saying some things about Pyne without insulting gays. I’m however NOT easily offended. i even like being called a faggot….call me old fashioned.

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