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Deconstructing Andrew

I hesitated to write this probably because enough has been said about the nefarious personality of the journalist Andrew Bolt. However, I have been affronted on a number of levels. His blatant racism, his elitism, his disrespect for the greatest… Read More ›

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Haters want to hate

It’s clear Australian voters aren’t rational, but do they have to be so blatantly mindless as well? When I say voters, I’m currently referring in this context to the people recently polled by ReachTEL and whose responses contributed to this… Read More ›

Six of the best

We are at that moment in the election cycle (and given that we have a Labor Government, much to the consternation of a compliant right-wing mainstream media) that we can expect the said media to ramp up its attack on how hellish the… Read More ›

Terrorism. Enough is enough.

Understandably, there is much concern of late about Muslim terrorism. Individual extremist Muslims causing carnage. Then there’s Iraq and Syria. Natch. Organised Islamists. Horrible. It is untenable and we need to take action. There is an elephant in the room…. Read More ›

Henry Moore Artist

Henry Moore 1898 1986 Arguably, the best sculptor of the twentieth century, Henry Moor’s position as the greatest living British artist was unchallenged from the late 1940’s until his death in 1986. Son of a Yorkshire minor, Moore trained at… Read More ›


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