My letter to the Prime Minister


Dear Prime Minister,

I am aware that the Government has turned to social media sites when issuing media releases. I am also aware that this is an initiative to bypass the mainstream media (MSM) who habitually distort and misrepresent the facts or the purpose of the release. The Government’s policy releases never see the light of day in the MSM and this is a loss for the electorate as well as the Government.

Whilst the move to social media vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as well as the Government web sites ensures you are capturing a new audience, there is still a large audience out there which you are not penetrating. These are the independent blog sites.

Sites such as Independent Australia (IA) have a daily readership of 50 000. How many of those readers follow the Government’s press releases via other social media? How many of those readers are exposed to honest reporting from the MSM? In both cases, I’d suggest only a few. Other sites such as The Australian Independent Media Network (The AIMN) are also starting to attract a growing readership which would gladly be a vehicle for media releases. IA and The AIMN are not alone.

Your recent informal gathering with a group of female blog owners suggests that the power of blogs has not escaped your attention.

I have visited the Government blog sites and I can’t help but notice a paucity of comments. The independent blog sites attract many comments and this would also provide the Government with a gauge on how the media releases or new policies are endorsed or not endorsed at a community level. But the biggest asset, of course, is the growing readership and the growing influence of this readership.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Taylor.

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  1. Michael
    I take it that your ” New Job” means that any pretence that this site will be in any way “independent ” is now entirely over?

    Because I fail to see how this site can live up to its name when its main writer is literally “in bed with the government”.

  2. A common sense letter. I hope you get a reply as I am sure the PM needs all the help she can get! Although I am no great follower of Twitter in particular (my life in 140 characters…what?!), it, FB & blogs have transformed the dissemination of info, esp in terms of breaking, important news. You are right in informing the PM of terrific alternatives. More power to you & other progressive analysts.

  3. Iain, it hasn’t escaped my mind that a similar letter should be sent to the Opposition leader.

  4. The Australian media is in bed with the coalition, including the ABC. Fairs fair.

  5. BTW Iain, I’ve received your email but have been a bit tied up at the moment. I will give it some courtesy as soon as I can.

  6. Another BTW Iain, the LNP aren’t much into social media. They don’t need to be, as the MSM do their work for them.

  7. Oh yeah, Iain, unlike the ABC, which is run by a former Howard Staffer; or Fairfax-which answers to the likes of Gina Reinhart; or NewsCorpse, which is run by Abbott’s dear friend, Rupert Murdoch. Seriously, if the perceived lack of “independence” is such a problem for you, Factless Troll, then why don’t you piss off back to one of your Far Right pages… know, the ones where *any* dissenting views will get you deleted & banned in very short order.

  8. Well said Marcus, I was about to make a similar comment but you have done it so well it’s not necessary. I would like to add though that to me ‘independent media’ means separate from the dominant media owners eg Ltd News Fairfax and the commercial TV channels. As you rightly point out, the right wing point of view is well served by these outlets. I look to independent media to get a different point of view and one that is not directed by the owners political objectives. These outlets continue to distort, lie, misrepresent and ignore important stories eg Ashby conspiracy. And they fail to report information positive to the govt. I don’t see why sites like this one shouldn’t make themselves available to the govt to get their point across, the MSM is not fulfilling it’s obligations to the public in that regard.

  9. Excellent letter, Miglo & do hope it will give the PM’s press advisers new ideas. They must be as desperate as we are to get the message out with MSM the way it is & feel as though they are knocking their heads against a brick wall. When I hear rightwingnuts say our PM has not done anything, such as have legislation passed, or brought out any initiatives I scream.

    Strangely, many far rightwingnumnuts firmly believe Fairfax media is biased left due to the fact Fairfax is not, as yet, as rabidly, & nastily, far right wing as mendacious News LTD. It is merely right wing . Not good enough for them.

  10. Iain, here’s an idea. To balance the scales perhaps you could invite the LNP to issue releases on your blog?

  11. Yes Iain, offer your web site to the LNP, I am sure they would like to put your views out there to the world, your views on immigration, Asylum Seekers, especially your view on Muslims, your views on marriage equality, your views on there Broadband policy, health, education, the list is endless Hall, offer your views and your site to them.

  12. “Literally in bed with the government”? Literally? Can you post photos? :)


    Dear Prime Minister

    The ALP is likely to be decimated in the upcoming election, the parliamentary party may be reduced to a rump of time servers. A real leader accepts responsibility for poor outcomes, and all the relevant events and decisions that have caused this unhappy situation have been on your watch.

    Please step aside in favour of the man you knifed, who remains a respected and popular figure. Kevin Rudd may pull off an election victory, at worst he will not leave the parliamentary ALP decimated.

    It is in the public interest, and the political interests of the ALP, that you leave sooner rather than later.

    Yours sincerely


  14. Why do we give people like Iain so much brain space? He made one comment is easily identifiable as completely illogical. Yet it set off a fluffy of reaction and protest. I think mainly the right wingers get off on getting reactions out of us. It’s like throwing seagulls a chip and watching them squalk, to them. They are less threatened by our views because they know our views are nothing when compared to the extraordinarily powerful propaganda machinery they own in Australia. What they are terrified of though is people learning to think for themselves, researching the facts beyond the media and coming to their own decisions. It’s all over Red Rover for them when THAT happens, which it will after Abbott becomes PM.

  15. Take out ‘is’. Fluffy = flurry

  16. I totally agree that LNP need no more avenues to spread their lies MSM do beautifully for them.I also don’t care if IA are biased toward Government,.Someone has to get their policies and the truth out there.How will we know if you get an answer from the Government?

  17. “Why do we give people like Iain so much brain space?”

    I don’t think you have to worry about Iain taking up too much brain space.

  18. Dear Joolya

    They have us on the run, but feel reassured that we have the wagons in a circle and await further orders.


  19. Dear Prime Minister,

    It’s because you’re a woman.

    Yours sincerely


  20. Is anyone sure, that Iain’s blog is not already fulfilling that role. Migs, where did you get this idea from.

  21. Fed up, I strayed to Iain’s blog & no one reads it It truly is dark place & the latest entry is the full, unexpurgated Geert Wilders’s. speech from the other night. Didn’t read it as I value my eyesight & sanity.

  22. Hello Janice.

    All correspondence to a member of parliament is responded to unless it contains vile language (I used to see a lot of that when Howard was PM).

    However, it is unlikely that the PM will see my letter.

    Instead, someone in the Parliamentary team will fan it off to the relevant Minister who covers the portfolio that relates to the subject matter of the letter. In this case it will be Senator Conroy.

    Someone will make the decision of whether Sen Conroy or a senior officer in his department will sign the reply. If it is the Minister then the reply is rather prompt.

    Regardless of who signs the response, it will be drafted by some poor unfortunate junior officer who will complain about having to write another damn Ministerial.

  23. Another positive action of the PM today. Money directly to hospitals.

  24. Fed up, the idea sprang from a tweet of mine last night where I asked the PM to give me a job on her PR team (as it definitely needs new blood). I followed it up with my post on CW titled “I’ve got the job” which was only meant to be a hypothetical.

    Turns out that someone has now tweeted the PM congratulating her on appointing me. :oops:

    Anyway, this idea to write to her about the benefits of social media just seemed like the next step.

    It came to me in the shower. :shock:

  25. “Turns out that someone has now tweeted the PM congratulating her on appointing me.”

    That’s priceless Migs.. :) I reckon you should front up to work first thing Monday morning…!

  26. Naturally I’ll command a high salary. Budgets may have to be revised.

  27. Pollies can claim the embedded media drag politicans down, but most remain somewhat timid as they know it will be them bringing themselves undone on social-media, which probably doesn`t cut thru to the levels peddled by Zuck.

  28. Migs

    Naturally I’ll command a high salary. Budgets may have to be revised.

    well I hope for your sake that any salary is not performance based, or you may find yourself paying for the privilege of working for the cause….

  29. Iain, Australian Workplace Agreements have been abolished. And didn’t my salary skyrocket when we went onto union negotiated certified agreements.

  30. You are kidding right Michael?
    You would be on a very short term contract to the ALP rather than the government in such a gig and as contractor/consultant rather than an employee your remuneration would have to be subject to negotiation… so normal Public Service rules would not apply surely?

  31. Once again without fail, we have the nastimess.

  32. @Miglo. If you want a job with the PM, you’ll have to make sure you’re in the right-wing faction of the Party.

  33. Peter, I think that’s a fairly safe bet.

  34. Today will be my last appearance here. The urge to censor and control appears to have finally overwhelmed Miglo.

    See, I wrote one or two comments todays and noticed with amusement that Miglo appeared to have blocked me. :) Although now it appears they go into “moderation” and then get published 10 hours later when they are safely out of view…

    (Thus my slightly altered name just for today’s “epitaph”… At least someone will get to read it even if it gets deleted :) )

    Presumably, this is due to my strong criticism of Catching-Up/Fed-Up for her habit of making baseless, false (and potentially defamatory) allegations against others.

    It’s a little strange as it seems to have been a case of “delayed reaction” – it occured several days after my last criticism of her (and in meantime, she was criticised by several others, and I had posted on completely unrelated topics). Perhaps Miglo was scouring the WordPress manual on how to set-up blocking and moderation in that time?

    In any case, the thin veneer of wanting a diverse site has pretty much blown away in the wind…

    On the first day I read this place, a member of “the team” told Miglo “This site appears to be another Tony Abbott hatefest. Please remove my name from the blogroll.”
    - Miglo expressed regret because he claimed he wanted a diversity of viewpoints.
    - He went as far as posting an article “Conservatives Wanted”.

    Miglo’s words are that he wants a diverse site.

    But his actions seem to be to protect overt leftie “trolls” whilst admonishing those who criticise them.

    The “protected trolls” are allowed to:
    - lie and make false claims about others’ personal lives.
    - abuse conservatives/righties as “teabaggers” repeatedly.
    - address others with rude names (“El Dildo”, “Bore of Melbourne”, “Crash and Burn Skeptic”, “Iain Bore”, “Crashing Bore”)
    - and Miglo sometimes even joins in the denigration/ridicule/name-calling.

    Iain Hall wrote:
    I take it that your ” New Job” means that any pretence that this site will be in any way “independent ” is now entirely over?

    Pretty much. Miglo appears to have made “his call”.

    It’s a Tony Abbott Hatefest, full steam ahead. It appears “Dragonista” had it nailed on Day One.

    I shall leave you to your sheltered workshop, Miglo.

    Rigged games and stacked decks are boring, and I have little interest in consenting to you being gatekeeper to my words.

    And for the regular trolls who will no doubt whoop with satisfaction, don’t worry – perhaps I will drop back and say hi the week after Tony Abbott is elected PM ;)


    PS – Good luck to those (of the left or right) who are willing to stick around here and dissent from the GroupThink :)

  35. “Presumably, this is due to my strong criticism of Catching-Up/Fed-Up for her habit of making baseless, false (and potentially defamatory) allegations against others.

    Well I for one would hate to see you go CS..

    Like yourself I had (and still continue to have) high hopes for the site that Miglos’ established here. (Otherwise I wouldn’t bother wasting my time)…

    Catching UP has made some baseless accusations against me and then resorts to some sort of “victim complex” when you dare haul her up on it.

    It’s clear to me that CU is afforded “protected species” status here with the way in which people jump to her defence regardless of the facts.

    It would be sad to see this place just become another Cafe Part Three.

    Which is why I continue to comment. But if that’s the main aim , I’ll just bow out…

  36. So The AIMN doesn’t live up to Crash Skeptic’s expectations because it doesn’t lean far enough to the right?

    That’s not my problem.

  37. Jeeze Miglo, talk sbout completely missing the point… :roll:

  38. How odd. I showed impartiality today towards Fu and reb but again that isn’t good enough.

    With the protagonists departing at least we can now stay on topic.

  39. Reb, the right wing were invited here just as much as the lefties were. I have a post from an extreme right winger to put up soon but I just haven’t had the time. It will appear in a day or so and naturally I’ll cop some criticism for posting such extreme views.

  40. I certainly think Crash Sceptic has proved to be an incisive contributor, and has dissected some of the more stupid comments very effectively.

    I think it is incredible that he would be placed in “moderation”, given some of the one line, inflammatory insults that appear here, without any rebuke by the administrator.

    It is disappointing if the type of past inconsistent and unfair moderation has recommenced at this site.

  41. I will miss CS… he’ll always be welcome at The Daily Trash.

  42. I see a pattern here. The people who are the most vocal critics of The AIMN are those people who, over a number of years, have exhibited an extreme dislike of me. Am I to assume that their intentions are to see the downfall of this site?

    It has been expressed to me by many others over the past few days that this appears the demonstrable evidence.

  43. I can assure you that there is no pattern and no ill will towards this site as far as I’m concerned.

    This site looks like it should be good quality and it encourages some quality writing. It suggests that it values diversity. Therefore stupid or inflammatory comments should be rebuked, regardless of whether they are written by ALP supporters, independents or conservatives.

    And CS’s comments clearly haven’t been anywhere near the most inflammatory, and they have put pressure on stupid comments. There’s not much wrong with that.

    CS should be well down the list for moderation, and Miglo, I think it’s reasonable to point that out to you.

    I don’t object to the lack of non ALP authors, as the important factor is the fairness offered to non ALP contributors. Time will tell whether there is a consistent standard on that.

  44. Oh priceless Hall giving advice on employment, absolutely true to form,piss funny.

  45. ToM, CS had some comments edited which is why you might be unaware of the transgressions. There were no problems with his latest comments and I had no hesitation in posting them.

    But it’s a pointless argument now as CS has bid us farewell.

  46. Miglio, just returning to the salary review & how much you’re worth…don’t get out of bed for under 6 digits. Goodnight from Minister of the Bleedin’ Obvious.

  47. Miglo – [quote]I see a pattern here. The people who are the most vocal critics of The AIMN are those people who, over a number of years, have exhibited an extreme dislike of me. Am I to assume that their intentions are to see the downfall of this site?

    It has been expressed to me by many others over the past few days that this appears the demonstrable evidence.[unquote]

    You are probably spot on Miglo. Some of the most obdurate right wing blowhards here do have their own blogging sandpits to play in. Suspect they come here to get their “jollies” by “stirring” up the “Commies”. Won’t work.

  48. Psst. Don’t know how to do a quote. Sorry.

  49. Joy, for italics the code is [i] and [/i] and for blockquote [blockquote] and [/blockquote] but use the < brackets instead of the [ brackets.

  50. “I can assure you that there is no pattern and no ill will towards this site as far as I’m concerned.”

    I agree one hundred per cent.

    I think this is a great site. Barry Tucker and John Lord are excellent writers and it’s refreshing to read their well-considered posts.

    I also think it’s to Miglo’s credit, that a wide cross section of commentators congregate here and participate relatively unchecked.

    It seems that some don’t handle criticism of the Gillard government particularly well and simply respond with name calling. Not that it bothers me…

    Better to have a robust environment with a wide and varied range of commentators than just an echo chamber where everyone just nods in agreement.

    Keep up the good work Migs…!

  51. Thanks Min. :)

  52. “CU would simply make the same excusion again – well, I think it’s pretty obvious that she was deliberately being a dishonest troll.”

    Glad to see I’m not the only one to arrive at that conclusion.

  53. Good grief CS(E) you are having more farewells than Dame Nellie Melba!!

    Those of us who have a less rigid view on life get tired of the bullheaded obduracy of people who will not concede that others who have differing views may have a point. They usually then resort to name calling such as commie (wow), leftie, bludger, union luvvies ad nauseum. It does make me laugh though when I read some rightwingnuts calling Hitler a leftie. Clearly history is not a strong point of some so they make up their own.

    There is no way to get through their stubborn self-righteousness & there is absolutely no way that their far right conservative claptrap will convert me to the dark side.

    So, we shall agree to disagree.

  54. ‘It does make me laugh though when I read some rightwingnuts calling Hitler a leftie.’

    In the late 1920s when the Communists and brown shirts were fighting in the streets of Germany, Hitler opportunistically exploited the situation.

    Goebbels said we are socialists too, but in reality Hitler was a demagogue fixated on personal power.

  55. Gosh that was a long exit speech Crash. Bon voyage!

    Migs. it is good that we are exposed to what is being put out there, because even though we mightn’t agree with it, it does show a different point of view. This is how we, the people, can make an informed choice.

    Trouble is that the LNP isn’t giving us any information and the media just relies on dishing out the same ol same ol thinking that by treating us like mushrooms that we will just go along like little lambs and accept the diatribe.

    Judging by the amount of noise from this great site and IA where at least we are getting some truth in reporting, many others are starting to say to the media/opposition, enough is enough. Lets take the fight right up to them so that true democracy can prevail.

  56. Say goodbye to CS and el gordo.

  57. Cu/Fu hasn’t been here all day yet I see a couple of posters whose only reason for commenting is to continue an attack on her.

    Hence, say goodbye to CS and el gordo.

  58. Thanks Mig, I have better things to do Fridays.

  59. “Cu/Fu hasn’t been here all day yet I see a couple of posters whose only reason for commenting is to continue an attack on her.

    Perhaps it’s because the criticism is warranted.

    People who are dishonest and lie tend to attract criticism.

  60. l look forward to seeing `Crashed-Teabags` blog, :-)

  61. What is that lie?

    Where is all the criticism coming from?

    Have not noticed any.

    How long do you intend lo keep calling me a liar?

  62. “How long do you intend lo keep calling me a liar?”

    For as long as you insist on saying that the following statement you made wasn’t directed at me:

    “reb, come out from under the rock at last, I see.”

    I mean who else could it possibly refer to…?

  63. Reb, you are being precious. You have no idea why.

    Could not be the band of bullies that you left loose to attack, while you sat back feigning innocence.

    Since you have been allowed back on these sites, you have been baiting me.

    It appears it is you and your band that are allowed to offend.

    Yes, the most I have done, is to offend you.

    The problem is that any thing I said, that was not in accordance to your belief would cause offence.

    That is how this vendetta originated in the first place.

    Yes, if anyone is interested. It goes back nearly two years.

    It began when words I used were twisted by the precious one, to have differentg meaning.

    The silly part was I was supporting Reb at the time. It was about same gender marriage.

    What I objected to was the trashing of the PM.

    When one visits Reb site, one could get the impression, it’s only aim is to trash the PM.

    I am not saying that it what it is about, but it gives that perception.

    There are often excellent posts there as well.

    In the context, I have asked reb some questions that has led to an offence.

    I can only say I am sorry that happened. That was not my intention.

    Reb has no intention of givingup this vendaetta. He will keep going while I am on the site.

    It is going to be a long battle. I will be trolling past. What others do is up to them.

  64. Please note that that last comment was a “generalisation” and not aimed at any individual in particular. I’m sure CU will understand. :roll:

  65. With a bit of luck, it might boomerang back to where it belongs,

    Hope you are enjoying yourself.

  66. Hope you’re comfortable sleeping at night with your little lying self…

  67. Don’t you ever get tired of playing the victim card CU…? It’s pathetic.

    Why don’t you simply admit you made false accusations about me and then lied and denied that you ever made them…?

    You’re a liar and charlatan – exposed here for everyone to see what you’re really like – a bitter old lying and deceitful troll.

  68. My last statement was definitely not a generalisation. It was answering the accusations that have been making against me lately.

    It appears he does not like my version. That is his problem, not mine.

  69. reb, I am no victim. I am a strong survivor. That is why I take shit from no one.

    reb, just get one thing straight. I am not going away, no matter how long you keep it up.

    Why don’t you stop the childish behavior. Have you no pride.

  70. “Why don’t you stop the childish behavior. “

    Why don’t you simply admit that you lied….?

  71. “Have you no pride.”

    Have you no shame…?

  72. I wish I could and bring the stupidity to an end. Problem is, I did not lie.

    You cannot even tell me what the lie is.

  73. I ask the same of you. You insist I lied. You cannot tell me what the lie was.

    reb do you really believe that others are enjoying this exchange.

    So you really believe they are interested in your hurt feelings.

    That is all this is about.

  74. “You cannot even tell me what the lie is.

    How many times do I have to repeat it …?

    You said the following comment – that you made – was not directed at me and also you insisted that it did not mention any names, yet my name is the first word mentioned…

    “reb, come out from under the rock at last, I see.”

    Are you really this thick, as well as a liar….??

  75. I’m sure everyone is sick to death of this exchange, and it’s not about my “hurt feelings.” I couldn’t give a toss about your sarcastic little attempt at an insult.

    What I do object to, is your blatant dishonesty in saying that you never mentioned my name, when you clearly did in your original snide little remark.

  76. reb, I am becoming very frustrated indeed, Where is the lie. I have not said I made that comment. I have explained what I meant.

    All I can say, is I am sorry it hurt your feelings, even if you have been baiting me now for ages.

    It is a waste of time, trying to bring this to an end. You have no intention of backing off.

  77. ““reb, come out from under the rock at last, I see.””

    Sorry, nothing snide about that. It is very clear what I said.

  78. Crash Skeptic’s comment deleted.

    Message to CS: it is far easier for any of our admin to press a delete button than it is for you to keep posting rubbish and setting up different ISPs for the sake of being seen here. And I am pleased to inform you that through our tracking software we have been able to identify the sender.

  79. So Crashed Septic, how`s your blog going.?

  80. Migs, So crash and burn sceptic crashed, and now he’s burned :grin: Which may make your proposal a much more attractive proposition :grin:

    730 reportland, I challenged yellow ToM and his purple mates to start their own blog, but it appears they would rather stay here and tell Migs how to run his. :sad:

    Migs, I hope that the PM accepts your offer, as they send out policy updates all the time, but primarily, I think, to those that are party members, or those that have commented on their web site.
    so the wider public don’t get to see what they are doing, and they need to get the message out there!

    Cheers :smile: :grin:

  81. l tend to think most of them are shills from `paid-to-comment` websites TS. Why wouldn`t you have your own free blog to rant from, even if you only rant a few times a year. l think it`s coz they don`t `really` have anything to say. el`gordo.?

  82. 730reportland, you could well be right :grin: I just think it’s pretty dishonest ;mrgreen:

    Cheers :grin:

  83. I just love how the comments on these articles devolve into subject matter that has absolutely nothing to do with the article which initiated the comment thread.

    For the record, I agree with the original article and I have nothing more to say about any of the other silly nonsense that people brought up.

    cheers all.

  84. Mark, the matter has been taken in hand by Admin.

  85. I happened to see that comment from Crash Sceptic. I thought it was less offensive than many of the comments (from ALP aligned types) that have remained here.

    I find it disappointing that the censorship that I have considered so mindlessly unfair on other occasions and sites has permeated to this site.

  86. But then you would wouldn’t you ToM. Tony Abbott’s FB page is so rigorously vetted that ANY comments not of the party line are deleted immediately. How’s that for fairness?

    Now back to the subject.

  87. I really regret clicking ‘notify me of follow-up comments via email’ 30 comments ago…

  88. Bullshit Tom. Nobody is censored on wordpress or any other blog-platform. Everybody is free to have their own blog. Users just don`t have to put up with dickheads on their blogs either.

  89. Marina, one can always unsubscribe. Look on bottom of email.

  90. Fed Up, what a scathingly brilliant idea. I had no idea I’d be waiting a lifetime for more ‘on topic’ comments. Too many energy thieves in the meantime.

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