An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

TonyAbbottDear Tony Abbott

I notice that you’ve been getting a free run in the mainstream media over your whole career and it occurred to me that you are out of practice in responding to scrutiny. So I thought I’d do you a favour and scrutinise your supposed vision for our country, on the off chance that this experience might come in useful one day. Like, just say, if you become Prime Minister of Australia and someone dares to ask you what on earth you might actually do during your time in the top job. Assuming anyone cares.

Now bear with me as I examine your policies, as I do understand that you are very keen not to reveal these until the last minute before the election. So I’m just going to have to go by ideas that you’ve floated and talking points that your colleagues have mistakenly inserted in between the barrage of harassment, verbal abuse, smear and stunts that is your unique brand of Opposition conduct.

Let’s start with an important policy – the Carbon Price. We haven’t missed that you don’t like this policy. You resigned from Turnbull’s Shadow Ministry in 2009 in protest against his support of Rudd’s Emissions Trading policy. You won the Liberal leadership by one vote (probably Peter Slipper’s) by promising to attack this policy. You won the support of your fossilized front bench by mounting a mission to destroy the Carbon Price. And most importantly, you won the support of Gina Rinehart, someone who appears to hate the Carbon Price more than you do, by promising to ‘axe the tax’. This strategy has literally paid dividends to your party. So I can see, from your point of view, your opposition to this policy is a winner. But this is where I have a slight problem. It’s the whole ‘your point of view’ thing. You see, Tony, when I look at your policies, all I can see is that they are going to benefit you. You personally. When your policies also coincidentally benefit some of your rich mates like Rinehart, the end result is that these rich mates pay your party money to continue your quest to help them. Their support personally benefits you. You’ve made it very clear that you’re an ambitious person and you obviously desperately want to be PM. Tony Windsor has a voice mail from you that outlines this desperation succinctly. But here’s the rub. I feel you’ve also made it blatantly clear with your behaviour and ideas over your time as Leader of the Opposition that you are more interested in short term personal gain for yourself, than long term, difficult but ultimately beneficial reform for Australia.

Your Direct Action Policy is obviously bullshit and won’t go anywhere near meeting the emissions reduction target agreed to by your party. You don’t seem to mind that you’re attacking market based mechanisms (Carbon Pricing and the ETS), which is odd because your party is very fond of letting the market run free. Instead, you are advocating a centrally controlled, government funded scheme that will cost tax payers $30 billion dollars and would definitely be labeled ‘Communism’ by your friends from the Tea Party. $30 billion dollars, Tony, is a lot of electricity bills. And worst of all, you don’t seem to give a crap about the environment and the effect that Climate Change will have on my generation and future generations of Australians. (Notice how I used the word crap).

The Carbon Price was a difficult reform for the minority Labor government to implement. Good reforms are often challenging political battles to win. Successfully implementing the policy, of course, was made a lot harder by your anti-Carbon Price circus, but thankfully the Labor government prevailed, the sky didn’t fall down and Whyalla hasn’t been wiped off the map. In fact, emissions are already reducing. Good result! But rather than applaud this policy success, and acknowledge the good that it will do for reducing Australia’s emissions, and also the importance of acting as a responsible global citizen, you are basing an election campaign on a promise to kill this crucial, once in a lifetime reform. To deliver what exactly? Slightly cheaper electricity bills. So you’re appealing to the electorate’s lowest common denominator – their hip pockets – today – rather than being a leader and making the necessary tough decisions to ensure the safety and economic security of our nation’s future.

What about the National Broadband Network? Your so-called mate Turnbull is trumpeting this reform around town as a waste of money. Like a used car salesman trying to undercut a dealer down the road, Turnbull is offering a cheaper, lesser quality broadband network, in the place of the one that experts in the technology sector say is the only viable option for sufficiently increasing broadband speeds Australia wide. Getting the National Broadband Network right the first time, rather than paying less and installing a lemon, is, in my view, very important for the future efficiency and productivity of Australia’s economy. Your party likes to talk about increasing productivity doesn’t it? But again, you take the easy road to policy popularity and mislead the Australian public into thinking that you can wave a magic wand and fix everything with your supposedly bottomless pit of revenue. It’s clear that experts and you don’t see eye to eye. But I can tell you, the electorate is going to be rightly pissed off if you rip apart a high quality, revenue generating broadband network, and replace it with one that keeps Telstra in the arrangement, relies on rotting copper and will result not only in lower speeds but in tens of thousands of ugly fridge-like cabinets churning away on suburban streets and sucking power. That’s right, the NBNCo cabinets currently being installed around the country are small and don’t require power. The fibre being installed currently is waterproof, so it won’t cut out when an area floods (due to Climate Change) and will provide the fastest possible signal to most of the country. But you plan to replace this technically superior product with a dodgy ‘solution’ that will require a new coal fired power station just to run it, and will keep Telstra happily maintaining copper that is way past its used by date. In fact most experts are now questioning whether Turnbull’s Fibre-To-The-Node solution will end up costing more than the current NBN. It’s interesting to note that you don’t seem to give much thought to what might happen on the other side of September 14. There’s only one thing you care about. You and you being in power, right now.

I noticed that one of your policies (or so called ‘Discussion Papers’) about a northern Australian economic zone accidentally got leaked to the media this week. I see you have been busy denying that this plan will ever be put into practice, but excuse me if I don’t believe you. You see, we know how much Rinehart means to you (your pocket) and your future plans for your career. We know how important getting rid of the mining super profits tax is to Rinehart. Funny that you and your colleagues have been calling on Wayne Swan to resign because the Mining Tax so far hasn’t brought in enough revenue. Don’t you think this attitude is pretty rich coming from the party who has promised to get rid of the tax, and it’s resulting government revenue, altogether? No doubt you think you can get away with such hypocrisy since the mainstream media never call you out on anything. But we all know how much you would like to support Rinehart in her quest to pay little or no tax at all. So we can see that you’re working behind the scenes to bring Rinehart’s plan for this country to fruition. It’s really not a good look that you’d prefer to support Rinehart’s ever growing multi-billion dollar fortune, rather than sharing the benefits from the sale of mineral resources with all Australians. I think the electorate would think this was a pretty bad look too if the mainstream media bothered to make as big a deal out of it as they would if they had any professional integrity and journalistic skill.

The more I scrutinise the bare bones of un-costed ideas that claim to count as political policy, the better I get to know you Tony. You’re that five year old who takes the one marshmallow now, instead of deferring gratification in order to wait for two in the future. You’re offering the Australian people a magic pudding economy of higher government spending, lower taxes, a better economy, lower cost of living and no concerns about Climate Change, that anyone with half a brain can see that you have no hope of delivering. Yet you are so blinkered by blind ambition and selfish yearnings for personal success that it’s clear that you don’t give a shit about Australia. And this is why I think you don’t deserve to be captain of a CFS unit, let alone Prime Minister of this country.

Yours Sincerely
Victoria Rollison

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  1. Excellent article Victoria. Leave the ‘troll’ replies in… I love it when they give themselves away.
    They can rarely spell properly.
    The grammar is generally dreadful.
    They invariably spell ‘Labor’ party as Labour.
    Their facebook pages usually indicate they stopped thei education at Year 9 or 10. They seem to like pit bull bogs, neo nazi sites, and disturbingly, seem to love the existing Australian flag.
    But the dead giveaway is their ‘trump card’ Juliar. this is really the best they can do. Thank Alan Jones for this old chestnut. (If they really had any idea what Mr. Jones really got up to in his private life they would be very, very angry)
    Malcolm Turnbull, by the way, evidently has shares in a telecommunications Company in France. They are installing fibre to the home, the very technology he appears to oppose.

  2. Victoria’s article is clearly biased (not that there is anything wrong with that) but what you need is a post by Reb or Treeman to get a different perspective.

    This idea has merit because it offers the crowd from TPS and Cafe a chance to criticise the author and force them to defend their position. This should solve the problem.

  3. el dildo, do keep up, reb took his bat and ball and went home :cry:

    Cheers :grin:

  4. I haven’t given up on Migs, but if he continues to only have blatant leftwing biased posts then the site is no better than the Bolter’s rightwing diatribe.

    What is required is a balance of posts so that the blog is robust and attracts a huge audience. A place where ordinary people, who have no particular interest in the politics, need to hear people arguing the toss so that they can form an opinion of their own.

    Failing to grasp this simple concept is a fair indication that AIMN is going nowhere fast.

  5. El gordo, how can anyone write anything except from one’s own perspective. In a mature debate you accept that the other person or persons have a different opinion, point out errors of fact and any erroneous conclusions drawn due to these errors of fact. However, to accuse an author of “bias” just because of expressing an opinion differing from one’s own is wrong, and I would consider that this could be considered a personal attack. As such, personal attacks are specifically not tolerated on this blog.

  6. Its all one way traffic, so people with alternative views are ‘trolls’. Now if Treeman could put up a guest post the world would turn upside down.

    The 5th Estate cannot hope to emulate the MSM in news, but they can certainly outflank them with opinion.

    ‘I would consider that this could be considered a personal attack. As such, personal attacks are specifically not tolerated on this blog.’

    Unless its mindless leftards doing the abusing.

  7. Blah blah blah. You just dont know when to to give up el gorgo, what min said and others is exactly right.

    If you want to rebut, do it with some facts to back up your claims not just outright attacks. Most here, if not all, would love to hear your factual claims and that has been said countless times but you are just not listening.

    and yes Turnbull has bought shares in a FTTH project in France

  8. The threads here start with well written, thought provoking leads that have a pro ALP (as distinct from ‘left’) orientation. I think that’s fine – Miglo has said he is open to publishing other perspectives too.

    I think problems occur when-
    *Contributors call those that take issue with the author- ‘trolls’, and rarely bother to propose any rational analysis of the issue.
    *Blog owners implore contributors to ignore alternative perspectives
    *People simply argue on a partisan basis -particularly when contrary to actual, documented facts and events.

    I always say that those that resort to name calling simply provide evidence that they have lost the debate.

    This deserves to be a diverse and successful blog, the quality of the writers should help. But some of the indulgent comments won’t.

  9. El gordo, in the two years I’ve seen you around the Internet all I’ve noticed is that you condem/complain about the sites that don’t follow your ideals. You do your best to run down those sites before running back to reb’s site to brag about your behaviour. You there complain that all the sites you condemn are “all the same” yet it is you that is turning them into sites like that.

    Please stick to the sites you like, such as those that are anti-Labor, anti-progress, or those in complete denial of the possibility of climate change.

    If your only intention for coming here is to vent the same old complaints, then don’t bother.

  10. ToM, I would like to see the term “troll” absent as well, however, it is difficult when people such as el gordo only exhibit trollish behaviour. Perhaps we’d be better off if both the term and the behaviour were avoided.

    The behaviour comes before the response. The action comes before the reaction.

  11. Maybe Miglo, but (personally) I think I’ve been called a ‘troll’ here about a dozen or more times.

    Those that use the term have not even attempted to reply with any rationality. It is actually those people who come here with the specific intention to disrupt the (reasonably) orderly political discourse that would otherwise occur.

    Because they tend to be ALP supporters, they don’t appear to attract any opprobrium from authors or owners.

  12. ToM, do you condone el gordo’s behaviour?

  13. ‘…all I’ve noticed is that you condem/complain about the sites that don’t follow your ideals.’

    Reb’s left of centre and I’ve always been further left than that, so I gravitate to left wing blogs.

    My criticisms of the cafe are well founded, its a chat room.

  14. ” What is required is a balance of posts so that the blog is robust and attracts a huge audience. A place where ordinary people, who have no particular interest in the politics, need to hear people arguing the toss so that they can form an opinion of their own. “
    You`re so full of bullshit gordo. When right-wing teabags last spouted this type of crap at reb`s (several-posts-back) l asked the teabags `Where their blog is?` to see if they had anything substantial to say, instead of interjecting with their snippets of bullshit. You would guess correctly Miglo, if you thought they died in the arse and went silent on the matter.

  15. Thank you 7:30. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

    I’ve seen enough of el gordo’s behaviour to know exactly what her intentions are. I’ve now decided that all of her comments will be held in moderation from this point on. If she is not willing to intelligently debate the topic, then her comments won’t pass moderation.

  16. Miglo, I don’t read every comment on this site, so I can only base my opinion on those directed to me, and I think there are several ALP oriented people (quite distinct from “left”) who have the sole intention of disrupting reasonable exchanges.

    I don’t know whether their behaviour is better or worse than el gorrdo’s, but I can’t really figure out why el gordo would be specifically singled out.

  17. El gordo has history, ToM. Surely you’ve noticed it.

  18. I have to agree mig, I just had a quick run back over the original post and can honestly say that el gordo came in commenting about none of the content, just came in with fists flying with comments about “Julia” or “Gillard” etc but completely missed any of the points that were raised (and brilliantly raised I say, MSM take note PLEASE).

    Now as for the accusations of lyes etc, The GST was introduced and we are living and surviving well now with it. But those guys seem to forget one of the biggest lyes ever made, . So we are to believe anything the current LOTO says as gospel. He has no policies at all, just empty retorick and untruths that the MSM pick up on and plaster all over the front pages and on TV commentary. Throw enough mud and it will stick seems to be the only policy they have.

    All I ask is they also follow the line of Truth in Politics that Turnbull espouses

  19. why dont you do your homework a Labor supporter i suppose you would not know the truth if it hit you in the face. I believe Policies will be revealed in due course and not when you rednecks want them to be so you can steal them. i cannot wait for the truth to come out about all the scandals involved with this government.

  20. Daphne, do you honestly believe that the Coalition are holding back on their policies so Labor won’t steal them?

    Have you not noticed the hundreds of pieces of legislation that have been passed during the term of this Parliament?

    It is my own guess that the Opposition have yet to come up with any policies, other than to destroy what has already been built.

  21. Truth!!! Ha #ashbygate, WOMD, GST, babies overboard, FTTN is a better way to go (Turnbull et al), global warming is crap to name a few.

    Truth is, and well documented, Lowest interest rates in how long, lowest unemployment in how long, best economy in the world, tripling of the tax free threshold (I presume you dont want that) therefore lower TAXES, pensioners finally getting a better pay.

    Defecit, well sometimes that is how one has to live. If you have a mortgage,car, boat, second car etc and you are paying them off, that is also a deficit. can you afford to pay them off, well yes other wise you wouldn’t have them. will you pay them off, absolutely, that is the goal. that is the goal of any goverment but it should not be to the determent of the masses, which it appears will happen if LNP get in.

    We are managing quite comfortably obviously, other wise we woudn’t have the conditions mentioned in the second para above.

  22. “El gordo has history, ToM. Surely you’ve noticed it.”

    I think it’s fair to say that there are a few people with “history”, and (in my opinion and experience) such characterisations are usually very flawed.

  23. as a first time visitor to this blog, one is sadened that the escence of Victoria’s post has been lost midst an insult battle of opposing experts. perhaps time to stand back and read the article for its facts, imagined or otherwise, give it some open minded thought and then post sensible considered comments. It’s ok to have an opposing opinion, but no need for a battle to post the most ridiculous commentry

  24. Well said, zwetschgen.

  25. yes i do believe that the coalition will reveal their policies when we get close to the election. Go back to when the Government first took power they were two billion in the black comes the global crash thank god we were in the black this so called Treasurer rushed through school bats where a couple of people died i think it was run by by Garrett, computers to everybody in schools which was abondoned $8oo given to single people i banked mine . School renovations which were dodgy Medicare Chronic Dental sc heme (mcdds) closed down. The new labor (cdhp) will be inferior to the existing scheme i can name many more stuff ups and as far as us pensioners are concerned we are worse off now than we were with the Coalition they also took the $500 off us so we really are receiving a pittance why not give to our own people instead trying to be big wigs overseas. You might be living quite well but i can assure you i am not and i do not drink or smoke. Sure they have got pieces of legislation through which ones are good . If we ever get connected to the new cable i will n ot be able to afford it so there goes my only pleasure. I believe that this Treasurer could not run a pig sty, he cannot even get close to his budget estimates so how could you say what reform you are going to make until you see the figures. O and so sorry if the spelling is not 100% we cant be smart like some people as they seem to think when you belittle people for not being able to spell you are the pits.

  26. Funny thing. Since that dental scheme has closed down. I have still has access top necessary treatment.

    This is one pensioner that is definitely better off.

    The computerisation of schools was much more than laptops. Suggest you visit a local classroom. Start with kindergarten.

    Ask the teacher in the room, what they consider waste.

    Yes, the laptops are coming to an end. Now we have the school kids bonus, which is one of the first thing on Abbott’s cut list.

  27. Me too catching up..I’ve had great free dental treatment at Westmead..more than ever! Since Julia stopped Howards hand out to his rich mates on his ridiculous dental plan for rich people at the expense of us! I hope my treatment all gets finished before the election in case Mr Rich gets lifted on to his throne by his billionaire mates..He’ll wipe everything out for pensioners..Bronny Bishop said on Gina 10 that the pensioners rise, the biggest one ever by the great Labor Gvt will be clawed back by Abbott..He’ll take it all back and pay back his rich mates with the tax cuts they want..just like Johnny did.:( Terrifying prospect for the working class and pensioners..Daphne is saying all the lying stuff Alan Jones says..Oh dear…that’s sad…she has no idea what Abbott will do to idea..Jones is such a consumate fear monger.:(

  28. By a careful calculation of the phrasing .. and recognition of repetitive sentences and ideas .. I have deducted the el gordo is reb is tom of melbourne.
    Even if he’s not .. what a waste your time.

  29. Hey Daphne – the chronic dental scheme for genuine low income working people and pensioners is running well..The only part closed down was the Howard dental scheme for the rich which stopped thousands of aussies getting treatment because it was costing millions a month to give rich people free dental…you really need to turn off Jones..that man is a shocking liar..and he’s also been arrested for sex offences loitering around a men’s toilet looking for gratification..he got nabbed by a plain clothes cop..Hardly a beacon of light and truth when he’s also paid by billionaires to scare the pants off you and tell shocking lies…NOT working for the working aussies, just his bank balance.. turn him are talking rubbish when you parrot lies from alan jones the toilet loiterer..

  30. misch, mine was at Wyong Hospital. Would have love to have got back to Westmead, which I have attended over the years. Nothing but praise.

    Did used that expensive scheme. Susrpise that I was eligible, as I have no ongoing disease.

    The trouble was they were only able to remove one of my few teeth I have left and a minor filling. Took one sitting. Welll at least, I had clean teeth.

    They refuse to take on what I really needed, a new plate. This is because I have a severe cleft palate,

    That is why I wanted to get back to Westmead. Thirty years ago, they made me one of the best fitting plates I ever had. No suck luck with private dentist.

    Yes, back to the dental hospital for the essential new plate.

    Yes, got a good one, then was stupid enought to lose over forty kilos, leading to my new plate no longer fitting. Relined a few days before Christmas. The problem is not as goos a fit. I have a choice3. Put the weight back on, or put up with a loose plare. Afraid I will be putting up with this palte.

    That is life.

    Also, my son, out of work, managed to get dental treatment at short notice.

  31. As for the cost of linking up to NBN, have not seen any price list that are beyond most today. On this one, I would check, before believing everything that is said in the MSM or by the Opposition. Generally found to be incorrect.

  32. daphne should recheck her pension figures too! $500 taken off you? It was $500 that wasn’t part of any pension scheme – it was purely largess handed out each year by little Johnny, hoping for exactly the result he’s got from you – mindless gratitude :roll:

    Meanwhile the Labor government introduced the first real increase in pensions for many years.

  33. how dare you say that i listen to Alan Jones i am quite capable of making up my own mind i have not only worked for Sir Arthur Fadden but also i worked for the Waterside Workers Union Office and Chooky Oliver was the Secretary I do not know if he is related to David Oliver of the A.C.T.U I can only say that this Union treated me like a lady not like the Federated Clerks Union who i think your Senate Rep was in charge at the time. Sadly i am not in the know like many of you on this panel who just want to push your labor agenda i am afraid i could not vote for this disfunctional government and after all the sordid affairs which have come out with Obeid, Thomson, Slipper etc i do not know how anybody could defend them. I watch Q uestion time in the Parliament and the Government never answer a question but defile people in the Opposition. I have handled wages you name it and the Unions will not give Employers a fair go they continually come onto the job site and disrupt the workings of the employers. For our country to survive we need to have small business as well as large working for us all we have is coal, gas and iron ore and if you are so smart tell me how many companies have gone bust since this Government came into power. If you are doing well on the pension please tell me how you do it are you living on love.

  34. daphne, are you trying to create an argument. If not, why so defensive, there is no need to be so on these sites.

    As for spelling mistakes, most here do not judge.

    Relaxed and I believe your opinions will be respected, if not agreed with.

    Hope you have a happy stay.

  35. daphne, Peter Slipper was a Liberal MP who went independant, not a member of the Labor party. The case was thrown out of court by the Judge who saw no evidence of sexual harassment and decided it was a blatent case of using the court system to try and ruin Slipper’s career and brind down the government. Why hasn’t the MSM questioned TA on his letter to Ashby saying that Ashby “wouldn’t be out of pocket” in persuing the Slipper harasment? Sounds obvious to me, but why has no one questioned him?
    You can seriously say you listen to question time and not notice every question from the Coalition is some form of attack on the Prime minister? How many months did virtually all questions relate to the AWU? In opposition, most parties put foward their own policies and with a bit of give and take between parties some of these go through? What has Tony done but say no to everything and not bring anything to the table himself?
    As for not listening to Jones, you are doing a marvelous job of parroting the likes of him and Bolte. How could you look at the facts and come up with their arguments when theirs are such obvious distortions on the facts?

  36. you think i am not being respectful go back and have a look at the remarks and there was a remark made about spelling and english catching up i dont care if you respect my opinions or not. i am not judging but stating the truth and its alright for you labor supporters to defile so if my remarks are not printed what does that say you dont have to respond

  37. I think before stating “the truth” you should do more research to find “the truth”. The statements made by you are what has be presented as “the truth” byt Abbott, Jones, Bolte and their ilk. I letter further searching shows most of those “truths” to be distortions if not outright lies.

  38. How did these comments ever get so far off the topic of the article?
    The article is about Tony Abbott and how most of what he does and says seems to have one goal, getting elected, and very little to do with improving things for this country other than making the already rich, richer.
    It does not mention Gillard, or the Labor party, it is a letter to Abbott, about Abbott.

  39. Hi Darren i realise that Peter Slipper was a member for the Coalition but he has not been for a long time i believe there is more to come o n the Ashby case as well as the Cab Charge and the P.M. put him in as Speaker to shore up her nos in Parliament and i also think there is a lot more to come about with the A.W.U. and the P.M. you cannot watch the same question time that i do as i just wish the Government would answer the question and if you recorded the speeches it would be quite evident who casts vile remarks as i have said i do not listen to Tony Jones, Bolt or whoever but i do read. I would love to see a new party take off who could manage the country well give us more faith in politicans and i do believe that if the Labor party gets back in we will be a banana republic hope not.

  40. daphne, I am sorry that has happened.

    Our problem is that we are becoming a little sick of people coming here for one reason only to attack.

    I do not doubt, what you say, you believe to be the truth. The problem is that others. including myself do not see what you say ion the same light.

    You have come across as a little aggressive and defensive. I am just trying to see if we can get past that, and make your stay enjoyable, even if you disagree with most of what we say.

    I, for one, do like hearing what all have to say, and their reasons for believing so.

    It is not them and us. We all live in the same community. The problem is that we all want different things.

    Yes. I do live comfortably on the pension. This is I believe is because I own my very modest home. It is definitely not because I am a good money manager. The opposite is true.

    I am also lucky to enjoy good health. I am not rolling in money, do live week to week, but then I have always lived this way, getting through one way or another.

    Lets try to exchange thoughts, not insults. I would advise others to at least wait until the insults start flying.

    Lets leave the attack dog mode as a last resort. Lets listen, so we can attempt to find out why so many appear to hate this PM and government. I, for one rally want to know the answer to that.

    I am curious was the public perception of politics today, has nothing to do with the reality of our daily lives.

    Why so many believe this government is the worse in history, while we reside in one of the best economies in the western world.

    So much seems to be disconnect and simply does not compute.

    I for one, would like to listen to daphne, to see if she can give us some insights from were she is coming from.


  41. Peter Slipper was also recommended by the Coalition also and was a close personal friend of Abbott’s. Hey, he may have had some cab charge rortes, I have no idea. As for the “more to come” on Ashby, that is word for word from The Australian. Why is Labor souly responsible for anything he has done? I wonder how vaige “more to come” lines outweighs the Judge on the case?
    A lot more about AWU… nothing more for Abbott to answer on the one nation slush fund he had nothing to do with then admitted he did? My my, what selective picking of subject matter. And given the article is about Abbott quite the strawman. Gillard could be Jack the ripper and it doesn’t make any difference to what was said in the article. If Gillard is bad does that make Abbott good?
    I would like to see a new party too, I think the entire bunch of MP and their parties as having too many vested interest other than what they should be doing, that is the best they can for the country as a whole whether they are in the current government or opposition. People elected them to represent THEM, not play political games.
    You have your views on Labor. I for one normally vote Liberal, but I can’t this year, not with Abbott as leader. It is not just what I have read (outside the MSM, as they don’t cover anything bad about him) but every word he utters. I am a listener, I sit back and watch and listen and see what people say and their body language and look beyond the words and “personna” they try to project. Every fibre of my being says self interested, narcotistic, sociopath when I listen to Abbott.
    With Gillard, hey I am not a fan, she should be stronger, she is getting their but bows to popular opinion too much. I respected Howard in that respect, a bit of a fuddy duddy, a tight wad, let Australian infrastructure run down, but I respected him for sticking to his guns against popular opinion. Keating too, I respect what he says of Abbott. If he gets in “God help us”, because I don’t feel he gives a toss about the average Australian, he cares about himself and that’s all.

  42. Yes, daphne, I would love to hear some of your answers to issues raised in the letter.

  43. Fellas I know you are just playing with the troll but really I think daphne has other sites to try to disrupt. Let him go.

  44. CU wrote: “Our problem is that we are becoming a little sick of people coming here for one reason only to attack.”

    Who is “We”? I thought this was the “independent” media network?

    But we both know:
    - Every. Single. Article. Here. Is. From. The. Left.
    - And so are 90% of the commenters.
    - And there is a subset of commenters who regard “the expressing of a conservative or right-wing opinion” as automatically being illegitmate.

    So are we tacitly acknowledging that is a just another Tony Abbott hatefest? (like a hundred sites before it.)

    PS – I do recall the other day you made extremely personal and unsubstantiated allegations that Tony Abbott forced a girlfriend to adopt a child out and abandoned her (in complete contradiction to all statements the woman has ever made publicly). And then you got the date of him entering a seminary wrong by… oh just 7 years.

    So with respect, whilst accusing other possters of an aggressive style (and you may be right), but you could do with a little self-reflection yourself on what is fair-play in debate.

    “Why so many believe this government is the worse in history, while we reside in one of the best economies in the western world.

    So much seems to be disconnect and simply does not compute.

    No disconnect, CU. It’s just enough of the population has a long-term memory and knows that the “best economy” was created by the previous administrations and has absolutely nothing to do with Gillard and Rudd (and yes, I give due credit to the reformist years of Bob Hawke).

    I give no more credit to Gillard “inheriting a good economy”, that I suspect you would to Gina Rinehart for “inheriting a mining fortune.”

    (Although I would note Rinehart took a $75 million inheritance and turned into $20 billion. While Rudd/Gillard took 12 surpluses in a row, and turned it into 5 deficits in a row, and in the process tripled our national government debt.)

    Click on this graph from the IMF to demonstrate exactly how much they’ve spent over the last 5 years:

  45. Sorry crash, I keep forgetting that one must not say we, but I or some of us, Sorry for my mistake. I did really think that all of us would want the insults to stop. How arrogant of me.

    Am I forgiven. I am now in trouble for trying to keep the peace. We, sorry some of us cannot have that.

    As for the rest. I cannot even be bothered reading.

    Independent means, I believe, not connected to the MSM media, which seem to be controlled by one man.

    There are independents productions from all sides of the political; fence,

    Independence from my point of view has nothing to do with being either left or right wing,

    I have seen no evidence that you have been prevented from voicing your view.

    it appears that it is only those from the left, that do not have this right.

    No one has stopped you from challenging left wing views. What is your gripe.

    Listening to QW and A the other night, many of the young contributors seem to believe there is. I definitely do.

    Because you say so, does not make it so. It only brings home to me, you are one that the disconnect assist.

    There is nothing wrong with my long term memory. It goes back much further than yours.

    I believe, along with many of the present fay economist, that labor inherit an economy from Mr. Costello with many structural budget faults. I believe is was only a matter of time, that Howard’s mistakes came home to roost.

    I believe we have survived the GFC, the worse since the great depression. A GFC that most of the western world still has not recovered by. I do not believe that Howard was a great PM. He inherited an economy that was on the mend. I judge Howard by the economy he left Hawke and Keating. During his stint as treasurer, we manage to have stagnation. Not a bad effort.

    No, I do not believe this is the worse government ever. Maybe not the best, but far from the worse.

    Funny thing about Labor PM. Portrayed and perceived as being bad while in power, and written up in a good light by history. The opposite appear true for those from the right.

    This is particularly true for Whitlam and Keating. I suspect this PM will be seen in the same light down the track.

    History will not be able to write out the GFC, as many on the right are trying do.

    Waiting for the next round of put downs, which will surely come.

  46. But we all know:
    - Every. Single. Teabag. Here. Don`t. Have. Their. Own. Blog.
    - And there is a subset of commenter`s who know
    the expressing of teabag bullshit is automatically bullshit

    So we are tacitly acknowledging that Mr-Rabbit
    has non-core promises and no chance.

    PS – I do recall the other day you made extremely hopeful
    and unsubstantiated allegations that Mr-Rabbit cares.

  47. Geees migs I think you should shut this one down for comments. the whole point of the post is has gone. all this banter has nothing to do with the content of the post. It has desintergrated into, what apears to be, a standard day in parliament.

    Stop it please.

  48. Hi andyrob, even though I didn’t write the post, I’m sure that Victoria won’t mind given the direction some of the comments have tried to lead us. Victoria rightly supports the view that people are free to offer alternate opinions on her topics, however, there have been several attempts to derail it. Personally, I would like to see her treated with more respect, as do you.

    I’ll close the topic for comments as a new post will be up shortly anyway.




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