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2 + 2 = 5. AKA: The Dumbing Down of Australia

By Christian Marx

Australia is rapidly heading towards a completely stupefied populace. This is no accident! Rather, it is a concerted effort by the vested corporate interests that own all our mainstream media, and control the LNP, via their hardline, crypto Fascist organisation, the Institute of Public Affairs.

If one believed the media narrative, one would be convinced that climate change is a “socialist plot” run by the United Nations to enslave the world. One would also be inclined to believe that the LNP are good fiscal managers, refugees are taking our jobs while simultaneously taking unemployment payments, all Muslims are terrorists, the sky is green, the world is flat, etc, etc.

Orwell wrote about the dangers of a corporate owned, totalitarian government that spewed disinformation and attempted to censor alternative news sources. We can see this direct parallel with the LNP’s demented effort to try and destroy the ABC.

The current LNP and their insidious big business backers are continuously trying to cultivate confusion and misinformation. Just as in Orwell`s writings, we have the Ministry of Truth (total fabrication of news and distortion of facts and history). Australia also has its very own ministers in the Liberal Party doing the opposite of what their portfolios suggest. An Education Minister (cutting public funds to education), a Health minister (destroying the public health system), and an Immigration Minister (not interested in helping migrants at all, rather the goal is to lock refugees up in Nazi type gulags and let them rot).

Continuing on this theme of deception is the denial of scientific fact regarding climate change. Instead of reading the mountains of peer reviewed scientific evidence, the far right choose to hire sock puppets, such as Andrew Bolt to deny the science and deride the more than 80% of scientists as “paid by the socialist left”. The irony is rich coming from Bolt, who is paid by the Newscorp propaganda machine, which is run by Murdoch, who has vested interests, along with his shadowy IPA organization to protect the profits of the fossil fuel industry. After all, they are big donors to the Liberal National Party propaganda machine.

Goebbels was the Ministry for Propaganda in Nazi Germany. He believed in the bigger the lie and the more repetitive the lie is spoken, the more people will come to believe in it. This ties in directly with the LNP manifesto. Blatant lies about asylum seekers, such as  “It is illegal to seek asylum”. No, it is NOT ILLEGAL TO SEEK ASYLUM, as anyone who has researched our Refugee Convention will tell you.

Another repeated lie is the debt spiel: Labor were not reckless spenders! But Labor – as history shows – were very prudent in kick starting the failing economy via a stimulus during the worst global financial crisis since 1929. Wayne Swan was actually named world`s best financial minster by Euromoney magazine. Hardly a socialist publication! The LNP are the reckless spenders. The LNP spend tens of millions on offshore death camps, providing obscene profits to private companies. It would be actually much cheaper to process the asylum seekers humanely in Australia. The LNP are also aggressively trying to cut taxation for the very wealthiest companies. It is a well-known fact that tax cuts do not equal more jobs. We all know that the extra money just goes into fat CEO remuneration.

Australia is at a critical point. We as a nation can unite and DEMAND transparency from our elected officials, or we can continue to believe the crap spewed daily from corporate owned media and fight among ourselves while the real corporate criminals sell our country down the drain.

Remember that 2+2 does not equal 5! Vote the LNP OUT!


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  1. kasch2014

    I don’t watch TV, I don’t read the press, I get some newsfeeds from the Guardian and Facebook, and I treat all that with selective scepticism re “what can I do about it?” If most did that, and kicked their tabloid TV consciousness, addiction, or whatever, Rupert Murdering Dog would be out of business. But if you are so desperate to be distracted with “news” that’s mostly none of your business and outside your effective area of contact and understanding, you will be played for a mushroom by the expert gardeners of the bullshit world.

  2. Mark

    Personally, I think that we need a revolution to reform the Australian political system and put into place systems and processes to block the permanent political class from ever controlling Australia again. We need a system whereby we elect someone for 1 term. If they are voted out at the next election for not doing their job properly (not looking after the people of their electorate and their wishes), they don’t get a pension or any of the perks. IF they get elected for 2 terms, they get a pension when they reach retirement age and minimal perks until they reach retirement age. We also need to completely ban lobby groups. Lobby groups are the tools of big business and throw tons of money at politicians to buy their support for their new owners. We need to stop this.

  3. Jack Russell

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and you painted a keeper. Thanks for that.

    As a sci-fi reader I’m familiar with this scenario as a theme, the difference is that in the 21st century it’s no longer a theme.

  4. Wayne Turner

    Totally agree.A shame that those reading this,already know,and those that need to read this,won’t.

  5. Conservatives Rule

    Your a bloody Marxist, Mr Marx

  6. Mark Needham

    Amazing how, what I think, is Right, Correct without error.
    A differing view is always Wrong, a Lie or Propaganda.
    I am so blessed with this knowledge of absolute Truth.
    Mark Needham

  7. Flora Macdonald

    Nelson Mandela believed in limited terms for all politicians and he followed that himself. Every person in Australia should get the opportunity to serve but it’s impossible with the current party and lifetime serving politicians.

  8. Annie B

    Almost 16.5 million voters will return their wishes via the polling booths ( either earlier or on July 2nd ) and that does not include the almost 100,000 of ‘missing’ voters. Eligible and enrolled voters stand at 94.0%.

    While your points do stand Christian Marx – and have been said before, many times, here and on other independent media, and a couple of the MSM, what does NOT stand is that Australians are nincompoops; that Australians are heading towards being stupified; that Australians are wholesalely being led by the likes of Murdoch, the murdering of truth s.o.b.

    Do you really believe that 100% of readers of the trash that Bolt spews forth, ( because of his own insecurities, hatreds, and fear ) …. believe him – 100 % ????? …. I don’t think so. Sure, those that share the same mind garbage do relish his rants, but there are many more thinking Australians who do not, than it would seem you would care to acknowledge.

    I do agree with your final statement – that is, to vote the LNP out ( for reasons put forth in your article). And I think the idea of 1 term for politicians ( as mentioned by Mark and Flora McDonald ) is a good thing … make them actually work for a pension – and the perks, by caring for the community, which is their job – according to their lofty portfolios. As it is, they sit on their backsides, attend sumptious dinners, utter inanities and parrot previous party statements, tell people what they THINK people want to hear ( which is mostly way off the point ) … have little junkets overseas at the expense of the taxpayer to attend this and that ( all important stuff ? – probably NOT ), and otherwise pat themselves on the back continually, because they are ( wow ) “politicians” and therefore above everyone else … or so they believe.

    By far the worst at this is the LNP – and even worse when Abbott was in charge. But basically, those who seek this kind of power are cut from the same cloth … just depends on the size of the cut cloth – that’s the only difference. The ALP have their grandiose bods as well, but they are no-where near as bad or as blatant as the LNP.

    Yes – vote the bastards out before or on July 2nd. And take your time filling in both ballot papers – it is crucial that be done – never mind the mile long queues behind you ( and they will, I would think, be longer queues than ever before ) while people figure out who is who, who is up who, and who might be paying the rent.

    Here’s to a happier, more progressive future, folks. ……… 🙂

  9. wam

    mark what people think depends on their experience, friends, books, observations and education or they just listen to bolt, rupert and the autocueists.

  10. Alan Baird

    Opinions above notwithstanding, it is very easy to OVERestimate the awareness and UNDERestimate the thickness of the average voter. 2GB rates well, the Daily Terror and Hun sell better than the SMH/Age, and the knuckle draggers have most of the runs on the board. Tony Abbott got in… says it all. There are plenty of good, addled folk who STILL think it was a shame that Abbott was boned. They’re elderly of course and become affronted when I suggest that Tone’s next trick was to award a Duchy to the Queen to balance the knighthood for the Duke. Yesterday, the Terror was a welter of increasingly strident squawking about Labor to the point where it was impossible to discern where the Terror ended and the Liberal Party began. The crowning achievement of this Very Ordinary Organ was a letter in the midst of this blitzkrieg of seamless phlegm-streaked partisan verbal hysteria alleging bias on the part of the ABC! Ya godda larf! I mean, whadda rag! How could you keep a straight face? Funny, they still couldn’t warm to Mal in the midst of all this (always faint praise for him) and included a small article on Tone’s admirable self- discipline in the campaign. Aren’t they lovely? Hope springs eternal! I hasten to add, the Terror was NOT bought: it resided in an eatery but it was worth reading clinically as an example of terminally partisan journalism. However, still no donations to the Murdochracy thank you. Not a long time ago I was cold-called by News (Very) Ltd offering a cheap sub. to the Tele. I told her she simply didn’t understand what an appalling rag they were selling and if she had ever read it she’d understand. Obviously the caller was NOT being monitored for quality control because she was genuinely amused and agreed!

  11. win jeavons

    As a retired teacher , old enough to have been taught clear thinking at school, I despair at the short sighted stupidity and gullibility of our media led voters. They will believe any lie if told loudly and often enough. I’m glad I’m not young any more! I can still see through the spin and self interested bombast of the right .

  12. Annie B

    @win jeavons ….

    Have to ask, whatever the hell happened to ‘clear thinking’, as a specific subject in secondary education some years back ( probably many years back ). It was an excellent ‘subject’ aligned I believe to the subject of English lit / grammar … but even if not – it was an exercise to exercise the minds of the students. And it was good.

    A similar exercise, but with changes, is now called something else ( can’t recall what !! ) … but is nowhere near as clear cut as the original, with its’ defined framework. The chopping and changing of subjects and their objectives, have most likely led to lazy mindedness … particularly among those in the 30 > 40’s age groups. Look at what they have done to English grammar – from phonetic, to phonology and back again.

    Let’s hope the young of today, have been educated somewhat, to think ‘outside the box’ and make up their own minds. From what I have gleaned from teens and newby tertiary students, they are indeed thinking for themselves. Can only hope that carries forward.

    Something must have worked ….. ( not sure what though ).
    p.s. Perhaps a silly dream, but maybe we should ALL be re-introduced to the ‘clear thinking’ process that was so essential and successful before. ( Mandatory classes for all ??? 🙂 )

  13. Micael

    Dumbing down of Australians starts in the school system, particularly the public education system but also private schooling. Our education system is run by technocrats and communists and no matter which party is in government the decline of our schooling system continues unabated. Propaganda, indoctrination, brainwashing, social engineering, anything but the 3 R’s and real education.

    Take a look at the IB system and particularly PYP and MYP infiltrating our best private schools and taxpayer funded in some of our finest public schools, you’ll quickly realise that their mission is not to produce “criticical thinkers” as quoted in their promos, but dumbed down social activists who’ll follow when told. What they lack in academic rigor they make up for in social indoctrination and communist attitudes. The smart countries are ahead of us academically while we’re left to feed off the scraps of globalisation.

  14. Alan Baird

    Micael. Hmm. Teachers are a mix. They’re usually fairly conservative, despite your feverish imagination. Yes, Oz schools aren’t particularly efficient but schooling of children in leftist attitudes appears to be not working very well, with worse results than your 3Rs in fact. Most appear to be disinterested or uninterested in political matters. You are investing young people with characteristics that only inhabit your imagination. You need to brew a cup of tea, wash down Relaxant No.5 and have a long session of bed rest. (The oriiginal stipulation was, “A good lay down” but ducks are among the few creatures that lay down.)

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